Chrissy and Tara Ch. 02

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Thank you to the readers who left feedback on the first chapter of Chrissy and Tara’s story. I was encouraged to continue and present you with the second chapter. Yes, it is rather long, but I think you’ll find that the effort is worth it in the end! I encourage you to leave feedback and votes so that I may know whether or not to continue the story. Thank you!


The birds were chirping outside, but there was no other noise to be heard inside the dorm. Most students had vacated the campus for the long Fall break weekend. It was the quietest that it would be until semester break in December. It was ideal for those who stayed, those who were studious and wanted to stay ahead of their studies.

Inside the room, it was already beginning to become light. There was a single window, and though it was covered by curtains, some sun had begun to shine through. The room was relatively tidy, no laundry on the floor and a few reference books had been placed neatly on the small bookcase. The place was perfect for a single student, the serious kind that had success on the mind.

As the sun rose further, the beaming red digits continued to change, and as they flipped to 7:00, music suddenly started blaring from the old clock.

“Shit,” Chrissy mumbled as she reached out her hand to try to silence the vintage clock that her sister had given to her. She cursed the damn thing every morning, mainly because the volume button was stuck, and the sound would suddenly and rudely awaken her from whatever pleasant heaven her dreams had taken her.

Despite the erotic shower that she had the night before, Chrissy’s dreams amounted to nothing. As she pulled the warm bed covers back and slung her legs across the bed, she only felt the weight of the second half of the semester bearing down on her. She quickly changed into a pair of black nylon shorts and a blue polyester shirt. It was time to hit the elliptical machine.

Autumn had fully descended on campus, and there was a chill in the air. The fitness center was in an adjacent building to the dorm, so Chrissy didn’t feel the need to wear a jacket. She started down the hall and noted again how eerily quiet the building felt. As she walked past Tara’s room, she blushed just a bit thinking about the experience in the shower the evening before. No time to think about that now, she thought to herself. It was a pleasant thought that her mind would not let escape permanently, however.

Chrissy walked outside and arrived at the fitness center only a few moments later. As she opened the door, the thoughts quickly resurfaced in her mind.

“Hey chicky!” It was Tara.

“Hey yourself,” Chrissy rambled in reply. She felt flush. She knew her cheeks must have been turning red as she recalled the events of the previous evening.

“You look a bit red in the cheeks. It’s frigidly cold out there, isn’t it”, Tara asked her friend.

Chrissy found an easy opening to escape her somewhat slight embarrassment.

“Absolutely.” Chrissy wondered if her reply seemed confident enough. It would have to do for now.

Tara couldn’t help but start to laugh. “Yeah, your girls are definitely telling that much!” She continued to laugh, nearly falling off the treadmill.

Chrissy was getting frustrated until she looked down and realized that the chill air had swollen her nipples. And she had forgotten to put on her sports bra! She felt her face get very warm, and she knew she had to be turning red.

“I’m only teasing you girl! It happens to the best of us. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve walked in here with my pants turned inside out.” Tara could see that her laughing was embarrassing her friend and quickly changed the subject. “Are you still coming over tonight?”

Chrissy could tell Tara was genuinely joking with her and just laughed. What else could she do? “Sure, does 6 still work for you? I could pop over then.”

“Sure. I’ll probably just be working on a lab report. Boring huh? I’m sure we can find something more exciting to do,” Tara said with what appeared to be a devilish grin.

Chrissy was only partially listening to Tara and didn’t notice the smirk. She wasn’t sure why, but she caught herself admiring her friend. Tara was running in a hot pink sports bra, the color a total contrast to her dark complexion. Her breasts looked too large for it, and Chrissy thought it couldn’t have been comfortable. Her eyes slowly moved down, and she particularly noticed the black yoga pants which fit snugly around her friend’s thick butt. Tara was running gracefully, her legs moving back and forth and her hips swaying a bit. She was confident in how she moved, and Chrissy found that to be beautiful.

Tara was sipping some water from her bottle and glanced over to see her friend looking at her. “Have to work this butt off,” she exclaimed as she slapped her hand off of her ample rear.

Chrissy was startled. She didn’t know how long Tara had noticed her looking, so she climbed onto the elliptical casino oyna and brushed it off. “Gotta work on mine too!”

