Brod: Extra Towels

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Sarkopheros Says:

Another gay Brod! This time with hot Brod-on-trap action.

Expect the usual Brod kinks! Gay sex, stomach bulging cum inflation, ludicrously enormous cocks and balls, ridiculous stamina, and in this instance, a cross-dressing cutie.

It has also come to my attention that a few people were disturbed by my gratuitous onomatopoeia. In deference, this chapter of Brod contains absolutely no onomatopoeia whatsoever.

And if you are new around here, welcome. My writing makes no damn sense and it runs on hentai physics. You have been warned.



Splat. Splat. I walked out through the mansion’s open doors. A thick white puddle was rolling out of the foyer and cascading down the front steps. Splat. Splat. Splursch. My sandaled feet squished as I walked along the huge, circular driveway. I had to weave between a dozen or so cars. I squeezed between a Bentley and a Beemer and smeared my sexual slurry on the latter by mistake.

I felt slick ropes of jizz stretch and fall from my cock as my bouncing erection lead the way, my two-foot-plus monster dripping and drooling precum. Spunk rolled down my wide chest, my soft belly. It oozed down my legs, down my broad shoulders and stout arms. It was the only thing covering my body beside the sandals. My hair was slick with the fluids of dozens of people. I probably smelled like an orgy. Which was was appropriate—that’s exactly what I was now leaving.

You probably already know that I’m a professional breeder. And you may have heard me talk about the other forms of business I do—such as entertaining at parties. Getting hired for rich people parties is always a lot of fun—swanky venues, good liquor, great food. Not to mention that the cash is pretty great, too! Especially with my agent’s negotiating skills.

I got to the Escalade and opened the tailgate to get my duffel bag. It had spare clothes and toiletries in it. No matter how much money somebody had, they and their house would eventually be flooded and coated with my sperm. It always got messy. It pays to be prepared!

The bag was very useful … assuming it was present. I squinted and looked around in the cargo area. I closed the tailgate and searched the cabin. My bag was nowhere in the Caddy! Maybe I’d already brought it in?

I splatted back into the house. I walked between spunk-swollen bodies lying atop bellies light and dark. Seed gushed from gaping holes. My sperm was deep enough in the living room that it crested my sandals and squished between my toes.

Near the fountain between the sweeping staircases, there was an inflatable pool full of bodies and steaming-hot spunk. They groaned and stared at me blearily as I passed.

I climbed one of the curving staircases, careful not to slip in the layer of semen on them. A glob of sperm fell from the chandelier, falling down into the fountain below. I took a moment to look around and take in the mess.

I continued passed more of them. Curled toes, groaning throats, messy hair. All in all, I had fucked about thirty wealthy young socialites. Which was why I was still horny. That wasn’t enough to soften my cock. So it was that I spent about fifteen minutes wandering around this lavish mansion with my bobbing cock throwing coaster-sized splats of jizz all over the imported marble tiling and tasteful moulding. My cock whacked an expensive vase—except the vase was full of jizz and too heavy to knock over. I rolled aside one of the partygoers. I left white footprints on the floor around the pool table.

Where the hell was my bag?! I didn’t see it in the bathroom, the bedrooms, or—



It was at the hotel! I’d taken the bag up to my room to grab the soap, shampoo, and a towel from it. Then I’d gotten distracted by the guests in the room across from mine and I’d completely forgotten to bring it down! Motherfucker!

I sighed. It was going to be a squishy ride back.


I got back to my hotel room at nearly two in the morning. This wasn’t a breeding run, so my entourage wasn’t present. I’d been headlining fuck-parties since before high school. I didn’t think I’d need extra help. Except apparently I did.

I had managed to find my clothing in the mansion, at least. If you read the opening of Nice Young Man, then you know how hard that can be for me.

I’d spent the ride back with my sloppy nuts shoved into my custom basketball shorts, soaking them through. My fluids rolled down my legs and got on the pedals. My shirt stuck between my back and the leather seat.

I had my still-pulsing cock towering upward. I turned up the air conditioning full blast to get it to calm down. It was so big that if I left it unchecked, it would have severely disrupted my steering and generally have been obnoxious and in the way. I had to lean it to my side, wedging it under my left arm with the glans drooling and smearing against the window. The glass was cold against my feverish, sensitive glans. I redirected the vent to blow right on casino siteleri it, making its belly chilly. All this so that my size didn’t interfere with my steering.

Fortunately, by the time I got to my hotel, it was soft again. I shoved all nineteen-plus inches of flaccid cock into my shorts. When I finally parked at the hotel, the car reeked of fuck.

