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High school was a good time for me. I did o.k. on grades and I had a girl friend and some buddies. My girlfriend’s name was Lana. She wanted to be a journalist. She wrote for the school newspaper and she was on the school annual staff. She and I became friends when we both joined the Camera Club late in our Freshman year. She wanted to learn about photography because she thought it would be useful in her journalism career. I joined because I wanted a hobby and it was one way of meeting some girls who were not hot for the jocks and who, like me, were on the edges of the school groups and cliques. Lana had a girl friend, Gayle, who was also on the annual staff. We had some good times together.

But more about Lana and Gayle later. I had three good buddies – Chuck, Kenny and Gene. We all met each other in study hall. All of us were new to the school. My folks and Gene’s folks had moved here because of better jobs. Kenny’s family had been living and working overseas and his dad had been transferred to his company’s local office. Chuck transferred from a different school.

We had another thing in common. We were all a year behind our classmates. I’m not the smartest person in the world and I had been held back in grade school. The same thing for Chuck. Gene had missed a year because of a horse riding accident and the constant moving around that Kenny’s family did because of his dad’s job had set him back a year too. We all turned eighteen during the summer before our senior year.

Kenny and I went out for basketball. Neither of us made the first team but we stayed with it all through high school because it was fun. Gene went out for the wrestling team and did really well in his weight class. He had done a lot of weight lifting when he was recovering from his injuries and he had stayed with it. Chuck was tall and skinny. He tried out for basketball but he liked track better and he became a fairly high rated cross country runner.

Anyway, the four of us hung out together through out high school. There’s a picture in our senior annual showing the four of us – Chuck, Gene, Kenny, and Gary (That’s me) – The Four Musketeers, Always Inseparable. We did almost everything together. We even got summer jobs with the same construction company.

Kenny’s folks built a pool in their back yard. When Kenny’s folks were away we all skinny dipped together. We’d seen each other naked in the school showers lots of times, so being naked and swimming together was no big deal. We thought it would be great fun if our girlfriends would skinny dip too, but we knew that would never happen.

Skinny dipping and being naked with other guys was no big deal until one afternoon when we started playing grab ass with each other. Gene and Kenny started wrestling. Chuck and I cheered them on. Kenny held his own for a long time but Gene finally pinned him. Gene was lying on top of Kenny when he pinned him. Gene rolled off Kenny and they lay there on their backs, laughing and panting.

Both of them had big hard erections. I looked over at Chuck. He was staring at their hard dicks and stroking his own. Gene pushed himself up on his elbows. He saw Chuck then he looked down at his own hard dick. He immediately rolled over onto his stomach. Kenny watched Chuck then he began to rub his own hard-on.

Chuck got on his knees beside Kenny. They got into a serious jack off session. Chuck starting panting and grunting. Kenny laughed as Chuck blew his load onto Kenny’s stomach. Chuck sat back on his heels as Kenny beat his meat and blew his load. Gene crawled over next to Kenny. He began to jerk his dick and soon his cum joined Kenny’s and Chuck’s on Kenny’s stomach.

The three of them looked at me. I was standing by Kenny’s feet. “Come on, Gary, let’s see you jack off.” Kenny spread his feet apart. I got on my knees between his legs and began to stroke my cock. The three of them watched as I jacked off and shot a stream of cum that landed on Kenny’s chest. He had pushed himself up on his elbows. He still had a hard-on. All three watched as I pumped the rest of my load onto it.

I took my hand off my dick. All of us were silent. I think we were all embarrassed. I know I was. Beating your meat and jacking off was done in private. Kenny was still reclining on his elbows. He looked at the cum spattered all over his stomach and chest and he started laughing. “Jeez, that was great!” Then he got and ran over and jumped into the pool. We all followed him. The cool water took care of the hard-ons.

Several days later when we were leaving work, Kenny asked me if I would stop by his house on my way home. I said “Sure,” and followed him across town.

Once we were in the house, Kenny offered me a brew. We sat at the kitchen table as we popped the tabs. Kenny took a sip then he turned the can in his hands. He looked at me. He looked a little uncomfortable. “Could I ask you a really big favor?”

“How big?” I thought he might want me to set him up with Gayle or one casino oyna of Lana’s other girl friends.

“Uhh, I, uhh, er, I uhh.” Kenny swallowed a big gulp of beer. “Uhh, I really liked it when you dropped your load on my dick and nuts. Would you do it again?”

