Chad’s Lessons Begin

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This story began with Nine Inch Leprechaun in which Chad Tanner a womanizer who screwed and screwed over women and Randol Inc to get ahead, got it in the end… literally. Jump over and read it to understand how Chad ended up in this predicament.

If Strap-ons aren’t your thing or you don’t want to read about someone getting cum dumped in their butt, this story is not for you so you can move along.


Shannon Dowery and Melinda Waters sat across from each other’s cubical Monday morning. Both arriving early to see if Chad was going to uphold his end and go confess to their boss after getting an ass full of cum on the end of Randy’s, Shannon’s brother, huge cock. Sure enough as soon as Krystal Maiden the Vice President of Sales was in her office, Chad shorty followed.

“Wow girl he is really going to do it,” Melinda said looking at Shannon.

“Huh?” Shannon was hung up on thinking about Randy’s big cock and how he all but offered it to her. When they had got back to her apartment, he had not said anything remotely close to it again, she wanted it taboo or not, but she also was not sure he had not just been playing the part.

“I said he is really going to do it.”

“He better,” Shannon said, “if he knows what is good for him.”

“He sure has been in there a long time.”

“Yeah I figured it wouldn’t take long to fire his ass.?

Melinda went to chuckling.


“It was kinda hot watching him take it up the ass.”

Shannon grinned at her, “Yeah it was. I think he liked it. Randy said Chad’s butthole wasn’t virgin, that he must have paid prostitutes to bone him with a strap-on.”

“After what he done to me… I’d strap his asshole too,” Melinda said with a wicked smiled.

The girls worked on their projects as they waited keeping an eye out for Chad. He had been in Krystal’s office for just over an hour when the door opened, and he came out and went straight to his desk. Both Shannon and Melinda kept an eye on him, but he did not appear to be cleaning out his desk. He sat down and went to work.

“The fuck gives?” Shannon said more to herself.

“Beats me, let’s do lunch near him again today and see how he acts.”

At 11:50 Shannon’s desk phone rang, she looked at Melinda and whispered “Krystal.” “Ms. Maiden,” Shannon said answering the phone. “Ok. Yes ma’am,” and hung up.

Melinda sat looking at her as she hung up. “She wants me to go to lunch with her Mel.”

“Oh fuck.”

Krystal Maiden had only been the Vice President of Sales for about a month, she had replaced Annie Thompson. It was not known for sure, but the belief of the gossip pool was Chad had got to her too. Annie had been a single woman.

Shannon accompanied Krystal to a quite little out of the way bistro, the short trip had been silent along the ride. Both having ordered a light lunch and the waiter departing.

“So Shannon, tell me what happened with Chad?”

Shannon had her poker face on strong, “What do you mean happened with him, Ms. Maiden?”

“Please call me Krystal, and let’s just cut the shit, you aren’t in trouble. Fact is I have unofficial reports of what he has been doing but no one ever came forward from what I understand. He came to my office confessing… Now that seemed highly unlikely unless someone had forced him too. Naturally I would not let him quit until he confessed that too. So he did, and I let him keep his job with some stipulations.”

Shannon sat dumbfounded how he could keep his job, but she relayed the events of that night. She noticed Krystal had a pleasant look on her face while she told it, almost a smile.

“So who is the Randy with the big cock?”

“He’s my brother,” Shannon said.

“Oh my and you knew he had a big cock?” Krystal asked with a raised eyebrow and a smile.

“I did. One time I saw him once when I was in college, he was coming out of the shower and he made a couple of fetish porns when he was younger. That’s how he started his businesses.”

“Ah so casino oyna you didn’t get to take a ride on it?”

“No I haven’t”

“Well that is very interesting Shannon.”

“What is?”

“That you did not get offended that I asked or even blush, tells me you’ve thought about it.”

Shannon did blush then. “Well it’s fucking huge she whispered,” managing a chuckle.

“Indeed I may need the names of those films… For information purposes,” Krystal said with a laugh. “Now would you like to know the stipulations of Chad keeping his job?”

“Well if you think I should know them. I would say yes, I am curious.”

“I’ve always wanted to use a strap on,” Krystal smiled.

Shannon’s mouth dropped open, “You mean on?”

Krystal sipped her water with a big smile. “Question is Shannon, do you wanna plug his tight ass with me? Maybe your brother would like to dump another load in him.”

Shannon was at a loss for a minute. “Be our secret,” Krystal said.

“Randy said he’s not his type, so Randy is out.”

“Ok, how about you? After lunch we go to a place I know and pick out some rubber cocks for our butt boy Chad?”

Can Melinda fuck him with us?” Shannon asked.

“You trust her?”

“Yes, she is my bestie and she’s the reason I done this to begin with.”

“Well then I guess our Chad is going to have his tight little ass spread open Friday night if you two are game.”

“Oh we are game, I want to bust his ass open once myself,” Shannon said.

“Text Melinda and have her meet us at the front lobby at 1:00 P.M. and we will take her with us.”

