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The phone screen flashed brightly in the corner of my eye, at the same time as the desk began vibrating. Trying hard not to jump and act calm, I stood up slowly and excused myself from the desk where my colleagues had gathered for our weekly briefing. As they continued to discuss the monthly sales figures and new markets, I picked up my phone and saw the message that would change my life forever. “Get your sorry cuck ass home now, you sissy bitch. Tonight is the night you finally get your wish.”

I could feel my cheeks burning and looked up to check that no one was looking at me. The memories of that night during the first lockdown rushed back and punched me square in my stomach.

Walking quickly back to my desk, grabbing my keys and wallet, I made my excuses from the meeting and was heading towards the car park when my phone buzzed again.

“Why are you keeping me waiting? Answer me cuck bitch.” with the three dots letting me know that another text was on its way.

My fingers fumbled to find the right letters, “Sorry, Mistress, I am on my way.”

“You will be fucking sorry if you keep me waiting again. I am upstairs getting ready. When you get home, you will find some things on the table. Put them on and wait on your hands and knees outside the bathroom.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

It was all I could think of as I started the car and drove home with a hundred images churning in my mind. Images of a fantasy that was about to come true and I didn’t know how to feel about it. Could I tell her to stop, or was it too late for that?

My girlfriend was hot. I’d always know it, and everyone said so. On nights out, she would be the one wearing the revealing, short outfits showing off her legs and amazing tits. Crop tops or cut-outs would show off her flat stomach and toned body. Guys, and even girls, would follow her with their eyes as she walked across the room. If I left her, even for a minute, she would be talking to some guy or two when I returned. I used to tease her about how she could get any guy she wanted, and we often fantasised about it when we got home. She’d play along, whispering in my ear how she’d already fucked some guy in the back of the club, and making me lick her out. The idea would make my cock so hard and always lead to the most intense fucking.

That’s how it started. The first week of lockdown, when there was nowhere to go and nothing to do. We had made home-made cocktails, and as they flowed, we started to play truth or dare. The questions had started tame, but as the cocktails flowed, so did the questions. The tone changed when she asked who was my hottest fuck before I met her and I kept it going by asking her which of her boyfriends had the biggest dick. Laughing and flushed with all that alcohol she refused to say.

“Babe, you know if you don’t tell me, you have to do a dare?”

“I’ll take that dare,” she squealed, hiding behind her fingers, “come on, what do you want me to do?”

If she meant this, I could make one of my fantasies come true. “Honestly, you will do my dare? Even if it is a bit out there?”

“A dare’s a dare babe, tell me what I have to do?”

“When this lockdown is over, and we can go out again, I want you to get dressed up like you always do, and when I go get a drink for us at the bar, you have to take the first guy to talk to you into the toilets and either suck him or fuck him and tell me all the sordid details about it afterwards.”

“What? That’s what casino siteleri you want me to do?” I was expecting her to say no or tell me to choose something else, but she looked like she was enjoying the idea and the dark, wet line forming on her knickers told me that the thought turned her on.

“OK, I’ll do it but… I don’t want you there with me. I don’t want you watching. I’ll do it, but I want to go out on my own and take one of the guys into the toilet or behind in an alley and then tell you all about it when I get home afterwards.”

That was months ago, and I had forgotten all about it until that text in my office. Now it was happening. As I pulled into the drive, my heart was pounding, and I had no idea what would be waiting for me to put on.

As I opened the door, there was a note with two items on top of it. Picking up the message, I read the words, “Strip naked for me bitch. Put the collar around your neck and put the leather straps around your tiny cock. When you have done that, get on your knees outside the bathroom.”

Grabbing the two items and taking the note into the living room, I started to undress quickly. Trying as much as possible not to get hard, I slid the five leather rings over my cock and then pulled it down to the base of the shaft, and as best I could, I tied the two leather straps around each of my balls, before buckling the collar around my neck.

Walking up the stairs, I could feel the leather straps pull against my balls, dragging them apart and making my cock swell within the five rings despite them digging into my skin. Taking several long deep breaths, I knelt in front of the bathroom door.

“What took you so long bitch? Get in here now. I need your help.” her tone was severe, and something about it made my heart quicken and my cock twitch.

Pushing the door open and crawling forward, my voice almost broke, “Sorry, mistress. How can I help you?”

“Look at you. What the fuck do you look like? Sit up and let me see that lame dick!”

Grabbing my cock she stroked me up and down slowly. The blood flooded my cock, but the rings just dug in deeper. “That’s a good little cuck. You are going to regret the day you dared me. Your dick isn’t going to get hard tonight, and you’ll be lucky if I ever let it get hard again. Now hold this bitch.”

Holding out my hand, she placed her razor in my palm and then sat down on my back. Placing her feet on the side of the bath and spreading her legs, she took the razor from my hand and began to shave.

“Don’t you dare fucking move. I am shaving my pussy, and I don’t want to cut myself. I am going to need to be smooth for what I have planned for tonight.

“Yes, Mistress.”

My mind was racing. What was her plan? The thought was cut short with the pain that was shooting through my knees, but I couldn’t move, and despite everything all I wanted to do was make her happy and serve her. Standing up and moving around me to stand in front of me she grabbed the ring on my neck collar and pulled me up to face her body.

“Smell my pussy, bitch!”

Breathing in the smell of her sex, I whispered, “Yes, Mistress.”

After what seemed like a few seconds, taking in the sight of her shaved pussy, flushed lips and smelling her excitement, she pushed my head away and walked out of the room, shouting at me to follow. As I crawled into our bedroom behind her, I could see she was in the corner playing with something, and as canlı casino she moved her naked body to the side, I could see what she had in mind for me.

“This is yours. Get in your cage, cuck boy!”

