Cajun Spice Ch. 02

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Since I kept everyone waiting, we’ll jump right to the good stuff. Enjoy. More of the series to come. Oh, by the way, this story is complete and total fiction. Any similarities to actual people are purely accidental.


Her nipples felt as hard as pebbles. She gasped as she felt the tip of a tongue flick across it. Then soft, wet lips slid down, engulfing her breast. They slid back, sucking the nipple, once again teasing it with that wonderful tongue. April groaned in protest as the mouth disappeared. Then gasped as it settled on her other breast, giving it the same exquisite attention. She glanced down, seeing a shock of red hair. She lost focus again as those magical lips slid down the center of her body, felt a tongue dip into her belly button, then disappear again. She purred as she felt that tongue trace her tattoo of a hummingbird that lay just above her mound. Suddenly that mouth latched onto her clit, sucking and teasing it with that tongue.

Gasping, April jerked awake and found beautiful blue eyes staring back at her, sparkling with mischief. Then all thought fled as Jade began running her tongue, ever so slowly, up and down her slit. April’s head crashed against the pillow, her hips jerking up to meet Jade’s tongue. Satisfied that she had April’s full attention, Jade reached up and parted April’s labia, sinking her tongue into April’s love hole with one swift motion. Jade growled as she finally got a taste of April’s girl honey, sweat and a little salty. She started to work her tongue in and out of April’s pussy. Slowly at first, then faster as April’s hips bucked. April reached down to cup the back of Jade’s head, pushing her down, silently begging Jade to go deeper. Jade stiffen her tongue and pushed in as deep as she could.

“Oh Goddddddd! Don’t stop, baby. Please, Jade, don’t stop,” April gasped, her hips picking up speed. Sensing April was close to orgasm, Jade held her head still, her face pushed as far into April’s pussy as she could go. She bent the tip of her tongue up. A scream ripped from April’s throat as she felt Jade’s tongue hit her sweet spot. Jade then reached a hand up and began rubbing April’s clit, pressing harder and harder as she felt April’s body writher and twist against her. “Jade! Oh God Jade!” April screamed as she felt her orgasm break. She arched her back and held it as waves of sensation spiraled through her. Finally, she slumped down against the mattress, gasping for air.

Smiling, Jade dragged herself up April’s body, pressing against her as she went. “Good morning, sunshine,” Jade purred, kissing April, letting her taste herself on Jade’s lips. April kissed her back, licking every drop of her cum from Jade’s lips and face.

“It’s still dark baby. God, but you’re up early!”

Jade laughed. “That would be a really wicked thing to say to me if I was a guy, cher.”

“Thank God you’re not. No guy has ever managed to get my juices flowing this early in the morning.”

“Lord, but you’re naughty.”

“Wicked, baby. Wicked. There’s a difference.”

“And what would that be?”

“Take a shower with me and I’ll show you,” April whispered. Now that she was wide-awake, she felt the need to really taste this woman. She wanted more than what she got last night Amsterdam Shemale when she was too drunk and too horny to take her time.

April flipped Jade over onto her back. Climbing out of bed, she turned back, letting Jade look her fill. Grinning, she watched Jade’s eyes as they traced the length of her well-toned body. In her line of work, you had to stay fit and, just this minute, she was glad of all that time she spent working out at home. Her aerobic workout kept her slim and toned. Weight lifting gave her a strength that most people didn’t realize she had, since April was careful that she didn’t get the look of a Schwarzenegger with tits, though she could bench press her weight, plus some. Just then, she felt a little thrill of triumph as those brilliant blue eyes darken, a look of hunger spreading across Jade’s face. April’s grin turned wicked as she thought of how all that weight lifting was about to pay off.

Reaching out, April grabbed Jade’s hand, dragging her off the bed and down the hall towards the bathroom. She pulled Jade inside and shut the door. Reaching into the shower, she turned the water on, adjusting the knobs to get the right temperature. She stood with her hand under the spray, waiting for the water to turn warm, and took the time to get her first really good look at Jade. Sensing her appraisal, Jade turned her back to the sink. Placing her hands on either side, she grasped the edge and leaned back a little. She spread her feet just a little bit apart so April could get a good view of her shaved pussy.

Watching Jade pose for her, April felt herself getting turned on, a fresh wave of juices spreading through her. Realizing the water was where she wanted it; she stepped into the shower, never breaking eye contact with Jade. She crocked a finger, motioning Jade to join her.

Jade sucked in a breath at the evil grin on April’s face. “Said the spider to the fly, huh cher?”

“I won’t bite Jade. Not unless you want me to.”

“I want. I definitely want.” With that, Jade stepped into the shower, under the spray and into April’s waiting arms. April slowly turned so that Jade’s back was against the shower wall. She reached out and pulled the curtain shut, cocooning them in the shower. April just stood there, her hands resting lightly on Jade’s hips, just the tips of their breasts touching under the warm spray. Jade shuddered; suddenly realizing she might be in over her head.

Feeling Jade’s reaction and, noticing the hint of nervousness that crept across her face, April soften her smile. “Relax baby. I’m not dangerous. I just really enjoy my work.”

“Being a P.I.?” Jade stuttered, her tongue suddenly feeling too thick and heavy to form words.

April laughed. “That too, but right now I mean working on you.” She reached for the soap and, building up lather in her hands, began soaping Jade’s body. She took her time, enjoy the feel of Jade’s soft skin and gentle curves. She started at her shoulders and glided her hands up and down her arms, working in the soap as she went. Then, with her hands back at Jade’s shoulders, she slid them down her sides, squatting down to reach her feet. Kneeling, she soaped Jade’s legs, making sure she hit every spot, behind her knees, the inside of her Rotterdam Shemale thighs. She purposefully skipped Jade’s pussy. Standing up again, April began soaping Jade’s chest, spending extra time on the shape and feel of Jade’s breasts, teasing the nipples with her fingers. She pinched one nipple between her thumb and forefinger and began rolling it between her fingers. Jade moaned, the sound coming from the back of her throat.

