Claire vs. Catsuit Woman

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“I’ve come here to teach you a lesson, Claire,” Catsuit Woman said to me, grinning.

I looked her straight in the eyes and sighed, “What is your problem? Why am I on your list?”

“I don’t feel like now is the time for that question.”

“What’s up with the catsuit? Whatever material you’ve used is terrible, your nipples are practically tearing through the fabric. You should try better to live up to your name.”

I silently wondered if the black fabric of her catsuit would keep her skin hidden supposing someone pointed a flashlight in her general direction.

Her grin widened, “I’m small time, we can’t all afford leather. Besides, I have nothing to hide – other than my identity I suppose.”

As I listened I silently tested the ropes binding me. Catsuit Woman had done quite a job, but I figured that the chair she had me tied to would fall apart if I applied a little force.

“So, Claire, how should we handle this?”

“You want me dead, right? Do you happen to have a gun?”

She let out a hearty laugh, “Not my style. In fact, I don’t want to use a conventional weapon at all.”

“So strangle me with your bare hands?”

She very slowly stretched in front of me, stretching the cheap fabric of her suit to its limit.

“Did you notice my legs? I work out for hours every day. Some say that my thighs are like casino siteleri a vice.”

“Good for you.”

She silently stepped forward and pushed me. The chair toppled, I quickly found myself on my back. As I recovered from the shock she took a step forward, so that she was standing directly above me.

“What if I were to wrap my legs around your head? Do you think you could beat me?”

“Fuck you,” I snarled.

I noticed that her pussy lips left a very visible outline through her suit, she may be an exhibitionist.

Catsuit Woman knelt, the fabric was stretched tightly over her sex. She gently lifted my head from the floorboards.

“I’d like it very much if you would fight back,” she purred.

As her legs wrapped around my head I closed my eyes and tried not to move. Her cheap suit was surprisingly soft against my skin. There was no more movement so I opened my eyes.

She looked down at me and smiled.

“I’ll take it slow, enjoy it while it lasts. I want to see the very instant your life fades away.”

I pressed back against the chair, she tightened her legs against my neck. I could still breathe, but very quickly it started to feel like my breaths weren’t giving my lungs enough air.

I couldn’t seem to find the strength to make my escape. Catsuit Woman was watching my face intently, waiting canlı casino for my demise. I hid my discomfort as well as I could.

As I struggled, I became aware of her pussy floating in front of me, separated by an extremely thin layer of cheap fabric. I needed to buy some time. Against her iron grip I managed to lift my mouth to between her thighs.

I could smell her; she was clearly excited.

I made my move – in one motion I pushed upward, took a mouthful of her suit and bit in.

She reacted with lighting reflexes and pushed my head away, a chunk of her suit tore away between my teeth.

“Play nice!” she ordered.

It was getting even harder to breathe. I could feel the heat of her pussy radiating against my face.

“All right,” I choked, “I’ll play nice.”

My long tongue snaked out from between my lips and ran up the length of her slit.

Her grip loosened momentarily. Her eyes opened wide in surprise, “What the hell was that!?”

While she was distracted I took as deep a breath as I could manage, then started to softly lather her with my tongue. I ever so slowly traced the outline of her pussy lips, she let out a short yelp and bit down on her bottom lip.

I made my way north but stayed away from her clitoris, pulling away if I got too close. She shifted against me, trying to get into a better kaçak casino position. I teased her relentlessly.

I could feel the chair beginning to crack, in a few moments I could be free.

She closed her eyes and and let her head fall back.

The ropes binding me slackened against my skin and her grip on my neck was fading. I tensed my muscles and stole a last look at my captor.

Catsuit woman had a look of pure, innocent ecstasy on her face. Her eyes were half closed, she was panting; sweat ran down her face. She blushed as she noticed my look and a warm feeling spread though my own body.

I decided not to hold back.

I coated the surface of her delicate skin with my saliva, moving quickly and deliberately. Her juices flowed down onto my face, her hips gyrated against me.

“Oh, Claire. Oh God!” she moaned.

I stared lapping away at her with abandon, flicking the tip of my tongue over her clitoris every now and then. My panties were soaked with my arousal.

She came violently; I’m sure that her violent scream must have been heard for miles.

As her orgasm faded I softly cleaned the juices from her skin.

“I had no idea you were such a fantastic pussy eater,” Catsuit Woman mumbled once she had caught her breath.

“It’s kind of my speciality,” I replied with a smile, “You don’t seem to know me that well after all.”

We both blushed.

“Well,” she said, snaking a hand up beneath my skirt, “I guess I should return the favor.”

As her nimble hands dragged off my panties I decided not to escape just yet…

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