Changing Room

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“The red one,” Claire said.

Lisa made a face.

“You know, natural redheads really shouldn’t wear red blouses. At least not in that shade. Why don’t we try something a bit more natural Autumn?”

Claire nodded, her arms full of clothes anyways.

“Let’s just go to the change rooms and try some of these on. The party is only in a few hours and we are running out of time,” said Claire.

Claire’s long, flowing red hair trailed behind her, a natural scarf billowing out from her beautiful head. She raised one of her dainty fingers to her eyelid, wiping something away. Lisa watched her, transfixed by the beauty of her tall, skinny, fair-skinned friend.

Lisa, herself, was nothing short of gorgeous, but didn’t have the long legs and wonderfully carved arms of Claire. She was shorter, a good head below Claire, with wide hips and larger, heavy breasts. She kept her hair short, choppy, and stylish, and wore dangling hoop earrings that were shown off easy because of her hairstyle.

“Ma’am?” Claire’s singsong voice was slightly muffled behind her piles of clothes.

An older, nondescript lady was bustling past them.

“Where are the changing rooms,” Lisa called out in a more alert tone.

The lady pointed quickly down the halls away from the Womens Clothing section, and Lisa grunted in appreciation.

“Let’s go,” Lisa said, tugging Claire by the arm sleeve.

The changing room was entirely empty during the time of day, and so Lisa pushed open the closest expansive stall door and pulled Claire inside. Claire plopped down on one of the comfy benches therein, and her pile of clothes fell off of her in explosively colorful waves.

Lisa kissed Claire roughly and passionately, pushing her small pink tongue into her friend’s fumbling mouth. Claire’s candy-apple balmed lips parted easily once she realized what was going on.

“Here?” Claire asked.

Lisa nodded ruefully, already unbuttoning Claire’s skinny jeans. Claire sighed and laughed, relishing the fact that Lisa was so often boyish in her conquests.

“Careful now hunny, I’m a bit more fragile than you are,” Claire casino oyna giggled.

Lisa grunted, pulling the pants away from Claire’s hips and off her flat butt.

“Oh shut up. I saw the way you were looking at me out there. You haven’t been thinking about clothes for forty-five minutes,” Lisa answered her.

Claire put her hand over her mouth and giggled. Lisa was really determined now. The pants were off.

Lisa stared at Claire’s unassuming green and white striped panties. There was an almost imperceptible heady musk coming off of her crotch. Lisa could feel the heat there, or at least could do a great job imagining it.

Lisa pulled the panties off slowly, relishing in the site of a dewy string of fluid coming off with the sparse cloth, attached between the panties and Claire’s fiery red bush.

“Wet already. Whore,” Lisa smirked.

Claire pouted. “You did say you noticed my mood,” She said.

“I’m so fucking glad you don’t shave. God you look like a woman.”

“I am a woman,” Claire growled. Then she laughed, her tiny breasts rising and falling.

Lisa’s breasts rested on the knees of her friend, until she parted Claire’s legs after taking the panties all the way off.

Lisa inhaled the smell entirely, basking in it, then she naughtily sniffed the panties and licked the dew off of them.

“You are so naughty,” Claire said.

“Tell me about it. I feel like I haven’t had a meal in weeks.”

“You at my pussy this morning you silly girl.”

“This morning. Jesus Christ that was like six hours ago and coffee washed the pussy off my tongue only a few minutes after.”

Lisa pushed her tongue into the base of Claire’s closed pussy, slowly trailing all the way to the top and above her clit, planting a kiss in the middle of her red pubic hair. Claire’s pussy opened compliantly, her puffy lips blooming apart.

Lisa pushed one finger deep into Claire’s pussy, finding it to be exceptionally wet, then noisily pulled her long finger out and placed it into Claire’s mouth, who sucked on it eagerly.

“You are dirty right now,” Claire said, tasting herself.

