French Kissing for Girls

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The story that follows is a re-telling of my last year’s Nude Day contest entry, ‘Okay, Baby, We’ll Do It!’ but this time from Kirsty’s viewpoint instead of Helen’s. Hope you like it

Kirsty was bored. Not mind-numbingly bored, just couldn’t-be-bothered-to think-of-anything-to-do-before-supper bored. She’d picked up the local paper to read for something to do and was skimming through it. A lot of the content was devoted to the actions of the local City Council, a bunch who her Mom had described as Neanderthal only yesterday.

It’s funny how the mind works sometimes, how a word will stand out from a page. The word was ‘nude’. An ordinary little word, only four letters, perfectly innocent in itself, just meaning ‘naked’ or ‘uncovered.’ But add boys to the equation and it could get interesting. She read on. Wow! A nude beach! Here in Hicksville. Yee-haa!

It seemed that the City Council had agreed that the beach at Dover Point, well away from the more popular beaches and well screened by dunes and pines, could be used from July 5 for nude sunning and bathing. A footnote said that family parties would be admitted to the beach free on July 14, National Nude Day. An idea jumped fully-formed into Kirsty’s consciousness. Did she dare? Soon find out. . . .


“Yes, dear?”

“Remember, when I was revising for my exams?”


“You promised me a day out with you, at your expense, anywhere I wanted, if I passed them all?”

“I remember. Okay, show me.”

Kirsty passed the paper over, open. “The item half-way down the right hand column.” She held her breath, waiting for her Mom’s reaction. It was milder than she’d feared

“You expect me to accompany you to a nude beach?” There was a strange note in her Mom’s voice. Terror?

“Yes, Mom, because you promised.”

Helen Anderson shoved the paper under her daughter’s nose. “I didn’t expect anything like that!”

“No, but you said I could choose. Not on opening day. We’ll go on the 14th.”

Her Mom frowned. “Bastille day?”

What was she talking about? Oh! French history. “So it is,” said Kirsty, grinning again, “but I suggested the 14th because it’s National Nude Day.”

“National Nude Day! Ye gods!”

Kirsty sobered. “Mom, you promised. Anywhere, you said.”

“I know, but this!”

She studied her mother. “Mom, Dad has been dead for three years now. You’re a good-looking woman – you are, so don’t try to deny it – and I’d be proud to have you with me.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” she said, looking at the paper again. She looked up. “All day?”

“All day, Mom.”


“Because I’m a natural show-off and this is my big chance.” Kirsty grinned. “I guess really I just want to see if I have the nerve to be naked in public and I wanted my best friend there with me to hold my hand.”

“I thought Jeannie was your best friend?”

“Mom! You know what I mean. Anyway, you really are my best friend.” And she was. She’d always been there for Kirsty, answering her questions, supporting, encouraging, helping her cope with her father’s death, despite her own sorrow.

“You really want to do this? Really, really?” Was her Mom weakening?

“Really, really, Mom.” Kirsty shrugged. “I guess if you really, really don’t want to, Mom, we can do something else.”

There was a pause as they studied each other, until Helen took a deep breath. “Okay, baby, we’ll do it!” There was a rueful expression on her face.

Kirsty leaped up and hugged her. “Thanks, Mom. Can Jeannie come with us?”

“I guess so, sweetheart. Safety in numbers. Who’s gonna notice me if I’m with you sex kittens.” She smiled across at Kirsty.

Kirsty grinned. “I would, if I was a man.”

Helen laughed. “Thanks, baby. Tell you what, since this is going to be such an expensive day – ” Kirsty grinned ” – I’ll treat the three of us to dinner at Toni’s that night. Okay?”

“Very okay, Mom. Thanks, Mom, thanks a lot.”

Kirsty thought Jeannie was going into shock when she suggested it, but she rallied quickly, a thoughtful look on her face. “There’ll be boys on the beach, won’t there?”

“I hope so!” said Kirsty. “We can size up their shlongs!”

Jeannie giggled. “That thought did cross my mind. While they get to see our tits! Never mind, I think we both have nice ones.” She shook her head. “We could just have gone ourselves, you know, you didn’t have to persuade your Mom to come.”

