Car Trouble

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So there I was, leadfooting it back to town to meet a pal, when the car began to act peculiar in the middle of the Patullo Bridge, hesitating, slowing, picking up speed, then losing it. Looking in the rear view mirror, I see a guy in a battered pick-up truck right on my ass and looking, I thought, pretty irritated. Across the bridge and about a mile further on, the car stopped altogether.

When I pulled over to the side, the truck passed me -the driver giving me a hard look as he went. I had no clue what was wrong, so I just looked back and shrugged. To my surprise, he pulled over ahead of me and got out. By this time I was out of my car and had the hood up. Striding back to my car, he asked me if I knew what was wrong. I had no clue and said so.

He leaned in over the engine, running big hands lightly over the hoses and battery terminals trying them for a tight connection.

“Get in and turn it over” he said. I did, but it wouldn’t start, just produced a useless clicking noise.

“I’ve got something back at my place that I think might get you going, I’m just a couple miles up the road. Do you want to leave it and come along?” He asked.

This guy was maybe in his late thirties, early forties, with short curly brown hair flecked with grey. He was wearing work-dirty shorts and boots with a torn tank top that showcased his hard muscular frame. He appeared to be an easy-going sort, sporting a brush moustache, a couple days growth of beard, with grey eyes under dark bushy eyebrows. He gave me a slow smile as he suggested I come along with him. I figured at the least I could phone the automobile club from his place. Besides, that smile was kind of intriguing -and car trouble or no, I always was a sucker for a nice smile.

We pulled into his driveway, and right into the garage. He leaned back and looked at me squarely. “I got the idea the minute I looked at you, that you’d be a reasonable guy when it comes to having a good time.”

I looked blank, (but thought furiously, “By god, you got that right!)

“Well,” he went on, “I’m pretty straight, I mean I’ve got a wife and kid and a mortgage, the whole nine yards, but once in a while I meet a guy that turns my crank, like you’re doin’ now. I go for a guy that looks like he might know what’s what. And I think you do. My old lady won’t be home from work for a couple hours, so what do you say to a little playtime in the meantime?” And he gave me another slow smile, and ran his hand over the bulge in his shorts.

When I smiled back he slid a big hand behind my head, pulling me closer and between flicks of his tongue, nibbled at my moustache and beard.

“Ah,” he muttered, “I like a hairy face once in a while” Pushing my lips apart with his tongue, we kissed -long and hot and wet, as he unbuttoned my shirt with his free hand, the other firmly on the back of my neck. “C’mon,” he said, “let’s go in, I don’t like to fuck around in my truck or the wife’s bed -she’s got the kinda nose that knows when there’s strange sweat around,” adding -“we can use my pool room, she never goes in there, I’ll let you take first break on the balls, you can even have first go with the stick, Har har, but we ain’t gonna be playin’ pool.”

Inside, our tongues wrestle in a pool of hot saliva, kissing and licking, ears, noses, lips, eyebrows, chins, too, every part that would fit in our mouths, the whole shittaree. Finally after what seemed a long but fantastically enjoyable time, our faces covered with kiss-drool, he came up for air and panted, “C’mon man, suck on my dick” he jumped on the pool table and grunted “I’m so damn horny, gimme some head will ya!” as he ripped open the button fly of his shorts. His great cock sprang out, lengthening and twitching as it came.

Dark and thick, about the diameter of a coke can but longer, heavily corded with twisting veins pulsing with hot blood, it spilled out over his big sweaty balls, the wide crimson cockhead swelling as it pushed out a runny drip of glistening precum. Giving him another slurping kiss, I slide down to get at the throbbing steamy tool. I just get my lips around it when he pulls me up by the hair and plunges his tongue deep in my mouth again.

“Man oh man,” he sighed, “This is just what I’ve been needing! Hey guy,” he muttered , “can you take it down your throat?” Thinking to myself I’d sure as hell give it my best shot, I bit his lip lightly and dragging my tongue down his muscular chest, chomped briefly on casino siteleri his tit. “JESUS!” he says -“That’s great! use your fuckin teeth! It’s okay, it’s okay, I love it!”

