Easy Pickings

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“What’s the matter, kid?” the man driving the truck asked me. “You couldn’t take your eyes off of it back in the park bathroom.”

I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t move either, unless you count the uncontrollable shaking of my hands. My mind was as paralyzed as the rest of me was, although the way it had been working over the last half hour, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I had made a few rotten choices, the latest of which had involved me getting into the truck when the man had pulled over and told me to get in.

It was a stupid thing to do, and I knew that even before I got in, but I’m what you might call easily intimidated anyway, and him being twice my size only made it worse. The guy was almost 6″3 and 250 pounds, and looked like he could snap me in two if he chose to. I guess I could have just said no and run, but I didn’t.

Before that I had made a couple other less than brilliant decisions. The first of which was even going into the men’s room in the park. I didn’t go in their because I had to go. I went in to look, which is a habit I recently picked up. Harmless enough, I thought. I was just curious.

The other, and as it turned out, my major mistake, was to look over at the man who had moved up to the trench urinal next to me while I stood there pretending to pee like I had for the last couple of minutes.

Unlike yours truly, the man didn’t hide himself after he pulled his penis out. Instead he stood there with his hands on his hips, and like a moth drawn to the flame my eyes went right in the direction of what he was flaunting.

During the brief period of time I had been involved in this new hobby, I had seen dozens of dicks, but none of them were like this man’s. His hung out of the fly of the jeans like a snake, the long tan uncircumcised organ seeming to hang down to his knees, or at least that was the way it had seemed to me.

I should have just glanced and turned away, but no, I couldn’t do that, and although I thought that I was being discrete, I suspect I must have been pretty obvious. So much so that it wasn’t until after he had swiveled a bit toward me and took a step in my direction that I awoke from my trance.

I zipped up and spun away, bolting out of the door in as brisk a walk that I could manage. Hurrying down the path and out of the park, My heart had just about regained a normal beat when a pick-up truck pulled up alongside of me.

“Get in,” said the man who had leaned over and opened the passenger door.

“Let’s go,” he said impatiently as he looked around.

The was the first time I had seen his face, although I had committed his dick to my memory forever. He looked a little like that guy on wrestling, George “The Animal” Steele, only with a little hair on his head and a burnt-orange hued beard. Not a handsome man, to put it mildly, but ruggedly attractive in a way.

I got in.

“I know a place we can go – have some fun – you and me. Okay?”

His hand landed on my thigh, a big hairy hand that went halfway around my skinny thigh, and then his hand moved over onto my lap.

“How old are you, kid?” he asked as he meaty fingers groped around my crotch, and after I told him, in a voice that sounded like I was in a freezer, that I was 18 he snorted before finally finding my dick.

“Got a little pecker?” he chuckled while waiting for the light to change, and as he spoke his hand found it. “Oh. There it is. Not bad. Not bad at all.”

“I’m scared,” I managed to say, which sounded at stupid as you would expect.

I was scared and I was humiliated, but somehow I was getting aroused, and before that light had turned green I had groaned loudly while the man started to pull on me hard through the layers of clothing. So hard that he was almost lifting me up from the seat with each yank.

“What the?” he said as he let go of me and started to drive again. “You cum?”

I had, and the wet stain that began to spread on the front of my khakis was the proof of that, my load oozing through my briefs and pants.

“Horny little fella, aren’t you?” he roared. “You like it rough too, huh? Oh yeah! We’re gonna have us a good time.”

I looked out the window as the truck rolled to wherever I was going to be taken.


I was what you might call a late bloomer, having lived a very sheltered life. Much of that was because I was quite sick for a while, which kept me in the house and with few friends, so to say I was more ignorant about most everything than your average 18 year old would be an accurate assessment.

My sexual experience consisted of one incident, which happened just after I turned 18. It was with a older gentleman who had managed to seduce me before I knew what hit me. One minute I was sitting in the park after going to the library, and the next thing I knew I was in the man’s bedroom naked.

“You should be careful, son,” the man told me after driving me home. “You’re a little too trusting, you might say.”

Maybe he felt guilty, but although it was strange illegal bahis advice to be giving someone you had just spent hours sucking on his dick and teaching him how to suck yours, it was probably good advice. He had me figured out. I just couldn’t help that part of me. I guess it’s my nature to think that people are decent, and luckily most are.