They both just smiled and laughed. For Chrissy especially, a little humor helped defuse her serious nature and brought to her the realization that she needed to socialize more.

Twenty minutes had passed. Tara and Chrissy chatted back and forth a bit, mainly about school. Chrissy was just getting into the rhythm of her elliptical workout when Tara stopped the treadmill that she was running on.

“Ugh. Look at the time. Did I tell you the restaurant called me back to tell me I was needed today?”

Chrissy looked at Tara and inquired, “No! Why? I thought you were bad and on suspension.” She just smiled.

Tara noticed the smile. She and Chrissy had occasionally saw each other in the few months since they had met, but this was the first time that she truly noticed Chrissy’s smile. It was infectious and completely disarmed her annoyance at the way she was treated by her employer. It was also the first time where she observed that her friend was not just a geek as she proclaimed herself to be. She was funny, smart, and attractive.

“I was! But apparently two waitresses got sick. Yeah, right. Let’s just hope it wasn’t from the food!”

“Remind me never to visit you at work,” Chrissy said laughing.

Tara playfully gave her a stern look and walked off the treadmill. “I have to run. I need to grab a shower. Hopefully, it’s not as noisy this time!” She winked at Chrissy.

Chrissy noticed but this time did not blush. She knew that she had been found out. Her steamy session with herself in the shower the night before had been overheard by her friend. And it confirmed that it was Tara – her friend to whom she now felt strangely attracted – who was having some fun herself.

“Get out of here girl,” Chrissy playfully exclaimed as she tossed a towel at Tara. “I’ll see you around 6 or so.”

“Be there or be square,” came Tara’s reply.

Chrissy laughed. “God, you really are a dork!”

“You know it! Later chicky!”

As Tara walked away, Chrissy couldn’t help but look at her again. She had a deep, weird feeling in her stomach. It was something she had never felt before. She quickly turned her head so as to avoid being caught by Tara. She needed the downtime of her workout, but oddly for her, she was thinking more about seeing her friend tonight than the homework that she had left to do.


The impromptu meeting with Tara and the elliptical workout in the morning had set Chrissy on a wonderful course for the remainder of the day. She tackled her difficult physics problem sets and caught up on some chemistry reading. She felt satisfied with her progress, but the day passed quickly. By 5 o’clock, she realized that she should finish up and get ready to meet her friend.

Chrissy stacked away her books on the nearby bookshelf, then went over to her closet to choose something to wear. Nothing looked too appealing, she thought. Hangers with a few blouses, hand-me-downs from her sister, and some dress pants. Nothing very sexy, she realized. Typically, she didn’t have a problem of choosing what to wear. Her go-to gear was jeans and a plain shirt.

It was after a half hour had passed that she suddenly realized that she was primping herself to meet a friend – a girl – whom she found attractive. “What am I doing,” she asked herself out loud. Her serious, studious attitude had dissipated for the night though. She had never really been popular with boys, had only one close friend in Julie, and here she was looking forward to spending some time with someone whose beauty she had newly discovered earlier in the day. She wanted to look good but wasn’t quite sure why. Presentation was always important to her but more so tonight.

She went over to the small dresser opposite of her bed and picked out a burgundy v-neck sweater, the lowest cut she had. She paired it with her dark blue jeans and slid on a pair of black boots that set off the entire outfit. She didn’t know what her friend had in mind for the evening so she was prepared for a night out on the town.

As she finished putting on her outfit, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and was mostly satisfied with her choice. It will have to do, she thought to herself. She straightened her hair earlier, and though she rarely applied makeup, she did put on some very light pink blush to her pale cheeks. She also ran some pinkish coral lipstick across her lips; Julie had once recommended it to Chrissy as it was a nice compliment to her red hair.

The clock was brightly showing 5:55 on its display. Chrissy grabbed her small purse, slung it over her shoulder, and closed her door. For once, she wasn’t thinking about homework or being stressed out. She was ready to unwind, and while she didn’t yet know if they were going out or staying in, spending some time with someone who was genuine and nice to her was what she was looking forward to the most canlı casino tonight.

As she reached Tara’s room, Chrissy felt a bit of nervousness, her appetite for dinner nearly dissipating. She left her sense of wonderment at the feeling behind her and quickly rapped on the door. She could hear her friend shuffling toward it, and when it finally creaked open, Chrissy’s eyes must have nearly glazed over from the shock.