But just now I got cock on the brain and think to myself “I’ll get back to this later” and get my mouth back to the main event. I’d never been much good at deep-throating a really big dick, but this time, for this guy, I really want to give him whatever he wants. I sighed with pleasure as I opened wide and went to work on his terrific dick, the greatest enjoyment machine ever invented.

I lick his knob -smearing the precum all over it, I jab my tongue into his surprisingly large pissslit. It goes in about an inch, this drives me nuts and I fuck that slit with my tongue till my jaw hurts. All the while he’s moaning “Oh man, do it to me man, stay on it, that’s great! Just great! When I can’t keep this up any longer I slide my lips down over his mushroom knob and along the shaft as far as I can take it.

Wrapping my tongue around as much of the shaft as I can, I suck to the max all the way up, and on the way down I take soft bites, licking and nibbling at the pulsing veins. This great dick is twitching in my mouth and I’m loving every inch of it. Sliding up and down, I use all the suction I can lay on. All the way up -and all the way down my lips are clamped tight, ‘m on that dick like a limpet -each time I get my nose close to his cunthair I take a deep breath and try to make a push to get that big head past my gag reflex.

“C’mon guy, you can do it” he says. I’m not so sure, but inhaling the hot cumsmell of his crotch I know I sure as hell want to After a few strokes there’s plenty of saliva on his dick and I slip down further and further each time. Finally I take a real deep breath and go for it. I get to the gag point and give it everything I got. A grunt and another push and he’s in. I got his knob in my throat! I can feel the throat start to spasm and try to relax so I can slide it further in. His big hands are around my throat, lightly, but firmly. When I get set for a push, he opens his thumbs just enough so he can feel his dick slide down my throat. “Good man” he says, “just take it easy and let me work it now.”

“Okay for you to say,” I think, but by Christ I want him to fuck my throat as much as he wants to do it. By a massive effort of will I manage to stay relaxed as he pumps his big headed dick up and down in my throat. Somehow, as long as he stays below my gag reflex, I can handle it, but when he pulls his mushroom knob up into my mouth I choke and have to clamp my lips tight and go back to hard sucking on the shaft till my throat settles down.

After a while, to catch my breath, I reluctantly come off his prick. I hold it in my fist just digging the look of it. Hot and steamy and dripping saliva, it’s a thing of absolute beauty. The heavy brutish vein-textured shaft and the great red helmet of his cock, with it’s thin, almost transparent foreskin just slightly changing the color of his dickhead. I slowly thumb it up and over the ridge and on up to the piss-slit, then all the way down leaving the mushroom head proud and undraped, just oozing slimy precum.

I want to leave it alone for a minute, to savour this look at his powerful manhood, but the lure of the precum is too much and I spread my tongue and drag it up to the piss-slit. Pursing my lips over his knob,//the slit, I suck it all up and swirl it over my taste buds .

This slimy taste drives me crazy! I remember he likes the feel of teeth, and as I resume sucking I bite lightly, then scrape my teeth upand down to the base of his cock. As I get back into a good rhythm, I drag my teeth clear up the length of his prick. His moans tell me I’ve got it just right. I want to see how much teeth he can take, so I take bites on his knob till a normal man would be screaming, but not him. I’m just getting “Ah, ah, ah, yeah!”

This guy is no passive partner and when I pause a bit to enjoy the simple feel of a big cock between my lips and just twitching on my tongue, he takes over, running my head up and down his massive dick. On the downstroke and with my nose in his pubic hair, I clamp down semi-hard and worry his cock like a dog with a bone. He grabs my head hard and pushes it down further until the knob passes into my throat. Again, I can’t breathe and again, I don’t give a shit. I let him fuck my throat until I’ve got to shove his hips away and come up for air!

Panting canlı casino like dog, my face covered with saliva, I give him a bit of a smile, take a couple deep breaths and slide back down onto his dick. Pulling his hips forward, I get it right down into my throat again. He lets it rip and fucks my face so fiercely I have no time to gag or think about anything but taking what he’s giving. He’s got his fingers tight in my hair and he’s slamming his hips into my face like a machine!