Was this man that was driving me somewhere “we could could have some fun” a nice guy? I didn’t know. I didn’t know where he was driving either, because I couldn’t take my eyes off of his cock, which he had left out of his pants after initially exposing himself to me behind the wheel.

So while the truck made its serpentine way to wherever, I kept staring at his cock while wishing he had his pants off so I could see all of him. He dick was a dusky brown, and his foreskin was so long that it completely covered the head of his cock, which looked as big as a plum under the shroud.

That first man I had been with had been uncircumcised as well, but his dick didn’t look anything like this. His had been normal sized, like mine, while the one I was gawking was anything but, and after seeing it swinging around back in the bathroom limp, was trying to fathom exactly how big it would become when he got hard.

“Here we are,” the man said as the truck stopped abruptly, and when I looked up all I could see was trees all around.

We had driven up a narrow dirt road that looked like it had never been used, judging by the grass that grew around the narrow tire tracks, and outside of the numerous NO TRESSPASSING signs on the trees, there was no sign of anything resembling civilization.

“I though you were taking me to – your place,” I mumbled.

“Don’t think that would be a good idea,” he said. “Grab the glide in the glove box for me.”

“Huh?” I responded, and then figured out what he was talking about.

When I opened the glove compartment, it practically fell on my lap. A tube of something called Anal-Glide, and while I was about as ignorant as they come, even I knew what that was for, and my hand recoiled from it like it was a snake.

“Mister, I never… you know,” I managed to say as I stared at the tube of lube.

“Really?” he said, looking at me suspiciously before chuckling as he reached across my lap to get at it. “Good. Real good. Won’t need these then.”

He threw a couple of Magnum condoms back into the box after his beefy paw grabbed the lube, and the next thing I knew he was waiting for me outside the truck.

“Come on,” he said while looking into the truck at me, and it was on shaky legs that I climbed out of the truck and followed him up a path.

“Where are we going?” I asked, as it occurred to me that strange things had been known to happen around town lately, and there was a possibility that I might be following some kind of murderer or something.

“Someplace nice and secluded where we can get to know each other better,” he said with a laugh, and it was then that he turned and looked at me.

I guess he must have been able to read my mind because he stopped and put his hand out, bringing me up beside him as that big arm came around my shoulder.

“Don’t be scared son,” he said, his gravelly voice as soft as it could probably be. “This is property my hunting club owns, and you don’t have to be afraid of me. I’m harmless. I’m just playing with your head. I thought you might be the time who liked it that way. My name’s Oscar.”

“Andy – My name’s Andy,” I managed to say.

“Pleasure meeting you,” Oscar said, and as we made a turn on the path I saw what was to be our destination, a large lean-to that overlooked a little pond.

“This is nicer than the cabin further down – at least I like it better,” Oscar said, adding, “As nice as my place too. Since the economy tanked things haven’t been so – you know.”

The economy was something my folks worried about, so while I didn’t really know, I nodded in agreement as I looked into the lean-to, which was big enough to park a car in, with a shelf in the back that had a bunch of blankets and camping stuff, and a large table against the side wall.

“A man gets gets lonely,” Oscar said as he stood next to me, grabbing a blanket and tossing in haphazardly on the wooden floor. “Back there in the park, you looked like you were lonely too Andy.”

Was I? I had parents, an older sister and a few friends, but maybe he was right because I felt like I didn’t belong a lot of the time.

“I guess,” I admitted.

“Don’t be scared,” Oscar said as he cupped my cheeks with his hands. “I would never hurt you.”

“I’m not scared,” I lied, and he knew it was a lie and told me so, but said he understood, and then he bent down and kissed me.

It was unexpected and also new, because I had never kissed a guy before, and very few women. The feeling of his beard was weird, but the scent of him was intoxicating. Maybe it was the aroma of some kind of pipe tobacco that had such a manly aroma, but whatever it was I let illegal bahis siteleri him kiss me and even kissed him back before he eased backward.

“Don’t usually do that,” the hulking giant said, seeming a bit embarrassed at that sudden outburst of emotion, but I told him it was okay.

