Change of Plans

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On a whim Dottie had decided to accept the invitation and spend the weekend here at this beach front cottage. All the drive down she wondered and wondered if she had made the right decision but kept pushing doubts out her mind until now she was standing on the front porch.

Inside the house Jeannie watched as the stranger pull up in the driveway then get of her car and was now standing on the front porch. When the doorbell chimed she jumped a little as it invaded her thoughts. Moving to open the door, she moved with it so that she positioned herself behind the big oak door.

“Gene?” Dottie called out looking into and empty hallway.

“Actually, my name is Jeannie, my husband is Gene.”

Dottie jumped as if electricity coursed thru her body at the sound of a female voice stating who she is. Her body frozen she saw the lady come from behind the front door and stand across the threshold in front of her.

“You must be Dottie, as I said I am Jeannie. Would you like to come inside and put your bags away and sit down, I know you are probably tired from the drive over.”

Dottie watched as Jeannie turned around and headed down the hall leaving her alone on the front porch to sort her thoughts.

“Come on in, I promise I won’t bite. Besides I am sure you are curious about what I am doing here and not my husband. You can put your bags in the kid’s room, first door on the right then come in here to the kitchen and I can fix you a drink if you want.”

Dottie picked up her bag and moved into the house going to the appointed room and set her bag on one of the beds in the room. Quietly she walked across the hall and stood in the kitchen watching as Jeannie made herself a drink.

“Have a seat at the table. Can I fix you a coke or tea or would you like something a little stronger maybe?”

“Coke will be fine thank you” she said while pulling out a chair to sit in. Jeannie brought the glasses to the table and sat down across from her.

“Still in shock?”

“Just a little bit, something I didn’t expect that is for sure.”

“I can tell you what is going on here and hope you will hear it all out.” Dottie nodded her agreement as she took a drink of Coke.

“Well, I take that you have met and got to know my husband Gene online. We have been married for almost 8 years now and have three great kids. I don’t know if he told you this but this house actually belongs to his sister and her family and they will be down here Monday to spend the week before their kids start school next week. Normally we usually come down together and get it all cleaned up and ready for them but this time he said he wanted to come by himself. I was fine with that idea since he never has given me reason to be suspicious of him. Earlier this week I went to sign on and when I did I was in a hurry and not paying attention and it came on under his name instead of mine. Before I could sign off of his name a message appeared from your screen name saying you had decided to meet him here this weekend but was going to be away from your home with work and would just come from there. Needless to say I had reason to be suspicious then. After deleting your message I swapped over to my name as if everything was normal, never telling him about it. I believe this was on a Wednesday so Thursday I called his boss who happened to owe me a favor because I had set him up with the lady he was seeing at the time and asked for a return favor, to have Gene work this weekend. I told him that under no uncertain terms was he to let him off and I really needed this. Of course he asked no questions and said that for me not to worry and he would take care of it.” Pausing she took a drink of her sweet tea and looked over to gauge Dottie’s reaction so far. “That day when he came in from work it looked like his world had just come undone and when I asked him what happened he said that he was going to have to work this weekend because all the other guys were going to be out of town cause on some training over the weekend. Of course I offered to come down and take care of all this for him. He really didn’t want me to but there was not much he could do so that night I called my sister and his and set up for the kids to spend the weekend with cousins so they wouldn’t be a problem if he got called out. So, here I am and I am curious to why you are here.” Sitting back in the chair Jeannie took a long drink and waited on Dottie, not rushing her.

Dottie sat there staring at her drink wondering what in the world to do. She knew that this weekend was going to be a chance for her to unwind, and that Gene had said he would be busy and she would be able to do as she wanted while she was at the beach house. Even though it sounds innocent enough she knew it was not too believable. Taking a deep breath she started with her side.