Just when I think I can’t take any more of this, he stiffens like an epileptic and jerks his cock out of my mouth. His shuddering matches my gasping for breath – I grab his pulsing dick and aim it at my open mouth as shot after shot after shot of hot steamy come hits my tongue. At last I close my lips over his cockhead and suck every last drop out of his prick.

“Ah, man, that was good work! boy- you know what you’re doing, that’s for goddam sure,” he grunts happily. Meanwhile, I have a mouthful of cumsoaked dick, and I’m not letting it go till I’ve got it cleaned up good.

He’s still got his fingers in my hair with his thumbs rubbing my cheeks as I lick his cock clean.

“Hey man,” he says, quietly, “Do you think you could fuck me?” “Oh, I think I can,” I reply. “How did you find out you like taking it up the ass?”

“It’s a funny thing. It’s actually the wife’s fault on this one. She’s the first one ever stuck her finger in my butt while we were screwing. I don’t know where she got that idea from and I don’t want to think about it. But I couldn’t believe how good it felt!

It was incredible! I still don’t get it, I still love fucking women, and I always will, but ever since -whenever I get to thinking about my asshole, I can’t wait to find a guy with more than a finger to work around in my butt. It’s gotta be a dick. It has to be real. Fake doodads like a dildo don’t do it. I tried it once. I don’t think this makes me a queer, but I don’t give a damn one way or the other. I like what I like and that’s all there is to it. but I’m a fair guy, you do for me what I like, and I’ll do whatever you want.”

His cock in my mouth is still semi-hard, and I hate to be changing gears here, I could suck this dick all day, but screwing his semi-straight ass is a hot idea and I get my mind around it quicktime. I kiss his dick goodbye, give him a hug around the hips and say, “Okay, man, let’s do it.”

My dick’s been ready for action for an hour and it’s slimy with precum, but I figure his moustache wrapped around my cock would be a picture to remember. “Well,” he sighs, “I sure love a blowjob, and for sure I like getting fucked, but I gotta say I’m not much into cocksucking.” “Ah, come on,” I tell him, I can be pouring the heat up your asshole faster if it’s good and wet.” “Yeah, yeah,. Well… okay,” he says, reluctantly.

I can see him working his jaws to produce more saliva as he gets off the table. He’s about to bend over and spit on my cock, but that’s not what I want and he knows it. I gently ease him down onto his knees. “C’mon, guy,” I say, “we’re gonna fuck in a minute, just take a taste and get it good and ready for your hot little hole.

Taking my cock in his big hand, he gives the knob a little kiss, then more little kisses down the shaft. Holding it up to his face, he studies it for a minute, opens his mouth and takes in just the cockhead. He looks up as if to say “Is that enough?” I smile, and say, “Go on, you’re doing fine.” He doesn’t look too happy, but he slides his lips half way down the shaft. I tell him, “You’re only gonna get as much up your ass as you put in your mouth, kiddo, it’s your call.”

He takes my dick out and says, “Okay, okay, I think you know by now I’m good for all you got up my ass and as far as it’ll go.” At this, he gets a grip on my balls and starts again at the knob and sucks hard, just the knob at first, but then, lips tight on it he sucks my whole prick in, right to the pubic hair.

Some guys look stupid with a cock in their mouth, but not this guy. He’s the very definition of sexy. His moustache was made to be draped over my dick, and it’s trimmed just enough so I can see his full upper lip tight on it. With His rough masculine looks and my cock in his mouth, it sure as hell is a picture to remember.

I know he’s doing something he doesn’t want to do, but he’s doing his duty, up and down, with full suction. Sometimes doing what you don’t want is the kaçak casino price of getting what you really do. Anyway, it’s a major turn-on for me. But if I’m gonna give him a thorough fuck, I reluctantly have to pull him off it.

