Cross Country Bus Trip Pt. 01

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I was broke. I had lost my job and I decided to make some changes, some big changes. I was heading home to work in my brother’s restaurant in Spokane, WA. That’s where I was born and raised. I left ten years ago after my father has disowned me for coming out of the closet. “No son of mine will be a faggot”. Those words were still painful a decade later.

My brother and I were both classically trained chefs. I had a restaurant here in Sarasota, but the recession proved too much and I was never able to recover. So I sold all of my possessions and after paying off all my debt I was left with a measly $4,400. So on a Thursday morning in April, I loaded a Greyhound bus to Spokane.

I had contemplated flying home or renting a car. But ultimately decided on a Greyhound. I was actually looking forward to the trip. Give me a few days to clear my head. Also, because times had been so tough, I hadn’t done any traveling lately which was something I enjoyed thoroughly.

I picked a seat with a power outlet and settled in. I boarded at 6:10am and would be on this bus until 11:45am when we transferred in Tallahassee. The bus was about half full so the seat next to me remained open the entire trip.

We made several stops as we headed North. Spring Hill, Crystal River and a couple others. But it was in Perry, FL when my “gaydar” went off. I knew the second I saw the young slender stylish blonde get on the bus that he too was gay. As he passed me, he smiled and I was overtaken by the aroma of Polo Blue Cologne. I smiled to myself as the bus continued Tallahassee bound.

While we waited for our next bus to leave for St. Louis, we both enjoyed a cigarette along with a dozen others at the bus terminal. But three times I caught him looking at me and I suppose he caught me looking at him three times as well. He looked so clean and crisp with his beautiful blonde hair, Hollister polo, and khaki cargo shorts. Surely, this model like man couldn’t be interested in me. I was forty six, 5’8″ 200 lbs. black hair and brown eyes. No way that a twenty something, 185lbs, 6ft 1in would even pay me any attention.

As we finished our cigarettes, his phone rang. While he talked, I over heard him telling say that he was “officially Missoula bound” and how excited he was to be heading home. I quickly checked my itinerary and smiled as I realized I’d spend the next 68 hours in the company of this fine young man.

We boarded our new bus and headed for the Alabama border.

“I couldn’t help but overhear you’re heading for Montana. I’m heading for Spokane”

“Oh okay! Wow, we have a lot of miles ahead of us together” he said with a giggle.

I introduced myself. “I’m Bruce”

“Kyle.” We shook hands.

Kyle was my kind of guy. While I was stocky and short, he was slender and tall. I maintained masculinity while he presented himself with femininity. I was infatuated.

“So Bruce” he hissed. “Why does a guy decide to bus it to Washington and not fly?”

“Good question” I responded. “I’m starting life over after a failed business and thought a three day trip home would help me clear my head.” He seemed satisfied with my answer. “What about you?”

“My boyfriend and I just finished two years on a cruise ship. I was a sous chef”. My boyfriend and I rented a car to head home but he decided to tell me that he was breaking up with me last night when we stopped in Tallahassee. So I decided to take a bus home instead.” Made sense to me.

“Oh! You were a chef? Me too! Sixteen years. Well, longer actually. I grew up in the kitchen. My father owned a restaurant.”

“Really?” He seemed excited. “Oh my God! Cooking is my passion. What type of cuisine?”

“Italian, mostly. But I like to throw in a little casino oyna Mediterannien, too.”

“Oh, great! I was trained in Japenese cuisine, but I’d technically consider my style Asian Fusion”.

The miles flew by and in no time, we were in Nashville. We both exited the bus for a cigarette and the conversation continued. We discussed everything cooking related as well as traveling adventures and past relationships. I was thrilled to have a couple more days with him as my interest in this guy was growing by the minute.

As we were getting back on board, the driver informed us that the bus would be full to St. Louis. Obviously, Kyle took the seat next to me and as we began the next six hour leg of our trip, we both drifted off to sleep. I was awaken by a bump in the road and immediately notice that Kyle was awake.

To my surprise, he had his penis out and was stroking it feverishly. I pretended to sleep so as not to cut this show short. Though the bus was dark, I was afforded a view each time we passed a street light. His member was nearly eleven inches long and thin like him. He was circumcised and his entire pelvic region was completely shaved. I could feel my own organ twitch with excitement watching the show.

