First Time Quickie Ch. 02

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It was a shame that I’d lost her number. She thought that I’d just blown her off, which I would never do if someone gave me their number. If I don’t want to call someone, I let them know somehow. But after our changing room incident, almost every time I saw her she’d look away and avoid my eyes. I really wanted to tell her that I wanted to call her and talk to her, but there was no way I could have done that since we were usually in a position where it would be weird if I came up to her and started talking.

Finally, I managed to find her alone. I was walking down the hallway and she came out of another hallway in front of me, so I ran up to her and grabbed her arm. She turned around in surprise and before she could say anything I said, “I lost your number. Sorry for not calling you, I really wanted to.”

She said, “Oh, that’s why you didn’t call. I thought you just didn’t want to see me again or something.” She laughed. “That makes me feel a lot better.”

I smiled at her and said, “No, I definitely want to see you again. Hey, can I ask you a question? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to…how old are you, anyway?”

She had an amused expression on her face as she said, “42. How old are you?”

I laughed and said, “18.”

I took out a Sharpie that I always carry in my purse for occasions such as this. She wrote her number and her name on my arm and we went our separate ways, with me promising to call.

I called her later that week and we made plans to meet for dinner Friday night. The week couldn’t have gone by slower. On Friday afternoon I made sure to shave everything and make my skin really smooth and soft before putting on my usual first date outfit: a brown, low-cut spaghetti strap top and tight jeans with 4 inch black, strappy heels. I turned around and checked out my ass in the mirror before saying to myself, “Hot,” and putting on large silver hoop earrings.

I got to the restaurant, which served Italian food, and found that she was already sitting in the waiting area. She stood up as I approached her and gave me a hug. She looked gorgeous in this tight brown turtleneck sweater that showed off her, um, assets, and tight jeans. I said, “Hey, we match,” and she looked down at herself, then at me, her eyes lingering on my half-exposed breasts.

She said, “I’m sorry, I’m not a pervert or anything, but I just have to say that you have really nice breasts.” This made me laugh. She had always been extremely straightforward, even more than I am. At least it lets me know where she stands without all this dancing around the subject that girls do with each other sometimes.

We got to our table and sat down, going into small talk mode. We were talking about her divorce and her ex-husband when suddenly she said, “Yeah, he was never wild enough for me. All he wanted to do was fuck twice a week, missionary, lights off, that’s it. It was so boring. There was absolutely no variation at all, he didn’t even want oral sex. If I said, ‘Let’s do it on a Tuesday instead of a Wednesday’, he would have been horrified.” She went on like this for several minutes. It seemed like she’d been holding that in for a while.

I stared at her for a second, not knowing what to say. Awkwardly I said, “That sucks.”

She said, “Yes. It does. You know one of the things I’ve always wanted to do, but he wouldn’t let me, is to show off in public. You know, like go down on someone or have someone go down on me in a restaurant, for example.”

I laughed and said, “Is that a hint?”

She didn’t answer, just gave me an evil smile and looked around before taking her napkin and throwing it under the table.

“Oops! Guess I better go get that,” she said, and got under the table. My laughing was cut off when I felt her hands on my knees, spreading my legs. She didn’t waste any time. I felt one of her fingers rub up and down my slit through my jeans, then she cupped my pussy in her hand and squeezed it. My mouth opened a little and I was staring blankly into space. Luckily nobody noticed.

Her hands started unbuttoning my jeans and pulled casino oyna them down, my ass lifting up off my chair for a second. I spread my legs wider for her and she pulled my thong to one side, revealing my already wet pussy. She took my whole pussy into her mouth and sucked on it, her tongue exploring my folds. I was breathing heavier as I looked around the restaurant. Nobody was looking over at us yet, but the tablecloth wasn’t that long. If people looked, they could have seen her legs underneath the table. I focused on her again as her tongue started flicking over my clit, up and down. I gasped audibly and grabbed hold of the edge of the table before I could control myself. I tried to concentrate on what was on the menu as her tongue lapped at my clit over and over again, but it wasn’t working.

Suddenly our waitress was standing next to me. “Are you ready to order or should I wait for your friend?”

I stuttered, “Oh, yeah, uh my friend is in the bathroom right now but she said I could order if I wanted.” I picked the first thing I saw on the menu, which happened to be some sort of spaghetti with seafood in it. “My friend” had stopped licking my clit, but had inserted a finger inside me and was slowly moving it in and out, making very tiny squishing noises. I was afraid that our waitress could hear them but if she did, she didn’t react at all. She just took my menu and said she’d be back.