“Let me see you,” Oscar said as he pulled my t-shirt out from under my jeans. “Been over 30 years since I saw what 18 looks like.”

“Here?” I said.

“No one here to see you except me,” he explained, and then my shirt was over my head. “Beautiful. You’re beautiful, Andy.”

As Oscar’s weathered hands stroked my chest my body tingled, even though I had no idea how I had become beautiful, or anything close. I was a scrawny kid and at 5’9″ and 140 pounds looked like the before pictures in bodybuilding ads, but Oscar seemed to not care how pathetic I looked.

So I stood there while Oscar’s hands slid over my upper torso, gently tweaking my nipples and sliding his hands under my arms to run his fingers through the little sprays of hair hidden in the deep pockets.

“Let’s get these off of you,” Oscar said as he knelt down in front of me on the blanket.

My jeans were gross, with the big round patch still wet from my earlier ejaculation, so when they came down I was glad that they were off. My underwear was a real disaster, the semen filled cotton briefs that my stuff was stewing in making me blush, but if Oscar cared he didn’t show it.

Instead he gingerly pulled the sticky underwear down and off of my ankles, and then he was taking my gooey limp dick in his hand and pulling on it, telling me how perfect my cock was.

I was going to tell him that I was willing to trade my painfully normal equipment for his, but after his mouth inhaled my cock and he started to suck, I forgot all about that. Instead I stood there in the middle of that lean-to, my hands running through his thinning red hair, while he made love to my dick.

His mouth was wet and warm, and he was sucking my dick hard, pulling back the rubbery tube, stretching it out to the limit before burying his face in my pubes again. Oscar was making noises as if he was enjoying a meal rather than trying to get me hard, snorting and mumbling while his beard tickled my legs each time his face went forward.

Glancing down, I saw that the man had gotten his jeans down as he knelt in the lean-to and his arm was moving, leaving no doubt as to what he was doing. Oscar was jerking himself off, and while my view was largely blocked by his head, what I could see was mind-boggling.

I wanted to see more, so I tried to slither down onto my knees along with him. When he realized what I was doing he reluctantly let my dick out of his mouth and rose to a standing position, which had his cock swaying in my face.

It was hard and it was huge. My hand was trembling when I reached up to grab it, and my fingers were unable to get all the way around the shaft as I pulled back the foreskin, revealing the plum-sized head of his manhood which looked like an apple from where I knelt.

The musky aroma hit me as my mouth opened wide to take in the bell-shaped glans, trying hard not to scrape the tender flesh as I did. Now Oscar’s hands were running through my hair as I did what was probably a horrible job of sucking the enormous organ.

Both of my hands were now on the shaft of his cock, pumping while I tried and failed to get much more that the plump knob of his cock in my mouth while trying not to gag. I wasn’t very good at it but I probably wasn’t as bad as I feared because Oscar was still hard and I could feel his manhood pulsating in my fists.

My own dick was hard again, a product of the visual arousal of seeing Oscar unwrapped, and just when I thought I was going to have to stop because my jaws were aching I felt Oscar’s hands under my arms, effortlessly lifting me to my feet and kissing me again.

“Oh – your cock is hard again,” Oscar mumbled as I felt his hand grab me while we kissed, and I was helpless to resist even if I had wanted to when he moved us so my back was against the wall.

His beefy hand was slick, greased with that gel he had brought back here with him, and then his other hand went down there as well.

“OH!” I groaned, my knees almost giving out when I felt my cock being squeezed against Oscar’s manhood by the iron grip of his hands.

“Like that, don’t you Andy?” Oscar moaned as our stiff greased cocks rubbed against each other.

I did. I liked it too much, and was powerless to stop myself from cumming, ejaculating wildly all over Oscar. As I stopped cumming Oscar let go of our stuff and reached around me, cupping my buttocks and lifting me up.

It was like I was a kid again, being tossed around like a rag doll by my old man as he carried me to bed, but Oscar wasn’t my father, a fact that I was reminded of when I felt an oiled finger enter my anus.

And another. It hurt like hell, and as those fingers reached deep into my ass while spinning and churning, I realized canlı bahis siteleri I was being carried over to that big table, with Oscar taking little steps because his jeans were down around his knees.