I stared at him then I thought about all of us watching each other jack off. I had to admit to myself that I liked watching each of my buddies beat their meat. And I got a nasty thrill when they watched as I beat mine. Kenny was staring back at me. I took a long drink from the can, “Sure.”

Kenny grinned and drained his beer. “On. wow! Great!” He set his empty can on the table and stood up. I followed him through the house to his room. He closed and locked the door as soon as we were inside. Kenny started undressing. He was naked before I could get all my clothes off. He spread a towel on the carpet then lay on it on his back. He spread his feet apart.

I stepped between them and looked down at him. His soft dick flopped over on his thigh. His dick and nuts rested in a mass of sandy brown curls. We worked without shirts a lot and the tan on his chest and shoulders contrasted with his white crotch, thighs and legs.

I got on my knees between his legs. I took my soft dick in my hand and began to roll it and pump it. It began to fill my hand. Kenny never touched his dick but he was getting a hard-on as he watched me jerk my meat. It didn’t take long. “Here it comes, buddy.”

Kenny was panting as hard as I was, “O.K.”

I pointed my cock down at the root of his dick and shot a big wad onto his nuts. Kenny gasped, “Oh, yeah!” as I painted the underbelly of his erect dick with cum. I squeezed the last drops onto his dick then, for what ever reason, I wiped my dick head with the fingers on my other hand and then I licked them clean. I stood up and began to get dressed.

Kenny grinned at me, “Thanks, buddy.” He had smeared my cum all over his dick shaft and he was jacking off as I left the room.

Dumping my load on Kenny became a fairly regular thing. Several times we changed positions. After I painted his dick and nuts, I’d lay down and he would jack off over me and paint mine. The warm cum dropping on my skin did feel pretty good.

One afternoon Kenny wanted to compare dicks. We stroked ourselves until we were both fully erect then we faced each other while standing in front of the mirror on the dresser in Kenny’s room. Kenny looked longer. He slid his dick next to mine until his dick head touched my pubic hair. He pressed our dicks together. His looked to be about two inches longer than mine, but mine looked thicker.

He released our dicks. I was sort of shaky. I’d never let anyone touch my dick before. Lana and I had never gotten that far on any of our dates. Kenny opened a drawer in the dresser and took out a cloth tape measure. “Let me measure you dick.” He got down on his knees in front of me. “Hold your dick straight up.” I held it straight up while he put on end of the tape against the cock root at my nut sac. He stretched the tape to the tip. “Looks like seven and a half inches or a tad more.” Kenny moved the tape and I dropped my dick. He looked at it as it flopped and swung in front of his face. Kenny stood up and handed me the tape, “Measure mine.”

He was holding his dick upright as I got on my knees. I’d never touched another guy’s dick and nuts before. I put the end of the tape against the skin of his nut sac at the root of his hard dick. I pressed the end of the tape against his skin and stretched it up to the tip, “Nine solid inches, Kenny.” He grinned down at me as he dropped his dick. I rolled up the tape as his dick swung in front of my face. I looked at it and wondered what a dick would taste like. I wondered if I could even suck a dick. I handed the tape to Kenny as I stood up.

“Boy, Gary, we’ve got a couple of nice dicks that could give some girls some fun.”

“Yeah, if we had some girls right now.”

Kenny put his arm around my shoulders and he took my dick in his other hand. “Let me jack you off.” He steered me back to his bed and I sat down on the edge. He sat beside me and began to stroke me off. It did feel good. His hand felt much different then mine. I lay back. It didn’t take long before I was shooting cum onto my stomach. “How was that?”

I sat up, “Pretty good. Lay down and I’ll do you.” Kenny lay back and I put my hand on his dick. It felt warm and smooth. I closed my fingers around the shaft and began to gently pump. I used some of his pre-cum to lube my fingers. His dick felt good in my hand. Kenny came as quickly as I had cum. I held his dick until he stopped shooting his load. I used tissue to clean of my hand and wipe my cum off my stomach and dick.

Every time we got together after work we gave each other a hand job.

One afternoon a severe storm blew in. The lightning and wind were so bad that the construction job was shut down. We went to Kenny’s house. His folks worked late almost canlı casino every day so we were pretty sure we’d have the place to ourselves all afternoon.

Kenny got out the usual two beers. “Want to watch a porn flick?”