She must have seen the confused look on my face because she shouted, “Now! And say, ‘yes, mistress.'”

Crawling quickly to the corner of the room, I told her what she wanted to hear as I knelt on my knees inside the cage.

“Look at me bitch, Which of these do you think I should wear tonight?” Holding up two dresses I had never seen before. “Yes, I have been shopping. Do you like it?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Which of these do you think is going to get me more attention tonight? Do you like this shiny one?” holding up a latex dress with cut-outs where her hips would be, “or this one?” holding up a red velvet catsuit.

“Speak up, bitch. I can’t hear you!”

“Sorry, mistress. The latex one, mistress.”

Turning on her heels, she strode out, leaving me on my knees, collared and cock bound in my cage, while she got ready.

After what felt like ages, I heard her heels on the bathroom tiles, and I knew she was coming back in the room. Fuck, she looked amazing; her latex dress clung to her tight body, showing clearly her pierced tits. Her thigh-high boots were creating a line on her thighs that made her legs look like they went on forever. Perfume filled the air in my cage and looking at her face; her lips were stained red with the shiniest of gloss.

“You’re going to need this, cuck. I am going to text you during my night out. Whatever I text, you are only allowed to reply, “Yes, Mistress,” do you understand?”

And with that she was gone, the front door banging on her way out. Shit, she was really doing it. She got hit on every time she went out no matter what, and tonight she was wearing a latex dress that made her look like a porn star. There was no way she wasn’t going to get fucked if she wanted it.

The first text came through an hour later, “I love my new dress!! Men are literally staring at me and already been hit on six times in this first place. Going to be a fucking good night Cuck!! You should be careful what you wish for.”

She was already getting buzzed with the alcohol. No kisses on the text as the images in my mind started to think about her in our favourite bars, with guys groping her as they bought her drinks and stared at her pierced nipples standing out against the black latex. Even though I wanted anything but, my cock struggled against its leather bonds, hardened with the thoughts of her being the centre of attention everywhere she went.

As those thoughts took hold, the next text came through. This time there were no words, just two photos of her with what looked like two guys in a bathroom. Stood in front of a mirror, you could see they had freed her tits from their rubber cage. As they grabbed and tweaked her nipples, she tilted her head back in pleasure. My heart started to beat faster at the thought of her being groped. With toilet stalls behind her, it would have been the perfect place to fuck a stranger, or two. Looking down, my cock was turning the angriest shade of purple in its bondage.

It seemed like it could have been a few hours, but I wouldn’t have known if it was 30 mins or half the night before the next text buzzed my phone.

Five words and a photo;

“On my way home cuck!” and a photo that had clearly been taken by someone else on her phone.

At kaçak casino first, I thought it wasn’t a picture for me as it just showed some well-built black guy sat on what looked like the back seat of a black cab, but then I looked again and noticed her beautiful blonde hair between his legs, her naked back and the fact his head was looking down clearly watching while he had one hand on the back of her head!

She must have given the taxi driver her phone and asked him to take photos as she sucked off her new bull. Were they parked up somewhere? Was the taxi driver taking photos or joining in? My fantasy was coming true, but she was taking it so much further than I had ever dreamed of.

I hadn’t long to wait to find out the answer when I heard the taxi pull up outside the house and two voices outside the front door. As they crashed through the door, I could hear her telling him that she wanted him to fuck her with that cock that had just cum in her mouth. His response was more of a grunt than any specific words, but it was clear he was going to have no problem giving her what she wanted.

Turning the corner and entering our room, she said, “You know I said I already had a boyfriend, but he can’t satisfy my needs? Well… the little prick is in there, and I was kinda hoping you could teach him how to really fuck a woman!”

“He’s where?” he said as he stumbled into our bedroom while taking his top off to reveal his toned and inked body, “Fuck me, he’s in a fucking dog cage! Ha, no wonder you need me, babe. Look at his little purple cock.”

Laughing at his joke and looking at me in my cage, she laid down on top of my cage. My senses were on fire, despite the gloom, I could see everything, the smell of latex, perfume, alcohol, sweat, and cum filled my nostrils. If I turned my head to the side, I could see straight up, and as I did, I could see her stretching her wet, shaved pussy lips apart ready to take his huge 9-inch cock.

Being inches from his monster cock, I could see her push his foreskin back over the ridge, revealing a shiny dark head, wet with his pre-cum. Wanting to make sure I was watching he held his cock and ran it the length of her pussy, stopping to flick her clit with it, making her moan with pleasure.

Then pushing down and forward he entered her to the loudest moan I had ever heard her make. “Fuck, you’re so fucking deep!!”

Slowly at first, sliding back, so only his tip was inside her pussy then pushing forward until his knees touched my cage. His cock was taking her to a place she had never been. Then flipping her over, so her arse was in the air, bent over my cage, he used his thumb to open her open and slam his huge cock into her. Now it was just hard, fast fucking and she loved it. Her tits were swinging just above my head as I could hear his balls slapping against her shaved lips.

“Yes, Yes, I’m close, don’t… stop…”

And with that, her body tensed and then started to shake the cage. As her head tilted back and he grabbed her tits and hips, he forced himself as deep inside her as he possibly could, letting out a deep moan as he did so.

Coming round, she looked down at me and said she had one last present for me to make all my fantasies come true.

“Open your mouth you disgusting little cuck, and stick your tongue out!”

Following my orders, I answered, “Yes, mistress.” and then it happened. She slid forward, letting his cock slip out of her and in doing so, removing the only thing stopping his cum from dripping out of her fucked pussy and falling on to my tongue.

“Drink it, cuck. Don’t waste a single drop or I will have to punish you!”

“Yes,” I said, swallowing hard, “mistress.”

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