Farm Boi Life Ch. 05

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This chapter contains urine ingestion, and torture.

Chapter 5

David didn’t seem to respond to me walking into the basement. He was in the half sleep that one can sometimes manage while hanging from your wrists. It was chilly in the basement, especially overnight, but sweat beaded his face. Trying to stay on your tiptoes all night would create cramps, but hanging from your wrists was painful as well. A slave hung this way would be doing a dance of trying to find which hurt less. In time, one is resigned to just take turns.

The sweat was a mix of pain and and pushing muscles in the legs to go beyond anything they had been through before.

I grabbed a piece of his torn T-shirt from the floor and walked over to the wash sink in the next room. The cold water was all I was going to get. I did my best to wipe the pony sweat and scent off of my body. I then rinsed the makeshift rag out. I soaked it full of the cold water and walked over to David.

“Open your mouth.” I said quietly. He responded, and I tilted his head back. I squeezed some of the water into his open gob. He swallowed it.

“Please, It hurts. Let me down.” He pleaded.

“There is something you should know. Remember this sentence…” I was standing in front of him now. He was looking at my gold plated collar.

“Slavery is suffering.’ I paused for a second.

“Repeat those words back to me. Slavery is suffering.” I said calmly.

“I didn’t sign up for this! I want to go home!” He moaned.

“Quite the contrary pig. You DID sign up for this. You know those forms you signed when Mouth brought you into the house? The ones Master handed to you? One was your slavery contract, the other was power of attorney. Your mother was very happy to hear that you found long term employment on a farm. ” I explained. It was all true.

“Slavery isn’t legal.” He said weakly.

“Well, trust me on this, if the paperwork is made up the right way, and you sign it, you decline all of your rights and hand them to someone else, for as long as the paperwork says. You and I, and most of the slaves here were all tricked into it. So get used to the fact that you are Master’s property. To help you with that, we are going to play a game.” I said as I walked behind him.

“Some came willingly and signed their lives away. Even those bois had to play a game on their first day.” I said as David’s body shook from the tears that baptized him into the reality of his situation.

“Now David remember that you agreed to be here, you were not taken against your will. You signed those papers of your own free will. So you can stop crying pig.” I was losing empathy, mostly because I didn’t want to do this job in the first place.

I reached over his head and swung a ball gag into place. He made the mistake of opening his mouth to protest. I had it buckled behind his head before he realized what was happening.

“Okay pig, this is the game. I’m going to put a 3 inch cock shaped dildo in your cunt. Then I am going to cane you up to 25 times. If the dildo falls out, I will grab a bigger one, and the 25 starts all over. Nod if you understand.” He didn’t move, as he was still crying. I grabbed one of the thick canes off of Master’s tool rack.

I reeled the cane back, and as I aimed and swung, it whistled through the cool air. I connected with his ample thighs. The pig let out a yelp.

“Nod if you understand!” I said a bit louder. David the pig nodded slowly. His tears were now rolling off of his cheeks.

I laid out the dildos in order by size. I grabbed the smallest one, and gave it a light coat of lube. It occurred to me that Master would be fucking this slave next, and I would be forgotten. I wanted to be nice to the pig, but the thought of not having my Master nightly made me lose my empathy. It was the motivation I needed.

“Hold this in your cunt pig. Don’t let go.” I pushed the dildo in and discovered that pig’s cunt hair. That would have to be removed as soon as the pig was broken.

The cane whooshed through the air, landing on the pigs back first and then legs. I left his bubble like cunt pristine for Master. He dropped the dildo on the second swipe. I shook my head.

“Okay we are starting over. You want to win this game don’t you? You want to be upstairs and live like a pampered houseboi don’t you?” I asked. David nodded.

“Alright then.” I picked up the three inch and threw it in the dirty toy bin. I then grabbed the four inch dildo. I didn’t want to lube it. I did anyway. I slowly pushed the toy into his cunt. Once it was well seated, I stepped away.

I began again. The first shot landed just below his small shoulder blades. The second just under his ass on his thighs. The third and fourth were on the pig’s back. The fifth through the eighth were on his legs. The pig lost his grip, and the dildo fell.

“I’m fairly certain I did better then you, and I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself, I was angry. However, pig, you need to learn that cunt of your wants and needs to be filled at casino oyna all times. The sooner you come to terms that you are only alive to take dick, the sooner you win this challenge.” I was trying in a roundabout way to encourage him.

