Dark Stag Ch. 17

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Enjoy guys. This will be the last chapter of Dark Stag I write for a while… I gotta finish UCAC so I can move on the next story after UCAC and Jeurridam.

Please comment! Let me know your thoughts! I need feedback. I still have thirteen chapters to go and your feedback can help me improve!



Devari was fuming, unable to sit. He paced around his office as I sat there. It was hard seeing him this way. After he saw my deep cracks, I was finally seeing his.

“I don’t have anyone who’s been working here as long as he has… Yet he’s so…AGH!” Devari roared out, frustrated.

“I don’t trust him. He’s a kiss-ass to anyone with power.” I said.

“I want to fire him but no one knows his job.” Devari paced.

“Don’t. I’ll tell my sources to put him under investigation and dig up as much dirt on him as possible… I got a gut feeling he may be in debt as well. Check your finances, be sure you’re not bleeding somewhere.” I advised.

“Most definitely.” Devari said, rushing to the row of binders on the bookshelves before pausing and turning to me, “You know what? You know how to keep me level headed…”

There was no response I could conjure up apart from a displeased stare. He continued forth, reaching into his coat for the most adorable reading glasses. They added so much charm to him as he flipped through the binder.

“Okay… so I took out all my money from the banks due to the private turnover to Sir Socoshian. My money is in a warehouse a few blocks from here! You’re the only one who knows that. I paid the fees for turning over the brothel to myself and I needed a cosigner due to my age and lack of experience and that was my brother! They still made me pay the street value price for the brothel, expecting me to take out a loan but I didn’t need to do it. I used the vast majority of my savings! Right now we’re teetering upon the hole… In about a week and a half, more high profile escorts will be coming back with hopefully a lot of money. With my father gone, we can’t do auctions for the time being which was another huge source of income… I can’t even afford to pay my employees right now. When the money comes in, my brother and I will still be broke because our money will be shelled out for utilities of the warehouse and to pay off those who work here.” Devari sighed.

“If you paid, then why did the debtor come?” I responded.

“Maybe because we’re still scrambling to fix the drug debt. It has such a high interest rate…” Devari shrugged, “I think we’re done paying it and it keeps creeping back up… And with debt, there are deadlines!”

“Is High Pansum in debt as well?” I asked.

“High Pansum and Felker Distribution haven’t had the best of relations in the past. They are our biggest competitor.” Devari said, finally easing into his chair, “But it’d be nice to see if you can get information on them.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” I smiled.

“It’s hard. I’ve been trying to save this brothel for months but I think it’s going to slip out of my hands.” Devari sighed, clenching his head.

“Don’t say that.” I responded.

“And my father probably abandoned us. After those sanctions earlier this year, he just wasn’t the same. He started throwing more responsibility on me and when more shit hit the fan, he just ditched…” Devari persisted.

“There’s still a chance he may return.” I countered, trying to stay optimistic.

“He won’t. He’s either dead or found somewhere else to start over. He took quite a bit of shit before he left. That man abandoned us…” Devari sighed, shaking his worried head.

“Can you stop thinking like this?” I begged of him.

“I can’t stop! It’s true! He left all his problems on his two sons and now we might be without anything…” I shrugged.

“How much are you… How much do you need?” I asked, feeling so bad for him. Devari looked at me with those radiant eyes piercing straight through me.

“NO!” He said plainly.

“I can help…” I said to him.

“I don’t want your stinkin’ prince money! If I can’t help myself, I don’t need it.” He said firmly.

“How much do you need, Devari?” I asked once again. He just stared at me, his temper teetering over the edge, “You either can tell me or I’ll find out… Just like you plundered through what was mine, I’ll do the same to you. And just like you tried to help me… I’ll do the same for you…”

“There’s only one way you can help me… And that’s for you to bend over when I ask you to!” He said, staring at me menacingly.

His words hit me like a running bull! They made me me hot for him, wanting to just let him take me at his will. I leaned back in the chair, trying to hide these growing desires.

“Fair…” I responded, Devari not knowing what his words were doing to me.

“Don’t you dare try anything…” Devari hissed.