As she left, I let out a sigh, partially out of relief and partially out of pleasure. I spread my legs wider and tried to come as quickly as possible, but I was too nervous. Her finger kept slipping in and out of me, but I also started feeling her tongue back on my clit, moving in circles around the base. I was so afraid that people would see my hips moving uncontrollably in my chair and hear the little noises I couldn’t help making, but it gave me a thrill at the same time. I could feel my orgasm finally building up inside and as I felt it wash over me, I took my napkin and hid my face in it, pretending I was wiping my face. I gasped into the napkin and my body started shaking, my hips jerking forward involuntarily. I was clenching the napkin tight against my face, but as I came down I relaxed my grip and the napkin fell to the table. I took a deep breath and let out a long, low sigh.

She reappeared again on the other side of the table, fixing her hair. The lower part of her face was completely covered in my juices. She wiped her face with her napkin and said, “That was everything I’d imagined it to be.”

I said, “Yeah. That was fun. But I have a better idea.”

She arched her eyebrow. “Like what?”

I said that I’d tell her when the meal was over. We talked some more small talk, the waitress took her order, our food came and we ate it. She squirmed through the whole thing. Eventually I said, “I bet you’re really wet right now.”

“You kind of have that effect on me.”

“Then take off your panties and put them on the table. Show them to me,” I said.

She looked at me, shocked. “I…I can’t do that. Someone will see them.”

I said that it’s not like potential public humiliation stopped her before. Her eyes darted around, checking to see if someone was watching. Nobody was paying any attention to us and she paused. She was probably trying to figure out if she should do it as slowly as possible or to do it as quickly as possible. She opted for the latter and hurriedly pulled down her jeans and took off her underwear, then pulled everything back on. It took maybe 10 seconds total. I was impressed.

She held the panties on her lap for a while until I said, “On the table,” and she looked around again. Seeing that the coast was clear, she deposited her black silk thong onto the table. I took it, feeling how wet it was, then put it inside the black thing that the check comes in. She seemed to have given up on protesting. The waitress came and took it, without realizing what was in it. She came back and gave it to us expressionlessly. I opened it and the cash and the thong were gone; just the receipt was remaining. I laughed and said, canlı casino “I wonder what she did with it. Probably thought we were a couple of perverted dykes who were hitting on her and threw it away.”

We got up and left the table. As we walked out of the restaurant I made sure to pay extra attention to the waitress. I even winked at her before I went out the door, something that I’d never done before in my life and never will do again. It’s so tacky. When we had gotten to the parking lot, we looked at each other and started laughing. We held each other up as we walked towards her car, bent over double.

“God, I’ll never forget the look on her face. Did you see it? I thought she was going to shoot us.”

“Or suffocate you with my thong. I’m never doing that again.”

Our laughter died down as we reached her car. I said, “It would have been better if she had been turned on by it. Besides, if we did it again the thrill probably wouldn’t be the same.”

“Yeah true. And now I got my jeans all wet. Look at this,” she said, spreading her legs and showing me a large wet spot in the crotch.

I said, “You know, it just occurred to me that you’ve made me come twice and I haven’t even given you any pleasure at all.”

She leaned against her car. “I think we should change that.”

I moved closer to her, our faces inches apart. “You think so?”

“Mmm. Yeah. I think so,” she said, then leaned forward and kissed me. I pressed my body against hers, pushing her harder into the car as I slipped my tongue into her mouth. She moaned and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, making our breasts rub against each other. My hands were running up and down her sides, occasionally coming up as high as the sides of her breasts. My top is so low cut that you can almost see my nipples anyway, but with all the rubbing going on my breasts had fallen out and my nipples were pressing directly into her sweater. She quickly realized this and leaned down, taking one of my nipples into her mouth and licking it with the flat of her tongue. I moaned, “Ohhh god. No. I’m supposed to be making you feel good, remember?”

She said, “Yeah, you’re right,” and unlocked the car. We pretty much fell into the backseat of her car and resumed making out. We tore off each other’s clothes until I could feel the entire length of her sweaty body against mine. I’ve noticed that car sex is usually sweatier than regular sex. Her hips were rising up and grinding against my thighs, smearing her juices over them. One thing that I think is so hot is when a girl presses her pussy against your thigh you can feel her clit. You can feel the hardness of her clit poking out, and surrounding that is the rest of her pussy, which feels so soft and wet and warm. I started rubbing my thigh side to side over her pussy as I settled my pussy down onto her thigh. She moaned deep down in her throat and started rocking her hips.