“Hey chicky! Glad you could make it,” Tara beamed as she wrapped her arms around Chrissy and gave her a big hug.

Chrissy could not get over the sight of her friend. She was dressed in a tight black dress, somewhat low-cut but rather revealing since her friend was busty. The dress made almost perfect turns around her curves. In an instant, Chrissy felt completely underdressed for the occasion.

“Hey, no fair getting so dressed up. I thought we were going to chill or maybe just grab some fast food,” Chrissy exclaimed while hoping her dorm mate didn’t catch her stammering a bit.

Tara smiled, said “We haven’t hung out all semester like we said we would on that first day we met. I figured I might as well not look like a waitress with food all over my shirt.”

Tara paused for a minute as if she was listening for her phone to ring.

“I actually may have to run out for a little bit. I wasn’t able to get my paycheck earlier, and I need to hash it out with my boss. I need that money for the deposit for next semester. It’s due tomorrow.”

Chrissy detected a hint of worry in her friend’s voice and thought about it for a second then suddenly felt guilty. She was so focused on actual coursework that she forgot to call her sister Mariah. Mariah was always taking care of her, and it was no different with financing her education. Mariah was a successful attorney and wanted her sister to use her own book smarts to reach her potential. She needed to call and thank Mariah for already paying the tuition for next semester.

“Not a problem. Do you wanna just knock on my door on your way back,” Chrissy asked.

“That’s crazy! Mi casa es su casa.” With that, Tara beckoned her friend inside.

If she wasn’t already shocked at the appearance of her host, Chrissy was almost rendered mute by what she saw inside. As she stepped into the room, it was rather dark. In the corner, a black linen draped over what looked to be a card table. On top of it, candles in several small votives were flickering, providing the only light in the room. Some quiet music was playing in the background, but Chrissy couldn’t figure out from where it was emanating. The room looked like a romantic scene from a movie, the kind of setup that rarely happened in real life.

“Wow! Looks like you are expecting a date to show up. Who’s the lucky guy,” Chrissy inquired nervously.

“Pffh. No guy that I know. I thought it’d be nice to dress up this dingy room a bit! What do ya think?”

“Looks like this room doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment!” Chrissy laughed, shocked at her own sense of humor which had been non-existent for a few months.

Tara burst out laughing as well, the girls finally relaxed. The mood suddenly changed a bit though. Tara’s phone started ringing, and Chrissy walked away when the conversation seemed to get a bit heated.

“That’s bullshit Ron,” Chrissy overheard Tara saying.

Chrissy walked around the room, giving Tara her space. She looked at the photos on the dresser, one obviously taken at Tara’s high school graduation. Her parents and what appeared to be a brother and sister were standing next to her. There was another photo too, a prom picture, of Tara and a nerdy looking guy who she presumed to be her boyfriend. After a few minutes, Tara was off the phone.

“Hey chicky. Sorry about that. I am going to have to run down to work. They are trying to withhold my check. Something about how I’m rude to customers!”

Chrissy giggled a bit but could tell Tara was not in the best of moods right now. “Sure, I can head back to my room. Let me know when you’re back.”

“Don’t be silly! Then the ambience of the room would be lost.” Tara smiled for the first time after the phone call. “Plus, you’d be missing out on this!”

Tara walked over to the mini-fridge and opened the door, grabbing a hard soda. She handed it to Chrissy. “I assumed we might be needing these to relax before the second semester.”

Chrissy smiled. She was not much of a drinker but occasionally enjoyed a beverage to unwind. She was never fond of beer, so she was happy with the selection Tara made.

“Ahh, thanks girly!” Chrissy took a drink and loved the sweet flavor. She could feel the slight burning of the alcohol in her throat. It was cold and refreshing.

Tara put on her coat. “I should be back in an hour or so. Feel free to watch some TV or have more drinks. Just save me a few!”

“No promises there,” Chrissy replied. “Hurry back!”

“I’ll try. I hope I won’t need bail money from kicking my boss’s ass!”

They kaçak casino both laughed as Tara closed the door behind her.

Chrissy continued drinking her refreshing beverage as Tara left. She felt herself slip into a more relaxed state and reassured herself that it was a good thing. She attempted to run through the reasons in her mind as to why Tara had ensconced the room with a romantic ambiance. Nothing made sense to her.