They ladies picked up Melinda headed to the sex shop. Shannon filled her in on the way, needless to say Melinda was agreeable to run their rubber cock train on Chad. Krystal treated the ladies, Shannon found a 9 inch that reminded her of Randy with a nice set of balls on it, both Melinda and Krystal found a couple of 11 incher’s for Chad’s tight little ass.

“Lube?” Shannon asked.

“Yeah we better we don’t want to wear our little butt sluts hole out the first time,” Krystal agreed.

Friday night came around the ladies had met at the hotel bar for a few drinks then headed upstairs to prepare for their little butt slut. “If he doesn’t show you can use that one on me Shannon,” Melinda said laughing.

“Hell me too” Krystal agreed, “that thing looks real I wish I had gone that route too.”

There was a knock on the door. “You may enter slut,” Krystal said all three almost laughing.

The look on Chad’s face was priceless when he saw three hot women wearing lingerie all sporting strap-on cocks inside the room.

“I think he likes it,” Melinda said pointing at Chad’s crotch.

“Fuck who wouldn’t,” Krystal said, “three hot bitches ready to fuck his man pussy all night. No more paying for the pleasure huh Chad?”

“On you fucking knees bitch,” Shannon said.

Chad looked at Krystal. “You heard her bitch, now suck my girlfriend’s big, fat, hard cock like the little man whore you are.”

Chad dropped to his knees. “Open Bitch,” Shannon said smacking his face with the dildo. “Suck my balls a bit.” Chad’s tongue began to work the balls of Shannon’s dildo.

“Fuck me,” that’s hot Krystal said.

“Lick my shaft and head bitch,” Soon as Chad made it to the head Shannon rammed about half the nine inches down his throat and held his head as he gagged on it. “Take it bitch, take my cock.”

Pulling it out Chad coughed out a large string of saliva.

“Mine now Bitch!” Melinda shouted and shoved her big dildo in and out of his mouth.

Soon Chad knelt in front of all three ladies and their rubber cocks servicing them like a cock sucking pro, sucking and stroking with abandon.

“Now strip down whore,” Krystal said. Chad started to slowly undress. “this isn’t a strip show, get that shit off and bend over that stool whore or I’m gonna kick those little balls of yours.”

Stripped and over the stool but Chad had a smiled on his face. canlı casino “Well look at this little slut ladies, he’s wanting cock. You go first Melinda,” Krystal offered.

Lubed and ready Melinda smack his hanging balls with her hand causing Chad to jump and yelp. “Now Chadwick tell me you want me to fuck your man pussy. Tell me Bitch!”

“Fuck me.”

Melinda smacked his balls again. “Not what I said is it?”

“No,” Chad whimpered.

“That is no Ma’am to you slut.”

No Ma’am. Please fuck my man pussy with your fat cock.”

“Yeah Bitch.”

Shannon herself even winced as Melinda sunk hilt deep into his ass in one hard stroke.

“Easy Mel, we want some too.”

Melinda had a wicked smiled as she pumped Chad’s ass smacking it. “Take it Bitch! Take it!

Pulling out the ladies smiled at Chad’s gaping hole. “You got next Shannon if you want,” Krystal offered.

Chad was pouring sweat and tensed up as Shannon settled behind him. “Easy little fell, mommy’s goanna fuck you ass.”

Chad moaned, “Fuck yes mommy!”

Shannon gave Chad long slow deep strokes that had her pussy about to explode from fucking him. It build and built till she couldn’t take it and she came pumping his ass harder and harder.

“Oh fuck look,” Melinda pointed. Chad’s hard cock was pumping cum out against the stool.

Shannon pulled out and stood up. “Damn girl you fucked him good,” Krystal said giving her a high five.

“You ready my little slut,” Krystal asked sliding in behind him?

“Fuck me good boss, fuck your little slut.”

Chad was half moaning half screaming as Krystal smacked his ass riding the entire length of the dildo into his tight ass. Melinda and Shannon moved around front to take turns fucking his mouth deep until he was all but puking.

“Ok little slut go shower and come back for round two,” ordered him.

Opening her purse Krystal took some wipes out and cleaned off her strap-on handing one to each of the girls.

I have an idea Melinda said pulling rubber cock off and getting dressed.

Krystal and Melinda looked at one another then her.

“Keep him warmed up, I will be back,” she shot them a big smile and was out the door.

“I need a cigarette. How about you,” Krystal asked?

“I don’t smoke,” Shannon said.

The girls headed out on the balcony where Krystal lit up her cigarette, they heard someone whistle. There was a guy standing on two balconies over.

“What kind of party you ladies got going over there?”

Shannon turned swinging her strap on cock.

“Oh shit! You ladies have fun with that.”

Both Krystal and Shannon went to laughing.

“Let’s flash him wanna?”

“Sure,” Shannon said.

They both pulled off their bras shaking their tits. “Whoooo!!