“If you say you don’t want my help then I won’t give it to you.” I sighed, so many thoughts running through my mind. If only he knew the casino oyna things I’d do to help him! I didn’t want his brothel to collapse. There was a new appreciation for this industry, watching all what went into it.

“Why are you so willing to help me? I fucking ruined your life? Why don’t you hate me?” He asked.

“It’s the way I was raised. I was never taught hate. I was taught to adopt, adapt and to become adept.” I shrugged.

He stared at me for a long time with that signature void look of expression. I didn’t know what to make of it, it making me so uncomfortable. My eyes just slumped to the floor. His gaze eventually diverted as he went back to the more prominent issues.

“What am I gonna do about Mardee?” He asked.

“Act normal… Don’t show him you’re disappointed or upset or anything! I’m going to dig up all the dirt I can on him…” I responded.

“I wish…” Devari said, his eyes glistening with longing as he stared at me, “Nevermind, let’s just get this underway…”

I nodded, getting up. We headed to my room to compose the lengthy letter. After sealing it, we made our way to the rooftop. Bazahra came after the whistles, taking the letter on the wing. It was a long, long wait but Gou returned with a response:


I must say that your leads are quite spot on and we will happily investigate those of interest to you. One thing I must say though is that this letter writing system is cumbersome and I will be sending you a range talker soon. I do have informants near your location who will get the information you need. That is all for now.


There were quite a few key code words in here that Gou and I had been exchanging. He was well aware of my current status, that Devari was present for this. Several letters back he introduced me to a code system that allowed us to have secret communications with strategically placed words every four words. He essentially told me he understood and to carry on.

“What the hell is a range talker?” Devari asked.

“It’s a private communication device… Very secure. He would have gave me one sooner if he would have known I was going into this place.” I laughed.

“Private communication? It sounds like it’d massive! Where’d you keep it?” Devari responded.

“It’s small. It’s this tiny bud that wraps around your ear.” I explained.

“What’s wrong with writing letters? It gets the job done…” Devari said, not seeing the issue.

“It’s not secure. Anyone ambitious enough can get those letters from Bazahra or Silver… And since things are getting more serious, I’m tired of putting my birds in harms way. We need a far more secure form of communication than just pen and paper.” I responded.

“How would it even work?” Devari asked.

“I’m not sure. Those Free Agents have insanely advanced technology. I learned not to ponder upon questioning it and just let it do its job.” I advised.

“I see… Devari.” Said, tapping his chin. He seemed minutely suspicious but said nothing.

“Will there be any training today?” I asked.

“It’s a new week so it’s time we move on to something new. I wanted to train you on toys and more extreme conditions. I personally won’t be able to do it to you since I’ve gotten so attached. Not to mention I have someone signed to the payroll…” Devari sighed. I looked at him mistified, hearing clearly the words he tried to dance around.

“Okay…” I responded, not willing to address it.

“It’s generally known as hell week.” Devari said, seeming quite disappointed to have to bestow it upon me.

“I’m ready for it.” I shrugged.

“Just don’t hurt anyone. The conditions will not be kind!” Devari said, showing his concern.

“No promises…” I smiled, heading towards my bed. He watched with such longing before sighing and heading to the door.

“I’ll send someone up here when it’s time to commence.” He said.

“Alright.” I responded.

Devari was right. The next week was incredibly taxing, draining even. Devari nor his brother were there, only Mardee who wasn’t too thrilled to be supervising. What made this training worse was the fact that a woman was doing. She was a fiery red head with an accent so far western, it was almost comical. However, she was fierce and demanded respect.

The week was filled with being toyed with giant false penises among other things,

shocked with a strange device, pricked by needles, choked to the point of bruising, whipped to the point of welts and binded to the point of deep marks on my hands and feet. It was awful and painful, the hardest thing about it was being not able to hit the woman. She knew she was a living demon in the flesh and relished in that security!

The last day of the training week came, Devari and Mukir coming to spectate. Hopefully I hid how awful this was during the duration of the session. It came to an end, Devari clapping like it was a show.

“You did well…” He smiled, “Considering it looked like you want to kill canlı casino her.”

“You have no idea…” I said, staring menacingly at the tall red headed woman.

“Hey, I had a job to do and I did it so…” She responded, shrugging nonchalantly. I rolled my eyes, standing there.