“See? That’s not so scary, now is it?”

Unable to speak, Jade just shook her head no, her eyes riveted on April’s every move.

Chuckling, April reached up and, grabbing Jade by the shoulders, slowly turned her around so she was facing the wall. April began washing her back, gently sliding her hands over Jade’s heart shaped ass. Then she stepped back, Jade letting out a whimper of protest at the sudden lose. Then April’s hand was near her face, offering the bar of soap.

“Your turn, baby.”

Jade turned around, leaning against the wall for support. Her body felt so tight, her knees weak and every drop of water felt like pin pricks against her highly sensitive skin. April gave her a gentle smile and just stood there, hands at her sides, not making a move. Jade looked up to find April watching her. Seeing the patience in her eyes, Jade felt a little calmer, so she started to wash April, taking her time in the same places April had with her. She marveled at April’s body. She was fascinated with her tattoos. April had a hummingbird on her abdomen with vines, one on each side, which spread over her hips and wrapped around her body to form a heart shape at the small of her back. At the top of her back was a phoenix, its wingspan spreading from shoulder to shoulder and ended right around where her bra strap would sit. There was a claddagh around her left ankle and a Celtic knot band that wrapped around her upper right arm. She also had scars. Some where probably just cuts that hadn’t healed well, but there was one, on her left thigh, that was almost three inches long. Jade just bet there was one hell of a story that went with it.

April felt the sweet tension begin to slowly build as Jade’s hands explored her body. She was really enjoying the combination of Jade’s soft hands and the rich lather of soap. When the tension reached a slow ache, April stopped Jade and turned her around so, once again, her hands were braced against the wall, her nipples flattened against it. April stepped up so her front was pressing against Jade’s back, barely a drop able to pass between them. April placed her lips on Jade’s neck, just over her pulse point. She felt Jade’s heart begin to race as she rested her hands low on the side of Jade’s legs. April dragged her hands slowly up Jade’s sides, brushing her breasts with the tips of her fingers, and then running her hands back down. She repeated this several times as she used her tongue to trace small circles on Jade’s neck, right over her pulse. Jade’s heart hammered away, beating so hard, April could feel the vibrations through her tongue and echo through her body. As Jade started to pant, April slid her hands around to Jade’s mound. Slowly, she pushed a finger into her wet channel. Feeling Jade’s girl honey pour out over her hand, April slid a second finger insider Netherlands Shemale her and began to slowly finger fuck Jade. With her other hand, April began teasing Jade’s clit. Jade began to rock her body back and forth, bucking against April’s hand and then pressing back against her chest.

Suddenly, April jerked Jade around so her back was to the wall. April sank down to her knees and pushed her face and arms down between Jade’s legs, hooking them up over her shoulders. Jade shrieked as she was suddenly lifted into the air. On instinct, she wrapped her legs and arms around April’s head, holding on for dear life as she felt April’s hands cup her butt, holding her in place.

April thrilled at Jade’s response and, knowing Jade was close to the edge, began to tongue fuck her in earnest. She couldn’t get enough of Jade’s sticky sweetness as her tongue pounded in and out of Jade’s vagina, rubbing and pushing her nose against Jade’s clit. Jade slammed one hand against the ceiling for leverage, the other hand forming a death grip on the back of April’s head, and began bucking wildly against April’s mouth. She could feel her orgasm building to furious proportions inside her. Seconds later, the world exploded, Jade went blind as waves of pleasure crashed through her. She could feel her own cum pouring out, April’s tongue lapping against the walls of her pussy as she frantically tried to drink it all in.

Jade sank back against the wall, trembling as smaller orgasms spread through her body. Gasping for air, she pressed both hands against the ceiling, afraid of falling. She yelped as she felt herself begin to slide down the wall. Suddenly soft, gentle arms wrapped around her, helping her stay on her feet. She slumped against April, wrapping her hands over April’s shoulders, knowing full well that this woman was the only reason she was standing at all.

She felt a warm breath as April feathered kisses over her face. “Come on baby. Let’s get you out of here and back to bed. The hot water’s starting to run out.”

“So that’s wicked, huh?” Jade managed between gulps of air. “What about you?”

“You already took care of me Jade. This was me returning the favor.”

“I didn’t think I was THAT good, cher,” Jade said on a weak laugh.

“You were inspirational baby. Now come on. You’ve got to lay down before you fall down.” April helped Jade out of the shower, sat her down on the toilet seat and began toweling Jade dry. She then dried herself off and, reaching for fresh towels, she wrapped one around herself and another around Jade. Lifting Jade onto her feet, she let her sag against her, taking the bulk of her weight, and led her back to bed.

Jade felt the mattress give under her weight as April gently laid her down. She felt April pull the sheets up and tuck her in. She reached out blindly, her eyes still fighting to come into focus, and, feeling April’s arm, grabbed on, pulling her into bed with her. “Stay with me, please,” she whispered.

April turned Jade onto her side and then slid in behind her, she above the sheets, Jade under them, and wrapped an arm around Jade’s waist. Pulling Jade against her, she pushed her hair aside and kissed the nape of her neck. “Relax baby. Go to sleep. I’ll stay right here until you wake up.”

April held her new lover against her, listening as Jade’s breathing evened out and slowed. Suddenly feeling a little possessive, she tightened her hold on Jade’s waist, and watched the sun rise and spill through the balcony doors.

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