All-in-all, it was a not an unusual drive.

My sandals squelched as I walked back inside, my enormous bulge bouncing in front of me, my sticky shirt clinging to my broad chest and back. The night receptionist stared at me as I passed. My jet-black hair was messed up something fierce. I probably looked like an anime character.

I walked up to her. Squish-squish-squish. She sniffed the air and wrinkled her nose. I said, “Hi. My name is Brod Kanayama. I’m in room 1508. Can you please send up some extra towels? I’m going to need them.”

The receptionist rolled her eyes, shook her head, and picked up the phone at her desk. She said, “Casey, can you please bring some extra bath towels to room 1508? Yeah, I know. Thanks.” She turned to me. “Anything else I can help you with tonight, sir?”

I smirked and said, “Well, you know, you could—”

She cut me off. “I mean things that don’t involve me leaving the desk for the rest of the night. I know who you are.”

I laughed. “No. Thanks a lot.”

“Have a good evening, sir.”


There was the damn bag. In the bathroom.

I slipped off my shirt and tossed it aside. I was about to pull my shorts down when knock-knock-knock.

I opened the door to find a short girl looking up at me. She was slender, wearing a maid’s uniform. No, not the sexy sort. The kind humans actually wear—a blue, knee-length skirt, matching blouse with white collar, and a white waist apron. Her plush thighs were covered in dark stockings, her feet were in practical sneakers.

“Hello, sir! Here are your—shit!” Her eyes locked onto my titanic bulge and the towels fell from her hands. “I … uh … oh my god … sorry!”

“Well, they’re not made of glass,” I chuckled. I knelt to pick up the towels.

“I! No! You … oh … how?!” Casey’s jaw gaped. Those violet eyes were locked on my gigantic nuts, each bigger than her head. They wandered the length of my ludicrous cock, flaccid but still as big as her thigh. She looked back to me and said, “Is that … you know….”

“Is it what?”

“Your … thing! You know!” she sighed and brushed some hair from her face. It was a short, jet-black bob with pink streaks.

“I don’t get it.”

She huffed. “Are you really going to make me say it?


“Your cock!”

I grinned. “It’s all me. Do you wanna see?” I asked. “I wasn’t planning on guests, but I have room for a cute little thing like you in this room,” I chuckled.

Casey leaned back and looked down the hall, checking both sides. Then she slipped into the room. “I … ah … sorry,” she giggled madly. “It’s just. Freaky-huge! You know?”

“Yeah, I know,” I said. “It only gets bigger.” I put the stack of towels on the bathroom counter. Casey closed the door gently and followed me deeper into the room. When I looked back at her, I could see that she was breathing hard and flushing pink. “Are you okay?”

She nodded. “S-sorry. I don’t usually do things like this! J-just … we should get this over with fast, okay?”

“Okay, then.” I stood in front of her. I was taller, wider, and far more muscular. I was also caked in a thin layer of fuck, and she must have smelled the sexual reek on me. “So you don’t know who I am, huh?”

“Should I?”

I shrugged and put my thumbs in my waistband. Apparently, not every woman in Florida knew who I was. Who would have known! “Guess not. So are you ready?”

Casey nodded and looked up at me, biting her lip. I started to pull my shorts down. My soft stomach ended at a patch of trimmed hair.

“You sure?” I asked.

Casey nodded again. I lowered my shorts a couple inches, letting her see the base of my cock. “I don’t want you to faint,” I said, looking her dead in the eye. “This show is not for sensitive eyes.”

“I’ve seen a dick plenty of times.”

I lowered my shorts another inch, exposing a little more flesh. “I mean, I hope I’m not keeping you from doing your job,” I chortled.

“Just pull your pants down!” she yelled.

I laughed and began to slide them further down. She moaned. Her eyes grew bigger the lower my shorts got. Inch after inch of that monster slid out of the cloth. It was fatter than a two-liter bottle, completely soft, and it just kept going and going and going! My pants were down to mid-thigh, and no end to my cock was in sight! Thick veins as thick as her pinkies crisscrossed its golden surface. Even in this state, its girth would have been too much for both of her hands—or mine.

I had to pull the waistband out to fit it around the bulk of my monstrous nuts, each significantly larger than a volleyball. Their smooth surfaces canlı casino glistened in the light, heavy and hot. The thick musk of the accumulated layer of sex began to radiate into the room more strongly.

Casey put her hands over her mouth. “Oh, gosh, it’s real!” Then she squeaked and aggressively sat in the nearby chair, putting her hands in her lap. I could hear the way her breathing deepened, I could see the flare of her nostrils as she smelled me.

