Dora Shares Her Dongs

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This story is a sequel to “Dora’s Double Dong” and was inspired by four different anonymous Public Comments that were posted on that story.

“Dora,” the handsome young section supervisor said on Friday morning. “This is Brittany Spires and she’ll be working here. Can you show her around a bit?”

Dora Krause was surprised at being given that assignment. Usually, a new female employee was escorted by one of the young men, giving him a chance to try to chat up the “new girl” and possibly make arrangements to meet for lunch or after work. When she saw Brittany, she knew why the task had fallen to her. The new employee was tall and skinny, with mousy brown hair and acne scars all over her cheeks and chin. She contrasted with Dora, who was equally homely in her own way, short and fat with a pasty white face and short, frizzy dark hair. Standing together, they looked like a chalky white boulder squatting next to a fence post.

“Hi, Brittany.” Dora greeted and extended her hand to the newcomer, who responded the same way. The supervisor, his unpleasant chore completed, left the two unattractive women in order to try to locate someone who was better looking, and who might be amenable to some fun that weekend.

“Handsome, isn’t he?” Dora commented, nodding at the rapidly retreating man.

“Yeah, but not as handsome as he thinks he is,” Brittany responded, frowning at the man’s back.

Dora took an immediate liking to her new charge. “Brittany is a pretty long name. How about Britt, for short?”

“Fine with me. I don’t like my name very much anyhow. It sounds too much like the name of a pop star that I’m sure you’ve heard of.”

Dora had, of course, although she was also far from being a fan. While showing Britt around, she made no mention of the longer form of the name, or of anybody who shared it or one that was similar.

They ate lunch together, partly because they had developed a liking for each other, even in the short time they had been together, and partly because nobody wanted much to do with either of them. As they chatted, they learned that, besides being unattractive in a world that doted on beauty, they had many other things in common. Of course, that homeliness had been largely responsible for many of the things, both positive and negative, that had or had not happened to them.

Neither woman had ever had a boyfriend, of course. Britt didn’t seem to have felt the lack very much. Dora, who realized her lesbianism long ago, hadn’t felt it at all, although she had never had a girl friend either. Not wanting to chase away one of the few pals she had ever found, Dora didn’t mention her sexual preferences, and Britt didn’t seem very interested anyhow.

In fact, Dora was so eager to encourage the budding friendship that she surprised herself by inviting the other woman to dinner in her apartment. “Just pot luck,” she cautioned Britt. “I’m not much for cooking, and I eat a lot of leftover takeout junk.”

“Good enough for me, and thanks. I don’t even have any leftovers at my place.”

That evening, as Dora was warming up stuff in the microwave and otherwise being busy in the kitchen, Britt wandered into the living room that was dominated by the big screen television. Directly across from the TV was the sofa where Dora spent most of her time when she wasn’t at work or sleeping. When Britt returned, she had a garishly colored object in her hand, which she showed to her hostess.

“These are some really hot girls!”

Dora had forgotten about the videotape sleeve that she had left on top of the VCR. It showed three beautiful young women, all of different races, all performing lesbian sex acts on each other. She had left the tape in the VCR, intending to watch it that evening, while pleasuring herself with her favorite double-dong, and she had forgotten about the sleeve.

“Yes, aren’t they?” was all she could say, while wondering what Britt’s interest was. She quickly found out.

“Can I watch this with you? I’ve never seen this one, and it looks pretty good.”

“Sure.” Dora had the sudden thought that the evening ahead might present something she had never experienced. Although she had spent many hours by herself on the sofa, watching lesbian videotapes and masturbating, Dora had never had any kind of sexual contact with any other person.

After eating, the two women removed their shoes and socks and went to the living room, where Dora sat on the sofa, remote control in her hand. The spot she chose was near the right end, and the hostess was very pleased when her guest chose to sit less than a foot away. She turned on the television and VCR and the tape started. After the usual test patterns and warning from the FBI, two young women appeared on the screen, one a beautiful blonde with creamy white skin and the other, an equally comely African-American with black hair and a smooth milk-chocolate complexion.

