Doing Mr Pepperoni

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We called him Mr Pepperoni. I remember his last name started with a P but we could never pronounce it properly, no matter how many times he tried to correct us. I think he was from Lampedusa, or it could have been Malta or somewhere else, but he had grown up in Australia so he had an Australian accent.

Mr Pepperoni was the most exotic creature I had ever seen in our isolated little town that stood like a pimple on the asshole of the dry and dusty plains. His skin was the color of honey, he was built like a brick shit-house, he had fur sprouting everywhere and he was married to the most stylishly chic French woman that anyone in our backwoods had ever seen. Most of the guys in town were crazy in lust with Marie-Claire but my best buddy, Jake, and I were far more drawn to Mr Pepperoni and that huge, uncut cock he had hanging between his furry thighs.

Mr Pepperoni was a mechanic by trade and owned the local auto repair shop but he hired three guys to do all the work and didn’t have to get his hands dirty. That left him plenty of time for his favorite hobby which was banging tight buttholes. We were his type: blond, skinny, lithe, smooth and horny. I had recently turned twenty one and Jake was twenty when we first met Mr Pepperoni. We had been over at the mall, or what passed for a mall in our town, having a milkshake when he walked up to us and bang, just started flirting with us! I couldn’t believe it; here was the biggest, most masculine fucker I had ever seen and the filth that was coming out of his mouth was not to be believed. He asked me straight up if I had ever been rimmed. I blushed beet red and told him that I had not.

Well, that was a red flag to a bull. He told me that he wanted us to come by his auto shop and sit on his face. I thought he was having us on but Jake insisted we go so a few minutes later we were climbing into Mr Pepperoni’s truck. Jake was sitting in the middle and Mr Pepperoni’s large, hairy hand was immediately on Jake left knee — it was a hot summer day and we were both in shorts; where we lived fashion passed us by and there was nobody who wore shorts below the knee – stroking up and down his thigh and making me green with envy. His three employees hardly batted an eyelid as Mr Pepperoni led us through the workshop and upstairs to his office. Later I learned that they were used to their boss’ peccadilloes.

No sooner had we entered that untidy room that Mr Pepperoni had yanked Jake’s shorts down and had dropped to his knees and taken my buddy’s cock into his mouth. I gasped out loud as I watched Jake’s cock disappear into that walrus mustachioed mouth. It was the first time I had ever seen my buddy’s cock; even though we were both open about being gay it seemed taboo somehow to think about wanting to do it with my buddy or even trying to get to see his cock. And what fine cock it was too! It was on the slender side and looked about eight inches long although I couldn’t properly judge because so much of it was in Mr Pepperoni’s mouth. I felt heart-stopping dizzying lust as I watched the thick necked bull greedily slurping on my bud’s pale, slender rod. Mr Pepperoni looked up and winked at me and I about shot my bolt right then. He looked so damned sexy like that, down on his knees with a hard cock in his mouth.

I went round the back of Jake to check out his ass and my boner twitched uncomfortably in my underpants. His pert little ass was milk white and alabaster smooth. Taboo, or not, I couldn’t help reaching out and stroking it. This was my first ever touch! Skin on skin, man to man: I could feel the precum drooling out of my cock and gluing it to my underpants. The feel of Jake’s casino oyna small, shapely cheeks in my hand was out of this world. My heart was thumping so loudly in my ribcage I was sure the mechanics could hear it out on the floor. Any minute now I was certain that Jake would turn around and tell me to stop touching him up but I guess he was too engrossed in feeding Mr Pepperoni to care about what I was doing. I knelt now and kissed the small of his back and the two dimples were back swelled into butt cheeks. Never have you seen a prettier sight. I had never known such lust. I slid my hand into Jake’s butt crack and sniffed my fingers. I knew, right then, that I was going to be a slave to pheromones.

Just then Mr Pepperoni came off Jake’s cock and wrapped his huge hands around my twenty six inch waist and lifted me onto his desk. He just about tore my clothes off me and then I was thrashing about as he spread my legs and buried his hot tongue up my virginal hole. I remember yelping like a coyote as the pleasure washed over me. He was doing exactly what I had been contemplating doing to Jake and I could not believe that this studly, married dude would want to eat me out that way. That tongue just seemed to bore deeper and deeper into my yielding flesh, my cock strained within its own skin as a river of precum drooled down the shaft and onto my hefty balls. Now Mr Pepperoni licked up from my asshole and onto my sensitive balls. I squirmed about on the desk; it was both pleasure and pain; my balls were so sensitive I felt like I was about to pass out but I didn’t ever want this amazing sensation to end. And then suddenly he took hold of my cock and guided it into his mouth. I cursed out loud as my bucking body responded to the thrill that shot through every single one of nerve endings and the biggest load I had ever know erupted out of my overheated cock.

