Butch Dreams

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A story of a divorce’ who encounters her ultimate lover in an androgenic stranger.

I had just turned forty, was divorced twice, and had a son entering his first year of college. I had convinced myself that I was going to be alone as I entered my golden years. Even though I’m very attractive with an athletic body, firm breasts, and look thirty-something, I had lost my desire for men. I didn’t have the energy to encounter yet another selfish “dickweed”. After two failed marriages, I had concluded that all men cheated, lied, and cared only about their own sexual needs. I had lost interest in men.

During college I had a few bisexual experiences with close friends. I will admit that sex with a woman was a real turn on for me. Rarely could a man bring me to orgasm, however a woman’s touch always brought me multiple quakes of passion. There isn’t anything better than kissing a woman. Without a doubt, my women lovers were the best. However, sex was just sex with women. I never had the desire to share my nail polish or hairspray with a lover, let alone an intimate relationship.

I believe a lover begins romancing you long before your panties come off. I used to love the way a gentleman treated me and enjoyed the strength of a man. I had a flirtatious ritual with men, but when it came to actually nesting with them, the buck stopped there. I always said that if I could take my first husband and merge him with a woman lover, I would have the perfect mate. It never seemed to work out that way though, so I fucked women and married men. I guess I always wanted that white picket fence, with the two kids and a dog. But, the American Dream turned out to be a nightmare for me. Now a mature and independent woman, I was happy with myself and didn’t have a problem being alone.

My best friend Mary was recently divorced and was looking to spread her wings into the dating world once more. My war stories weren’t convincing enough for her to let go of her dream of finding “Mr. Right”. Often she invited me to singles bars but I found excuses not to go. One day she called and invited me to an event sponsored by her company. Mary was the head coordinator of a large public relations firm that entertained VIP’s in the hotel and restaurant industry. This event was important to her and I had run out of excuses.

“The cream of the crop will be there,” she whined. “So many handsome and rich men will be attending this event. Cindy, you’ve got to go. You never know, Mr. Right just might pull up in a white Rolls and whisk you away!” she continued, trying her best to convince me.

I finally agreed knowing that at least the food and drinks would be fabulous and free.

I began my flirtatious ritual by choosing the right ensemble; black silk seamed stockings, satin garters, a black blouse with a deep, plunging neckline, my push-up bra for massive cleavage, and a long black skirt with the slit ending just above my stocking’s top so that if I reached a certain way, I’d reveal the tops of the stockings and garters. I knew how effective this would be in teasing a man. I just loved getting a man all worked up only to say, “goodbye”. Perhaps it was revenge that motivated me, however this retribution had sweet repercussions because I always ran home to my faithful vibrator. I had the game down and this kept me happy.

I agreed to meet Mary in the hotel’s lobby. After dropping off my car with the valet, I entered the hotel and saw Mary standing there dressed to the nines.

“Oh my God, did you see that guy that pulled in ahead of you in the Benz? Don’t stare but he’s over there now. Isn’t he divine?” she whispered discreetly.

I looked over in the direction she nodded and noticed a very handsome and distinguished man standing by the elevator.

“Yeah, he’s okay. Where’s the party?” I asked.

“On the penthouse casino şirketleri level; there’s a small ballroom,” Mary explained. “Oh, damn! I hope that’s where he’s going!” she added, sounding like an excited schoolgirl with a crush. “Let’s hurry and see if we can join him in the elevator!”

Mary then whisked me towards the waiting man. We made it to the elevator just in time; the doors opened and we piled in behind him. Mary stood next to him and during the ride she found a way to make conversation. She acted like a desperate divorcé longing for male attention. I couldn’t wait for the door to open and hit the bar. I needed a drink and obviously Mary’s evening had already begun.

The elevator door opened directly into a reception area filled with people. The black tie affair was lavish. Fountains of champagne were positioned around the room. I found the closest one and helped myself. Mary headed towards the bar with her new fling and began her party prowl. I scanned the room with flute in hand and checked out the elite crowd. There were women dripping in diamonds hanging on the arms of tuxedoed men. I noticed too that there were a lot of single women who no doubt had the same designs as Mary on meeting a millionaire. I quickly began to wonder why I had let Mary talk me into coming. But, I figured that I was already here so I might as well check out the food and indulge myself.

