Day My Luck Changed

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I could not believe my luck, first my car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and now it looks like im going to get caught in a rainstorm. Well let me introduce myself my name is Rich and I am on my way from California to visit my brother in New Mexico. I had been driving for about five hours when the car started acting up.

These cars today are so complex you really don’t know what to look for under the hood. When I came to a wide place along side the road I pulled over, I was carrying my cell phone with me so I was not worried, I just needed to call the auto club and arrange to have the car towed into the next town. After looking at my maps I figured I was only about twenty-five miles or so from Phoenix Arizona. I went ahead and made the call and was informed that a tow truck would reach my location in about thirty min’s.

The tow truck showed up a few minute’s faster than I expected and within fifteen minute’s he had my car loaded on his truck and we were on our way. I had the driver take my car to the nearest Chevy dealer. After getting the car in the shop and being informed it would be ready the next afternoon I asked about local motels to stay in, as it turned out motel row was just a couple of blocks from the dealership. So just as a light rain started to fall I grabbed my suitcase from the trunk and started to walk to the nearest hotel which turned to be a Holiday Inn Express.

It was still before five in the afternoon so the hotel still had a few vacancies, I checked into my room and was pleased that it was in the back of the hotel which I really prefer as it is always quieter when you are wanting to get some sleep. After a quick shower I went to the desk and asked if there were any movie theaters and also a descent restaurant in the area, I was in luck on both. Just about a block and a half away was a Denny’s.

And not to far from the restaurant was a small movie complex. I bought a paper from the machine outside and went in to have something to eat. While waiting for my order to arrive I checked out the movie times for that movie theater and also looked to see if they had anything I hadn’t watched yet .No such luck in that department. Have been to all the shows that were playing, but they were still showing Load of the Rings, So decided that I would see it again.

After paying my bill I went outside, pleased that at least things were looking up a little the rain had stopped and the sky was starting to clear. I walked over to the box office and purchased my ticket to the show. I was early so I was able to get a seat in the back row, my favorite place in the theater, usually the kids liked to sit in front. So it was much quieter in the backs rows. The theater started to fill up fast and soon there were just a few seats left.

Just a few min’s before the movie started a nice looking older Gentleman asked if the seat beside me was open. I smiled and said “its all yours buddy,” he looked to be about fifty or just a hair older but he was dressed nice and looked like a friendly person.

He smiled back and said “great I was worried about getting here late and having a problem finding a seat.” He reached out his hand as he sat and said “Hello my names Bob” I took his hand and shook it and introduced myself and explained that I was from out of town and described the situation with my car.

He laughed and said “man I have been in that situation before myself, hope it all works out o.k. For you.” Just then the theater lights started to lower and the previews appeared on the screen, about a third of the way though the movie he shifted his weight in his seat and his leg came into contact with mine and he made no attempt to move it. Funny how such innocent things as a leg touching yours could make your leg feel like it was on fire.

My mind was working overtime thinking all kinds of things; Of course I was sure he was doing this by accident. I had never been with another man before so that was the furthest thing from my mind. Then it happened! He gently placed his hand on my upper thigh; I practically jumped out of my seat. My mind was now going nuts with all kinds of thoughts. Now what to fuck do I do, what’s this asshole casino siteleri think he’s doing.

I turned and looked at him with the question on my lips what to hell do you think you are doing, but it never got past my lips, his hand slid up and rested on my cock. Now the thought s I was getting were with my other head, he whispered in my ear. “I would love to show you a nice time while you’re here, after the movie maybe you would like to have a drink and get to know one another better?” I could not believe this was happening to me,

Hell I have always been mister straight never even thought about being with another man, he started rubbing his hand softly back and forth over my cock I finally had to reach out and remove his hand. He whispered he was sorry and he would leave me alone. I looked at him and said that’s not it, “It’s just that your hand is driving me nuts and if you don’t stop I will cum in my pants.”

I mustered up the courage and said “you know I have seen this movie before so If you would like to go get that drink I could sure use one right now.” He didn’t say a word just got up and left the theater, I got up and followed him thinking to myself what to fuck am I doing, but at that second not really caring, the head in my pants was doing the thinking now.

Outside he showed me to his car and asked if I had a place we could go, I looked at him and said “I’m new to this and scared as hell but if you would like I have a room at the Holiday Inn just a couple of blocks over.” I got into his car and he pulled out of the lot, just a little ways down the road he stopped at a small store and went in and picked up something for us to drink and then he smiled and said “some other supplies.”

