Dreams of Paula Ch. 4

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The weeks following the conference were the most exciting, and, at times, the most frustrating of Carole’s life. She spoke to Paula almost every day on the telephone, they e-mailed each other constantly and even managed to meet twice for a weekend during which they continued their mutual discovery of each other’s body. Their telephone sessions were the most erotic journeys through their fantasies that both had experienced and usually ended in a verbal masturbation as they described their feelings in the most explicit words and images that either could conjure.

The weekends together were spent at Paula’s house in Manchester and she introduced Carole to the gay scene there, delighting in flaunting her new lover in front of her old friends and past sexual partners. Carole had never been so open about her sexuality and she found that she loved it. She loved the feeling of being able to walk down the street with her arm round Paula’s waist, loved kissing her in public, touching her in an obviously sexual way, being totally unashamed and proud of her lesbianism for the first time in her life.

On the first occasion that she stayed with Paula she was taken to a gay club where Paula promised her that she would have the opportunity to explore any sexual fantasy that she had ever dreamed of, and more besides. The thought of what might happen frightened Carole somewhat but she went along with the idea because she was so in love with Paula and wanted to please her in every way. She was becoming aware that Paula was so much more experienced than she was and that she had been involved in sexual activities that Carole could only imagine in her wildest erotic dreams. The reality was to prove a turning point in their relationship, a time that would bind Carole even more closely to Paula.

As they entered the club Carole’s senses were almost overwhelmed by the sound of the music, by the heat, by the atmosphere of raw sexuality that permeated the air. The club itself consisted of a large central area where couples, both male and female, were dancing closely, entwined, writhing, almost making love there amongst the crowd. Around three sides of the room were darkened alcoves and, peering closely, Carole could see that they were occupied by couples and groups, many of which were obviously already consummating the love making started on the dance floor. A long bar occupied the fourth wall and Paula led Carole there, bought her a drink and asked, speaking close to her ear,

“Well, darling? What do you think of my favourite casino siteleri club?”

Carole could barely speak. Her mind was reeling, her body ached for Paula, and she wanted to be part of this frenetic sexual scene. Paula spoke again, her voice husky, seductive,

“Come. Dance with me, my lover. Be with me.”

They moved to the floor, their arms encircled each other’s waist and they moved together, bodies barely touching, lips close but not quite kissing, feeling the atmosphere surround them in one large glow of sex. As they moved sensually, provocatively, Carole felt a body pressing against her back, felt female hands on her hips, felt, rather than heard, the whisper of a familiar voice in her ear,

“Carole, my darling. Remember me?”

Turning her head Carole saw Lim’s face close to hers, felt her lips brush hers and instinctively her tongue snaked out and entered licked along the girl’s mouth. Turning back she saw Paula smile lovingly, licking her lips and mouthing the words yes, yes, yes, inviting Carole to carry on enjoying the feelings, telling her that this was what Paula wanted, desired. As she bent her head to kiss Paula she felt Lim’s fingers pulling the hem of her dress up, revealing her legs, here thong clad cunt, wet with desire. She felt Lim moving against her arse, grinding her hips into her, felt her fingers explore the waistband of her thong, felt Paula’s tongue in her mouth and gave herself up to the sensations that were racking her body.

Around her the crowd was oblivious to the scene, intent only on their own passions, their own partners. Lim slid her fingers inside the thong, seeking out Carole’s wetness and as she did Carole felt Paula stroking her tits, making the nipples extend, throb, become part of her aching cunt. She bent her knees, lowering herself onto Lim’s fingers, desperate for them to enter her, needing the feeling of penetration, needing to be fucked, feeling the gathering of her orgasm as the three of them moved as one, locked in an embrace of lust, lost to the world, prisoners of their passion.

As the first wave hit her Carole moaned into Paula’s mouth, hanging on to her as her knees buckled with the intensity of the experience, almost fainting with the pleasure. The two girls half carried her to a vacant booth and they collapsed onto the bench with Carole between the two lovers. Paula murmured in her ear, her voice low, her mouth so close to Carole’s ear that the words were echoing inside Carole’s brain,

“I want you to fuck Lim. canlı casino I want to watch the two of you fucking. Lick her cunt, make her lick yours. I want to taste the cum on your face, see you, hear you. You are my slut tonight, my whore, my cunt-sucking whore. Tell me you feel the same. Tell me!”