Although the videotape was of excellent quality in terms of cast, lighting and camera work, casino oyna no effort had been put into plot or characterizations and the dialogue consisted mostly of sounds of pleasure and of urging the provider of that pleasure to continue. Less than a minute after the tape started, the black woman had pulled down her friend’s tank top and her hands were fondling a pair of luscious breasts. Seconds later came a close-up of a pink tongue alternating between caressing two lighter pink nipples.

The videotape was Dora’s favorite and she usually copied the action on the screen by fondling and rubbing herself. With company in the apartment, she was reluctant to do so until she glanced sideways at Britt. Her new friend’s shirt was partially unbuttoned and her left hand was positioned as if it was about to enter the opening to touch a breast. Dora decided to take a chance and rested her left hand on the thigh nearest to her.

She was rewarded by a smile, and Britt spread her legs more, offering the hand more freedom to range. The offer was accepted and Dora began lightly caressing the firm flesh, each stroke moving closer to the other woman’s crotch. On the screen, the blonde had been divested of her tank top and the black woman was in the process of removing her co-star’s designer jeans. Usually, Dora would have been fascinated by the sight of the beautiful body being exposed on the screen, but on that occasion, she was more interested in what seemed to be starting to happen on her own sofa.

Britt moved closer and Dora felt an arm sliding between her back and the sofa, and leaned forward to allow easier access. Dora also turned her body so her right hand replaced its mate on the available leg, and her left arm eased itself around her friend’s lower back. As her hand moved in the direction of Britt’s crotch, she glanced at her friend’s chest and noticed that all the shirt buttons were undone. It quickly became apparent that it was no accident, when Britt carefully took Dora’s hand and placed it on one of her breasts. There was no bra in the way, and none was really needed. The breast in Dora’s hand was small, but with a very hard nipple, and she closed her hand gently over it. It was the first breast, besides her own, that she had ever touched.

Britt leaned forward and pulled Dora up to her until their faces met. They kissed, for a long time, but both women kept their mouths closed, just grinding their lips together. When they separated, Dora looked up at her friend, who was obviously soon to be her lover.

“Britt, that was wonderful.” The two women kissed again, even longer, and this time their tongues were just as active as their lips, while their hands were busy on each other’s clothing.

On the screen, the African American was eagerly eating the pussy of the blonde, her tongue caressing the perfect hairless labia and clit of her co-star. The two live women on the sofa didn’t care about that. They were too busy exploring each other’s bodies with their hands. Britt’s shirt had been removed and both of Dora’s hands were gently squeezing the breasts that had been uncovered. From watching videotapes, she felt she should soon start licking and sucking them, but just fondling them was too much fun for her to want to stop.

She had to, though, because Britt’s hands were insistently pulling up on the hem of the baggy sweater Dora was wearing. Her guest obviously wanted to take it off her, so she raised her arms to facilitate the removal. Although Dora felt embarrassed by the rolls of belly fat that had just been exposed, Britt seemed not to notice, and just tossed the garment onto the arm of the sofa.

“Turn around, Dorrie. Let me get your bra unhooked.”

Dora was glad to do what Britt asked, first because it wasn’t really very comfortable, but mainly so good things could happen to her breasts. The bra joined the sweater on the arm of the sofa as Dora turned back to face the other woman. Britt leaned forward and took one of the just-exposed breasts in either hand.

“Your boobies are so big and beautiful, I just love them. Mine are like two fried eggs.” Britt proved she wasn’t just being a flatterer by starting to lick the nipples that were being presented to her.

Shouts of pleasure came from the screen as the blonde climaxed, or pretended to, but only murmurs of joy came from Dora. She leaned back against the arm of the sofa and Britt followed, her hands holding the breasts she had admired so much, while her tongue alternated between their nipples, which quickly grew rigid. The touch of the taller woman’s mouth sent thrills, such as she had never experienced, radiating through Dora’s body. Britt feasted on her big fat breasts, the tiny, hard ridges of the nipples giving her as much pleasure as she was giving to Dora.

“Oh, Britt, that feels so wonderful.” Britt raised her head and smiled briefly, before lowering her head and giving even more pleasure to both women.