I kissed and licked her neck, making her push her chest forward as she let out another moan. I kissed my way down to her breasts, immediately sucking on a nipple. She cried out and grabbed onto that thing above the window. As I was sucking it, I ran the flat of my tongue over it, lapping at her nipple as if it were an ice cream cone. I swirled my tongue around her nipple, then flicked the tip of my tongue over it, at first up and down but then in any direction my tongue wanted to go. I licked in between her breasts, tasting a little trickle of her sweat on my tongue, then repeated the process on her other nipple. By then she was moaning and sighing repeatedly, her body rising up against her will. I kissed down her stomach, feeling her abs tighten underneath my lips. I dipped my tongue into her belly button, then decided to tease her a little.

I pressed my right breast into her pussy, making her moan loudly and grind her pussy against my breast. Her wetness was getting all over me and it felt like my breast was completely enveloped by her pussy. She moaned again in frustration and said, “Lick me! God, suck my clit, please, I’m fucking begging you,” as she frantically tried to rub kaçak casino her clit against something substantial.

I pulled away and knelt over her, my breast hanging over her face. She eagerly licked all her juices off, then sucked on my nipple. When I was clean, I went back down and positioned her thighs over my shoulders. Her left leg rested over the backseat and her right leg was balanced over the driver’s seat. I swear I saw her clit throbbing. It was larger than most clits, and colored white. As soon as my tongue made contact with her clit, she cried out and grabbed my head, pressing it hard into her pussy. Using two fingers on my left hand, I pulled her hood back and licked around her clit in circles, occasionally flicking it with my tongue. Soon her fingers had a death grip on my head and her hips were jerking into my face as she screamed she was coming. The movements of her hips were so violent the car was moving from them. I managed to keep my tongue on her clit until her body slowly stopped moving, then I slid my body up hers, kissing her deeply.

She broke the kiss and I rested my head on her chest. She said, “That was so fucking good.”

I said, “You swear a lot for an old lady.”

She pushed me a little on the shoulder playfully. “You have big tits for a little girl,” she said, then squeezed them. I moaned and she said, “You’re still horny aren’t you?”

I said, “Mmm yeah. I got so turned on having your pussy in my face.”

She got up and reached over the passenger seat, opening the glove box. “Well, good thing I came prepared,” she said, taking out a strap on. It was black and probably around 7 or 8 inches long, with average thickness. “You want to wear it or should I?”

I thought about it and said, “You can wear it.” She strapped it onto herself and adjusted the dildo over her pussy. She moaned as the base of the dildo rubbed against her clit, but quickly regained her focus and we positioned ourselves so she was kneeling above me while I was lying on my back. It had been a long time since I’d had anything larger than fingers in my pussy so I guided it into my pussy slowly until my pussy lips touched the harness. I was afraid it would hurt, but surprisingly it was only uncomfortable for a few moments and then I got used to it.

She started gently rocking her hips over mine, moving the dildo in and out only a few inches each time. I wrapped my legs around her and started rocking my hips in sync with hers. We kissed passionately, not caring that it was wet and messy. She began to slide the dildo almost all the way out, then shove it back in with increasing force until my body started banging against the door. I was way beyond caring and I assumed the same position she had earlier, with my feet on the backseat and on the driver’s seat. My hips were meeting hers thrust for thrust, my clit hitting her hips.

She said, “Let’s change positions. Get on your hands and knees,” as she pulled out. I did as I was told and she re-entered me, kneeling behind me. As she resumed her thrusts, I felt the dildo hitting right against my g spot. As soon as I felt that, I started feeling this new pleasure in my pussy. I began to rub my clit in circles so I was feeling pleasure from three different places. My entire pussy was so sensitive that I started coming almost immediately, much stronger than if I was just being stimulated in one way. I screamed and collapsed onto my forearms, my ass still sticking up in the air as she pounded away. Soon after my orgasm finished, I felt her thrusts become jerkier and she said, “Fuck, I’m coming,” before she grabbed my hips and frantically drove the dildo in over and over. Her nails were digging into my skin as her sweat dripped down onto my back. Slowly she stopped moving and gave my ass a little swat before she pulled out.

She laid back, propping her upper body against the door, her chest heaving and covered in sweat. The dildo was covered in my juices, and I was kind of tempted to lick and suck them off but I was too tired. I laid down against the other door, our legs rubbing together.

We relaxed and talked for a while, then we gathered up our clothes and put them on. We got out of the car and she sat down in the driver’s seat. I gave her a quick kiss and said, “I’ll call you.” Next time I plan on taking it slow.

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