I moved closer, and finally, I let my shorts drop. I put my hand on my hip and stood in front of her, using the other to finger-comb my hair into something less like a briar patch. My fingers squished.

Casey’s mouth gaped. “Are you a porn star? You gotta be!”

I laughed and walked closer. My balls slapped, my cock swung. My powerful frame was backlit. Casey’s eyes roamed it. I said, “Not porn, but I am an entertainer. And a fertility specialist!”

“You’re a doctor?” asked Casey, squinting at me.

“No. But I could schedule an appointment to check you out,” I rumbled, my cock now hovering close enough that I knew Casey would feel the warmth coming off its hot surface.

She gulped, blushed, and squeezed her knees together. “Wh-what’s your name?”


Casey looked down. “I … uh … this is all going so fast….”

“We can take our time,” I offered, putting one of my meaty hands on her shoulder. I felt her shudder.

“It’s not that. It’s … uh … ah….” She put her hand on her forehead.

I smiled and backed away. I sat against the edge of the bed.

“I don’t know how to say it. You’re, like, so manly … I’m … just look.” She looked into my eye and stood. Her skirt tented outward. “I’m a boy!”

“Okay,” I said.

Casey squinted and repeated me. ” ‘Okay’?”

“Wanna get a better look?” I asked, smiling and waving him forward.

“Oh, uh … c-can you sit here?” he asked, getting up.

I moved and sat. My heavy nuts hit the floor. THUMP. My glans sat against the rug. I spread my legs.

Casey moaned and got on his knees. “You’re so dirty!” he ran a fingertip down the length of my hot cock, gathering the sexual residue. “Mmh. Who were you fucking?” He gasped.

“Few dozen people at a party,” I answered. “I could shower if you want.”

Casey responded by hefting my cock with both arms, putting his back into it. “It’s so heavy!” He moaned as he ran his tongue up behind my cock-head. “Augh, you’re so sloppy!” He slurped as he put his lips to my cock and cleaned it up with his tongue. That hot little tip lapped up under my glans, slipped through the groove behind it. “It’s so heavy!” he moaned. “Do you have a wheelbarrow somewhere?”

“I left it at home,” I chuckled, reaching forward and running my fingers through his hair. He looked up at me with those pretty eyes.

“I’ve always wanted to do this.” Casey kissed the tip of my cock, grabbed it with both hands, and slipped his tongue into my urethra. I let out a long groan. I could feel that deliciously hot little muscle wiggling inside my cock’s mouth! It’s a shame normal guys don’t know what that’s like!

“Awwh, yeah, I love that!” I grunted. My cock showed its appreciation by growing bigger, its surface heating up as its head pushed forward. It grew heavier by the second, forcing Casey’s slender arms to work even harder, even bringing his back muscles into the mix as he struggled to keep the colossus aloft.

Fortunately for him, it began to support its own weight. It pushed toward him, its sheer size making him shuffle backward. Casey didn’t seem to mind, of course. He looked up at me with a faraway gaze that I’d seen many times before. He didn’t smile, but he didn’t need to—I knew he was loving every second! His own little cock agreed.

The veins on my organ’s surface became thicker than his fingers, pulsing with power, feeding the monster, making it swell bigger and bigger.

“Is it ever going to stop growing?” gasped Casey. It had been over a minute.

“You expect a cock this big to inflate quickly?” I asked.

Casey shrugged. “I guess not,” he admitted. “Where have you been my whole life?” He told my cock. “Ohhhmmm!” Casey undid the buttons of his blouse, exposing his flat chest. He wrapped his arms around my cock, embracing it and rubbing his chest against it. I could feel him pulling me backward, so I slid out of the chair. I was now kneeling with my balls against my knees.

My thirty-two-pound cock laid heavily on his body. Casey looked at it bleary-eyed, as if he was gazing into the eyes of a lover. He cooed and stroked its glans. “Oh, you’re so beautiful! I … I can feel all this … energy inside you!” Casey put his palms flat on the organ’s back. They were ludicrously insufficient. My cock looked as big as his torso! “And your owner’s pretty nice, too,” he purred, looking up at me.

It wasn’t the first time I’d seen this—some people liked talking to my cock as if it understood them. I was content to let it happen, since those people kaçak casino treated my cock very well.

And my cock, of course, loved the treatment. It began to drool, hungry for the boy’s soft little body. It began pouring clear precum all over his face and neck. Casey sputtered and blew bubbles in the steaming slime before opening his mouth to noisily gulp it down. The viscid fluid rolled over his cheeks, down his chin. It filled his mouth with heat. I could see his throat move as he eagerly sucked down pints of my syrup. “Gluck-gluck-gluck!”

