First Time Female Encounter

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Sarah was fast approaching 40 and felt there was something missing in her life. She was married, to a great guy and they were still very much in love, they had a great sex life … but still… a part of the jigsaw was missing. In the back of her mind she had known for a long time that she found other women attractive. She felt her eyes swerve from the road as she drove past a sexy ass wiggling down the road. She got nervous when a beautiful woman made eye contact and had to quickly look away as she felt her cheeks blush. And of course, the big four O loomed, 40 years old, oh no, that body that she’d looked after so well for so long would soon be going downhill fast. Who’d want to know then? And she just had to know she had an overwhelming urge to find out what she was missing. Find that which her body & mind was crying out for.

Sarah would never have contemplated coming on to a friend, but then how? How would she find someone, a woman, to experience what she craved?

The net! Of course, it had to be worth a try. That first night she tried looking online, she had a shock. It was all so new to her, the websites, the phrases, and the abbreviations, some of the photos! She had no idea! But she went back for more; she became addicted and liked the experience of chatting to other women with the same way of thinking. A week later she had a message in her inbox with a photo attached. “Wow! She is hot! My ideal ‘look'” thought Sarah. But she was confused, “could this be real?” Would this person really have wanted to contact me?” Tammy was 30, very petite, the most gorgeous body you have ever seen, all perfectly in proportion. A flat toned stomach, not an ounce of fat anywhere …the cow! Sarah by comparison felt old and flabby. This was not in fact true. Sarah was now 36 but had always been a fitness fanatic. Yes, its true that the past few months she had lapsed and her previously toned body was more, womanly, the hips had curved a bit more, the belly had rounded slightly but she was still in good shape. The fact that Tammy looked like her ‘fantasy’ woman, the woman she had always dreamed of, the woman she masturbated over night after night, could this be real? It was a shock that her first ‘contact’ was well, so… WOW!

Sarah lost no time in replying, and they immediately struck up a friendship. It was amazing how much they had in common. casino siteleri Both were married, both had studied at the same University, although they had never met, Sarah had left by the time Tammy arrived. It just seemed like fate had brought them together. Within a week they arranged to meet up.

Every emotion was going through Sarah’s mind. “Would Tammy show up? Was it all a joke, surely this beautiful young girl could not possibly want to meet someone fast approaching 40!” She kept telling herself she was being paranoid, they’d spoken on the phone & Tammy sounded sane enough, she also sounded so sweet, a happy little voice, so charming. “Wow!” Sarah could not wait!

She arrived at the meet spot a good 10 minutes early; no one was there! “Oh god”, thought Sarah, with all these thoughts rushing through her brain. “She’s not going to show, it’s all been a big windup and I have got my hopes up for nothing”. Then her mind switched to that photo she had been sent. The long blonde hair swirled over broad perfectly symmetrical shoulders; a cheeky grin on her face and eyes, which seemed to burn into Sarah’s whenever she looked at the photo. Sarah felt her breath quickening and a beautiful warm glow between her legs, god, she was getting hot just thinking about her! “What would she be like when they came face to face?” thought Sarah. She decided to pop into the nearest shop to get a bottle of water, cool her down a bit. She scanned the area again, still no sight of Tammy so she nipped into the nearest shop. Typical, the queue was terrible, it was a Saturday and a lunchtime, not a good combination! At last, after 15 long minutes, Sarah come out of the shop and looked across the road, there looking very nervous and probably thinking she’d been stood up, was Tammy.

Their eyes locked and both grinned at the same time. “Oh my god, though Sarah “she looks even better than the photo”. By the way Tammy’s eyes darted up they chatted like they had known each other for years… It had only been 2 weeks!

They arrived at the bar and after ordering sat down with a couple of drinks. The bar was quiet for a Saturday, but Sarah still felt nervous, being in such a public ‘straight’ bar with a woman who she felt she may not be able to keep her hands off. They were chatting, but Sarah had no idea what was being said, her mind was canlı casino racing, her eyes were watching Tammy’s skirt, which with every slight move of Tammy’s body seemed to rise a little further up her thighs. Oh those thighs, in black 15 denier, Sarah was having trouble concentrating on the conversation! Tammy excused herself to go to the loo, hmmm a definite ploy to show off her amazing ass to Sarah, but Sarah had needed no ploy to draw her in and her eyes locked onto that ass as soon as Tammy left the table.

