Chasing Fate Ch. 05

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I stared at the phone on my desk dreading the call I knew I had to make. Earlier in the day, my secretary slipped me a note while I was on the phone telling me a guy named Mark was on line two. He didn’t give a last name but I knew exactly who it was. Only one man would have the nerve to tell her, “Just tell him Mark. He’ll take the call…” I hurried my conversation and grabbed the line. “Hello…”

“You kept me waiting,” said the familiar voice on the other end of the phone. “Not happy about that.” He continued, “I think it’s time Dave and I met the little lady. Why don’t you call her and invite us over for dinner this weekend.”

My mind was scrambling for excuses and the first thing that popped out was, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Since when have you been doing the thinking boy? It’s a great idea. You call me before you leave the office and let me know what night. Get it done.” The phone clicked and in just a moment a dial tone replaced the voice which sent shivers through my body. Why did he want to come over? For the last three months I had been carrying on two lives – that of a devoted husband and the other, a sex slave to a black master. Not to mention my deep relationship with another man…David.

I had convinced myself that Mark had no interest in my marriage and now that I served him without question, why would he reveal the things I did outside my marriage to my wife?

I knew my wife loved me but I also knew that knowledge of my homosexual activity would be the end of my marriage. Last year, a couple we had known for years split up after his wife found out he was screwing some chick at his office. “If I ever catch you cheating on me, I’ll leave you without looking back,” my wife had warned. I knew she was serious.

For three months I have been having sex with two men. What started out as curiosity had led me to fall in love with another man. Both David and I were slaves to Mark, a black man who reveled in his domination over us. However, Mark understood David and I shared a deep loving, relationship. While we both had a need to be submissives, we also enjoyed the warm passion we shared with each other.

I loved David very much but I didn’t want to hurt Ann. I didn’t want this affair, if that’s what you called it, to end my marriage. I also knew I could not say no to Mark. He had humiliating videos of me doing just about everything imaginable. Sucking dicks, getting fucked up the ass, making love to David and on at least one occasion, me telling David how much I loved him.

Don’t invite them over and Mark’s sure to see Ann gets a first hand look at my secret life. I really had no choice.

Mark really enjoyed making both David and I squirm. Seeing our reactions when we were put in awkward situations. Several weeks ago, I arrived at Mark and David’s apartment to find David alone preparing us dinner. He said Mark had gone out for the evening and he had made us his signature dish – lasagna. Dinner was superb and afterwards we both retired to the Jacuzzi bathtub with a bottle of Merlot. I enjoyed it when David took his foot and rubbed it along my shaft. He would take his big toe and trace circles around my nipples. We were both looking forward to a wonderful evening together when casino oyna we heard a voice call out from the den.

Mark had returned home early with three friends in tow. He met us in the hallway as David and I hurried out of the bathroom, sopping wet, with towels haphazardly wrapped around our waists. “Come in and meet the guests,” Mark invited “And leave those wet towels.”

Mark walked back up the hall leaving David and I looking at each other, wondering just who and how many were in the next room. We dropped the towels onto the bathroom floor and padded into the den in our birthday suits. A pretty young blonde was tearing through Mark’s collection of CD’s and a black couple were making out on the couch. When we came into view, the attractive black lady stopped dead in her hot embrace with eyes as big as saucers. A slight gasp came from her mouth as the blonde turned around and with a very pronounced southern accent cried, “Damn! “They’re ne-kkid!'”

The black lady found her voice, “Whoa Jack, I ain’t pullin’ no damn train. You can forget that shit.”

“Slow down princess,” Mark said. “These boys aren’t interested in that sweet black pussy of yours. They’re into each other sweet cakes, so relax.”

“You live with a couple of faggots?” she questioned with a puzzled look on her face.

“No,” Mark retorted. “These boys are my slaves. Yea, they’re hot for each other now but Larry here’s a married man. Aren’t cha’ boy?” I nodded my head. “And Davey boy was married too until he got a taste of my big black dick. And you know baby what they say. Once you go black, you don’t go back,” Mark continued as he looked directly over at the young blonde who was giving both David and I a closer inspection.

Mark walked over and wrapped his arm around the blonde, “This is Denise and that honey over there with Carl is Janice.” The girls continued to stare at us with their eyes focused on our swelling dicks.

Denise spoke first. “Slaves? Like what do you mean? What do they do?”

“They’ll do anything I ask,” bragged Mark. “Come here Larry.” I knew exactly what he wanted me to do as I knelt in front of him. I undid his belt, lowered the fly on his trousers, pulled them down and stared at his black dick which sprang free hovering in front of my face. I didn’t even have to use my hands as I took the head in my mouth and Mark wrapped his fingers in my hair fucking my face.

I grabbed hold of his swelling meat as I licked the shaft becoming wet with my saliva. Occasionally I glanced over at both women whose eyes were fixed on my lips sliding along Mark’s ebony dick.

Janice in a soft voice encouraged me on, “Man, that’s hot. You go boy. Suck that black dick.” After a slight pause, she inquired to Mark, “That man eat pussy too?”

Carl looked over at her. “Hey baby. I’ll take care of that sweet pussy.”

“You chill the hell out,” Janice shot back at him. “Ain’t every day a woman got her own slave. So, what’s the story Mark? Them white boys eat pussy?” Mark laughed, “They’ll do what I tell them to do.”

“I want to see that younger guy fuck this one up the ass,” the blonde drawled pointing at me. “I ain’t never seen two guys get it before,” she said with a wide grin. “And look Janice, they shaved themselves bare.”