A few minutes had passed, and she realized that her drink was gone. Chrissy strolled over to the mini-fridge and grabbed another. I really better save Tara at least one, she thought to herself. She wandered around the room more, looking at Tara’s desk. It was covered in books and papers, but it was neatly organized. Chrissy could tell that her friend studied meticulously. She picked up one of the lab reports on the desk and noticed how well it was written. Smart girl, she thought to herself.

She again went over to the dresser, looking at Tara’s pictures. She wondered why Tara had never mentioned the nerdy boyfriend. She also thought he was cute and definitely fit her type. But Tara had seemed secretive and didn’t reveal these kinds of personal details, and Chrissy was not sure if she should be so nosy. She didn’t want to drive her friend away.

As she started to walk away from the dresser, Chrissy noticed that the top drawer was open just a bit. Her courteous nature eroded a bit thanks to the alcohol. Normally, she didn’t make a habit into invading someone’s privacy. But as she peered in, she noticed it and her face started to flush just a bit. Resting against the edge of the drawer near her friend’s panties was a pink vibrator!

Chrissy was astonished and reached in to slide the vibrator out. She had never owned toys and was surprised to find out that Tara did. She twisted the base and the vibe came to life in her hand. It felt good to her, and she could only think to herself how much it would enhance her pleasure. As she held the vibe, she ran her fingers along the smooth curves of it. Her nipples we’re swelling under her sweater, and it finally dawned on her. The toy had likely been in Tara’s pussy! She put it back where she had found it, closed the dresser drawer, and sat back down on the couch. But it was too late. She was turned on, but there was nothing that she could do about it right now.

Chrissy turned on the TV and found a Halloween movie marathon that was running. She started watching, hoping the horror would subside her excited mood. The scene flashed to two college students having sex, and though she figured that they were about to meet a gruesome end, the heavy moaning and kissing did nothing to turn her off. She kept watching anyhow, and fifteen minutes later, she heard a set of keys followed by the turning of the doorknob. Tara had returned.

“Hey girly!” Tara always greeted her friend enthusiastically.

Chrissy noticed Tara was holding two shopping bags. “Hey yourself. What’s in those bags? I thought you had to iron out your paycheck problem.”

“Oh, I totally did. My boss, Ron, is such an asshole. But I told him if he didn’t pay me that I’d make his life hell.” Tara just grinned. “And since there is no kitchen, I thought I’d bring us some dinner. Might as well make the night complete. I hope you like chicken parmigiana!”

“Oh, I love it. It’s always been one of my favorite dishes.” Chrissy smiled.

Tara emptied the shopping bags and set the dinner amongst the candlelight on the table. Chrissy sat across from her. They wasted no time in indulging themselves on the chicken parmigiana. Chrissy was on her third drink, but Tara had only one the entire evening. Nonetheless, both were talking quite a bit and chatted about everything from school to family to how they both looked forward to the end of the semester.

As they finished dinner, Chrissy cleaned up the table, restoring it to how beautifully Tara had set it up before she had arrived. Tara plopped herself down on the small couch. Chrissy brought her drink and sat on the opposite end of the couch from Tara.

Finally, Chrissy decided that she had to know about the guy in the picture on Tara’s dresser.

“So who’s the nerdy looking guy in the prom picture?”

Tara laughed and playfully slapped Chrissy’s arm. “Hey, Josh is not a nerd.”

“Aha. Now I have a name. I’m just surprised that you didn’t mention him before.”

“Josh is a great guy. He was nerdy, once upon a time. When he got to college though, he changed. He pledged a frat, started bulking up, and discarded most of his old friends. Namely me. I still occasionally see him when I’m home on break. He’s sweet but just doesn’t call anymore.”

Chrissy felt a tinge of sadness for Tara. She was very outgoing and smart and seemed like a loyal friend. She thought Tara seemed sad, but there was a bit of a smile on her face as she talked about Josh.

“Oh my god. I just realized something. You get booty calls when you’re home don’t you,” Chrissy asked inquisitively.

Tara looked wide-eyed at her friend and then smacked her with a pillow.

“Haha. Took you that long to figure it out chicky?”

“I’m not judging! I’m just saying – you never mentioned the dude.”

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