Evey Green: Career Woman Ch. 01

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Waking up to the shrill whine of my alarm clock, I shut it off and enjoy the few blissful moments of grogginess before remembering what today is. Pete is asleep next to me. His chestnut hair falls across his forehead. Reluctantly, my body rises from our bed and I slip into a hot shower. I’m rinsing the soap out of my eyes when I hear the shower curtain rings sliding and suddenly Pete’s hands are on my hips.

“Morning,” I smile, eyes still closed.

I feel him press into my bottom. He leaves a trail of lingering kisses from my shoulder to my neck and up to my ear. I fight the urge to give in to his advances and he turns me around, covering my mouth with his. I let his tongue into my mouth and end our morning breathy kiss abruptly.


“Is it my breath? Let me brush…” he says and steps out of the shower.

I finish quickly and hop out, wrapping a towel around myself.

“Hey, hey. Where are you headed in such a hurry?” he pulls at my towel.

“Pete, I don’t have time for this. I’m nervous as it is and being late will only make matters worse,” I snap and push past him.

I flip the light on in the closet and retrieve my smart new first-day-on-the-job outfit. Today I start my first real job in the real world. I’ll be answering to a woman called Vivien Jones at the Chicago office of an international marketing firm. Pete’s best friend from college works there and put in a good word for me. I slip on the black Christian Louboutons that Pete bought me for my birthday a few weeks ago and glance at myself in the mirror.

Pete’s voice comes from behind me, “Evey? Evey Green? Is that you?”

I blush at him in the mirror and smile, loosening up for the first time this morning. He wraps his arms around the waist of my grey dress and pulls me against him. “I know that you don’t want to be late, but just know that I will be peeling you out of this later this evening,”

“Yes, please,” I giggle and turn to kiss him. He pats my butt as I walk out the door, “Go get ’em!”

I blow him a kiss as the elevator doors close. Walking out onto the busy sidewalk, I glance down the street and remember one of the best parts about this job: my new building is one block from where I live on Michigan Avenue. Making my way through the revolving glass door, I enter the pristine lobby. My shoes click melodically along the marble floor. I peek down only for a moment and I can see the red soles of my shoes in the reflection of the marble and I am giddy. I approach the gentleman at the desk. He looks like he is in his twenties. His hair is combed in a perfectly 60s businessman way and suit is crisp and pressed.

I smile a bright smile at him and show him my temporary badge. He nods at me and waves me through with a polite “Good morning, Miss Green.”

An escalator takes me up to the second floor where I board a golden elevator. A tall, handsome man in a dark suit smiles at me, “What floor?”

“Sixteenth, please,” I blush up at him. We ride in silence and when I step out he winks at me. Blushing again, I approach the desk where our receptionist sits. She stands when she sees me coming and smoothes her skirt before extending a perfectly manicured hand to me. “Miss Green, good morning. Please come this way,” she says and walks ahead of me, holding open a very tall frosted glass door. We walk past a series of desks and offices before reaching a large office overlooking parts of Millennium Park and Lake Michigan. Behind the desk in the sterile office sits a woman who looks about ten years my senior. When she sees me, she stands up from her desk and smiles a tight smile. Her blouse hugs her tightly, revealing an athletic but very womanly figure. Her blonde hair is slicked back into a perfect bun and her eyes sparkle blue against the background of the lake.

“Miss Green, Vivien Jones,” she extends her hand. “Evey, please,” I shake her hand firmly and she smirks. “Evey,” she gestures to one of the leather chairs in front of her desk, “Please, tell me a little bit about yourself.”

“Well, I graduated from Columbia College not too long ago. I am originally from Chicago. I’ve lived here all my life…” my voice fades as I run out of things to say and I begin to fidget.

She raises her perfectly arched eyebrows, “And?”

My voice is quiet, “And, what?”

She reaches forward on her desk, “Tell me something interesting. Say, for instance, where you got those fabulous shoes.”

I smile and look at my feet, “Oh, my boyfriend bought them for me. A birthday gift.”

“What a lovely gift. Well, let me tell you a little about me. I got my degree from UIC and started the same job you’re starting ten years ago. This company likes to promote from within. My last three assistants were promoted within a year and are all still with the company. We hope that you’ll be with us for a while, Evey. You’ve had an impressive academic career.”

My fidgeting stops and I touch my warm cheeks. Why is this woman making me so nervous? “Thank you, Miss Jones,” I smile.