I lubed the thin six inch pink dildo. I was less gentle inserting it. He was grunting, fighting it.

“Relax pig. The next one is much wider, and will be harder to hold onto.” I said. “You need to use those cunt muscles. When Master, or whomever he allows to fuck you, is slam fucking you, you will want those muscles to work well so that they give you their gift as fast as possible.”

Poor bastard made it to 16.

I lubed the wide six inch fake cock. This was very hard to insert, and took me a bit to loosen him up. The pig whimpered and cried as I pushed it in deep. I worked quickly and nearly doubled the pace of my caning. The pig still had no luck, even with me trying to help him get through this. He made it to 14.

Somehow he managed to hold the 8 inch thick black dildo.

I let him down from the chains. I had not broken his skin on any of my swats. His back was a crisscross of bright red welts. I attached a floor bolted chain to his ankle and locked it in place as he caught his breath.

“Do you submit to Master? Are you ready to be property?” I asked as I unbuckled his ball gag.

“I am his property. I submit willingly.” He started. “So thirsty.” He said.

I grabbed a dog dish from one of the shelves and set it down in front of him. I squatted over it and pointed my clit down. I released my half full bladder into the shiny metal dish. As I pissed I began to explain his new life.

“Housebois like me, sit to pee. Pigs like you, only get piss to drink until you are promoted to boi. After you are promoted, being “toileted” is a punishment. Forget that anatomy that dangles between your legs. That clit is only for pissing, and dripping cum when you are fucked. You only have two sex organs. Your mouth or throat, and your cunt….” I said. I set the dish in front of him and he began to slurp up my piss.

“Tonight you will eat table scraps, and most likely be fucked by Master. Before that can happen we need to get your body right. Housebois aren’t allowed any hair from the nose down, and we need to get your cunt clean inside.” I said.

He finished the piss in the bowl. I disconnected the ankle chain, and attached a heavy collar. To that I attached a leash. I walked the pig outside and told him to relieve himself. It was midday so there were ponies everywhere all doing chores. The pig freaked out a bit. I yanked the leash and walked him to a tree.

“Pigs are animals. You will piss and shit outside. Get used to being naked. Clothing is something a houseboi never wears….well unless one is capturing a pig like you.” I chuckled. It was then that we both noticed all of the items that had been packed into David’s Toyota.

It was in a pile and smelled of kerosene.

I walked the pig into the house and found a pack of matches in a drawer. I asked Gambler to summon Master for the event. The pig and I walked back outside to the pile of belongings that Master had deemed not worth selling. While we waited for Master, Gary tried to be nonchalant and he came over to me.

“Hey Chef. Master Tex’s ponies are all talking, that you were seen in their barn after dinner, and didn’t leave till this morning.” He whispered.

“Calm down Gary. It’s just gossip.” Outside I was calm. Inside every alarm, klaxon, and siren was going off. “Get out of here, Master is on his way out.”

“Yeah…okay Chef.” He said and he went back to driving his four pony team hauling fresh cut wood.

As the pile of clothes that belonged to a slave once named David burned, all I could think about was what was going to happen to me. One moment of weakness may have me in the toilet crate, or worse, the basement. Sometimes I swear Master can hear my thoughts.

“Get that pig into the kitchen Mouth, set him to scrubbing the floors. Gambler, come here.” Master said as the flames died down. He whispered into Gamblers ear. The look on the face of the slave was of confusion.

“Come here Ryan.” Master ordered. I went to him and knelt. “Follow me inside.”

As we made our way into the kitchen from the back door of the house he was speaking.

“Ryan, every slave on this farm is trying to move up to Alpha, so they get the easy jobs and aren’t traded or sold. So when 3 of Tex’s ponies go to him with a report that you fucked both of his Alpha’s, Tex took that seriously.

I watched you sneak out and back in on the security footage from the camera over the back door. Did you fuck Tantrum and Trigger as his barn is saying?” His voice was calm. That scared me. If he was angry he’d be less creative with his punishment, and I’d just get a beating.

If I told him the truth, both ponies would be punished as bad as I was. Possibly worse. If I lied and there were witnesses, that punishment would have me in the basement and stripped of my plug and Alpha canlı casino collar. Master was waiting for an answer.

