Evan’s Fun For The Day

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Evan woke up with a hard on. He rubbed his chest and had accidentally rubbed his own nipples. He moaned in response and kept pinching his nipples. Why not have a good cum before showering and going to work? He wrapped his fingers around his boyfriend Roy’s boner and guided it to his ass. It took very little coaxing to get Roy to fuck Evan’s ass. “Lick, Roy.” Evan commanded. Roy licked Evan’s erection as he fucked his ass. Evan writhed in pleasure as Roy worked him. Oh this was hot! Evan shot his wad and Roy licked it up hungrily and kept fucking Evan’s ass. Evan was howling with pleasure by now. Roy came up Evan’s ass then hugged Evan. Evan smiled in his lover’s arms. Evan got up, showered and changed and then left for work.

All day long he had a massive erection thinking of Roy doing him. Once, without realizing it, he had reached inside his trousers and started jerking off. Beth, the office slut, saw him doing that and got on her knees turning Evan towards her. Without saying a word, she undid his pants and sucked his cock hard. In no time, Evan shot his wad into her mouth. “You. Me. Broom Closet. Lunch.” Beth said low in Evan’s ear. At Lunch, he saw Beth walking to the broom closet and decided his new hard on needed relieving. He just about ran to the door. He opened it and found Beth on the floor, skirt up, pussy wet, and a flashlight shoved up her cunt. His cock strained even harder at his pants. “Oh baby! Work this sopping pussy for me!” Evan locked the door then kneeled at Beth’s feet and started fucking her pussy with the flashlight. He watched as she creamed more and more as he worked her good. Evan searched for something to put up his ass. NOTHING! Damn it! He just hoped her pussy would make him cum enough. He removed the flashlight and buried his cock in her cunt.

“Hard deep fast uuuh yes! More! Faster! Oh God! YES YES YYES!” Beth juiced all over Evan’s rod. As he hadn’t finished yet, he grabbed Beth’s ankles and drove his long thick prick up her pussy even harder and covered her mouth as she was beginning to get really noisy. He fucked Beth for what seemed like forever, but he just couldn’t shoot. Then he thought about this morning and getting his ass fucked and spurted his juices up her snatch. Evan hadn’t realized it but Beth had passed out from the orgasm. Evan had relaxed so much from fucking Beth so hard that he didn’t realize that he was pissing up her pussy. He liked the feeling of his golden fluid washing the cum from in her vagina. Evan then pulled his half limp cock out of Beth and pissed on her blouse as she laid there her bright pink nipples showing distinctly through the wet fabric.

He left her fucked body there and got to the bathrooms just as the first person got back from lunch. Evan was hungry, but he figured he’d snack casino oyna on some used pussy before going home that afternoon. Evan went to his usual stall and removed the 4th brick above the toilet. Evan reached inside and pulled out a little black shaving bag opening it up and pulling out the life like dildo and lube. He really needed to get it up the ass. He and Roy had made casts of their erections for each other so that they could always fuck each other’s cock. Roy’s was as thick as Evan’s wrist and longer than a ruler about 17 inches from sac to tip. Evan lubed up the monster and rammed it up his sphincter. Evan worked himself just like Roy had done this morning. One hand on his cock, the other, he pretended, raping his asshole. Twenty minutes later cum hit the stall door and Evan relaxed again. He needed to take Beth home with him tonight. Roy would love it.

Evan put his things away and licked the dripping orgasm juice off the stall door then made his way back to his cubicle. On his way, he saw Beth with a different blouse on and he laughed because she had an extra. He did some work then found some stuff to copy. Beth followed him in and closed the door behind her. Evan turned around and Beth kissed him deeply and as she pulled her mouth from his, she said, “NO ONE has ever made me cum like you did. I need to cum home with you tonight. Maybe your boyfriend could watch, or even join in.”

“I’d have to check with Roy first. He may have something planned. But let’s meet back here after hours anyway so I can have a snack before we leave.”

“Even if he doesn’t want to?”

“I’ll still plunge my cock up you whether or not he wants to watch or join us.”

“My pussy is in desperate need of snacking right now.”

“So is my cock…” Evan cupped Beth’s mound and slid a finger up her hot cunt. “But we must…” another finger went inside her pussy shortly followed by a third and then a fucking movement. He kissed her lips tenderly as he worked her pussy almost to orgasm “wait.” And he pulled his fingers out of her watery hole. “Men’s restroom, third stall in, fourth brick above the toilet is a bag. It has a dildo in it. You may use it.” Beth tore out of the copy room and Evan laughed as he licked her juices from his fingers. Copies finished, Evan called Roy from his desk. “Hey Hun! Listen, I was wondering since we decided to have an open relationship and all if you wouldn’t mind me bringing home the office slut. You can join in if you want. Or just watch and stroke.”

“Male or female?”

“A really nice female with huge tits and a hot, tight, wet pussy and, from fingering her cunt, she tastes pretty good.”

“Bring her over! It’s always fun to see a chick’s eyes when she knows she’s gunna get loaded by this cock.”

“Does it canlı casino get you hard thinking about seeing her eyes open really wide?”

“MMM yes it does, lover.”

“Let me hear you stroke it.” Evan heard Roy beating the shit out of his cock, which got him hard again.