I followed him into the den. “I’ll be right back.” He returned in a couple of minutes with a tape cassette that he pushed into the VCR. We got comfortable on the couch as the tape began to play. It was three guys and two girls on a bed. One girl was getting fucked as she sucked a dick. The other girl was sucking the third guy’s dick as he ate her pussy.

We watched as they changed partners and positions several times in various combinations of sucking and fucking. Kenny opened his fly and began to stroke his dick. Mine was so hard it ached in the confines of my shorts and pants. I unbuttoned the waistband and unzipped the fly. Soon I was matching Kenny stroke for stroke.

“I wonder what pussy tastes like?”

Kenny looked at me, “You haven’t finger fucked Lana and licked your fingers?”

“Nah, her parents hardly let her out of their sight when we’re together. We don’t even get a chance to neck, let alone really make out.” I was getting warm so I pulled my shirt tails out and unbuttoned my shirt. I wasn’t wearing a t-shirt underneath.

Kenny nodded towards the TV screen. “She knows what her pussy tastes like.” The one girl was sucking the dick of the guy who had been fucking her. The other girl was alternating between the two guys as she sucked their dicks. Kenny was staring at the screen, “I wonder what it’s like to suck a hard dick.”

He was rubbing his thumb over his dick head as he smeared pre-cum around. I looked at him as I was leaning back and enjoying stroking my dick. I had my hand slid down my dick shaft when Kenny leaned over and pushed his mouth down over my dick. His move surprised me so much that I let loose.. He continued to stroke his own dick as his lips closed around mine. I didn’t know what to do. I thought about pushing Kenny away but I also liked the feel of his mouth on my dick.

He sucked for a couple of minutes. “Let’s go to my room.” Kenny jumped up, pulled up his pants and headed for the hall then he returned and shut off the TV and VCR and popped out the cartridge. “Can’t forget this. Let’s go and get naked!” As soon as we got into his bedroom, he threw his clothes off after he locked the door. “Get your clothes off and sit on that chair!”

I quickly undressed and sat on the chair. Kenny got on his knees in front of me. He gripped my dick and jacked it several times before he put it in his mouth. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as he tightened his lips around the shaft. I thought about the two girls in the video, but when I opened my eyes, it was my best buddy who was sucking my dick.

Kenny bobbed his head up and down and he played with my nuts. He continued to jack me as he sucked and it wasn’t long before I told him I was going to cum. He held my dick straight up as my load shot into the air then fell back on his hand and my thighs.

Kenny stood up and wiped his hand on his stomach. He walked over to the dresser and leaned against it. He stroked his hard-on. He would look at his hard dick, then at me, then he would stroke it some more. I knew what Kenny wanted. He wanted me to suck his dick.

I got on my knees in front of him. I thought back to when we measured each other. I wondered then what a dick would taste like and I wondered if I would even be able to suck one. Well, I could stop wondering. I was going to taste my first dick and I could stop wondering if I would even be able to suck one. I was more than able. I really wanted to suck Kenny’s hard dick.

My hand only covered half of his nine inch dick. I thought about the girls in the video again. I remembered one of them licking the guy’s dick head and licking the shaft. I held Kenny’s dick still as I looked at the head. It was wet with pre-cum. There was a big drop right at the pee hole. I hadn’t thought about swallowing anything because I wasn’t going to let him cum in my mouth.

It was now or never. Kenny gasped as the tip on my tongue touched the head of his dick. I licked off the drop of pre-cum. It had a sort of bitter salty taste. I ran my tongue around and over the smooth skin of the head. I remembered the girl licked the bottom of the guy’s shaft so I did that before returning to the dick head.

I held Kenny’s dick in front of my mouth. I ran my tongue over the head. I looked up at Kenny. His mouth was open, his nostrils were flared and he was staring hard at me. “I’m sucking your big dick, Kenny.” He just grinned as I put his dick head in my mouth and closed my lips around it.

I held myself still as I savored the taste and feel of having another guy’s dick in my mouth. It was warm and tasted good. The head was smooth and sort of spongy feeling. I took it out of my mouth and ran the tip of my tongue around the rim of the head. Then I put kaçak casino it back in and slid my lips down the shaft until they touched the hand wrapped around his dick.