“Master I plead guilty. I let your property to be fucked by three slaves since I have been under your collar. Gary was first. It was before we moved here. I rode pony cock last night.” I was near tears.

“Which ponies?” He growled. His face was contorting. He was filled with anger.

“I went to be with Trigger, Tantrum discovered us, and demanded that Trigger share.” I said. He grabbed his walkie from the kitchen table.

“Wait Master! Don’t punish the ponies, I offered my cunt to them.” I begged. He set the walkie down. I saw his hand rear back and then a bright flash. I found myself on the kitchen floor when the bright colored dots faded from my vision.

“WHY?” He stood over me. “Why would you fuck Tex’s ponies?” He asked. To this I was confused. It occurred to me that me fucking Gary wasn’t being brought up. My answer had to be perfect. Unfortunately, the old bean was jostled.

“I was jealous of Gambler.” Dammit! That isn’t what I was supposed to say. Master shook his head.

“One of two things need to happen. Either I defend you, and the rumors spread and I lose credibility on the farm. Or I make it public, and you lose credibility with the slaves. You are in the middle of training my new twink. I need you.” He seemed saddened.

“What am I to do with you? This farm would not be what it is without you.” He was thinking.

“What would you have me do?” He asked with genuine curiosity.

“Master this slave is terribly sorry for allowing an animal into it’s cunt. Please punish me as you or the council sees fit, but….If at all possible I would like to keep my rank!” I was at his feet. My tears running off of his leather boots. I felt his foot retreat, and then all went black.

When I woke I was in a tiny cage that allowed no movement. I was stuck in the fetal position, and couldn’t change position as there was no room.

I was in the basement and both my gold collar and glass plug were missing. The only other thing in the cage was the same dog bowl I had given David. Only this time it was empty. I was cold. I was thirsty, and I felt so guilty I was about to accept any fate I got.

I knew that crying out and begging for mercy would only piss Master off more. I tried to flex a few muscles while waiting patiently for my punishment. Somehow after what seemed like 2 days. I fell asleep again.

When I woke I was in the meeting house. I was being dragged out of the cage by Gary.

“Kneel slave” President John ordered. He sat behind a new, long, stained, Cherry wood table along with the Masters of the other 5 houses. My Master was behind that table.

“You slave, have been charged with unlawful sex with a lesser. Unlawful sex with an equal. And four charges of ingestion of slave semen. You have plead guilty to your Master. So boi this hearing is to determine your sentence of punishment. Do you have anything to say to the council before we pronounce your sentence?”

I quickly deducted that me fucking Gary wasn’t in the list of charges. I just did the honorable thing.

“Trigger and Tantrum are not at fault. I flaunted my Master’s cunt to Trigger, and whilst fucking, Tantrum discovered us. I flaunted my Master’s cunt to him as well. I am a whore and I deserve to be punished like a whore.” I said and lowered my head waiting for the inevitable.

“The council agrees you need to be punished. However, ponies are taught not to mix with housebois at any time. They will be punished as well. Your Master has spoken for you saying that he has neglected you in the past three weeks, and has over worked you. He also mentioned that your accolades as a slave wrangler have been top notch in the last two months. All of these items will be considered during deliberation.

Silver, restrain the Alpha to the table until the recess is over.” The gavel banged on the cherry wood table.

I was cuffed to a ring in the table and made to kneel. Silver left as did everyone else. I sat in the empty room for what seemed like an eternity. There was a clock, behind me. I didn’t notice it until right before people began to walk back into the room. Only 40 minutes had passed.

A murmur among the gallery was quite loud. They were mostly Alpha’s from not just our farm, but from Master families that were dying to get on the farm.

“Order! Order!” The president said as he banged his gavel.

“Ryan. It is the decision of this court that you will maintain your Alpha status. You will also keep your glass plug….” I smiled. I was so relieved. But the President wasn’t finished.

“The sensitive details of this crime will be kept secret by all Masters of all houses. The punishment will however, be very public.” He paused after looking around the room.

“It has come to my attention that you just recruited a prize slave for your Master. Is that correct?” He asked.

“Yes Master President.” I answered.

“Well Ryan, if that slave wins kaçak casino “best in show”, you will be a top trainer, and will have part of your honor restored.. If he does not, your Master will be forced to give up his other housebois, including the current twink you are training. You, however, will be kept with your Master so that he can take out his anger upon you for the rest of your days.” He paused.