Lisa canlı casino gave Claire’s cunt another long and languished lick, and Claire made a noise like an animal.

“Cover your mouth or I’m going to pull you over my knee and spank your pussy until my hand is drenched.”

“I love it when you are rough. I could use a reddened pussy right now.”

“It’s already red.”

Lisa licked and licked, changing her pace and sloppily spelling out the first half of the alphabet with her tongue. Claire cooed and moved her legs, loving everything she was receiving. Lisa’s pink tongue moved further and deeper inside, between the lusciously puffy lips, pulling out little gobs of Claire’s pussy juice. Sometimes, during the early afternoon when Claire was especially horny, her womanly liquid would get thick and creamy, and especially heady.

“Delicious today aren’t we,” Lisa asked.

“Oh god don’t stop,” Claire begged, placing one of her hands on the back of Lisa’s head. Claire loved her friend’s hair, it made it so easy for her to control what was happening during cunnilingus.

Lisa especially loved to give it, relishing the taste of good ripe pussy on her tongue. She used to have to beg Claire to let her go down on her, but now it was their primary source of lovemaking. Claire was a bit more awkward when she was in control, but Lisa was a good teacher.

Lisa licked some more, pushing her tongue in and out of Claire’s pussy, fucking it slowly and determinedly with her tongue. She alternated with her middle finger, driving it in and out of Claire’s tight cunt. Lisa moved her tongue up, lightly pressing it against Claire’s clit, which elicited an excited series of muffled gasps from her friend. Lisa licked and licked, putting on the pressure and speeding up her determined licks.

Lisa moved her finger in and out, in and out, eventually adding another finger and opening up Claire’s pussy more. Her fluid was dripping easily out of her open cunt, and Lisa’s tongue moved back down to the base of her opening and lapped it up.

Claire began to tense up, her legs tightening around Lisa’s head. Lisa kaçak casino knew that Claire wasn’t going to last much longer, so she returned to Claire’s budding clit and moved her tongue with fevered abandon. Claire pushed down on Lisa’s head, calling out loudly and forgetting to muffle the sound. Lisa laughed into Claire’s lippy pussy, licking harder and harder.

Claire began to cum, and so she tried to push Lisa’s head away from her clit, which was becoming increasingly tender. Lisa knew that this would happen, so she grabbed onto both of Lisa’s wrists and continued to lick her pussy. Claire was really screaming now as her clitoris was under fierce attack. Lisa wouldn’t let up until Claire performed the magic three, which Lisa found out that she could do. Claire was both dismayed and on fire with lust at the knowledge, knowing that her friend wouldn’t get off her clit until she had performed her trinity of orgasms.

Claire shook again, the second orgasm wracking her body and causing her legs to shake uncontrollably.

“Please!” Claire cried out, but Lisa held her wrists in a death grip and licked even harder and faster at her engorged bud.

Claire thrashed her head from side to side, loving the feeling but afraid that any more sensitivity down there would cause her to explode. Lisa licked harder, waiting for the explosion. Claire felt the third orgasm bubbling up inside of her, a fierce stream, and a sudden eruption moved her and she really screamed loud. Lisa clamped her mouth down on Claire’s pussy as a thing stream of fluid shot forward and down her throat.

Lisa slurped loudly and rudely, keeping her entire mouth pressed down over Claire’s mound until she stopped moving.

A knock sounded at the changing room door.

“We’re okay in here, just leave us alone!” Claire called out.

Lisa pulled her face away from the mess she had made, trailing long strings of saliva and pussy juice.

“You are an animal,” Claire said, laughing.

Lisa giggled, and Claire licked at her friend’s face, tasting herself and giving Lisa a grand kiss.

“Come on, the party is in a few hours and I haven’t tried on any of these clothes,” Claire said.

Lisa shook her head.

“We can try on the clothes, but we aren’t going to any stupid party tonight,” Lisa said.

Claire laughed, hugging Lisa tightly.

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