As he stroked his cock with his right hand, his left was tugging at his enormous ball sack. I was so enthralled in the moment, I had lost the act of sleeping. I glanced up and could see Kyle’s eyes were locked on mine. He knew I wasn’t asleep and was looking right at me. He moved closer to me and as I struggled to find something to say, he kissed me.

Our tongues twirled as he continued his five fingered work out of his cock. I couldn’t resist and I reached out and my hand replaced his. I corkscrewed up and down his cock making sure I kept a tight grip. Our kissing had stopped and I was now licking his ear. His hand was fumbling with my waist band and rubbing my groin intently.

Soon, he was able to release my now throbbing member to freedom. My pecker was short at six inches but was nearly around as a soda can. I was uncut and the head of my cock was mushroom like. He immediately began stroking my six inch sausage with the same vigor and enthusiasm he had been stroking his own. I kissed his neck some before our mouths met once again. I was amazed that the sound of his fist pumping over my thick mushroom head hadn’t woken anybody up. Against the silence of the bus, the stroking sounded deafening.

I reached across and raised his shirt up and ran my fingertips across his hairless stomach. Soon, his ass was thrusting off his seat and ramming his cock through my fist. He came forcefully, never forgetting though we were in the company of 54 other people. Without recovering for even a second, he continued working my thick cock with his hand. He then got on his knees in his seat and faced me. As he pushed my shirt up and sucked my nipple. It felt incredible and I knew I was close to climax Kyle knew too as he kissed his way down my body and took my pulsating cock head into my mouth. That sent me over the edge. String after string of my thick hot cum blasted into his mouth. He was thorough and swallowed it all. What a whore.

We both covered up and went to sleep without saying a word.

I woke up as the bus was navigating downtown St. Louis. Kyle was awake and checking his phone.

“Good morning, mister”

He responded “good morning to you. Quite the night we had, wouldn’t you say?”

“I would indeed.” I said with a smile.

“We have an hour here until our next busy leaves, wanna go get some breakfast?”

“Yeah! I’m starved”

A few minutes later, the bus was parked and the door swung open. We gathered our things and exited the bus. Inside the depot, we placed canlı casino our luggage into a locker and set out to find a place for breakfast. The choices of restaurants were slim near the station so we settled on a Starbucks.

As we sat there enjoying our coffees and pastries, Kyle leaned in and said quietly; “I’m not a whore or anything. I’ve been with three guys and two of them were relationships.” I wasn’t judging, I too had never done anything like that. “I never dreamed I’d masturbate on a full bus of people and certainly not take it as far as we did. But to be honest, you’re a really good looking guy and we hit it off really well and I just couldn’t help myself”

I stared blankly. I wanted to respond. I didn’t want to sound judgmental and I didn’t want to sound like a whore myself. I had never done anything like that either, but enjoyed it immensely.

“It’s fine. We’re both grown adults and we both enjoyed ourselves. To be honest I’m really looking forward to the next 48 hours with you.” I was happy with my answer. It was true. If nothing physical happened between us, that would be fine. If it did, I certainly wouldn’t complain.

We headed back to the station and arrived in time to board the bus that would take us all the way to Denver this evening. We took two open seats next to each other towards the back of the bus. This section of the trip wasn’t nearly as full and we left STL with barely half the seats full.

I pulled out a cook book I had brought along and conversation picked up right where we had left off in Nashville.

As we were discussing sauces and methods of plating them, Kyle changed the subject dramatically.

“Do you think I’m weird only having been with three guys?”

“No. Not at all. You’re young.” I quickly answered. “Nothing wrong with that at all.”

“How many have you been with?” He questioned with a smile.

“I don’t know, actually. I’d guess about 50 or 60 but I’ve been sexually active for fifteen years. And I haven’t fucked all of them. Some I just blew. Or some blew me. Or we just sword fought. A lot of those guys I just fooled around with. Yeah, I’d say I only fucked eight or ten of them”

“Sword fighting? You’ve done that? I’ve always wanted to do that.”

” Yeah, some people call it frottage. It can be fun for getting to know each other and it’s pretty safe. There’s something about feeling another cock against yours that’s just…just electrifying”

“That’s awesome.”

