Bri Gets A Interesting Surprise

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A few weeks had gone by since Karen had been introduced to the guys. The new work schedule and the kids back in school, left little time for much else. Ken and her were still getting used to the new working situation, and found little time for much else. He was usually just leaving when she arrived home. The kid’s school bus had already long gone, and as usual, traffic for a small town kept her from reaching home before Ken had to leave. The extra money was a great help to their financial problems but, left no time for her and Ken to be intimate. She now looked forward to her weekends! She thought if she didn’t get laid soon, she was going to rape some poor guy just to ease her itch.

Bri now found she spent most days with Karen at either the gym or out with her and Apryl at one of the local malls. It was so nice to have new friends to occupy her time. Karen loved to window shop; most times they would just talk about what the guys must be doing, or what kind of trouble they could make. Karen, it seems, did not work because Eliot didn’t want her to and to be frank, he made more than enough so that she didn’t need to. So she tended to just find ways to spend it on occasions. Something Eliot didn’t mind in the least!

Apryl, she came to find out, worked at one of the local sports bars and split weeks working as a waitress at the local pool hall/ club. The “Cash” or something, she wasn’t quite sure of the name. Bri hadn’t been to either yet, so on occasions, it left just Karen and her to find their own trouble before Bri went home to sleep. She usually woke up when the kids got home. It was fun helping the boys with homework and just spending time with them. She missed the times of having them around all day, and was jealous of Ken’s time with them. She did have to sleep and he wouldn’t wake her until dinnertime most nights. Soon after, the boys headed for bed and she needed to get ready for work.

She would spend an hour or two at best with Ken before leaving for work. They would talk about work and what needed to be done around the house, but things had again returned to a bland routine. She looked forward to the weekends when his relatives took the kids to their mountain place. His Uncle owned a horse farm and loved showing the boys a different side of life, from the city life they were used to. He would pick them up every Friday from school, to make the two-hour drive there, so they wouldn’t have to. He said he was so glad they had moved down here, it gave him something to look forward to now that his wife had passed. Bri loved the old man; he was such a teddy bear.

Work was a place where she had become both loved, and hated too. Most of the night crew was fun guys, but there were a couple of them that didn’t like her being in charge. She had taken over all of the night duties, as Bear had seen she could handle herself just fine. Most evenings he would spend catching up on the days paperwork, if he even bothered coming in. She enjoyed the challenge and even helped to load trucks up with the lift, when things got busy. Most of the guys made it a competition to see if she could keep up. She held her own often enough, so most of them started cutting her some slack. Plus they all jockeyed to be as close as they could, so they could watch her work.

She had taken to bringing a pair of jeans, a little tighter than they needed to be, to work. She always left the window shade open just far enough, so anyone looking that way would see her changing. She knew they were all watching and it gave her a thrill to be the object of their crude jokes and longing stares. Plus the way she flirted with most of them it left a possibility, in their minds, that she was approachable. Whenever she came down on the docks, she would find herself immediately surrounded casino oyna by one or two of them vying for her attention. Most of these guys were in their twenties and, oh so yummy looking! She almost wished they had the nerve to try something with her, just so she could get some from time to time. Bear kept the wolves at bay by showing up and yelling for them to get back to work. She would just wink and then give Bear a pout, then head back to what she was doing.

Bear, it seemed was more than just a little protective of his new found dispatcher. She would catch him just staring at her for long periods of time, from the corner of her eye. She wondered just what he was thinking, but had a pretty good idea. She knew it was time for her to make her move if she wanted to. She was trying to figure out a way, when by accident, she got her foot caught between the lift truck and a load. “So much for a graceful move.” She thought.

She could feel her ankle and leg twist, a little too late! The pain shot up her leg to her spine. When she yelled out, the first one there was, of course, Bear! He and another guy named Simon got her out and moved the lift so they could have a look at her. It seemed every guy in the place heard she had gotten hurt and come at a run. She was surrounded by about thirty or so guys, all yelling for someone to call for an ambulance, ice, or whatever else they thought would help. She just yelled louder for them to take it easy, she’d be just fine.