“Evey, please call me Vivien. You and I will casino oyna be working very closely and I don’t like to be too formal. First names. Now, I have some paper work for you to look over. Afterwards we’ll get you set up with a laptop, email, and company credit card. Then perhaps you and I can get some lunch.” Vivien walks over to a sleek stainless steel filing cabinet and retrieves and envelope.

I sign my name for what feels like the thousandth time and look at the clock. How is it already 11:30? I look at Vivien who is going over the papers I’ve signed. She really is quite attractive. I had always imagined having a male boss at a big downtown job. A knock at the door startles me. The receptionist is carrying a large box. She sets it down in front of me.

“Evey, are you familiar with Macs? Because that one is yours. Name her, learn her, she will be your best friend for the duration of your time here.”

I run my fingers along the case and open it. I power it up and Vivien leans over my shoulder to instruct me on company email set up. She smells divine. Crisp, clean, and a little bit floral. He breasts brush my shoulder lightly and I flush, not hearing a word she’s saying for a few moments.

We work through lunch and before we know it the clock says it is 5pm.

“Oh, dear. Where has the day gone? You must be famished. Can I buy you dinner? A first day celebratory meal,” Vivien smiles a sweet smile I haven’t seen yet. I shoot Pete a quick text and tuck my phone back into my purse.

Vivien takes me to a lovely restaurant and we sit at a table that faces the lake. My favorite. Three drinks and two appetizers in, Vivien is grilling me about Pete. “So why aren’t you two married? Four years is a long time,” she stabs at the olive in her martini with a toothpick and pops it into her mouth, sucking the end of the toothpick with her full pink lips.

I shrug and sip the martini Vivien ordered for me. “What about you? I don’t see a ring on your finger,” I say with more bravery than I’d had all day.

“I was married. Life is always changing, Evey. My tastes changed over the years and so I moved on,” she finishes her drink, “Anyway, Pete just must be some kind of fool to leave a girl like you unmarried for the rest of us to snap up,” she winks at me. My head buzzes for a moment. Realizing what she’s just said, I wonder if she’s making a pass at me.

No. Not possible. It’s the vodka talking.

I look at my phone and it’s almost 10. Pete has sent four texts to the tune of “Where are you?”

“I’m sorry, Vivien, I didn’t realize that it had gotten so late. I have to get home,” I say, collecting my purse from the chair next to me.

Vivien puts a hand on my arm and frowns, “Oh, no! I’m sorry I’ve kept you so late. Let me get you a cab home.”

We stumble out of the restaurant into the cool summer evening. Vivien holds her liquor well. I fight my cloudy thoughts and heavy eyelids while she hails a cab. When we pull up outside of my building, she reaches over and puts her hand on my knee. “Thank you so much for your help today. I think we’ll make a great team.”

My entire lower body warms at her touch. I mumble some version of “See you tomorrow” and climb out of the cab.

When I walk in the door I am greeted by a large vase on our kitchen table. A bouquet of lilies – my favorite – hangs over the rim. Two glasses of champagne sit next to the flowers. Pete is nowhere to be found. I walk down the hallway and find him asleep on the sofa. A pang of guilt hits me and I walk over, covering him with a blanket. His eyes flutter open and he smiles at me.

“Hey,” he says sleepily.

“Hi. I’m sorry I’m so late. My boss wanted to go out for a drink and it turned into three drinks and some food…”

“I suspect he was a perfect gentleman?” he sits up.

“She had the purest of intentions,” I say, not knowing whether or not that’s true. Pete pulls me into his lap and kisses me deeply. The warmth I felt when Vivien touched my knee returns and in one swift move Pete is on top of me. He moves quickly, working my dress up over my hips. “God, I want you. This dress. These shoes,” his voice is raspy. I can feel his erection against my panties and with one graceful motion he moves the fabric aside and he is inside me. My body lurches forward, responding to him.

Vivien pops into my head and I close my eyes. I remember how good she smelled. Pete moans into my shoulder and he fists his hands in my hair as he empties into me.

Just as I hit send on my work email, Vivien storms into the office. “Evey!” she shouts and I startle. “Evey, it’s been nearly three weeks, so I’m not mad, but this kind of thing can’t happen in the future.”

I furrow my brow, confused. She holds out two papers, both emails I’ve sent. “You’ve mixed up the recipients, Evey. They are less than pleased.”

I put a hand to my face, “Vivien, I am so sorry. I don’t know how I let that happen. You have so many clients and I’m just trying to get accustomed.”

Her face softens. “It’s okay. I’m sorry that I shouted. Please canlı casino be sure to take more care going forward.”