She drew one of the luscious breasts into her mouth and sucked on it, canlı casino while her tongue continued to caress the areola and nipple. The new pleasure excited Dora so much, her body squirmed on the sofa, and she could feel her panties getting wet with the juices flowing from her pussy. Britt switched her attentions to the other breast and sucked and licked it the same way, making Dora’s body move even more actively and eliciting moans of bliss.

The blonde in the videotape was doing the same to the African-American as had been done to her, but the two live women had become oblivious to the screen. Britt continued making love to her friend’s breasts, sucking and licking and bringing Dora to a high state of arousal. Her hands had been cupped under them, presenting them to her mouth, but Britt released her breasts and started to lick down her friend’s body. Her mouth started at the cleft between Dora’s succulent globes and meandered down over her belly, licking and kissing its way toward her ultimate goal.

At first, her hands and fingers caressed Dora’s rolls of fat, but after Britt had licked partway down, she put them to work removing the pants that were in her way. With the buckle unfastened and the fly unbuttoned and unzipped, she looked up while pulling down on the waist. Dora knew what was expected and eagerly raised her ass from the cushion so her pants could be pulled all the way down and off, and added to the pile on the sofa arm.

The African-American woman was in the throes of cumming but the two women in front of the screen didn’t notice. They were much too wrapped up in what they were doing to pay any attention. Dora was wearing only her panties and Britt, naked above the waist, knelt on the floor in front of her. The plain, white cotton undergarment was so wet in the crotch it was translucent, and Britt looked with lust at the thick, dark pubic hair that was visible through the thin fabric. She hooked her fingers under the waistband and Dora raised her ass again to let herself be divested of her last article of clothing.

Not quite knowing what to do next, Dora sat in the middle of the sofa cushion. “Slide forward, Honey,” Britt advised her. “Your pussy smells great and I’ve really got the hots for it.”

Dora was unaccustomed to terms of endearment like that, but very glad to hear it. Eagerly, she slid forward as requested, so her pussy was over the edge of the sofa, and rested her legs on Britt’s shoulder the way she had seen women do in her videotapes. The kneeling woman leaned forward and breathed deeply of the juices that were trickling out of Dora’s pussy, followed by leaning in even closer to lick them off.

“You’re really delicious, Honey. You taste even better than you smell.” Britt’s tongue began slowly caressing one swollen pussy lip.

Nothing but her own fingers or toys had ever touched Dora in such a private place, and the tongue that was slowly stroking her felt infinitely better than either of those ever had. She pushed herself forward, snuggling her pussy tightly against Britt’s face, wanting to get even more of the incredible pleasure that was washing, in huge waves, throughout her entire body.

“You really love this, don’t you,” Britt commented. “Well, that’s good, because I love doing it.” She pressed her face back into Dora’s pussy, and her tongue and lips resumed doing what both women loved.

After licking to the end of Dora’s inner pussy lip, Brit returned her mouth to where she had started, sluiced up the fresh juices with her tongue and started licking the other pussy lips. The pleasure that flooded Dora’s body from where Britt’s wonderful tongue was meandering was better than anything she had ever felt, many times better than what her own fingers had done in the past. The best part was that it kept getting better and better as the level of her pleasure mounted. Reflexively, she started fucking her pussy up against the mouth that was doing for her what nobody had ever done before.

“I love your pussy; it’s so hot and wet. And your clit looks so juicy.” Britt proved the attractiveness of that little morsel by taking it into her mouth to suck and lick.

Nothing in Dora’s life could compare to the tremendous burst of ecstasy that inundated her entire body. Nothing, that is except the succeeding bursts, each more powerful than the one before, as Britt’s mouth did things to her that Dora would not have believed possible.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” she whimpered. “Oh! Oh! OH!” Dora cried out joyously.

That morning, she had set up her VCR, expecting to come home and watch the high-quality lesbian videotape, using dildos on her own ass and pussy, until she experienced a pleasant orgasm. Dora had not expected anything remotely like what Britt’s talented mouth was bringing about. As she started cumming, her heavy thighs squeezed the head of the woman kneeling before her while her fingers twined in the brown hair, squashing her pussy against Britt’s face.