I approached a large buffet area with ice sculptures and a feast fit for a king. It was early and people were still more interested in drinking and chatting. The food was still neatly garnished with no crowds. I quickly prepared a plate with all my favorites: caviar, shrimp, smoked salmon and all the proper fixings. A waiter carrying a tray of fine, chilled vodka’s came just in time.

“Mmmmmmm…perfect,” I murmured. And with that, I popped some caviar into my mouth as the vodka washed it down my throat. I would never pay this kind of money to treat myself. “This is exactly why I accepted this invitation from my friend, Mary,” I reminded myself. I was quite content until other hungry guests soon interrupted my sweet indulgence by hovering around the banquet area. I knew it was time to plan my exit. I peered through the crowds to find Mary but decided I’d try to sneak out without her noticing me.

I stepped through the crowd and headed towards the elevators. As I approached I saw a man…no, a woman? I wasn’t sure. A large stocky person dressed in a man’s tuxedo exited the elevator. At first the long hair convinced me that it was in fact a woman; however, the body movement was that of a man. Long hair was becoming more and more popular amongst men but, even so, this handsome creature had a soft and inviting face.

“What a beautiful man,” I thought to myself, although still unsure. I opted to stay and find out. The stranger walked into the crowd and headed for the bar. Discreetly, I followed. It was time for my ritual. If I could get close enough and speak to the stranger I’d know if it was a man or a woman. Regardless, I had already made up my mind that I was going to seduce this marvelous specimen. I approached from behind and waited as this person ordered a drink. The stranger took a sip from a large brandy snifter and stood there looking out across the crowd. I wondered why the stranger was there, perhaps a restaurant or hotel owner? It didn’t seem as if this person knew anyone.

It was time for me to make my move. I walked over to the bar and ordered a glass of champagne. I positioned myself as close to the stranger as possible. I reached into my handbag and pulled out a cigarette. Purposely, I pretended not to have a light and then turned to the stranger.

“Excuse me….” I began, but my request no sooner left my lips than the stranger pulled out a lighter. Through the glaring flame I saw the stranger’s casino firmalari face. The intensity in the stranger’s eyes left me breathless as I pulled a drag off my cigarette to light it.

“Thank you,” I said as I exhaled politely in the other direction.

The stranger smiled. The face was soft yet rugged. I didn’t notice a beard or shadow anywhere. The room was dimly lit, therefore I made no final conclusions, but I was leaning closer towards accepting that the stranger was in fact a woman. I had known dykes before yet none appealed to me. There was something very different about this handsome woman.

“My name is Cindy. Cindy Monroe,” I introduced myself feeling somewhat nervous. “I came with a friend of mine, Mary, she’s the coordinator.” I admit that I was intrigued by the stranger and hoped to strike up a conversation.

The stranger pulled a small cigar from the tuxedo jacket, lit it, took a drag, and a sip of the brandy. She then looked at me, smiled and said, “Cindy, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Max. Max Dugan. I’ve met your friend Mary.”

Max’s voice was a soft drawl that wasn’t really Southern but unique. Her hair fell down past her shoulders and was a light brown, almost dirty blonde. Her face was well defined. I couldn’t escape the intensity in her eyes and found myself trapped in them as I tried to speak.

“Lovely. Mary is a lovely woman. So, Max, are you in the hotel or restaurant business?” I asked, beginning to feel a little more comfortable. Max now turned away and sipped at the brandy.

I waited a few moments for a reply but all I received from Max was a nod stating, “yes”. It was obvious that Max was one of few words. I wondered if Max was lesbian or simply an eccentric woman. I was a little surprised that none of my gestures would keep Max’s attention. I even lifted my foot onto a bar stool to adjust the strap on my shoe. I noticed Max looked to see what was the matter but quickly returned to her drink once she saw that I was okay. I tried every trick I knew to get Max to notice me. Nothing seemed to work. Perhaps Max wasn’t interested in me but making a feministic fashion statement.

“Well, it was wonderful meeting you, Max. I need to go find the ladies room. Perhaps we’ll meet again.”

“I’ll join you, Cindy. I spotted it on the way in. I know exactly where it is,” Max offered.

Finally, I got Max’s attention but I thought she was being polite. I felt a little embarrassed at my advances. Even though subtle, it was obvious I was flirting. Perhaps this was her way of letting me know that it was okay.

We headed through the crowd towards the ladies lounge. We waited in line a few moments until a stall was free. It happened to be the handicapped stall.