“Ok, this is now or never” Sarah said aloud while thinking “I am going to follow her in there!”

Sarah opened the door to the Ladies Room just as Tammy was entering a stall and about the close the door. Sarah grabbed the closing door and levered it open again, much to the surprise of Tammy who had not seen her enter but then that look of surprise turned to one of mischievous lust. Her arm raised and pulled in Sarah.

Sarah pushed the door shut behind her and slid the lock over. Tammy’s hands had pulled out and grabbed around Sarah’s waist and with one quick movement she drew Sarah into a close embrace and immediately their mouths locked onto each other in a burst of uncontrollable passion. They were so hungry for each other, their mouths wide and yearning for more. That first kiss seemed to go on forever before they pulled apart and looked into each other’s eyes. They grinned, both knowing that this was what they wanted. Sarah had found that missing part of her jigsaw. And boy, did she like it!

Sarah could not believe the softness of these lovely lips in front of her, god, she wanted more of this horny young girl. Initially her hands were either side of Tammy’s neck & cheek, gently cradling her new baby but now Sarah was more urgent as she moved in for another kiss. Their mouths locked again and this time they both shot their tongues out in unison, tasting each other & letting their tongues dart & dance around. Sarah wondered what her tongue would feel like in Tammy’s wet pussy, and she moved her tongue in response to that image, she sucked at Tammy’s lips, nibbling them & then thrust her tongue deep into her warm soft mouth.

Sarah’s mind was wild now with passion, she wanted this girl and she wanted her now. The girl she had only just met, the girl she had only ‘known’ for two weeks. Her hands went kaçak casino up & down Tammy’s body, feeling every toned muscle & curve. The found the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it up exposing her bra and the cutest tiny breasts you have ever seen. They were perfect, they fitted into the palm of Sarah’s hands & so she covered them & didn’t want to let go. Her fingers moved in for contact with Tammy’s nipples and she found they were already erect and rock hard. That was it, Sarah wanted them, she roughly pushed the bra up so she could get access and bent in to take a hard bud into her mouth. “Oh my god”, Sarah gasped, it felt like the nipple was filling her whole mouth, it was huge and Sarah suckled it like there was no tomorrow.

A door banged. Someone else was in the ladies room! Sarah she had by now managed to unleash Sarah’s 38DD beasts and was kneading them between her fingers, pinching Sarah’s nipples that had already mirrored Tammy’s erectness. Both had a hand now in each other’s fully clothed crotch, Tammy was humping the hand between her legs, writhing beneath Sarah’s urgent rubbing.

Tammy had jeans on but Sarah could feel the hotness down there & already smell a beautiful smell of Tammy’s sex that she realised must now be seeping out of her pussy. This thought blew Sarah’s mind and mixed with Tammy now tugging on her nipples and two fingers expertly tracing patterns around & around her covered constrained cunt, Sarah came, a mind-blowing shudder that radiated out from her clit and seemed to pass over her whole body. Tammy must have felt it and threw her head back & surrendered to what must have also been building in her and she let out a very loud and satisfied moan, stretching her whole neck backward and arching her back while her whole pubic area quivered against Sarah’s leg.

A tap was turned on just outside the stall; the other woman was still in there! “God, had she just heard everything, could she smell our hot wet pussies?” thought Sarah and Tammy together. Sarah giggled and Tammy put her hand over Sarah’s mouth and motioned with her finger to Shhhhh her and then replaced her hand with her lips, giving her new friend a thank you kiss.

They waited for the woman to leave, gave it two minutes and then left the stall and walked out through the bar and into the street. Here they parted, gave each other a friendly kiss on the cheek, hugged and each said they will be in touch.

And they were! If you would like to hear more of Sarah & Tammy’s growing friendship, please leave feedback & let me know I am doing okay here… this is my first time!

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