The head between her legs was a prisoner as Dora kaçak casino thrashed on the sofa, rocking from side to side and back and forth. For the most incredibly pleasurable two minutes of her life, she continued cumming until, with an incoherent cry of triumph, she climaxed. After her orgasm, she completely relaxed, leaving her legs draped over Britt’s shoulders while her arms flopped to her sides. Ripples of pleasure still coursed through her body from the tongue that licked up all the juices from her thighs, crotch and pussy lips.

When she was through with her feast, Britt backed away from under Dora’s legs. “You really came big-time, Honey. Do you always cum like that?”

“No. I mean, I’ve never cum like that.” After a few seconds of silence, Dora asked “Can I do the same for you now?”

“Sure. I’d be pissed off if you didn’t. I need it now as much as you did. I think you need to catch your breath though.” She started to unbuckle her wide leather belt but stopped. “Do you want me to take off my pants or would you rather do it?”

“I think I’d rather do it.”

“Me too. I mean, I’d rather have you do it. It’s more fun that way.” She sat next to the naked Dora, who cuddled up against her, still catching her breath.

The Asian American woman had put in her appearance and the screen showed a close-up of her clever tongue licking the blonde’s pussy. Previously, that had been one of Dora’s favorite scenes but she just looked at it without paying any attention. Her mind was on a real pussy, the one that she would be licking momentarily, and she hoped to do as well as Britt had with hers.

In a few minutes, she was ready and Dora got to her feet and knelt in front of Britt, who spread her legs to accommodate her new friend. She unbuckled the belt, clumsily because she was unaccustomed to doing it for somebody else, and followed that by undoing the button at the waist and unzipping the fly. Leaning forward and putting her fingers inside the waistband, she started to pull the blue jeans down. Britt raised her ass off the sofa and Dora pulled them down, and slid each pant leg down to the floor. After Britt lifted her feet, the pants were tossed aside.

The only garment still to be removed was the pink cotton panties that Britt wore, and Dora slid her fingers under the elastic waistband. They were just as wet in front as her own had been and the aroma was the most wonderful thing she had ever smelled. As she started to pull on them, Britt rose up from the sofa again and moved forward so her pussy was on the edge of the cushion, just inches from Dora’s face. After peeling the wet panties down her friend’s rather hairy legs, she leaned back to let those legs rest on her shoulders, and leaned forward to gaze at the pussy she would be eating.

Over the years, Dora had seen many women on many videotapes, and every one of them had displayed a pussy that was cosmetically perfect, with pubic hair that had been either cleverly trimmed or completely removed. However, none of those was as beautiful to her as the one Britt was presenting, nor could she imagine any of them smelling nearly as wonderful. The pussy being offered to her was wet and covered with a thick bush of brown hair but Dora could see the red, swollen lips peeking through. She reached her arms around Britt’s skinny thighs, spread the lips with her fingers, and gazed, enraptured into the pink hole that she knew to be the source of the juices with the delightful aroma. Tentatively, Dora reached out her tongue to see if they could possibly taste even a tenth as good as they smelled.

She was amazed! The juices that were still trickling from Britt’s pussy were ambrosia, maybe the most delicious thing Dora had ever tasted. Greedily, she licked all the nectar from the thighs, crotch and lips. By the time she was done, and had drawn back to lick her lips to be sure she had missed none of them, Britt was cooing in pleasure and squirming in front of Dora’s face. The taste and the added movements made the pussy n front of her even more lovely and Dora gazed at it, enraptured.

“Honey, that feels wonderful. I love what you’re doing, but don’t stop.”

Dora had no intention of stopping but was a bit unsure of what to do next. She remembered what the Asian woman had done with the blonde’s pussy, and imitated her as well as she could, extending her tongue and stroking through the pubic hair. Britt’s cooing became louder and her movements became more pronounced, both of which were gratifying to Dora because she was obviously doing it right, and giving pleasure to her partner, while receiving pleasure from her.

Everything about it was good to Dora, the sight and the smell and the taste of Britt’s pussy and the encouraging sounds she was hearing. Best of all was the way it felt, so soft and spongy to her tongue, and the way Britt was starting to fuck upward into her face. It felt so good to her that she moved her face closer to where she was licking, and let her tongue find its own way, rather than looking to see what she was doing. Until then, Dora had never realized just how sensitive her tongue was as an organ of touch. An added benefit was that the delightful aroma was even better when she was that close.

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