“You’re good for the day, Elle.” Devari chuckled.

“Whatever…” She said, heading out. She looked at me threateningly. I gave her the middle finger on her way out. She laughed to my dismay.

“So,” Devari began, looking happier than he had in awhile, “Recup for next week. It won’t be too tough of a week…”

“Thank you.” I smiled, “Also, I haven’t checked Bazahra all week so it’s that time.”

“Want to go now?” He asked, springing to his feet.

“Yes.” I said, leading the way to the roof.

I whistled upon arriving, the bird coming in for a swift landing. She ran over to me, ready for a rub down. Her pouch was stuffed with quite a few letters as well as a small box. The first letter I pulled out was from Roi:


I don’t know what my brother sent you to make you coin such a response but please bear with him! He’s taking the losses the hardest of the three of us and he hasn’t stopped crying. I’m not leaving his side because I don’t know what would happen if I might. His letter might have been him lashing out at you because he’s been through more than he’s ever faced before. In his defense, you kind of are the easiest person to blame…

I also can say this. Mercury is the one who got Richard to think like this! Richard cried to me saying he felt betrayed by you for sleeping with Mercury and the only way he’d ever know you slept with Mercury is if Mercury told him! And if Mercury told him, I’m more than certain Mercury planted those seeds of doubt in his mind! The reason I say this is because Mercury tried to do the same with Brija and I.

The thing is though, Brija and I aren’t as gullible as Richard. Richard, to put kindly, is a dumbass! Don’t get me wrong, he’s incredibly smart when it comes to running a nation and kingship. You wouldn’t believe some of the things he had done to stave off Sir Socoshian. But he doesn’t have common sense and is too passionate a thinker when situations are too close to his heart.

I don’t know what was stated on his side of the letter, but just know this is my baby brother’s darkest time and he’s never faced such hurt before. Give him some time to heal. I’m still trying to talk sense into him but for now, he’s not budging. He’s just like father, stubborn…

Brija and I miss you dearly and wish to see you again. Just know that we still support you and will update you as often as we can. What you’ve done for us can’t be forgotten and we still owe you tenfold. Gou has been keeping us updated on your progress and we are proud of your accomplishments! Keep winning the battle…


“So, is all this about winning back the palace? I thought you said you left well before this even happened.” Devari asked, confused.

“No, it isn’t just about the palace… I left because I couldn’t take it anymore… My leaving, in a way prompted all of the discoveries that unveiled what was really going on.” I clarified.

“And you still feel the need to help them? Forget these people! You don’t owe them their nation back…” Devari said.

I sighed, not wanting to argue with him. It seemed he was blind to the fact that if the Bourgion family was back in power, the state of his business wouldn’t even be a question.

“I got more letters to read…” I said, Devari seeing I decided to dodge his point. The next two letters were from Gou:


From what I found, High Pansum has been getting loitered by Sir Socoshian’s debtors and scammers. They haven’t been game to any of his tactics and he’s prying for control. There are very, very, very few businesses left in the wall of the city that have no debt to Sir Socoshian at this point. High Pansum is one. However, Sir Socoshian is trying everything in his power to monetize them.

With Felker Distribution, he thinks he can solicit money from them, take the brothel over all together and blacklist High Pansum into cooperation. I’m not certain if it would work. Sir Socoshian is one resourceful man and his reach is proving to be ever extending. I don’t know how much debt Felker Distribution is in, but they better work fast or the sanctity of the mission is doomed and I’ll be forced to get you out of there.

As for this Mardee person, he does indeed have debt to Sir Socoshian! It stems not from drugs but from predatory lending after his home mysteriously burned down a few months ago. It feels as though Sir Socoshian may be behind that as well. From what my sources have been telling me about this Mardee person, the sharks have been hitting him up harder and harder for money that he just doesn’t have.

I’m afraid he could possibly be a danger to Felker Distribution and could cause possibly be more debt for the chain. With this being said, I think we’re kaçak casino running on little time so it is time to get as much information as possible out so we can piece everything together to take Sir Socoshian down.


“So, he’s a possible danger to us…” Devari thought, “And he never told us his house burned down… I should kill him for this!”