“I know that no matter what I say or how it sounds it will be hard to believe for you. I had been talking with Gene about how work has been dragging me down and I have had casino siteleri very little free time lately to enjoy anything at all and he offered for me to come and stay here this weekend. I was going to do all the cleaning inside the house while he worked around outside and in the yard. He told me that there were several good little strip malls here with outlet stores that I could find some good bargains in. As hard as it may be to believe, sex was never part of the weekend for either of us. Gene was just lending a hand to me to keep me from burning out as he put it. That is the truth with no kind of spin on it, crazy as it may seem.”

“Actually that sounds like Gene, always looking out for others over himself. He is right; there are a lot of good shops in town. If you don’t mind the change in company you are more than welcomed to stay here. We could both work on the house tonight and go into town tomorrow and hit some of those stores.”

After a minute of thought and realizing that she was welcomed here Dottie said that she would be glad to stay around if Jeannie was sure she didn’t mind. Jeannie said that was fine by her and stood up.

“Come on and let’s get started.”

For the next couple of hours both ladies talked and warmed up to each other while getting the house in order for the family coming down later. Together they stripped beds and put on fresh linens, gathered up dirty towels and got them washing, filling up ice trays and making up pictures of tea and kool-aid. In the kids bedroom where they had their stuff Jeannie said to wait and they would take care of those Sunday morning and would be sleeping in those beds tonight and tomorrow night. Give out around midnight Jeannie told Dottie it was time to knock off, they had done all they could. She walked into the kitchen with Dottie following and this time when she offered her a wine cooler Dottie accepted it. From there they moved into the den and sat on each end of the long sofa and relaxed, feet propped up on the coffee table in front of them. With little chit chat other than muffled yawns after they finished the coolers both decided they were ready for bed.

“You can use the bathroom across the hall to get ready and I will go down to the master bedroom and use that one.” Jeannie disappeared down the hall with a small bag and robe leaving Dottie alone for the first time since coming across the threshold earlier.

Digging in her bag Dottie pulls out her old red and black plaid sleep gown and her make up bad and headed across the hall to the bathroom. After brushing her teeth she brushes out her hair and pulls it back into a ponytail. As the same as most other nights she now scrubs her face and rinses it clean. Wearily she starts to undress out of the clothes she has been in all day. She uses the rag and washes off the rest of her body before slipping on her gown along with the matching panties she had packed. Gathering up all her stuff she headed back to the bedroom and put away her make up bag and put the dirty clothes into a bag she had packed for that. Turning down the cover on the bed to the left of the room she jumped when Jeannie spoke.

“Well, I can see that you were not planning on seducing Gene wearing that” Jeannie teased her laughing.

“That was never any intention I assure you” Dottie said defensively.

“Is that what you wear at home too?”

“Yeah, pretty much so.”

“Girl, I am going to take you shopping for sure tomorrow and will find something that might help get some zip back in your bedroom if you would be up for that.”

Dottie thought about the offer she figure that something new and different might help her feel better for herself while she climbed in the bed between the cool sheets. Turning to tell Jeannie that she would be up for a change she could only stare slack jawed at her.

“What is something wrong?” Jeannie looked around the room then at her and laughed at what had left Dottie speechless. “I am sorry; I guess I should have said something first but I usually sleep in the nude. If that is a problem I might be able to manage to find a light t-shirt to sleep in.”

“No, no that is fine, just caught me off guard to turn over and see you naked turning down your covers” Dottie laughed lightly. “Anyway, I was going to say that yeah I would like to shop for something a little more, how you would say it, racy for the bedroom.”

“Great, don’t worry about a thing I know all the shops and can take you to just the right ones” Jeannie said as she climbed in her bed and pulled the sheets up to her shoulders and curled up. Both ladies tired from their busy evening were asleep in minutes.

Early the next morning the sun shone thru the sheer curtain panels and warmed Dottie’s face rousing her from such a deep slumber. Opening her eyes then rubbing them she looked around her for a moment, forgetting where she was. When she turned to get out of the bed she sat on the edge of the bed and stretched out her arms and legs. canlı casino This time when she looked about she say Jeannie asleep still in the other bed with the sheet pulled down around her waist now exposing her breast as she slept on her side facing Dottie. As Dottie was looking she could tell that Jeannie too was stretching out and waking up also. Sitting up on one elbow she yawned and then looked over at Dottie and smiled a friendly smile.