Kirsty frowned. “I know, but I thought it might take her out of herself a bit. She’s been so down since Daddy was killed.”

“So have you!”

Kirsty made a face. “I know. I think I’m okay now. It’s been three years, I wish she’d go on a date or something.”

“Yeah, tell me about it! I’ve got Dad moping at home. He and Mom are still friendly enough, but he could do with dating, too.”

“We should get them together,” said Kirsty thoughtfully.

Jeannie stared at her. “Yes,” she said slowly. “We should. I know Dad likes her.”

“Mom likes your Dad, too. He was really good to us when Dad was killed. Your Mom, too.”

Jeannie casino siteleri giggled. “If Dad saw your Mom at Dover Point it might help!”

“Tell him where we’re going,” urged Kirsty. “It might tempt him.”

“Ohmigod, he’d see us, too!”

There was a brief tingle in Kirsty’s pussy as she thought of Jeannie’s father seeing her naked. “Does that bother you?”

“N-o-o,” said Jeannie slowly, “I don’t think it does. Mind you, I’ll probably blush like crazy if he does come.”

Kirsty laughed. “Me too! How would you feel if they did get together, and it got serious. I mean, your Dad in my Mom’s bed. Or vice-versa.”

Jeannie looked thoughtful. “I don’t think it would bother me too much. I mean, I know Mom and Dad aren’t going to get back together. They made that pretty clear. I like your Mom. If I had to pick someone out for Dad, it would be someone like her.”

Kirsty hugged her friend. “If it got really serious, we could end up as step-sisters. I’d like that. I get lonely sometimes as an only child.”

“Me, too.” Jeannie laughed. “We have to get them together, first.”

“First step could be Dover Point.”

“I’ll tell Dad where we’re going, I’ll tell him your Mom’s going.” Jeannie shrugged. “After that, it’s up to them.”

“Roll on the fourteenth!”

Which came incredibly slowly. Kirsty, her Mom and Jeannie had discussed the day and the meal and they had agreed to take casual clothes for the evening meal, and to wear what seemed appropriate for the day and the weather, which meant that Kirsty was wearing shorts and a bikini top and Helen a light cotton sun dress when they arrived to collect Jeannie.

Similarly clad to Kirsty, Jeannie threw her bag into the back of Helen’s car and scrambled in. “Hi, Kirsty. Hi, Mrs Anderson.”

“Jeannie,” said Helen, “you are now officially an adult, yes?”

“Yes.” Puzzled.

“Call me Helen. That way I don’t feel so old. Okay?”

Jeannie laughed. “Okay, Helen it is, Helen.”

“Can I call you Helen, Mom?” asked Kirsty.

“Definitely!” Helen laughed. “Except when I’m establishing that we’re a family group to avoid paying, okay?”

Kirsty laughed. “Okay, cheapskate!”

They were soon at Dover Point and heading towards the beach. Kirsty noticed a startled expression on her mother’s face when they came to the shiny new sign saying ‘No clothes beyond this point’, but she didn’t hesitate long when she saw that Kirsty and Jeannie were already naked. Kirsty grabbed one of her mother’s hands, Jeannie the other and they tugged her towards the beach, Kirsty suddenly proud of her mother’s slender beauty.

There were quite a few people already on the beach. Youngsters of both sexes in the majority, but there were enough older people to make Helen feel less uncomfortable, Kirsty thought. Someone called Helen’s name, an older woman, and she stopped to talk to her, while Kirsty and Jeannie found a spot just beside the pines where the beach narrowed. A nice warm hollow between the dunes.

“Where’s Mom?”

“I’ll go see.” Jeannie retraced her steps and paused, looking over the dune. She waved. “Over here, Helen.”

Kirsty had laid out their towels. She looked up at Jeannie. “I think we should take turns to guard our things. What d’ya think?”

“Good idea.”

“I’ll get Mom to take first turn.”

Helen came over the dune and joined the girls, smiling and looking much happier, Kirsty thought, than she had when they arrived.