I step out of the office and into the bathroom just outside of Vivien’s office. The tile floor is a mosaic of Lake Michigan and the walls are a muted green. The lighting is soft and when I look at my reflection in the mirror I look tired. My brown hair looks drab. I fish my lip gloss from my picket and apply a bit before pulling my hair up into a low pony. There. That’s better.

When I walk back into the office, Vivien is on the phone. She smiles and me and for the first time today I notice how low her blouse goes. My goodness, she’s got nice breasts. I check my phone and there’s a text from Pete. “Publisher in NY wants to meet today. Flying out at 2. Lunch?”

I approach Vivien’s desk and she smiles up at me. “Pete just texted me that he has to meet with a publisher today. Would it be alright if I stepped out for lunch now?”

“Lunch with Pete? May I join you? I would love to meet him,” she picks her purse up and grabs her sunglasses before I can make up an excuse and we are out the door.

Vivien opens the door for me when we enter the restaurant and Pete is sitting at a table near the windows. He looks effortlessly handsome, as always.

“Pete, this is Vivien. My boss. Vivien, my boyfriend, Pete,” I am obviously nervous with no idea why.

“So you’re the four-year boyfriend,” she smirks and extends a hand.

Oh, that’s why. My face heats and I am shocked at her audacity.

“I’m sorry?” he raises and eyebrow.

“Pete has been so busy with publishers over the last couple of years…” I mumble, trying to make an excuse for our lack of engagement.

“Well, I’m sure you know you’re a lucky man,” Vivien smirks again. “Publisher. So you’re a writer then?”

“So to speak, yes,” Pete laughs at himself. “I’ve written a series of children’s books. “Penny Pepper”?”

“Ah, yes. My niece enjoys Penny Pepper,” Vivien sips her water, unimpressed.

Vivien picks up her phone, “Bad news, Evey. We’ve got to get back to the office ASAP. A client needs me on a conference call in 10.”

I look at Pete and he shrugs at me. I kiss Pete goodbye and out of the corner of my eye I see Vivien roll her eyes.

Just after 5pm, Vivien has been out of the office for two hours. I rub my eyes and walk over by the window. I imagine myself on one of the sailboats, slicing gracefully through the clear blue water while the evening sun dances across my face. Vivien comes in and smiles at me.

“Would you mind staying a little late with me? I have two days worth of work here,” she shakes a stack of papers.

“Of course I’ll stay.”

Vivien walks over to an intricately detailed liquor cabinet. Why haven’t I noticed it before? She pulls out a couple of glasses and a bottle full of brown liquid.

“Bourbon?” she holds up the bottle.

I don’t drink bourbon. “Sure” I smile meekly.

I take a sip from the glass and fight a sour face while the warm liquid burns down my throat and into my stomach. Remembering that I hardly touched my lunch, I feel the bourbon a little quicker than I might’ve had I eaten.

I save the last of the files to our shared folder and finish the last sip of my bourbon. Vivien sits at her desk with her head in her hands. She starts to rub her neck and notices that I’m watching her.

“Can I make a strange request? Would you try to work this knot out of my shoulder? I was supposed to have a massage this evening but work got in the way.”

I don’t know if it’s the bourbon or the face that it’s suddenly dark outside, but I stand up from my desk and walk over behind Vivien’s chair. I place a hand on her bare shoulder. Her skin is soft under my fingers. I can smell her. Fresh. Clean. The familiar warmth in my lower body returns when I hear her moan.

“Mmm, Evey. That’s lovely. You have skilled hands.”

The warmth intensifies and I feel like my knees could buckle. She reaches up with one hand and pulls a single pin from her hair releasing soft curls that fall around her shoulders. I move the hair out of the way and continue rubbing.

Vivien moans again. This time she moans my name. It’s velvety and deep and I can’t believe it when moisture forms between my thighs.

Vivien stands up and gestures to her chair. “Your turn.”

I can feel the redness in my cheeks and begin to protest but Vivien puts her hands on my shoulders and moves me into her chair. Her hands are strong on my shoulders and the warmth is now tingling. I’m wet and my incredibly attractive boss is the reason.

I allow my eyes to close and I feel her breath on my neck. Her lips are so close to my skin and I begin to feel overwhelmed. I stand in a hurry and collect my purse before nearly tripping over my chair. I wish Vivien a good night and leave before she can say a word.

Friday morning arrives and Vivien is far more casual than I’ve seen her. Her hair hangs loosely around her shoulders and she’s wearing a brightly colored floral dress that bounces with kaçak casino every step she takes.

“Happy Friday!” she says brightly and puts a latte on my desk.