Bear insisted that she have it checked out by the hospital, she agreed. He carried her up to the office that overlooked the docks. He carried her, as if she were no more than a sacked lunch, he was that strong. She heard the sound of Jake, the night shift foremen, call for an early lunch. Bear didn’t even get out of breath as he carried her up the flight of stairs to her office. When he set her down on the small cot, that occupied the corner, he again asked if he could get her anything before the ambulance arrived. She just said, “No Bear, really I’m fine. I just need to get out of these jeans and into something that the hospital won’t tear up OK?’

She looked over at her knapsack and remembered she had a pair of sweats in there from the gym. This was her chance she thought. Bear quickly scanned the room and found what she had asked for, bringing her the gym bag. He started to excuse himself, she told him, “Don’t be stupid. I just need to change these jeans into my sweats, it’ll only take a second OK?’

She took off her boot and started to unbutton her jeans, and looked up to find him doing his best not to stare. She made a little noise and twirled her finger to make him turn around so she could change. There was a mirror on the wall that reflected her position, and from where he stood, he could see her fully, just as she had planned. She slowly took off the jeans, in almost stripper like slowness. She purposely stood and bet over so that her ass sticking up was the view he got. She could see from the corner of her eye that he had taken the bait. She stripped off the tight jeans then sat back down on the cot. She pulled her leg up to examine it, opening up her legs wide enough, so that she knew he had an unobstructed view of her thong covered goodies. She could see his breathing was getting a little more rapid and he swayed a little from standing still in the same position for so long.

She figured she would see just how much she could push Bear, and to what limits he would be willing to go to see what was under that thong. “Bear, could you hand me an Ace bandage from out of the first aid kit? I think I need to wrap this before they get here, what do you think?” she said holding out her now naked leg for him to inspect.

He muttered something about her putting her pants canlı casino back on and he’d take a look. She just stared at his back and said, “Silly man, I can’t wrap it if I have my sweats on now can I? Don’t be such a prude; you act like you’ve never seen a woman in her underwear before. Now come here and wrap this for me will you?”

He slowly went to the box mounted by the door and got out the Ace bandage she asked for. He walked back over, staring at the floor the entire way as if he was a schoolboy being punished. He sheepishly held out the bandage without once looking her in the eye. She had never seen a grown man act this way before. Was he just shy or had he never seen a woman in her underwear before? It was a small town after all, and stranger things had happened. She decided it was time to put an end to this. “Hey, earth to Bear! You can’t wrap it if you don’t look at what you doing! Come on it really hurts, and I won’t bite! Not too hard anyway.” she said with a wicked little grin.

He looked at her for the first time and said, “Yes ma’am.” Then bent down to wrap her leg as he was directed.

“Hmm” she thought,” I wonder?” A devilish thought had just sprung into her head, he was a sub, and she bet her life on it! “Now that puts things into a whole new light!” she thought. She now understood all the things that were so bizarre bout him, he loved to be dominated by a woman! He was such a huge and powerful man, in charge of so many other powerful and tough guys, it all made sense now.

She knew it was time to try out her theory. She purred into his ear as he slowly wrapped her leg, “ Oh, that feels so good Bear, you are just so gentle. Like a cuddly pet bear!” At the sound of the word ”pet”, he had stiffened, as if hit with an electrical shock.

He slowed for only a second then continued wrapping her leg and mumbled, “Thank you ma’am”

She was floored, she had been right. He finished what he was doing and sat down on the floor staring only at her feet. His breath was slow, and deliberate, he seemed unable to move. She had role played this with Ken a few times, but this was the real thing. She wasn’t sure how to proceed. She decided to just wing it and see where it went.

“Bear? Would you like to answer me a few questions?” she asked in a sultry voice.

“If it pleases you Bri, sure” he whispered.

“Would you like me to do what your asking me? ”She said in a somewhat sterner voice.

“If you would have me Ma’am, yes!” he said from the floor, almost resigned to his position now.

Bri had never thought of taking a real life slave as her own before. She wondered what it might be like to have someone doing as she commanded, when she said. Role-playing was one thing, but having Bear as one in real life, was something else.