“No, you kill him and his debt still stands. Chances are they’d look to you for it since Sir Socoshian wants this place damned to hell anyway.” I clarified. Devari looked at me as though my tongue was a living revelation. He slowly nodded, not having thought of it in that way.

“So what shall we do?” Devari asked, wanting answers.

“You confront him for his lack of honesty and instead of throwing him to the wolves, you assure that he won’t do that to you. You put in his mind that you will find a solution to his problems! Even if you don’t… you want him to hold off on possibly backstabbing you as long as possible.” I advised.

“You think he’d double cross us?”

“I honestly don’t know. It’s a gamble. I think our safest bet is to keep him alive. His debt could easily become ours…” I responded.

“Ours?” Mukir asked. I rolled my eyes, hating the little slip of the tongue.

Golden skinned Devari blushed hard, thinking about what I said. A smile spread across Mukir’s face, seeing the energy between his brother and I. I could have slapped him for this.

“Anyways,” I said with an eyeroll, “You don’t want the added debt.”

I took out the last letter as well as the box. Devari and Mukir leaned into read it. It was some explicit directions on the range talker and how to go about tuning it. I followed the procedures, Devari and Mukir looking at me in confusion.

“It’s so tiny.” Devari noted, picking it up delicately.

“I’m confused… how does it… where does it go?” Mukir asked, cocking his head like a confused hound.

“My ear…” I said, taking the range talker from Devari. I put the base in my ear piercing, it looking like a black shiny earring. I then wrapped the tiny wire dangling from the bottom of base around me ear, tucking the inconspicuous earpiece in one of my ear folds.

Mukir looked at it in amazement.

“It literally looks like an earring.” He said.

“Testing on channel,” I said holding up the letter, “Bravo, nine, nine, nine zero. I have the oracle.”

“Roger…” The earpiece buzzed, “Connected channel bravo, nine, nine, nine, zero to channel six, six, one two… Asset, you are connected to arc-leader.”

“This is Arc-Leader, Asset nice to hear you are online.” The voice said, clearly Gou.

“Sorry it took so long. This week was not…” I sighed, shaking my head.

“It’s fine, glad you’re connected. I wanted to talk about things here for a moment. Richard is currently a mess and his brother has been taking care of him. Mercury is proving to be quite a thorn to us all. I’m not certain about what we should do with him…” Gou said.

“Kill him…” I shrugged, Devari and Mukir looking at me intently.

“We can’t exactly do that. The most I’ve thought of doing was removing him. I’ve talked to my chain of command and they say I have full administrative power to do what I need to do to him.” Gou said back.

“It sounds to me as though he’d steadily be an issue regardless of what happened. It can only get worse from here. Remove him as swiftly as possible.” I suggested, “Including him in this was a mistake… He wasn’t beneficial to this at all. I was fooled.”

“It’s fine. He was the closest thing you had to home and you let yourself get close to him. We all need to learn from mistakes.” Gou said, understanding, “But that’s it for now. Stay safe…”

“Will do.” I responded. The line went cold as the communication channel ended.

“Who were you talking to and about?” Devari asked, concerned.

“I was talking to Gou about the guy we saved from being tortured. He’s pretty much causing a shit storm of problems.” I said shaking my head.

“And you wanted to kill him?” Devari asked, shocked.

“I’m too the point now that anything that causes an issue or interference with the end goal must be eliminated.” I responded.

“I still don’t get why you’re doing this.”

“Because one day, I’ll get to go home. I can’t make it on my own and the more people I help, the more help I can get in return. The Free Agents for sure can get me home.” I sighed.

“So you wanna leave me?” Devari said, a semi-serious grin. I looked at him for a good length of time.

“Don you want the honest truth?” I smiled back.

“No don’t tell me. I don’t think I’d be ready.” Devari responded.

“You wouldn’t…” I continued to smile, getting up and heading towards the stairs. His eyes tracked me as he wondered what I meant. He wanted to pursue this further but he didn’t bother.

The remainder of the day was relaxation and taking care of myself. Not once did I leave my room. It was such a perfect day! The morning rolled in and it was time for my work out. I hit everything hard, going to shower then to breakfast. The awkward glances started to fade away as people realized I was here to stay.

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