Dad and Sons

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Weeks passed, since my last encounter with my younger brother. My friend was having a huge party on Friday and invited me. I asked him if it would be okay to invite my younger brother, it had been awhile since the three of us had got together. I knew that there would be drinking and would have to keep an eye on my younger brother.

My parents gave their approval to take him with me on Friday night. My mother and sister were going out with one of mom’s friends and my father was going to be working late. I thought it would be okay to let my brother have a few beers but not to let him get totally wasted. The party was a great. Everyone was having a good time and my brother had a few too many drinks. I had to leave early as my brother was drunk and had to get him home and in bed before my parents got home.

When we got home I took him up to his bedroom, he was hugging all over me telling me how much he loved me. I sat him on his bed and removed his sneakers and socks, pushed him back on his bed, unbuckled his pants and pulled them off him. He looked so sexy laying there in his tight white briefs, with a nice bulge showing. I hooked my fingers under his briefs and pulled them down, his cock was hard and hit his stomach. I immediately went down on his hard cock. My brother grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth.

“Yeah, bro, suck that cock” he said as I engulfed his cock. I was getting his cock good and wet.

We did not realize that my dad was home and casino siteleri was down in the basement when we came in. He had heard the front door open and my brother and I talking as we went upstairs to my brother’s bedroom. We did not hear him come up the stairs as I was so busy working on my brother’s cock and listening to his moaning. My father stopped before he entered my brother’s room as he heard my brother moaning. He peeked his head around the corner of the door and got an eyeful. There I was between my younger brothers spread legs going down on his hard cock.

“What the hell is going on in here!” my dad yelled as he entered my brothers room.

“Joe, was just sucking my cock!” my younger brother replied

“I am not blind, I saw what he was doing,” my dad looked at me.

“You let your younger brother drink tonight?” my dad said as he was looking at my younger brother, I could tell he liked what he saw as he had a bulge in his work pants.

“Yes, sir, he had one to many and I thought I would get him home and to bed before you or mom got home.” I told the truth to avoid any further questioning.

“Well at least you had some sense to get him home and in bed at least before your mother got home,” my dad said as he turned his attention to my brother on the bed half naked with a wet hard on.

My dad told me to help him get my brother fully undressed so we can get him into bed. We managed to sit him up and pulled his shirt over his head, he was fully naked now with hard on between his legs. Both my dad and I had canlı casino bulges in our pants.

“Were you enjoying your brother sucking your cock?” my dad asked my younger brother.

“Hell, yes, until you came in the room!” my brother in a drunken stammer said.

My dad looked at me and smiled! I knew by that smile what was going to happen. My dad undid his belt, unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor. He did not have any underwear on and his cock was erect. I dropped to my knees and took my dad’s cock in my mouth. My dad pumped his hard cock in my mouth.

“Yeah, I can see why you like your older brother sucking your cock, he is such a good cocksucker,” my dad said as he looked over at my younger brother who was stroking his hard cock.

My dad told me to get up and show him how I was sucking my brother before he came into the room. I got on the bed between my younger brother’s legs, grab his hard cock and went down on him.

“Oh yeah, this is how Joe was sucking my cock before you came in, dad.” My brother laughed and looked up at my dad who was now standing by the bed stroking his hard-wet cock. My brother leaned over and took my dad’s cock in his mouth. There we were my dad and his two sons sucking cock.

My dad had grabbed my younger brother’s head and was pumping his cock in his mouth, while I was busy deep throating my brothers cock. I worked my way down to my brother’s balls and was giving them a good wet tongue bath, sucking one ball in my mouth and then taking them both.

“You boys are getting kaçak casino your old man worked up,” my dad said as he moaned.

I had removed my pants while sucking on my brother and now was naked from the waist down. My ass was squirming around the bed and got my father worked up. He pulled his wet cock from my brothers mouth and came around the bed, spread my legs and spit his hand and smeared his spit in my ass, he proceeded by sticking his wet finger in my hole.

“Yeah, dad fuck his hole” my younger brother said. My dad got between my legs aimed his hard cock at my hole and pushed it in.

“Oh, dad, fuck me” I turned to look at my dad, he laid on top of me and proceed to slide his cock in my hole.

I had turned my attention back to my brother’s cock. My dad had leaned over and grabbed my younger’s brother cock out from my mouth and he opened his mouth and went down on brother’s cock. I was in ecstasy having my dad’s cock deep in my ass and watching my dad suck my younger brother’s cock. My younger brother was moaning and informed my dad that he was going to cum.

“Feed him your cum, he loves it, I have been feeding him my cum now for a few months” I instructed my brother and I held my father’s head on his cock until he finished emptying his load down his throat.

After my brother came, my dad turned my head to kiss me while feeding me some of my younger brother’s cum. My dad finished by pumping his load up my ass. He then turned me over and took my hard cock down his throat. It did not take me long to cum in my dad’s mouth.

My dad went into the upstairs bathroom grabbed a wet wash cloth and towel, cleaned up my younger brother, tucked him into bed and kissed him goodnight and instructed me to do the same.

He told us he loved us and went to his room.

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