The top of the head rubbed against the roof of my mouth as it slid towards my throat. I had half of my best buddy’s dick in my mouth. It was a mouthful. A nice tasty mouthful. As I bobbed my head up and down Kenny’s dick shaft, I alternately loosened and tightened the pressure of my lips. I’d stop when I felt the rim of his dick head touch the inside of my lips, then I’d swirl my tongue around.

When I’d take his dick deep back into my mouth, I’d run the head along the inside of my cheek. I switched hands on the shaft and used my free hand to fondle his nuts. Occasionally , I’d reach down and touch my own dick, which was a hard as a rock. Kenny was wiggling and groaning and mouthing cuss words. I smiled to myself. I must be doing something right as I sucked his dick.

I thought to myself, “Gary, you ‘re naked and on your knees with a dick in your mouth and a pair of nuts in one hand. You know what that makes you, don’t you? That makes you a cocksucker. If you have a dick in your mouth and you are enjoying sucking it, you are a cocksucker, Gary.”

Well, I had a dick in my mouth and I was enjoying sucking it. I was really enjoying it. I was probably enjoying it more than Kenny who was really twitching by now. Another thought, “Your folks don’t know it, Gary, but they’ve raised a cocksucker.”

“Yes,” I thought to myself, “You’re a cocksucker, Gary, you’re now a real cocksucker.

Kenny was panting and his cock was getting harder and more rigid in my hand and mouth. I knew from my own experience that he was about to blow his load. I took him out of my mouth. Kenny grabbed his dick and pumped it two or three times, then he let out a yell as he shot a stream of cum towards the ceiling.

I sat back on my heels and watched. My neck ached and my jaw was tired but it was worth it. I’d given Kenny a pretty good blowjob and I’d enjoyed myself while doing it. Kenny was laughing, “Gawd, that was great!. Let’s do it again!”

I stood up, “Nah, I’d better get home.” I got dressed. Kenny was still leaning against the dresser with his dick in his hand and a grin on his face when I left the room.

Needless to say, hand jobs were replaced by blowjobs whenever we got together after work or on weekends. I had to tell Kenny that we had to ease off, Lana was getting touchy about all the time Kenny and I spent together. Don’t get me wrong, we ate each other’s dicks every chance we got.

And we were both becoming better at sucking cock. I liked to lick and nibble my way up and down the sides of Kenny’s nine inch dick shaft. It was better than eating corn on the cob. Kenny discovered that he liked to suck my nuts. He was very gentle and I enjoyed it. Kenny also became somewhat of a cum freak. He liked for me to stand in front of him and shoot my load onto his extended tongue. When I sucked him off, he’d shoot his load onto my chest or shoulders. Although, I let him paint my face a number of times.

We had a lot of fun 69ing. Kenny liked being on the bottom where he could easily alternate between sucking my dick and sucking my nuts. I tried to swallow as much of his dick as I could. I liked lying on our sides when we 69ed. It was comfortable and easier on the neck and shoulders. It really does get tiring kneeling over a hot dick.

The first time I let Kenny cum in my mouth was in a side 69. Usually when I felt him get ready to shoot, I’d take his dick out of my mouth and hold it. But this time, when I felt his dick become more rigid I tightened my lips around the shaft just below Kenny’s dick head. He shot his wads deep into my mouth. I could feel his cum pulsing through his dick. That was neat! After that I very rarely missed swallowing Kenny’s loads of cum. “Gary,” I thought, “You’re not only becoming a pretty good cocksucker, you’re beginning to like eating cum.”

Kenny liked the kneeling 69 better than the side by side. When I was on my knees over him, he sucked my dick and nuts and he began to play with my ass. Pretty soon he had my dick stuffed in his mouth and two or three fingers stuffed up my ass. I didn’t mind it. As a matter of fact, I sort of liked the feel of his fingers twisting and pushing into me.

I knew what was coming next as we continued our exploration into man-to-man sex. One evening after work I told Kenny I couldn’t hang out (literally), but that I had an errand to run. I drove across town to a n adult arcade. I had to show my ID to get through the front door. The place was pretty busy. Lots of men and two or three women browsing the magazines and video tapes.

I looked at the posters and pictures for the video arcade. There was something for everyone. It was the same with the rental and sale videos and the magazines. Several men brushed against me as I looked at the videos. I didn’t react and they excused themselves and moved on. One of the women asked if she could help me find a particular video. I told her, “No, thanks. I’m just browsing.” She smiled and moved away. She looked liked she had a little five o’clock shadow under her makeup.

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