I could tell he was getting turned on. I was too. There wasn’t much we could do about it as there were people across the aisle and we couldn’t move as that we be to suspicious. The only reason we could talk about the subjects we were is because both of them were wearing headphones.

Kyle stood up and removed his laptop from his luggage in his overhead bin. He turned on an episode of of some teen soap opera reality docudrama show and I reached for my book.

As we neared an hour long layover in Kansas City, I had a great idea. While it wasn’t so easy to mess around on the bus during the day, what if we could find a place to fool around in Kansas City. I tapped Kyle on the shoulder and he removed his earbud.

“Do you want to have a little fun in Kansas City?”

He responded with a smile.

When the bus stopped in Boonville, we used our ten minutes wisely and I spent nearly $40.00 on gas station food. We wouldn’t have time to grab lunch in Kansas City as clearly we had other plans. It was another two hours to Kansas City.

Upon arrival in Kansas City, we found a locker for our things and began our search for the perfect fool around spot. Across the street from the depot was a cafe. I steered us in that direction thinking a bathroom would kaçak casino be our only option. In the parking lot, there was a camper trailer for sale. I thought to my self how perfect that would be for our lunch time cock shack. We made our way into the cafe and headed towards the bathrooms. While passing the kitchen, I heard a customer inquire about the camper. The owner responded that he was selling it but didn’t have time to show them as he was very busy. However, he did offer them the keys to go have a look for themselves.

It was at that point that a light bulb went off in my head. I approached the owner stating that I too was interested in the camper. If it was agreeable I’d also take a look and return the key to him once done. He agreed.

Kyle and I hurried back out to the camper. The customer with the key had already decided the rig wasn’t for him when he saw the interior decor. I explained the arrangement I had made either owner and he handed the key over without question.

Kyle and I stepped inside and I locked the door behind us. Immediately Kyle removed his pants and boxers revealing my old friend from last night. He sprawled onto the RV couch as though relaxing into the sofa of a subtitle at a five star hotel. I too stripped naked and joined him as our hands began rubbing each others body.

“Have you ever tried docking?” I inquired.

“No. I’ve never done anything exciting like that. What is it?”

“Well”, I explained, “I’m uncut so if we put our cock heads together, I can roll my foreskin over yours too. You wanna try it?”

Before I could even get the question out, he was nodding in approval. I’d lied him down and straddled him. His cock was now semi hard. As his helmet disappeared into my foreskin, he let out a soft moan.

Slowly I began stroking the cock bridge we had created and he pulled me close to him for a deep warm kiss. As our tongues met, my body was overcome with goosebumps. It had been years since I was this turned on by another person. The warmth of another dick so close to yours is indescribable. I could tell that he was enjoying it immensely. Knowing I was making him feel god made me feel good. I know we had only known each other of a short time but there was so much I already wanted to do with him.

I retracted my foreskin and sent his now rigid dick slapping against is stomach. I repostioned myself on top of him and laid my dick on top of his. We kissed passionately. I let myself fall on top of him and began moving up and down as our penises ground against one another. I could feel the small camper trailer rocking from the motions of our lust.

I sat up and took both members into my hand. I stroked them both in unison, moaning loudly in pleasure. I slapped his balls playfully with my thick Pepsi can of a dick. I lifted his tightening scrotum on the tip of my member. He grabbed at my hips and spanked my cock with his. We were both in extacy. Kyle then took control by placing our cocks back together and violently stroking both at once. I began moaning loudly. Surely anyone outside could have heard me though the thin trailer walls. He reached up and rolled one of my nipple between his fingers. I could feel him raising up beneath me and knew he was close.

Seconds later he was pumping his load onto his stomach and chest. The sight of him covered in his own load proved too much and my load joined his as I shot my spunk onto him too. To show my appreciation for this and last night, I hastily sucked up both of our semen. The taste was intoxicating and Kyle must have known it because he pulled my mouth up to his. We shared a long open mouth kiss and savored our combined fluids. I collapsed on top of him for a few minutes before we remembered we had a bus to catch.

We returned the keys to the restaurant owner who was still very busy. We walked hand in hand to the bus station, where we collected our things and boarded the bus again. Eight hours until we get to Denver.

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