Okay, bend over and grab your ankles, kiddo, and I’ll do my bit, too. With his ass in the air, I lean in –his pucker is a real beauty, a fucking little rosebud, “Just about to bloom,” I think to myself. He’s clean, with just a hint of odor to spice up the fun. Dropping a slop of saliva on it, I move my thumbs to the edge and pull it open a bit. I blow it a preliminary kiss and take a lick, then another…and another.

I scrub his ass with my beard and alternate stabbing his hole with my tongue with long licks. With His balls draped around my nose, I disengage just enough to suggest he gives his hole a push. He does, and I clamp my lips over it and suck hard. This produces some more appreciative groans, and I figure it’s time to move on to serious business.

I drop a mouthful of saliva on his fuckpucker, and begin sliding my cock along his asscrack. Reaching forward, I pull his head up into a long delicious kiss. “Ah, give it to me man, give it to me,” he mutters, as he tongues my face. I tell him. “I’ll go slow,” I’m just about to ease it in, but when I put my cockhead up to his hole, he reaches down and grabbing my ass says “Shove! -dammit shove it in and fuck me hard!”.

Obviously, the man needs no further foreplay on his ass, so we get right to the meat course.

“Oh wow,! ” he says, “Wait, just a sec, Ah! Ah! OK, go for it. Oh, good, that’s good,! More,! More,! Come on, give it to me! Faster! C’mon,! Harder! Shove it in harder! Great! Just great! Oh man, pound my ass! -hit it hard! Oh, Jesus fucking God, fuck me, fuck me, c’mon really fuck me!

While I’m screwing him, I’m trying to kick his shorts down over his boots, so I can get him up on the table, flip him over and get at his cock better. He’s grunting and panting hard -and the sweat is pouring down his back -by now we’re both pretty well soaked. I get his shorts off finally and all the while he’s raving away, “fuck me damit! Fuck me hard! C’mon for chrissake get it in there! Give it to me -really give it to me good!”

I get him over on his back and while I’m pounding away I bury my beard in his sopping chest hair, all the while I’m sweating like a pig myself. We’re both so wet I can hardly stay on top of him, but at least I got a handle on his cock and that helps. I get a grip around the back of his neck and pull his face to mine and, kissing him all over I yell at him to shut the fuck up for a minute, Take it easy,! I’m not coming till I’m too tired to fuck and I’m sure as hell not tired yet!”

Now I’m getting a real hot rhythm going, pounding away like a fucking madman. This guy is good, really, really good. Tight and muscular, and with the sweat flying off him, he’s the picture of lust in full gear. Now he’s just muttering softly, “fuck me fuck me FUCK ME,! man! this is great! oh just keep fucking, don’t for chrissake stop just keep it up, you’re going great, man, just great. I love it, keep at it, man!”

I got his knees under my armpits now and he’s jacking his cock hard and fast. We get going in sync and it just gets hotter and hotter. -I throw his legs over my shoulder, pull him forward more, push his ass up and really lay into him.

He’s jerking his head back and forth and muttering -making no sense beyond, more, faster, harder, hit me! hit me,! fuck me man! fuckmefuckme!

The come is starting to boil up from my nuts, and I yell “I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come!” His fist is beating on his dick so fast it’s a blur. “C’mon man come on!,” I yell. “COME ON! I’m COMING!” Kapow!! I’m coming so hard I think I’m gonna pass out. I’ve got his head in both my hands, and when I yank my dick out,

I knee/ myself forward fast, and aim the rest of my load straight at his moustache.

He’s coming too, screaming incoherently –he shoots his wad. A cannon shooter, he gets most of his own cum in straight shots on his own face too. I’m trying to lick some of it up, when in an orgasmic jerk he grabs my ass, and pulls me to him so hard we both slither off the table onto the floor.

We fall apart and lay there gasping on the floor under the pool table in a puddle of sweat and cum.

Hey guy?” he whispered when we finally got our breath, Is that it? can you go again?”

“Yeah, sure, just give me a minute or two,” I smile, licking some of our come off his moustache while I slide the rubber off my cock.

“In the meantime,” I smile, maybe I’ll just kiss your tender little asshole some more and cool it down for next time.


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