“I canlı casino see that. Why don’t we watch that one fuck his buddy while that one licks my pussy,” added Janice.

Mark had Janice remove her jeans and panties exposing her black bush. She sat on the couch and spread her legs wide as I gave Mark’s dick one last good suck before he removed it from my mouth and I crawled over to Janice.

I took a tentative lick with my tongue. Her hair was much thicker than my wife’s well trimmed pussy and her musky scent was definitely stronger. As I pushed my tongue between the folds of her pussy, I felt her lips getting wetter. I spread her pink lips with my fingers as I ran my tongue along her slit and sucked on her clit. She moaned as I buried my face in her hot box.

I felt David’s fingers as he spread lube around my asshole, slowly working it in with his gentle fingers. I continued lapping at Janice’s pussy as David replaced his fingers with the head of his dick. My asshole embraced the cock which had grown accustomed to its size. Over the last few months David and I had sex every chance we had. I loved the feeling of his dick pushing into my tight ass. Unlike Mark, David always took long slow strokes when we made love. Occasionally he would lean down and wrap his hand around my balls, stroke my shaft, and reach up to tweak my nipples.

I could tell Janice was really getting off on my tongue up her twat. She pushed her top over her melon sized breast and pulled at the dark brown nipples that got smaller as my tongue lashed at her slit. I looked over to see that Mark now had Denise on her knees as she swallowed his dick. He had removed her top, leaving her exposed tits available to his wandering hands. Mark’s head rolled back on his shoulders as the young blonde worked her mouth back and forth on the black cock. The contrast of her white face and his black dick were stark and had me excited as hell. It was then I noticed her right hand moving back and forth on the wet black shaft with the wedding ring and diamond which glistened in the light.

David had told me Mark had a thing for married women. Much less likely to cause him problems. I suspected he also liked to think he was corrupting this young wife although I doubt this was her first venture in an extramarital fling. She slurped noisily on his dick as she sucked and licked his cock with abandon. Mark was squeezing her breast, teasing her nipples, and occasionally pulling his dick out of her mouth only to rub the head across her plump pink lips.

“You like that black dick baby,” Marked teased her. Denise gave a muffled response but shook her head up and down. “Yea, all you white chicks love that black dick. I bet your hubby ain’t got nothing like this. You know you ain’t never gonna’ be happy with his tiny dick again. Tell Mark how much you love that dick…”

Denise pulled the black meat out of her mouth long enough to utter, “I love your dick baby. I love how big it is in my mouth.”

“Yea baby. And I bet you want some of my sperm to don’t ya’… you little white slut. I bet you want me to come down your throat…give you some of my hot black cum. Tell me what you want.”

Denise was becoming wild as she pounded Mark’s dick with her hand and kaçak casino twisted her mouth back and forth on his dick. Mark was pulling on her nipples and her slurping grew louder and louder. “Tell me what you want…,” cried Mark. “I want you to cum for me. Cum in my mouth,” she panted as she moved the cock back and forth to her waiting mouth.

Carl, who had been knocking down beers finally stood up and declared it was time he got him some pussy. He roughly pushed me aside, yanked his pants down and pushed Janice down on the couch. The room was a regular orgy of sex with Mark getting a blowjob, Carl pounding Janice’s hot box, and David lying across my back as he continued to pump his hot dick in my ass.

Carl was the first to come with a loud groan as he pulled his dick out of Janice spraying his load on Janice’s leg and her stomach.

That set off both Mark who shot his wad down Denise’s throat and Mark who leaned down and gently bit into my shoulder as he lurched into my ass. I felt his warm juice being deposited in my ass. The room was a chorus of heavy panting. All of us trying to get our breaths. Eventually, Mark looked at David and told us to make ourselves useful, fix them some drinks and then get the fuck out so they could do some real fucking. I went back to the bedroom while David made drinks for the two exhausted couples.

He later joined me in the bedroom where we took up where we left off. We held each other as David kissed me deeply. He worked his way to my nipples and then to my dick where he proceeded to give me one hell of a blowjob. As I came in his mouth, I knew that I loved submitting to Mark and being used by his friends.

Sitting there looking at the phone, I knew I had little choice. I had to admit watching Denise with Mark had really turned me on. Even if Mark did try to seduce Ann, it would be no easy task. As far as I knew Ann had sex with only two other men before me. Both were guys she dated for a long time before she let them sample the goods. Not to mention Ann certainly had become more conservative over the years.

Like many of my friends, I owned my share of adult videos and magazines but neither really seemed to interest her. While she still enjoyed sex, she was a lot less daring than our college days when she might actually fondle me in the car or go down on me while I was driving on a long trip.

I couldn’t imagine her with another man…particularly a black man. I picked up the phone, pushing the familiar numbers to her office. She answered the phone and I asked about our plans for the weekend. When I suggested inviting a couple of buddies over, I was surprised at her enthusiastic response. “I wondered if I was ever going to meet those two. That’s the two guys you’ve been hanging around with?” she inquired.

“Yea, my buddies Mark and David.”

“Well certainly. I’d love to meet them. Tell them Saturday evening would be great and we can grill out some steaks. See you this evening. Love you…” as she waited for my response.

“Love you too baby,” I said as I heard the click on the other end.

I called Mark and told him Saturday. As I hung up the phone, my mind was racing. Would this be a casual dinner? Just a social get together between new friends? Or would we all be headed down a one way street? It was way too late to turn back now. I felt my dick stirring in my pants thinking about what might lie ahead. Regardless, it would be a night we’d never forget.

To be continued

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