“Wow those are nice girls! Can I,” He asked taking out his phone?

“Fuck it why not,” Krystal looked at Shannon.


Mashing their tits up they posed as he clicked a couple of pics. “Thank you, ladies, they are amazing.”

“If you jerk off to our tits you have to send us a pic,” Krystal said.


“I will leave my card at the desk; you can pick it up tomorrow. Text us pics of that cock.”

“Not near as big as those you got.”

“I’m sure it’s a nick cock cutie,” Shannon encouraged him.

He went inside to his room rubbing it through his pants.

“That was hot Krystal! And you got great tits too.”

“Thank you, hubby paid a lot for these. You ever play with girls?”

“I have a few times, but I love cock.”

“Same. Where’s Melinda?”

“I wish I knew.”

“Let’s order Champagne. What do you say Shannon?”

“Why not and let’s scare room service,” Shannon said swinging her dong.”

Both went in laughing.

Chad finished his shower and was laying on the bed, cover up little bitch.

“Yes Ma’am.”

The hotel boy who brought the champagne looked ready to pass out, but his cock popped up quick in his slacks seeing kaçak casino Krystal and Shannon topless, but his eyes bulged at their dongs.

“Here rub these,” Krystal said poking her tits out, “it will make you feel better.”

“May have to come back soon and take care of that young cock of yours if you can keep your secret,” Krystal told him.

“Yes Ma’am!!”

He opened the champagne and Shannon let him suck both her nipples before Krystal tipped him and he left.

“You really going to come back and fuck him?”

“Sure, he’s a cutie.”

“But what about your husband?”

“He fucks his little office bimbos, so he lets me play too.”

Melinda came in with two big burley looking guys who both looked shocked seeing Krystal and Shannon.

“Uh this isn’t what I had in mind one of the guys,” said.

Relax studs, there is the little bitch needs cum in his ass.

They looked at one another. “All you boys have to do is dump a load in his ass and I will give you boys my number and we can have a little fun just us,” Melinda said kissing one of the guys cheeks.

“We both get to fuck you at the same time?”

“That was the deal guys.”

“Ok,” they agreed in unison.

Melinda undressed and put her strap on back on.

“Wow Krystal,” said. “You are a bad bitch.”

“He’s all yours.”

“Oh Chadwick, get your little bitch ass over here and suck these real men like a good little Bitch,” Melinda told Chad.

“Damn,” Shannon said when the guys pulled their cock out. “That’s some big ass cocks.”

“Names Danny and you little lady can take a ride on the Danny express anytime you want.”

“You boys blow him full of cum, I may just join Melinda if that’s ok with her,” Shannon said.

“Hell yeah!”

“Shit can you big sexy men fuck all three of us some time Krystal,” offered?

“Yes Ma’am, my names Mike, us construction guys can handle anything.”

“Mmmm, big sexy muscle and lotta meat, you boys can handle us I’m sure.”

“Now you heard Melinda suck them cocks.”

Chad was on his knees sucking and stroking both big powerful men like a little bitch. They took turns fucking his mouth and he never gagged. Both had to have close almost eight-inch cocks, but he took them sucking and stroking.

“Ok boy, get your ass on the bed so real men can fuck you Mike,” said.

Chad jumped on the bed. Mike sunk his cock balls deep and went to pounding him. Shannon went to rubbing her pussy watching Mike’s balls slap off Chad’s little balls.

Soon all three ladies were fingering their wet pussy’s watching as Mike pounded Chad’s ass and Danny fucked his mouth.

“Fuck me I need that treatment,” Krystal said.

“Shit we all do,” Shannon agreed.

Mike dumped his balls groaning into Chad’s ass.

“Fuck!!, Shannon screamed as she came along with him fingering her pussy.

“My turn now,” Danny said lining his cock up behind Chad and slamming it home.

“Now that is a nice hole boy,” Danny said smacking Chad’s ass.

Melinda and Krystal both came fingering their pussies and Danny assaulted Chad’s asshole.

“Damn he can fuck,” Krystal said.

Melinda and Shannon nodded watching Danny power slam his cock deep into Chad who was now face down flat on the bed as Danny hammered deep into him.

“FuuuuuCkkkkk!! Danny buried his cock pumping real man seed deep in Chad’s man pussy.

He pulled out Chad’s hole was gaped and leaking.

Everybody cleaned up but Chad, still lying fucked.

“Just don’t fuck me that hard please,” Melinda said looking the boys.

“You little lady need slow good sex not like this little whore here. He need to be shown what a man is.”

“Call me tomorrow boys, we can work something out,” Melinda said.

“My card gentleman,” Krystal said handing them a card.

The guys left both with a smile at the prospect of the three hot ladies they were going to bag soon.

“I think our slut has had enough for tonight don’t you girls,” Krystal asked.”

“Yeah,” they both agreed.

“Room is yours for the night if you need Chad.”

Krystal, Shannon and Melinda all dressed leaving for the night and promising to fuck Chad again soon.

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