Mr Pepperoni licked his lips as he came off my cock.

‘You taste so damn fine! he growled. ‘I’m gonna have to fuck that sweet ass of yours a little later.’

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I looked over at Jake. His face and neck was flushed red, the fever of lust was upon him and he stroked his cock so fast that I could hardly see his hand move.

‘Slow down, buddy.’ Mr Pepperoni told him. ‘I don’t want you to pop too soon. I’d like to see you kissing your bud.’

I looked over at Jake. He looked back at me. It was hard to know what he was thinking but I remembered what I had been thinking, just before Mr Pepperoni had lifted me onto the desk and frazzled my brain.

‘Go on, give him a kiss.’ Mr Pepperoni said to me. ‘Two pretty blond boys like you; it would be a shame not to.’

Jake was a little hesitant.

‘We’re like…you know…sisters.’ Jake told Mr Pepperoni.

‘Sisters, my furry butt.’ Mr Pepperoni said. ‘Both of you got man-sized cocks on you. I wanna see you kiss. You do want to turn me on, dontcha? I got me a very hungry hole today and one, or both, of you might get lucky if you turn me on enough.’

That was all we needed to hear. In an instant Jake was in my arms and his tongue was in my mouth. His smooth skin brushed up against my own and felt so deliciously warm and sexy as we kissed up a storm. I didn’t need to feel guilty any more; Jake was one hot dude and I could tell from how hard his tiny brown nipples were how turned on he was. My cock rose up and rubbed up against his hard throbber as our hands roamed freely over each other’s slender frame.

‘Oh yes! That’s so fucking hot!’ Mr Pepperoni groaned.

There was something about the rasp in his voice that alerted me, that made me want to open my eyes and look canlı casino over at him. And what a sight it was. There he was, ass leaning against the desk, with his pants and underpants down around his ankles and in his hand was the thickest, longest cock you could ever wish to see. The head was still covered by foreskin even though he was fully hard. I had seen pictures of cocks like that on the internet and had been incredibly turned on but had never imagined, not for one minute, that I would ever see one in the flesh. His cock was dark and veiny, weighty and rampant and jutted out of the thickest tangle of fur possible while below a pair of bulls balls churned in desperation to offload their creamy burden. My mouth was as dry as Arizona at the sight of his magnificent fuck flesh.

Fortunately the sight of Mr Pepperoni’s power-tool had the same effect on Jake. We untangled ourselves from our embrace and knelt one on each side of Mr Pepperoni’s big body as we sniffed and licked at his beefy balls and massive dick. My hand was the first to cradle that mammoth dick; the weight and heft of it was delicious on my palm. I now brought my nose up close to his foreskin and sniffed deeply. Yep! I’d struck gold. I had already realized that I was turned on by the scent of a slightly cheesy cock and Mr Pepperoni’s was in that state right now. I was certain that he would have had a shower that morning and cleaned out his foreskin but he had been so turned on by the sight of us and the touch and taste of us, that his cheese factory had started working overtime. It was the scent of pure lust, the funk of fuck excitement. I gently peeled back the excess of foreskin and took the full hit of his man-scent directly into my brain where it wafted around all my lust receptors and stimulated them to the point that I felt on the point of explosion once again.

I opened wide and took his red knob into my mouth and savored his sex juices while stroking my hungry cock. I was so fucking turned on I could actually feel my asshole twitch. Horny little sounds gurgled in my throat as I slobbered over his juicy cock. You would never guess that it had been only twenty minutes since I had blown my wad.

‘Oh fuck yeah! Eat my ass!’ I heard Mr Pepperoni growl as I realized what Jake was doing.