Casey smeared the fluid down his neck and chest, and he raised his legs, sticking his feet up in the air, stockinged thighs around my hot girth. He put his feet on my gigantic balls, slathered pre up and down my cock. I felt his hard little erection pushing up against the belly of my own. The balls of his feet rubbed against my over-filled nuts, sinking into the flesh, the sweat and slime squishing between his little toes.

The smooth tummy slipped up and down the belly of my beast as I slipped it up and down his entire body. I felt him thrust upward, humping the base of my monster cock.

Casey rubbed a hand over my cantaloupe-sized glans. “Awh! Fuck, you’re a monster!” he whined. “You’re as big as a person laying on me!”

My eager organ silenced him with more pre. The clear syrup covered his face again. He closed his eyes as it flowed over them. I could feel his belly growing against my cock’s. It slipped so slickly and lusciously against my skin.

Cute little mewls and moans of need came from the femboy’s throat. “Mmmh,” I growled, rubbing my hands up his thighs. I loved how smooth he was, how warm he was against my cock.

I listened to his sounds for the next few minutes, until they became more urgent. I could feel him thrusting more desperately. He wrapped my cock in a slippery bearhug. He pushed his feet deeper into my nuts, squishing the gallons of sperm inside. I gathered up a layer of pre on my fingers, coating them in my natural lube. Glistening ropes connected my fingers to his body before I slipped them both past his panties, into his ass, curled them up, and—

“Aaaugh! Brod! I’m—I’m gonna!”

“Cum, you little slut!”

“Mmhhhaah!” he whined. Casey leaned his head back, gripped my cock tightly, pushed his hips up, and SKLLRRT-SKLLRRT-SKLLRRT! I felt him buck and wiggle. I couldn’t see it, but I knew he was cumming inside his skirt. I lifted it. I could see his spunk rolling out past his panties and between his thighs. “Ooh! Hhhah!” he gasped, closing his eyes and biting his lower lip as he kept shooting for another long moment, humping my cock, his load surprisingly large.

He laid there, eyes looking at me blearily. “Cover me in cum!” he groaned.

While I could feel my nuts swelling, gallons of sperm struggling to escape, I said, “Not here.”

“Do it right now!” he insisted.

I chuckled. “If I do that, it will take you or your coworkers a whole day to clean it up!”

He seized handfuls of my hair and cried, “I don’t care! It can’t be that bad! Do it!”

I sighed. “You asked for it.”

I scooted backward, dragging my nuts over the carpet. Casey sat upright and wrapped his mouth around my tip. His feet rubbed my balls harder and he wrapped his hands around the great organ just behind its head. I began to pump my length urgently. Casey joined me, smooth hands pumping slickly up and down the forward half of my cock. Schlick-schluck-schlick! Bright droplets of precum splattered outward. I growled in pleasure. I felt my balls squeeze, my cock swell, and my urethra stretch. Heat boiled over from deep inside my loins. I erupted!

GLOOOOOORCH! The wad blasted out like a cannonball and slammed Casey in the face. He was in no way prepared for the sheer ferocity of my ejaculation.

He spluttered and struggled. Pearls sprayed outward. “HHRRRNKH-SHHRRRKKH!” I admired his tenacity—his mouth stayed latched on as his cheeks ballooned and turned red. His eyes crossed, jizz shot out around my broad glans. Twin streams of white blasted from his nostrils. But he remained firmly attached!

Seconds passed as that wad flowed from my organ, filling his throat and belly with my seed. And with that, the first shot was over. A pool of spunk sat around his head, semen stained the far wall and window.

He had enough time to look at me and yell, “Waaaugh! Augh!” He coughed. “That was insane!”

“That was the first wad.”

“What?!” he shouted.

My cock explained. BLOOOOOOOOOORCH! Its throat swelled as pints of spunk blasted all over Casey’s face, stray semen splattering the wall and window. He screamed and fought to put his mouth back on my cock. His legs flailed as he tried to suck on a fire hydrant. His eyes closed tightly, his face was red, he gulped loudly. The pool ate up more of the carpet. I felt his soft belly pressing upward against my fat, pulsing erection.

SPLOOOOOOOORCH! “Hrrrnnngh!” he screamed. His belly bloated outward. More spunk blasted out of his nose and onto my crown. Jizz rolled down his chest and stomach in slick waves, whiteness saturating his blouse, turning him white, drenching his arms. He was sitting in a puddle of it. It squished into his ass crack and around his balls.

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