“Look at me Bear!” she said with authority. He looked up, but not directly in her eyes.” We need to be perfectly clear as to what your asking me to do.” she said.

He looked at her in the face with a somewhat blank look. She couldn’t help but feel a small tremble of power rush through her body. It made her feel very horny to have this monster of a man, kneeling at her feet. She decided that she was going to play this out to the hilt. She looked down at her new “pet”, and smiled. “There has to be a few rules that you must agree upon before I say yes to what your suggesting.” she said.

He nodded his answer and said, “Yes Ma’am.”

“First and most importantly, while we are around everyone else you must still be the boss. I don’t want my integrity questioned by the other guys, and have them think you are giving me special treatment, understood?” she said.

He again nodded his agreement and awaited her next stipulation. “Second, when you are alone with me, you will kaçak casino speak to me as “Ms. Bri”, or “Ma’am” understood?” she again stated with authority.

He again nodded and made his answer with a clear, “Yes Ma’am”.

“OK then, from this point on when I call you “pet”, you will know I am in charge and do what I want without hesitation or question.” She pointed out.

His bowed head and averted eyes was all the answer she needed. She opened her legs so that her drenched thong was right before his downcast face. She edged up so that her pussy was almost directly in front of his face. He could probably even smell the musky aroma of her heat. She leaned back on the cot and said, “ Now for my first order, pet, I want you to eat me out until the ambulance arrives. I don’t want a half assed job either. I think you would not like what I would do if you don’t give me your best effort.”

He looked up to find her sopping wet thong right in front of his face. Her legs were spread wide and on either side of him. He never looked up, nor did he need to be told twice. He dove in like a man possessed. She could feel him run his tongue up and down the inside of her wet thighs and then head for the wetness of her crotch. The tiny shocks he sent up her spine, almost made her forget the pain in her lower leg. She could feel the bristle of his day old beard scraping along the inside of her tender inner thigh. The sensation was overwhelming. She felt the beginning of a small orgasm coming on. She let him see that what he was doing pleased her. She ground her hips a little to motivate him to speed up his efforts. His tongue dove into the folds of her thong, seeking out the tender morsel that lies beneath. “He was very good at this.” She mused to herself.

She let her legs fall so that they rested on his huge shoulders. His hands cupped her ass as he raised her up and pushed harder to gain entrance to her melting pussy. She was really getting off now and could feel the rapid little spasms that preceded her cumming. She ground furiously at Bears mouth, moaning at his efforts. Even through the material of her thong, he hit all her hot spots. She arched her back, Bear held on as she jerked like she had been hit with lightning, as she came hard.

He was still licking away the juices from her thighs, when she heard the sounds of the ambulance arriving. She could barely make out the sounds of Simon telling the ET’s where the office was. Bear quickly got her into her sweats, barely in time too, as they opened the door just as he was putting on her socks again. She must have looked a sight as the ET’s said that they would take it from here.

Bear looked at her as if to ask an un-necessary question. She simply smiled and said, “Thanks Bear, I’ll see you when I get back. I wanted to thank you for how well you did tonight! I think the new arrangements will work out just fine. I look forward to trying out the new system.” She said so the techs wouldn’t catch on.

He smiled a grin as if his favorite teacher had just given him an award. His chest puffed up and he bellowed to the techs, “You take care of her, hear? Or else you’ll be answering to me!” The tech looked at him with total belief and respect.

She smiled at him as he quickly dropped his eyes for just a second. “So there it was, she had found herself a new “pet”, she thought, “and in the most unlikely of places at that.” She was really starting to like her decision to work here. She gave one last look at Bear as they carried the gurney out of her office. She blew him a kiss, and winked as the door closed. She looked forward to telling Ken all about her new position! She wondered if he would mind? “No, he’ll love the idea.” She thought to herself. Working here was definitely going to get interesting.

I hope that you like my newest adventure. I look forward to telling you about all the fun I’ve had since moving here. I just hope you enjoy it as much as I have! Keep voting and see you all next time! Bye!

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