We went straight to the room after that, as soon as we got inside he turned to me and gave me the hottest kiss I think I have ever had, his tongue slid into my mouth and I swear he licked the back of my throat and every damn nerve I had in my mouth was on fire. He then reached out and grabbed my belt and unbuckled it and then unzipped my pants, my pants slipped past my hips and fell in a heap on the floor. My cock was straining against the material of my underwear; he slipped his fingers under the waistband of my shorts and gently started to slip then off, as he pulled them down my legs he slowly went to his knees.

My cock now being free of the shorts jumped forward and in the blink of an eye my cock was engulfed in his waiting mouth. I could not believe the way he was sucking my cock into his mouth. I’ve had blowjobs from girlfriends before and from my wife but nothing to compare with this.

His tongue was licking under the head of my cock and my knees were getting weak. I finally just fell to the floor. My pants around my feet and my cock in Bob’s mouth, It was all to much for me I could not hold off any longer, I warned Bob I was going to cum but he just sucked harder, then I felt one of his fingers pushing at my ass, he pushed it in just a little and that was the thing that put me over the edge, my hips pushed forward and my cum just starting to spurt out into his waiting lips,

After a couple of minute’s just laying there on the floor Bob stood up and offered me his hand to help me up, He smiled and asked “hey man you alright.” I just smiled back at him and said “fuck that was incredible, I feel completely drained.” Bob just grinned and said “you haven’t felt anything yet.” He smiled and said lets go take a shower and then we can come back and have a drink and relax for a bit.

When we walked into the bathroom I had to laugh a little I was completely naked and Bob was still dressed, Well at least for a second, he undressed and I glanced down at his cock, it was not erect but it looked like it was about the same as mine, about seven inches when hard. He turned the water on and we both stepped into the shower.

Bob was behind me and he grabbed the washrag and soap and started to wash my back, I couldn’t believe how great a feeling it was as he moved the washrag down and washed the crack of my ass and even put a finger in a little and washed my ass hole. Soon he reached around my waist and as he leaned tightly against canlı casino my back his cock was pressed against my ass as he started to wash my chest I could feel his cock starting to get hard, he reached as far around me as he could and started to wash my cock and under my balls.

This was all starting to feel incredible, I was starting to think my bad luck with the car was turning out to be good luck for me. Finally Bob stopped washing me and stepped back and let the water from the shower wash the soap off me. He slapped me playfully on the ass and said “why don’t you get out and dry off, I will be with you in just a min.” “Hey maybe you could pour us a couple of drinks.” After I dried off I grabbed my robe from my suitcase and put it on.

I went to the bag that Bob had brought from the store and I found a bottle of brandy and some bags of chips and some snacks. Then I looked into the bag closer and found a box of condoms and a tube of KY jelly. I poured the drinks into the glasses on the table and waited for Bob to come out and join me. He walked out of the bathroom wearing just a towel and a grin. As he approached me I lifted up his glass and he took it and drank a small sip. He smiled and looked me in the eyes and said “well what do you think now? Are you o.k, with what happened”?

I replied that yes I enjoyed it very much but I had never been in this position before and was really unsure of myself, “I would really like to please you and get you off but im a little scared.” Bob just smiled and said “well what do you think you want to do?”

I looked at him sitting in the chair on front of me with just a towel around his waist and said “I would like to try sucking you off,” as I was saying this I got up and moved down to the floor in front of Bobs chair. I reached out and pulled the towel away and right in front of me was Bob’s cock, still not erect but I sure wanted to change that. I leaned forward and very slowly put my lips around his cock, it was strange feeling I had my mouth around another mans dick and it was starting to stir, I could feel it growing inside my mouth, I licked it under the shaft just like Bob had done, it didn’t take very long till Bobs dick was hard as a rock. I pulled back and looked at his dick for a second, and then I started to lick it sort of like a Popsicle,

I was surprised at the taste of his dick I really did not know what to expect but it didn’t have a bad taste at all. Then a drop of pre cum came out of the end of his cock, I reached out to it with my tongue and licked it into my mouth, and it didn’t have a bad taste either. I placed one of my hands under Bob’s balls and slowly massaged them as I licked of my newfound Popsicle.

