Finding Our Babysitter In The Bath

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This story was written for a certain someone that wanted to read about two lovely larger ladies. I hope you enjoy it.

I held my breath as I moved my face closer to the bathroom door, peaking through the slit, I had a perfect view of our voluptuous babysitter.

I’d recently found her profile on a website dedicated to larger ladies and men. Her pictures were accessible, and I’d spent many hours with my hands between my legs and a dildo inside of me, cumming to the photos of her delicious curves. Her fat, and her divine looking tits.

She didn’t know I was home. I was a lot earlier than I said I would be. I’d checked on Laura, my five year old daughter, to find her fast asleep. As I’d left her bedroom, I heard a slight splashing noise and assumed my husband was home and in the bath. The door was ajar, so I peeked through.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I moaned inwardly as my eyes rested on our naked babysitter. I watched her run her hands from her neck, over her breasts and down in-between her thighs. She lifted one hand and placed it on her left breast, kneading it gently, she tweaked her nipple and I heard her groan.

I sighed. My pussy began to throb, I could feel it getting hotter. Wetter.

I focused on her stomach. She had a very round tummy. I know from her profile that she likes to stuff herself every now and then so that it gets even bigger. Then she takes photo’s for her admirers. She prefers herself with a huge casino oyna bloated tummy. I bit my lip while thinking of playing with the roll that rests under her boobs. I let my eyes roam over her body, the creases of fat, the way it jiggles as she moves. I bit my lip again and grabbed my own flabby stomach, giving it a squeeze.

What I wouldn’t do to be able to touch her.

She put her head back, resting on a towel that she’d propped on the edge and she slides herself down slightly, while arching her back and pushing out her stomach. I gasp quietly as it’s increased size.

She placed her hands on it and grabbed enough skin to make a roll. She fiddled with it so that it created a second. Moaning quietly she slipped a hand under the water and I watched her legs part.

I slipped my own hand between my waistband and my stomach before resting on finger on my clit and pressing down.

She grabbed the shower head from the side of the bath and turned it on, adjusting the jets before she placed it between her legs and let the water hit her where she wanted it to.

“Oh my god…” She moans out loud.

I pictured myself in there with her, holding her breasts in my hands, licking and nipping them. My hands roaming over her fat body, between her rolls.

I gasped as I moved my finger over my clit faster, and I groaned – a little too loudly – as she squeezed her tummy once more.

‘I have to have her. I have to feel her fat!’ I cry out to myself.

I canlı casino removed my hand from my clit and quickly undressed, away from the door. I took a deep breath then opened the door and entered the room.

Her eyes still closed, she hadn’t heard me. I smiled at the sight of her and pushed the door too. The sound of the lock startled her and sat upright, her belly bulging onto her thighs, two rolls in the middle.

“Oh fuck,” I whispered while looking at it.

“I’m so so..” She stopped as I walked over to her and took one of her delicious tits into my hands before I placed my mouth over the large nipple. I suck it hard and nip it between my teeth, listening to her groans. She’s so turned on, she doesn’t question it.

I pushed my hand onto her stomach and squeezed her flab between my fingers. It felt so good. I groaned around her tit and moved my hand to the bottom of her tummy, finding my way underneath the roll of flab, I let it fall over my hand.

“Oh my god.” I mumbled, nipping her harder, before standing up. “Get out of the bath.” I instructed her.

She didn’t question me. I could see that she was gagging for it.

I took her hand and led her to my bedroom, pushing her onto the bed and watching her jiggle as she landed, I groaned once more before diving under the bed and grabbing an 8inch strap on from its hiding place.

She gasped as I held it up and started to put it on. My own stomach hung over the strap kaçak casino and my buttocks spread over the harness. I crawled above her whispered “Yes” as her skin touched mine. Belly to belly, we laid together.

“Push.” I asked her, and she did.

I felt her stomach grow underneath me. It felt bloated and huge. I couldn’t control myself.

I sat back and pulled open her vagina lips, positioning my cock at her entrance.

“Push again, and keep it out.” I instructed.

She pushed as much as she could, and as her stomach ballooned, I pushed my cock into her love hole.

“Oh Yes! YES!” She shouted loudly as I entered her.

I dug my fingers into her enormous love handles and I slammed my cock in and out of her. Using her handles for grip, I rocked in to her viciously so that I could watch her whole body jiggle.

“Fuck, you’re huge!” I exclaimed, ramming myself into her over and over. Harder and harder each time.

Thrusting into her sopping cunt, I lowered myself over her so that my stomach was on her again and I start to grind over her.

“Yes! YES YES!!” She squeals, her face turning red.

I slammed my cock into her once more and push my own stomach out, further into hers. Two bloated bellies, fighting against each other.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!” She screamed, grabbing my ass and pulling me further into her as she came all over my fake dick.

As she arched her back and pushed her stomach further onto mine, I felt my own orgasm start and I squeezed her flabby hips as I shook and came.

We laid there for a few minutes, my dick still inside of her. She was the first to stir.

“Now, do me in the ass.” She giggled.

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