“Oh baby, you get me so hot! UUUUH! Stroke it under that desk for me!” Evan started rubbing his cock through his pants. “No baby, inside your pants,” Roy knew Evan well. Evan stuck his hand in his pants and started stroking listening to Roy pant. “Oh shit! Baybee! I’m gunna cum!” Roy started grunting and moaning while shooting his load. It totally sent Evan over the edge and he came in his boxers. “I can’t wait until you two cum over here. Make sure she cleans your boxers out before you get here. You know how I like to suck a clean cock.” With that Evan and Roy hung up. Evan thought that 5 p.m. took forever to get around but it finally did. Beth walked over to him and put his hand on her dripping snatch where he found the handle of his dildo of Roy’s cock.

“Work my pussy with it and eat the cream that oozes out,” Evan on hands and knees started licking Beth’s super creamy slit. “Oh shit! Cumming baby! Take it out, let my nectar flow!” Evan took it out and swallowed the gushing pussy juice. It tasted better directly from her cunt. Beth thrashed around in orgasm for a while, Evan drinking every drop and snaking his tongue in her pussy for more. Beth pinned his head to the desk and said, “Now for a payback.” Evan didn’t have to wait long to find out what it was. Beth’s piss shot out of her bladder and all over Evan’s face. Being used to Roy pissing in his mouth, Evan swallowed what he could. When she has pissed the last drop, Evan pulled Beth onto the floor with him and pushed her face into his hard as a rock crotch and humped her face to give her the clue to suck him. She opened his piss soaked pants and licked up the cum from when he and Roy had masturbated together on the phone. She took all of Evan’s cock deep into her mouth and throat each time she went down. Evan threw his head back in pleasure and moaned louder each time Beth took his cock all the way in. For Evan it seemed hours. Maybe it was. But all he knew is that when he ejaculated, it was the best orgasm he’d ever had. “We’d better go see Roy before he masturbates all his cum away.”

In the car, Evan couldn’t keep his fingers out of Beth’s cunt. He’d finger her fast. He’d finger her slow. Even with the music blasting Beth could be heard over the music cumming wildly. When Evan got to his and Roy’s place, he picked Beth up and carried her inside. Roy met them at the door and started sucking Beth’s tits immediately. “Woo she’s a hot bitch. Why’s she passed out?”

“She made me finger her until we got here. I did, and kaçak casino apparently very well too.”

“Mmmm. I want to suck her pussy. Bring her in.”

Evan brought Beth in and Roy had gotten some smelling salts, which he opened and waved under her nose. Beth came to and looked from Evan to Roy with lust in her eyes. “Do me boys!” Roy got on his knees between her thighs and Evan opened his pants to get that hot mouth around his cock once again. Roy licked and snaked his tongue along her juicy slit. Evan fucked her mouth. Faster and faster each went. Finally Roy took Beth’s cunt as Evan pulled his soft spent cock out of her mouth. “Stop a sec, Roy.” Roy stopped and pulled out. “Lay on your back.” Roy obeyed and Beth straddled him forward then lay on top of him. “Evan, take my ass.”

“Just a second, it’s limp. Lemme watch you fuck Roy and I’ll take your ass.”

“Fine with me.” And Beth rode Roy’s monster cock like a bronco. Evan finally got his erection back and pushed Beth on top of Roy. “Good, I was about to cum. Now both of you fuck me!” Evan and Roy fucked Beth first at opposite strokes. If possible, Beth was yelling even louder than in the car on the way over. “I’m gunna blow soon!” said Roy.

“I’m not…far be…hind you!” panted Evan.

“Fuck yes boys! Cum in me! Fill me with jizz!”

“Oh shit! Oh shit yes! Oh you dirty sluuut!” Roy yelled as he pumped Beth full of his orgasm juice. Evan followed soon there after. All of them panted and fell asleep for a while.

Evan awoke to spanking noises and opened his eyes to see Beth had Roy on her lap and giving Roy a good beating. Roy enjoyed nothing more than getting his ass spanked. Beth must have been spanking him for a while because there was a huge amount of cum on the floor.

“I didn’t tell you you could cum!” Beth played the part so well. WHACK! “Bad boy!” WHACK! “Don’t cum again until I tell you to!” WHACK! Evan started jerking himself off as he watched Beth with Roy. He knew Roy was in total ecstasy. Evan stood up and walked over to the pair. “Want to help me punish this bad slave?” Beth asked.

“Sure!” Evan agreed and got what he used on Roy’s ass when Roy was really bad. And he had been. Evan held the huge butt plug at Roy’s ass and pushed it in. Roy loosened his shitter and it slid in easily, as it did, Roy moaned as loud as Beth had earlier. Beth regained her voice, “Fuck my pussy, slave.” Roy got up, then Beth. She lay on the bed they had screwed in earlier and Roy took his place between her legs. He showed her his cock and her eyes opened wide, just like Roy liked. With Roy’s cock and ass busy, Evan went to his mouth, and Roy sucked his dick. Beth liked the looks of Evan’s ass above her face, and licked his asshole. Roy shot his cum up Beth’s pussy but kept fucking her cunt. That fact sent Beth over the edge whose moans vibrated Evan’s asshole who then ejaculated into Roy’s mouth setting off another chain of orgasms. They fucked all night and Beth moved in the next week.

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