“Morning, ready to get the day started?”

“Guess so, even though for a kids bed this in one of the most comfortable beds I have slept on in ages” Dottie said stretching again. Both ladies got up, Jeannie slipping on her thin robe, and headed off to the kitchen Dottie started making a pot of coffee while Jeannie buttered up some toast as it popped out of the toaster oven. They sat in silence while enjoying the coffee and toast.

“Come on and lets get started” Jeannie said grabbing Dottie’s hand and pulling her up and heading to the bedroom to get ready.

As Jeannie started to get dressed Dottie said that she wanted to get a quick shower and grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom. Standing under the hot spray of the shower she couldn’t help but think of how bad this could have been but in turn it seems like it will work out for the good. For the first time she thought of her husband Pete, she had not really said much about him to Jeannie and Jeannie did not pry. She had told him she was taking off this weekend and was going to get away to recharge her batteries and he wished her the best when she left. She thought they were happy together but things had gotten stale and she didn’t know what to do to shake things up, maybe she could talk with Jeannie about that tonight and get some ideas. Just as she shut the water off Jeannie stuck her head in the bathroom and told her to get her butt in gear so they could get in town before the tourist crowd hit. Smiling she dried off quickly and dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and an orange tank top and slipped on her sandals. Dressed and ready she went off to find where Jeannie had gone to.

After not finding her in the house she decided to look out on the back patio that overlooked a bay to the ocean. Jeannie sat out on the deck stretched out in reclined chair soaking up some sun. She was wearing a multi colored summer dress that was pulled up high exposing her thighs. Dottie opened the sliding door to join her and Jeannie turned and saw her, swinging around and hopping up to her feet telling Dottie to just stay there she was coming.

“Up for a walk?

“Sure, it is a gorgeous day for it.”

The short walk into town passed quickly as Jeannie told Dottie of the shops she had in mind to go to. In and out of different shops they went, making purchases at some, just looking at others. Before lunch they entered a store that was called the Vault which reminded Dottie of a Victoria’s Secret but with more stuff in it than just clothes. A lot of this stuff should be in a back room somewhere she thought to herself while she looked around. Looking over a rack of barely there garments Dottie glanced around the store but didn’t see Jeannie to ask her opinion on a piece or two. After picking up three different garments she found a dark green satin nighty she liked and was holding it up to her when Jeannie walked up behind her.

“That would definitely look good on you with your light complexion and dark hair.”

Blushing, Dottie thanked her and added it with the ones she had already picked out. She felt Jeannie lean in close to her as she whispered, “I hope I get to see you model all that tonight. If you show me yours I will show you mine” Jeannie said with a laugh that caused Dottie to blush and her nipples to stiffen.

Jeannie held up a couple of racks that held little more than patches of material. Heading off to the check outs Dottie thought she could notice a different bag that Jeannie was carrying. Before Dottie could ask about it Jeannie told her to come on and let’s go get something to eat.

They went to a restaurant on the shore and sat out on the patio in the warm sun talking while they waited for their food to be brought out to them. They each had a grilled chicken salad and washed it down with sweet tea. After sitting in the sun and salty breeze relaxing they got up and paid the tab and hit the stores again.

“Come on” Jeannie said taking Dottie’s arm, “let’s get on back to the house and put this stuff up and relax. After lunch is when these sidewalks will fill up with tourist.”

After putting away their purchased they meet up in the kitchen and Jeannie digs out a blender and tells Dottie that she is going to whip up some margaritas for them to enjoy. While Jeannie chopped up strawberries for her drinks she loaded the blender with everything for a regular one for Dottie. Jeannie filled an oversized glass with the frozen drink. Next she blended hers with the strawberries and poured it into a big glass for herself. Dottie kaçak casino followed Jeannie as she headed out on the back porch. Both ladies enjoyed the late afternoon warmth while talking.

“Can I ask you something?”