“Thanks!” I giggle at her cheery demeanor. My fears of an awkward day are gone and it’s business as usual.

“How about we cut outta here early today, hm? I wanna hit the beach!” she beams at me from her desk.

“Well, actually, I have plans with my girlfriends later…”

“Evey, your boss wants to hang out with you at the beach. I sign your paychecks!” she laughs and then almost looks desperate.

“Okay, Vivien, let’s go to the beach,” I smile back at her.

We work until about 2pm and she announces that we are done for the week. I invite Vivien back to my place to change into our suits. I look out the window at the lake and see some disheartening clouds moving in.

“Vivien, the beach might not happen today. Storm clouds are moving in quick.”

She opens the bathroom door, and there she stands, topless in only her bikini bottom. I cover my eyes but have the memory of her perfectly round breasts ingrained in my memory. They are as big as they looked under her blouses.

In the kitchen, I’m pouring tea into a couple of mugs when Vivien walks in wearing my bathrobe.

“Tea?” she smirks at me and then goes for the liquor cabinet. “Wow, you guys have the good shit,” she pulls out several bottles and sets them on top of the cabinet.

“That’s all Pete’s. I don’t really drink.”

She mixes us some very strong drinks and we sit down in the living room. I turn on music for background noise and we talk for a while. The storm picks up and lightning flashes across the sky over and over.

Vivien scoots closer to me and pretends to be scared. The moisture between my legs returns. I’m fairly certain it’s the booze talking and I say, “You have really nice tits,”

Vivien sits up and looks at me, surprised. “Well, I didn’t think you even saw them, you covered your eyes so quickly.”

“You ARE my boss. I was just trying to be respectful.” I blush.

She leans in, “Wanna know a secret?”

I nod.

“They’re fake,” she winks and drops the robe. “Feel them,”

“I can’t,” I shake my head.

“Sure you can,” she grabs my hands and places them over her hard nipples. Using her hands on top of mine, she rubs and massages her own breasts. “Nice, right?”

I nod and swallow hard. I’m sitting on my couch feeling my boss’s amazing tits.

Her eyes soften and she doesn’t take her gaze off of mine. “Now, I get to see yours,” she yanks the straps of my dress off my shoulders and my breasts fall free. They aren’t as big as hers, not by a long shot, but they’re real.

She reaches up and pinches my nipples. I jerk back in shock and my mouth drops open. She reaches again, “Don’t be so prude,” she laughs and grabs my breasts hard. She lifts herself off the couch and straddles me. My mind is spinning and I can’t wrap my brain around what is happening.

She looks at me and without a word attaches her mouth to my left nipple. I’m frozen. I watch her work her tongue around the hard tip and suck it deep. My thighs are on fire and a moan escapes my throat.

“Vivien…” my protest comes out much deeper than I mean it to.

She sucks hard and then looks up at me, “What’s wrong?” she licks lightly at both nipples.

“This. This is wrong. So wrong.”

Shaking her head she brings her lips close to mine. “I’m going to ask you a yes or no question. Did it feel good when I licked you just now?”

I’m frozen again.

She grabs my jaw with her free hand, “Yes… or no?”

I nod, unable to believe that I’ve just given this woman – my boss – permission to continue this absurd behavior.

Her lips return to my hard nipples and she takes them, one by one, between her teeth. I savor the painful yet blissful sensation and then her mouth is on mine. Our tongues mix in a boozy dance. Her free hand moves between my legs and she looks at me, surprised, when she feels how wet I am.

“You do like it!” she laughs.

“Vivien, I like it. I love it! But this can’t happen!”

“Why?” she asks, rubbing a finger ever so gently over my panties.

“You’re my boss.”

“Okay, so I’m your boss. How would you like a big, fat raise?” she smiles a devilish smile and drops to the floor. She puts a hand behind each of my knees and pulls me to the edge of the couch cushion.

I sit, unable to move, and she pulls hard on my panties. She leaves them halfway down my legs and touches my clit. She swirls her finger around it and dips into the wetness that’s practically leaking from me. She brings her finger to her lips and licks it slowly.

“Mmm, you taste as good as I thought you would,”

My mouth is open and my face is on fire. She inserts a finger in my dripping slit, “Have you ever been with a woman, Evey?”

I shake my head, because in this moment that is literally all I can do.

“Let’s see how many fingers you can take,” she slips another finger in and I cry out. “Yeah…” she purrs. She slides a third finger in and strokes me g-spot. I eyes widen and I moan loudly. “Does Pete ever hit your g-spot?” she spits on my clit and I shake my head, gripping the couch cushion with both hands.

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