I was in a state of shock. My buddy, who a few minutes ago seemed reluctant to kiss me now had his face buried in Mr Pepperoni’s big, beefy and very furry ass. I had got a quick look at his ass when we had started pawing him. It wasn’t fair. Wasn’t I the kinkier one out of the two of us, hadn’t I sniffed my fingers after pressing them into Jake’s asscrack? How was it that he was now hogging all that musky manhood to himself? I got up and practically dragged Jake’s face out of Mr Pepperoni’s meaty man mound. His ass was about as different from Jake’s as any could be. It was massive, but firm and shapely, supported by strong furry thighs, and at the heart of it lay a brown truffle deep within a tangle of manfur that Jake had wetted down for me. I dived into the treasure trove now as my hands hefted those beefy cheeks apart and soon Mr Pepperoni was singing the praises of my ass eating skills.

‘That’s it! He sighed. ‘You’re not afraid to get right in there.’

I wasn’t in the least bit afraid and it wasn’t just my tongue I wanted in there. With lust glazed eyes I rose to my feet and started to rub my aching cockhead over his spit slicked pucker.

‘There’s some lube in my top left hand drawer.’ Mr Pepperoni said.

I couldn’t believe my luck as I retrieved the precious gel and started to apply some to his soft, slippery asslips as Jake carried on gobbling kaçak casino on Mr Pepperoni’s salami of a cock. My forefinger was enveloped by the big man’s warmth and I almost lost it then. My cock twitched impatiently as I slowly fingered his chute. I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing, or how long I had to do it for but I had seen guys do it in movies. Fortunately it was Mr Pepperoni who was in control. He pulled away from Jake’s hungry mouth and my probing finger and bent over his desk.

‘Fuck my ass’ he demanded.

After applying a dollop of lube to my super sensitive cockhead I stepped up behind that fur pit and pressed home. He let out a groan as I sank all nine of my aching inches into his assguts. I had never known such an amazing sensation. No hand, no warm flannel, no watermelon that I had ever fucked felt this good. It was like being wrapped in warm silk, like slicing through butter, while held in a vice-like grip. I looked down at his strong, broad back and the dark fur that grew up near his shoulder blades. Man, this dude was an animal! If I could have bottled the lust I felt then I would be a billionaire today. I grabbed hold of those powerful hips of his and started stroking, with him encouraging me all the way. It was hard for me to believe that a man that looked the way he did would want to be fucked but boy was I glad he did. I was in ecstasy beyond that which I thought possible. This man’s asshole was wrapped like a living glove around my throbbing cock and milking it just by its very existence. Jake stood nearby and stroked his very red looking cock. The poor thing was way overheated. Just like mine. My Pepperoni started groaning so loudly now I was afraid his mechanics would bash down the walls, let alone the door, of his office. The big stud had turned into a fuck pig on heat. I could tell that my cock alone would not satisfy him and told Jake to save his cum.

You should have seen the look on Jake’s face as he understood what I was telling him. It was priceless and tuned me on even more, if that was possible. Breathing was difficult now; my throat felt painfully constricted and my heart felt like it was about to pack in. Was it possible to die from fucking, I wondered. That was how I felt. That was what Mr Pepperoni’s big, furry ass had done to me; that, and his moaning and groaning and pushing back against me. I could tell he was whacking off his fat cock now and that was what did me in. I could feel the soles of my feet start to tingle and I tried, I really tried, to hold back but it was no use. Suddenly I was up on my tip toes with my head thrown back as I cried out in the sheer ecstatic joy of blasting a load deep into Mr Pepperoni’s guts.

As soon as I pulled out of Mr Pepperoni’s butthole Jake slid in.

‘Oh it feels so good!’ my buddy moaned.

I felt really turned on to think about him sloshing around in my spunk. My Pepperoni was feeling it good too. I went up to him and started stroking his back and belly as he pleasured himself of Jake’s rock-hard rod. They were both close and I wanted to help them over the edge. I grabbed the lube and spread some over my thumb and jammed this up Jake butthole while my free hand tenderly stroked Mr Pepperoni’s big bull balls. Neither one of them lasted long. After Jake’s initial yelp of surprise I could feel his asslips spasming on my thumb and then he groaned out loud as he lost it deep in Mr Pepperoni. Just at the same moment the big man started to bellow like a wounded bull as his thick spunk blasted its way out of his massive cock and into the carpet.

The musky scent of sweaty sex and spent cocks hung thick in the air as we retrieved our clothes and started to dress. Mr Pepperoni asked if we would be coming back to visit him and all thoughts I had about getting on that bus and heading out of town vanished in an instant.

Daniel Blue

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