The sound of the words exploding in her mind, the feel of Lim’s hands all over her as she lay back against Paula, made her cunt detonate into another massive orgasm, drenching her thighs with the copious flow of her juice. As she had done before Lim slid down to kneel in front of Carole, licking her clean. She pulled Lim’s head tight into her cunt, humping up against her face,

“Suck me!” she yelled. “Suck my cunt dry!”

Furiously she ground her hips against Lim’s face, her hands gripping her head, her legs hanging over the girls shoulders, Paula’s fingers tweaking her nipples, pinching them, pulling them, stretching them to an unbearable length until, with a rush that shook her body with spasm after spasm she came again and again, finally passing out with the sheer intensity of the feeling.

When she came to Lim had vanished into the crowd and she was alone with Paula, being held in her arms, being comforted, being kissed lovingly.

“Oh, Carole, my dearest, darling lover. That was so exciting! I love watching you with another woman. Tell me you enjoy it too.”

“Yes, my love. I do. I do. I never thought I would but it is so exciting to know that you can see me doing it there in front of you.”

Paula confessed, “I came as you were doing it. I really did. Would you do it again? At home? Where I can really enjoy it and take a fuller part?”

“Darling. My own darling. If that’s what you want, then my answer is yes. Yes, yes and once again, YES!”

Paula found Lim and the three of them left the club and made their way to Paula’s house. This time Carole was more prepared mentally and she was determined to give Paula a show that she would remember. When they arrived she took control of the situation and told Paula to sit in an armchair in the lounge. She put on some soft music and took Lim in her arms and started to dance with her, slowly, provocatively, sensually, her hands running over the girl’s body, touching her tits, her arse, titillating her and occasionally glancing at Paula to make sure she was watching and enjoying the spectacle. She slowly undressed the Chinese girl, stripping her naked, revealing her soft body with it’s small tits and shaved cunt. Then she pushed kaçak casino to the floor in front of Paula, pulling open her legs so that her lover could gaze at the pink lips of Lim’s wet cunt. Paula was touching herself, slowly stroking her own tits, pulling at her nipples, making them stand out through the thin material of her dress. Carole moved behind her and pulled the dress down so that her full tits, capped with the dark red, engorged nipples, were fully exposed.

Moving back to Lim, still lying on the floor, she quickly shed all her own clothes and stood above her head, stroking her tits, pushing a finger into her own cunt, raising it to her lips and sucking off her own juice. Kneeling astride Lim, with her cunt inches from her mouth, she took Lim’s hand and guided it down her body until it was on the bare lips, touching the outer labia.

“Stroke it, Lim. Touch your own cunt. Finger yourself as Paula watches you.”

Moaning softly Lim did as she was bid and at the very moment that her finger entered her own cunt Carole lowered herself down onto her face, rubbing her wet cunt against her face. She fucked the girl’s face as she pulled and pinched her own nipples, feeling Lim’s tongue on her clit, watching Paula masturbate in front of her, grinding and humping until she came on Lim’s face, smearing her with a film of sticky, glistening juice. As she exploded she saw Paula suddenly buck and scream as she came with her, yelling obscenities, demanding more, begging for more.

Turning, Carole lowered her face to Lim’s cunt, licking and slurping at it’s wetness, sucking it loudly with her arse in the air, waving it grotesquely in front of Paula, enjoying the feeling of playing the whore, sucking, tonguing, licking until Lim screamed out that she was coming as she writhed under Carole, coming all over her face.

“Lick my arse, Paula. Lick me as I suck. Finger me. Fuck me with your fingers!”

She felt Paula’s mouth on her, felt her tongue invade her arsehole, felt her fingers playing with her clit and the three of them came together in one writhing, squirming heap, one body, one mind, one voice calling out in the throes of lust and love. And then there was only the sound of panting, soft sobbing, moaning, sighing as they fell to the floor, wrapped together in a seamless whole, holding, crying, laughing, murmuring soft words of love.

It was early in the morning when Lim left them alone, together in bed, wrapped in each other’s arms and they decided that Carole had to move in permanently. A few weeks later she had and they began their life as a couple, a life that Carole thought would never end, until the night she returned unexpectedly and found her lover, her life, in the act of betraying her and all the vows they had made.

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