“Why don’t you go first,” Max offered.

I had to pee badly so I accepted. As I walked into the stall, I suddenly felt someone push me forward. I heard the stall’s door lock. I started to scream when a hand covered my mouth. I felt a body move up against my back and I was unable to move.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you. Shhhhhhh.”

It was Max’s voice. Fear escaped me and was replaced with excitement. My body trembled.

“I’m going to take my hand off your mouth now. I want you to sit down and pee,” Max instructed while moving me towards the toilet. She turned me around and pushed my shoulders downward. I sat there wondering if I could pee. Max stood directly in front of me. Her crotch was at eye level. I watched her hand come up, unzip her pants, and pull out a large, flesh colored cock. The huge dildo was life-like as she held it in her hand and then pushed it towards my mouth. Without reservation I began to suck the large tool. Max applied her hands to my head and assisted the movement. My mouth expertly slid down her cock taking inches of it down güvenilir casino into my throat.

“You should know better than to tease Daddy. You’re a bad girl for getting Daddy so excited,” Max whispered.

That was the moment my body came alive for the first time. I had thought I was living but it was all a lie until that moment. Those words unlocked a powerful desire within me. I felt myself open up. My pussy became drenched. I moaned as I took her cock even deeper into my throat.

Max pulled away from my mouth, reached down, and lifted me from the toilet onto the sink’s basin. She grabbed my legs with her strong hands and lifted them up and outward. There I was, legs spread, skirt drawn up around my waist, and my bare pussy exposed. Max’s mouth began kissing my ankle through the sheer silk stocking. I felt the heat from her mouth penetrate my flesh. I felt the stocking grow wet with saliva, leaving a cool trail as she moved in closer towards my thighs. Her tongue threw darted kisses inside my wavering thighs. It was much longer before her tongue parted my pussy lips. Electricity shot through my body as she explored my dripping vagina with her mouth. She sucked and traveled across my feminine flesh. Like a hungry dog she devoured me while making growling, moaning sounds. Although the stalls were private, with walls from floor to ceiling, I wondered if anyone could hear us. I muffled my moans but knew that once an orgasm neared I would release cries of passion.

My clit throbbed feverishly. Max stopped licking me. She placed the head of the cock inside the entrance to my body. As she slowly penetrated me, her hand circled my wet clit. By the time she fully entered my body, I felt my orgasm escaping my body without notice. My pussy clamped down onto her large member as my entire body shook. She held still for a moment, deep inside me. As the last tremor passed, she slowly began moving the cock in and out of my pussy. I was so wet I could here swishing sounds of cum and felt wetness dripping down the crack of my ass, leaving a puddle under me. The fullness of her inside me sent overwhelming sensations through my body. I had never had what people refer to as multiple orgasms until that moment. Her hand lifted my blouse, pushed up my bra and she suckled my nipples as she continued to push herself into my body. It was if there was a direct connection between my nipples and clit, sending pulses of magical energy through my core. Goose bumps crawled across my head and then down my neck. I heard her moan and growl.

“Daddy’s going to shoot his cum inside your pussy. I want you to take it all. Open your legs and let Daddy get deep inside you,” Max whispered.

The words resonated through me and I felt every fiber of my being pulsating with desire. Beads of sweat emerged from our bodies creating an intoxicating and erotic scent. All my senses were complete and I knew that this would be the greatest orgasm of my life. We both met climax at the same time. Her strong arms held me tight. I grabbed onto her shoulders as if I was ready to dive into a vast unknown chasm. I exploded with great force. Waves of pleasure rushed over me. Max panted over me. Moments passed and we remained still, allowing the flood of sensation to settle.

“I’m going to let you finish using the bathroom,” said Max as she pulled her cock from my pussy and back into her pants.

“I’ll be right out. I need to clean up,” I replied.

“Okay,” Max said.

I cleaned myself and was grateful I had worn black. The seat of my skirt was wet. I brushed my hair, peed, and left the stall to search for Max. I walked over to the bar then to the buffet. I couldn’t find Max anywhere. Frantically, I hurried my pace looking for the lover of my dreams. Suddenly I saw Mary. Relieved, I walk over to her.

“Mary, have you seen Max Dugan?” I asked.

“Who? I don’t know any Max Dugan. Who is he?” she inquired.

I realized at that moment I would probably never see Max again. But, as the old saying goes, “It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.”

The End

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