Flight Attendance Ch. 03

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Lin answered the phone on the second ring. This was gonna be the best phone sex EVER. This meant I had to be very, very vocal and signal every delicious movement.

I was gasping with anticipation of a cum, and grunting “Fuck me, fuck me, babe. Yeah, there, there, oh, oh, yeeeesss. Bang me good Mistress, Oh my cunt is full, yes, yes, my arse…”

I heard Lin turn on her BOG (Battery Operated Girlfriend) as she instantly realised what was happening.

Lin cooed down the line “Oh, honey, make that Mistress help you come so loud I can FEEL it! I know your nipples must be solid rocks, your juices flowing free. Has she stung your arse cheeks?”

“Yes, yes” I gasped, she slapped me hard, and will again.” Gloria smacked my cheeks, the crack ringing loud.

“Oh, baby, does it hurt?”

“Yes, yes, it stings so GOOOOD”

“Oh, yes. Massage my swollen clit and fuck me, yes, yes…”

I came with tremors convulsing my body, and guttural moans welling up from within the core of my being. I heard Lin pant as she worked her BOG around and inside herself.

I collapsed on the deep plush carpet. “Mistress, Lin, oh help me, I’m spent…”

“On the bed, slut”, Lin barked down the line. That Mistress there with you hasn’t started yet!” So far Gloria had not uttered a syllable; not a sound had escaped her mouth. Her mouth was now full of my cunt as she licked and sucked and munched and nibbled my mound, lips, nub and hole.

“She’s devouring me” I relayed to Lin “Gobbling me up, feasting on my cum and sweat and juice, her tongue is deep, deep inside…”

Lin retorted “She will eat you til you beg her to stop, and then continue some more….”

“No. Stop! Please I beg you, stop” Once more I plunged over the abyss. My clit throbbed and casino siteleri ached with the pleasure-pain of Gloria’s incessant attention. I shouted again and again my latest cum. Since I had boarded that plane I had been in a constant state of arousal, or release.

A very cool and collected voice came down the line. “I know you have your Laptop with you.”

“Ye.ye.yes” I managed to pant.

“Turn it on and turn on your webcam. Log on and let me see you.”

I noticed Gloria, who hadn’t anticipated this, was flushed with excitement; her nipples stood proud, her nostrils flared, her eyes glinted with lust.

I crawled naked around the room and set up the equipment and logged on to the net, making contact with Lin. Lin, who could now see Gloria and me, did not, however, transmit to us.

Lin was taking total control. “Turn and show me your girlcock, then pivot and show me your arse” she demanded of Gloria. Lin used her calm, deep, commanding voice. She ordered me to lie on the bed behind Gloria, my legs spread and in the air, directly facing the camera. “Spread your cunt lips WIDE” she ordered, and open your cavern to me”. I did as I was ordered, while Gloria, slightly to the side, showed her arse cheeks. “Spread those cheeks” she was told. Gloria reached behind and spread her own alabaster and pink cheeks. What a contrast they were to my own brown skin, the black of my inner folds.

“You’re going live” Lin purred. You’re now being broadcast to the world! It’s over to you. . . ” I smiled broadly, looking forward to more debauchery. This was the best layover I had ever experienced in more than 7 years of business travel.

I so wanted my chance to taste Gloria after all the attention I had received from her. Surely she deserved her own canlı casino release? The webcam broadcast seemed to have stimulated and excited her more than ever. Perhaps now . . .

“Gloria” Lin stated, “I want to see your cunt riding her face. . . take the dildo off. For now. Show me a classic “69!”

I started to melt. Lin knows that a 69 is my favourite! I just love lapping the womanly juice that drips from a lover. The welling slick of arousal, the juice of orgasm, the cream of a squirter, the river of a gusher. I am a fanatic for a juice box!

Gloria found a stack of pillows and propped them under my arse so that it was elevated. That way the butt plug, still filling my arse was visible to the camera. She crawled up the bed to my head, the dildo and harness still strapped on. Facing the camera, she sat on her haunches, straddling my head, and removed the cock. She hovered above my face, dripping. The nub of the double-headed dildo, which had been in her cunt, she offered to me, so that the first taste I had of her was the wetness on the latex. MMMMMMMM. She threw the harness and toy onto the bed beside us, and remained poised above my mouth. I extended my tongue so that the tip brushed her nub. She lowered herself a fraction so that I could glide my tongue along the length of her folds, exploring between them along her slit.

Gloria then nestled her hole over my mouth. My face was now hidden from the camera. Gloria leaned forward and fondled my tits. She was sitting straight and tall, grinding onto my face, and circling, stroking, pulling my nipples. She leaned forward and her arsehole rose in front of me. It was gorgeous – a perfectly clean and puckered hole, pink rimmed, between porcelain cheeks. I raised my hands to stroke her arse as my tongue probed kaçak casino her inner cunt. I pulled the cheeks apart and rimmed her arse with a finger. Then as I nibbled her clit, I plunged a finger in, screwing it slightly. Gloria gasped, and Lin exhaled, no doubt at the look on Gloria’s face!

Meanwhile, Gloria was fucking my arse with the plug . . . pulling it in and out, before burying her now familiar face into my pussy. The attention she was receiving obviously motivated her onto greater heights. If the face fuck I had on the plane was good, this was ecstasy.

It was getting noisy in that room. The sounds of sucking and slurping alternated with pants, gasps, yelps and small screams, and finally as the roaring rush of mutual cummings washed over us, deep animalistic moaning.

Over the computer speakers I could hear Lin. “Yes, yes, yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, you sluts – oh yes! Don’t stop!”

Gloria rolled off me, and we both sat up facing the cam. Time for some after-play! We were insatiable. We sat side on. As I fondled Gloria’s delicious firm and pert breasts, twisting and playing with the barbells, she pushed my hair aside and kissed my neck. She was sucking hard, and obviously bruising me with lovebites. She nibbled my ear, then traced her tongue down towards my breasts. She pushed them together with her hands – hard – so the nipples were only a centimetre or two apart. She sucked them both into her mouth and drew on them so hard they ached. She withdrew them from her mouth and while continuing to press my tits together, she started sucking hickeys all over my tits! Oh god! My body was being used all over. I was cumming again from the tit play, and as I threw my head back, I was lost again.

This time I fell sideways onto the bed, so spent, so overwhelmed by the succession of orgasms I blacked out momentarily.

I was roused by the bedside phone ringing. It was reception telling me that my flight would be further delayed by another 12 hours. Time enough still for a visit to the pool . . .

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