“Boi, your Master can be a lot more sadistic then you think.” I could only imagine.

“Yes Master President.” I replied.

“To motivate you, I am ordering you to be caned 140 times, 20 per day for 7 days. This way you will have something to look forward to, as you are to be toileted for one week.” John the Cop/President said. “The caning will be done in public, before you are toileted. The Alpha will be crated under random urinals that will not be known to the slaves or Alphas.” The President looked down at a piece of paper.

“The official charges this slave is being punished under is: ‘Illegal use of an owned cunt’, ‘Sexual Fraternization with a fellow slave without permission’, ‘Seduction of a slave for sex’, ‘Receiving stolen semen by a slave’, and ‘Unauthorized movement upon grounds by a slave’. Master President said.

I had no idea I had broke that many laws. The president looked down again at his notes.

“As for the ponies Tantrum and Trigger. Because they have had perfect service to the farm, I sentence them to only one week toilet service. Trigger will be stripped of Alpha status, Tantrum will inherit it, and keep his law enforcement position.” The President said. Tex was instantly furious.

“Let it be known that if Chef has a lot of backing in the council. Your slaves will not have such a easy time if they commit these crimes! John scowled. “Meeting dismissed.”

The murmurs of the crowd were varied. The masters that were trying to get on the farm called it a soft punishment. Those on the farm were thinking it was a tad harsh. All except Tex. He was open in saying that his ponies should not have been punished. He filed for an appeal with John.

The appeal was addressed immediately as I was lead out. I didn’t find out the result till a few days later.

I was shackled to the whipping post in the center of the farm. My plug was removed, in hopes I would shit myself upon the first lashings. I knew I couldn’t have the plug in the crate when I was turned into plumbing. I knew they were going to take that away.

It had to be almost 4pm when I was surrounded by everyone that lived at the farm. The appeal must have taken almost an hour. It was getting warmer outside, and there was the smell of flowers in bloom. I tried to enjoy it as the President began to speak.

“Let it be known by all of the slaves on this farm, if you have unauthorized sex, this will be your fate!” He held his right hand in the air to calm the crowd. “This Alpha used his Masters property, namely, his cunt, to attract another slave into having illegal sex.” The president was saying as nipple clamps were attached. I whimpered. Then they added chains to the clamps. This was very uncomfortable. Then weights. I was now in pain. I awaited what was soon to come.

“If you think you are a free boi, you are wrong! You are property, and we own you!” The president walked away. I didn’t see who was lashing me with the cane. I just felt the first of 20 blows. I forgot what punishment felt like.

I deserved it. I had given away Masters cunt.

I fell to my knees after the 7th blow. My back was on fire as the cane hit the 8th time. I was counting the blows out loud, and thanking who ever was hitting me.

“NINE! Thank you Sir.” *Thwack! “TEN! Thank you sir!”

By the time I had counted twenty, I was sure my back had been torn up and bleeding. Mouth unhooked me from the whipping post.

“Is there open wounds?” I asked him.

“Silence cunt!” He said loudly and then whispered, “You are fine, no broken skin…shhh!” once unhooked from the pillar I was picked up and dragged by my arms to a crate.

It was a coffin sized box. With some special equipment at the head, and a tube the led out from the waist area of the box. They dropped me in the box. A tight fitting tube was secured on my clit, and a hose was shoved up my cunt. My neck was secured in place so I could not move, and blcoks were put on either side of my head so I couldn’t turn my head at all.

When they closed the box the funnel was an inch deep in my mouth. The crate was carried somewhere. It was set down a few minutes later and I heard the slaves rearranging the plumbing. I relaxed for a just a minute.

My back was on fire, and the rough wood of my prison was making it worse. I was listening as best I could. I knew I was under the floor of a bathroom. I didn’t know which bathroom.

“He’s a fucking idiot. I can’t believe he fucked Chef of all slaves!” It was a voice I didn’t recognize.

“It’s that sluts fault you can’t blame those ponies, the bitch seduced them.’ Another voice I didn’t recognize. I was in a house. I heard it before it began to fill my mouth. This was too much! I deduced that all of the urinals were being funneled into me. The funnel made sure I swallowed it all or drowned.

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