Was that another finger? It felt like the man’s whole hand was in my ass, and I could no longer stop the tears from trickling down my cheeks as he gently rested me on my back on the table.

What was the table used for usually? Did these men bone fish on it, or gut deer or other wildlife, or was it for putting scared kids down onto, naked except for their socks with their legs dangling over the end? How many had been right where I was, terrified at the thought of what was about to happen?

Standing above me, Oscar was unbuttoning his shirt, so much in a hurry that one button went flying off as his fingers raced down the row. His chest was broad and covered with reddish brown hair, and if I wasn’t so scared I would have liked to have enjoyed the sight or even let my fingers rake through the pelt of fur.

Oscar was putting more gel on his cock, which looked angry as he stroked and lubed, and the sight of my cum all over his bush almost made me chuckle until I felt my thighs being spread apart wide while he moved up next to the table.

“Relax,” I remember the gentle giant saying as I felt the knob of his cock press against my anus while my legs did an imitation of the drumstick on Thanksgiving.

My scream – and make no mistake about it – it was a guttural scream that carried for miles in the desolation, reflected the searing pain that filled my bowels as Oscar pushed his tool into me, but I suspect only two humans heard it.

I don’t know what it looked like when that gigantic organ squeezed inside my tiny ring, and I didn’t want to see it even if I could have. I knew what the pain felt like, and it hurt so bad that I didn’t care that I was being a baby. Above me, Oscar was moving back and forth against the table, reaching down and squeezing my nipples and reminding me to relax.

“So tight,” Oscar gasped as he started moving in and out a little faster.

“Hurts,” I whimpered. “Don’t put it all in.”

“I’m not babe,” he said and reached down to pull of shoulders and neck up. “See?”

I couldn’t see much, other than on the other side of my limp dick I could see that he was telling the truth. Not only wasn’t he shoving that entire thing into my ass, he probably didn’t even have half of it in me.

“Doing good,” Oscar said as he let me go back down onto the table. “Gonna start feeling good to you real soon too.”

I doubted that, although he didn’t hurt as much as it went on, and I admit that when he had gotten me in a position to look down I half expected to see me covered with blood because he was disemboweling me, but that wasn’t the case at all. As Oscar moved faster and deeper, I actually did start to relax, more from nervous exhaustion than anything else.

“Pull on yourself,” Oscar was saying as he kept probing me, bringing my hand up to my own dick, which was as limp as a dish rag. “Want to watch you.”

So I started to yank on my dick even though between cumming twice and the anal discomfort I was sure nothing was going to happen. There was a slapping sound that I had noticed for a while, and I think it must have been Oscar’s balls whacking against the butcher block below me, and the rhythm matched Oscar’s grunting with each thrust.

As Oscar’s sweat began to rain down on me, peppering my bare chest and stomach even though it wasn’t that hot a day, I began to have a change of emotions. No longer was I wishing it would end, and maybe Oscar sensed it too because he smiled as he looked down at me.

I wanted to bury my face in that hairy chest, longed to suck on his nipples and chew on his armpits, and as I fantasized about doing just that I felt my dick tingle. I wasn’t hard – not even close – but as I yanked on my dick and looked down I watched it start spurting all over me.

From above, Oscar let out a bellow, and then he was joining me. I felt his cock jerk inside of me, and then a warm wave soothed my aching bowels as his seed filled my cavity.

“You okay Andy?” Oscar was asking me, and when I nodded he brought me up to a sitting position and hugged me.

“Ow!” I gasped when his cock popped out of me, causing more discomfort that it had while being in there, and as I watched Oscar waddle over to grab a blanket his slowly deflating cock swayed in front of him, and I was amazed that he had actually gotten most of that in me.

Oscar threw a blanket around me and held me close, embracing me while I rested my head on his shoulder. The hollow ache in my bowels – was that a result of his having been inside me or more of me wishing he was still in there? I didn’t know.

“Better get you home,” Oscar was saying, and as he helped me down I noticed that we were losing daylight. How long had we been in the lean-to? Not long enough.

After we got dressed we slowly walked out of the woods and back to his truck. I was having some trouble walking but refused Oscar’s offer of carrying me out. From inside me I felt his seed oozing out with each step, a messy but pleasant reminder of what had been the most exciting experience of my life.

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