Bob began to moan and raise his hips ever so gently, so I took his cock fully into my mouth and slowly moved my head up and down, Bobs hips started to move matching the motion of my head, I pushed one of my fingers under his ass as he had done to me and the reaction was the same as mine, he was starting to buck up and down harder and then he yelled he was going to cum, I had come this far so I wanted to try to swallow his cum, as he exploded I was able to swallow most of it but some spilled out and ran down my chin.

After he finished he fell back in the chair and smiled looking up at me and saying “you were wonderful, I can’t believe you have never done this before.” I smiled back at him and said “well I guess I have just discovered a new talent.” “You sure have” Bob remarked. Bob then jumped up from the chair and threw himself on to the bed. I laughed and said “how old are you again.” He smiled and said “well you have made me feel a hell of a lot younger today my friend.”

I sat down beside him on the bed and asked him if maybe he would like a back rub, He said that would be great so I went into the bathroom and found in the courtesy basket a small bottle of lotion. I rejoined Bob on the bed and put some lotion on his back I rubbed the lotion into his shoulders and soon he was moaning again the same as he had a few min’s ago so I knew it must be feeling good. I rubbed his lower back next and then his legs, I then asked him to roll over so I could rub his chest.

kaçak casino He still had a nice chest and his nipples were pointing up at me so naturally I had to try them, I sucked one at a time into my lips and licked them, But then I thought I better get back to business, I rubber his chest, and moved to his stomach and then to the fronts of his legs, as all this was taking place his dick had started to harden just a little and a large drop of fluid was starting to drip from the head of his cock, I bent forward and with my tongue I licked his cock clean. I was really surprised at my self I could not believe how good the feeling was having another mans cock in my mouth.

I know it sounds silly but I just knew this something that I would be doing from now on. And I had this wonderful man I had just met to thank for it. I continued to just lick at Bobs cock and watched it grow right in front of my eyes, He had a great looking cock it was nice and smooth with a pink head that just looked like it should be licked and that was just what I was going to do, I wanted him to enjoy this and remember me for a long time.

I started to suck him gently into my mouth and I would move my tongue up and down his shaft as I bobbed my head up and down. I moved my hand to cup his balls and then I took my mouth off his cock and started to lick underneath his ball sack, I sucked his balls into my mouth and just kind of held them there so he could feel the heat from my mouth, I run my tongue under his balls and licked back and forth, I looked up into his eyes as I was doing this and he smiled and said “you have really got me hot.”

“I would like to fuck you what do you think about that?” I stopped licking his balls and moved up beside him and said “you know I have never done that and I have to tell you im really not to sure about it that kind of scares me.” Bob looked at me and said he would be very gentle and would take it easy and if it hurt to much he would stop. I still was not to sure about it but I agreed to let him try.

He got out of the bed and brought back the tube of jell, he lifted my ass up onto the pillow and started to just run his fingers around the outside of my ass, it was feeling good and I started to relax, he put some of the jell on his fingers and gently started to insert one into my virgin ass, he took his time and in a little bit I was relaxed enough for him to put it all the way inside, at first it was a strange feeling and I was really wondering why do guys like this.

Soon I felt him insert another finger into my rear, he then started a kind of pulling motion that was sort of stretching my hole open more, then he stood up by the side of the bed and pulled me towards him, I was flat on my back with my legs sticking straight up in the air, he quickly pulled on a condom and squeezed more jell in the entrance to my hole.

I held my breath as he pulled me closer to him and I felt the head of his dick pushing against my ass, suddenly his head pushed inside of me and for a few seconds I felt pain as he started to push forward, but he stopped right away and let me get used to the intruder that was trying to fill up my ass, as I felt myself relax I nodded my head up and down and said its ok its not hurting as bad now, he little by little started to push into me until I could feel his balls against my rear end, he held this position for a little bit then slowly started moving his hips back and forth very gently at first.

Then he began picking up speed as I started to get used to the cock inside me, soon I started to get a different feeling in my ass this time one of enjoyment it was really starting to feel good, after I started to moan in pleasure he would pull his cock all the way out then ram it in again, I grabbed my cock in my hand and started jerking it and I knew it would not be long before I would shoot my load.

I could feel him swelling up inside me and I knew he was close, then his body started to jerk and was shooting his load, I could not hold back, my cum shot forth like never before and landed all over his chest. I couldn’t believe how much cum I shot out, he pulled his dick out of my ass and removed the condom, and then he knelt down at the side of the bed and pulled my cock to his lips and sucked the remaining cum out of it.

When he had finished I asked him straight out “Bob what are your plans for the next week or so?”

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