Dottie had a feeling on what this question might be and took a long drink of courage before tell her to go ahead and ask away.

“Are you not happy with your husband?”

“Wow, you go deep right off the bat huh” Dottie said with a nervous laugh. “I wouldn’t say that I am not happy with my husband, it is more I am not happy with us. I love him a lot but things have gone stale between us, like the fire is gone. That was my whole reason for coming here, to get a fresh perspective on my life and see if could find away to salvage our marriage at the same time. Gene said we could talk and he would be open and honest and that nothing had to happen and I believed him. I thought it could do me good to get another mans take on some of my gripes and problems with Pete.”

“So would you have slept with Gene?”

Dottie had been expecting this but still knocked her for a loop. Taking another big drink for courage she thought of the answer.

“I did not intend to, but I knew it would be hard to resist the temptation if it was given to me.”

“I can believe you and also understand where you are coming from since have been in the same rut myself. Guess that is how it goes and sometimes got to find something to put the spark back in that fire. Besides, you are a very pretty woman and knowing Gene he would have been hard pressed not to put his hands on you” Jeannie said before taking a drink.

Dottie wasn’t sure how to digest what she had been told as she sat and watched the sun begin to sink behind the far away coastline. In an odd way it seems as if Jeannie had been in the same boat as she but things were so good between her and Gene she didn’t know what to think. The most puzzling part was at times some of the things she had said and the way Jeannie touched Dottie it reminded her of flirting. A blush crept over Dottie’s cheeks thinking about flirting.

“That must be a pretty good thought you are having there, want to share?”

Dottie jumped a little and turned to see Jeannie facing her while looking over the top of her sunglasses and she just blushed more.

Jeannie smiled then stood up and went inside and came back out with a refill and pouring more into Dottie’s before she could argue.

“I swear you are trying to get me drunk Jeannie.”

“Don’t worry I promise to take good care of you and besides, this will help you relax for the modeling show later on. Ready to head back inside since the sun is gone now?”

Grabbing their glasses they get up and make their way back into the home where it is dark with the setting sun and no lights on. They each settle down on to the couch again and get cozy in the dim light.

“Want to watch some TV.”

“Not unless there is something in particular you want to watch, I am enjoying not watching anything on the boob tube myself.”

“Sounds good to me, let me turn the radio on and find a good station and we can start the modeling show. I could give you my opinion or maybe act how your man will react to see you wearing them.”

“Well that should be pretty easy for you, just sit there and act uninterested and will be perfect” Dottie said quietly looking at her half empty glass.

“Nonsense! Besides you should know by now that quiet is something I am not good at being” Jeannie said laughing. “Now go and get changed into something and come out here modeling.”

Leaving her comfy spot on the couch Dottie got up and went off into the bedroom and brought out her bags of new purchases and took of her clothes and gave her body a quick look of appraisal noticing a slight glow from the alcohol. The first outfit she choose was an emerald green silk nighty with matching thongs. The top had sewn in cups that pushed her breast up and together showing off more of her cleavage than she knew she had. Shyly she walked out across the hall into the den. The sound of Jeannie whistling and clapping made her look up from the floor and smile.

“You look lovely Dottie. That color brings out the lightness of your yes and your creamy white complexion.”

Slowly Dottie turned around to show off all sides. The panties were tight and French cut, high on her thighs.

“That is a beautiful outfit, if your husband doesn’t like you can wear it for me anytime” Jeannie said with a wink. “Now it is my turn, sit back and relax and I will be out in a minute or two.”

Dottie sat on the couch with her feet tucked under her pondering Jeannie’s last remark. Even though she had never been with a woman before it seems as if she was picking up vibes from Jeannie and couldn’t help but know she was flirting with her. Lost in thought Dottie didn’t hear when Jeannie came back into the room.

“Well, what do you think?”

Dottie looked up in front of her to find Jeannie standing there wearing a pink lace teddy that left very little to the imagination.

“Oh my! That is very revealing isn’t it? You actually wear that for Gene? I don’t think I could for Pete, I would be afraid he would not like it.”

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