“Hi, Mom – Helen – we were just going to have a swim. They’ll probably be okay, but we thought maybe one of us should stay with our things. If you take first watch, one of us will come back, then you can go in the water. We’ll all take turns being watchdog.”

Helen nodded in agreement. “Sounds sensible, daughter mine. Okay, but if one of you could put some sun block on my back before you go. I can manage my front.”

The intimate task was quickly accomplished and Kirsty and Jeannie trotted off together towards the water.

“Did you see who was along the beach, playing volleyball?” Kirsty asked.

Jeannie grinned. “I saw Mary Ross and Jimmy Perez, and wasn’t that Julie March, too?”

“Yeah, I think you’re right, and I think the fourth one is Billy Trainor.”

“Tell you what, Jeannie, let’s get in the water, swim along that way, get out past them and just kinda saunter back . What d’ya say?”

“I say yes. Race you!” Jeannie raced into the water, followed quickly by a squealing Kirsty. The two girls swam about twenty yards out, then turned and swam parallel to the beach for ten minutes before letting the waves carry them back inshore. They wrung their hair out to get get rid of most of the water then hand-in-hand ambled back along the shore towards Helen.

As they neared the volleyball game Jeannie squeezed Kirsty’s fingers. Kirsty glanced across.

“Just look at the pricks on Jimmy and Billy. Very nice, wouldn’t you say?” asked Jeannie in a low voice.

Kirsty grinned at her friend. “Good enough to eat, I’d say.” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Jeannie giggled, canlı casino a look of fascinated horror on her face. “You wouldn’t?”

“I might,” said Kirsty. “I’d like to know what it’s like.”

“Would you — swallow?”

“Dunno. It might depend on how excited I was.” She loosened Jeannie’s hand and waved. “Hi, guys.”

“Hi, Kirsty. Jeannie,” said Billy Trainor, his eyes flickering over them, a pleased look on his face.

“Hi,” said Mary Ross. She grinned. “What brings you here?”

Kirsty laughed. Despite Mary Ross’s reputation as an apparent pushover for any male with a hard prick, she liked her for her quick wit and friendly personality. “Curiosity, I think. Checking out the guys,” she said, winking at Jimmy Perez, “just wondering if I had the nerve to be naked in public.”

“Funny,” said Julie March. “I think that’s why I came, to find out if I could, I guess.”

“And what conclusion have you very lovely ladies come to?” Jimmy asked with a laugh.

“I love it!” said Julie.

“Me too,” Kirsty responded.

“We like it too, don’t we, Billy?” Jimmy said with a grin.

“Too damned true,” Trainor said fervently.


“Yes, Jimmy?”

“Who’s that woman that came with you?”

“Ah! Watching, were you? That’s my mom.”

“Your mom! Heck, I thought she looked familiar, but we thought it was a cousin or something. Would she mind if we played along there? There’s a little more room. We didn’t want to bother her.”

“Mom won’t mind. She might even join in.”

“That’d be cool,” said Jimmy dryly, “playing naked volleyball with your classmate’s mom.”

“You like older women?” Jeannie asked with a giggle.

“I always liked Kirsty’s mom,” said Jimmy seriously. “She’s always been nice to me and I have to say, she’s one of the best looking women – present company excepted, of course – on the beach.”

“Thanks, Jimmy, I’ll tell her you said so,” said Kirsty, laughing.

“Hell, no, she might not like me saying that,” Jimmy replied, alarmed.

“I think she would,” said Kirsty, “but okay, I won’t tell her.” Not until later, anyhow. “Come on, let’s see if she wants to join in.”

Helen welcomed the chance for some activity and she, Kirsty and Jeanie teamed up with Mary against the two boys and Julie. Not one of the seven took the game at all seriously and there were laughs and squeals in plenty. Lunch time came and the two boys, Mary and Julie wandered off in search of their own supplies, while Kirsty and Jeannie joined Helen in tackling the feast they had brought. Replete, they sprawled in idle comfort and chatted about – well, nothing of importance, Kirsty decided, but it was good to see her mom so comfortable and relaxed.

She looked up as a figure loomed over them.

“Daddy!” Jeannie said in surprise. “What are you doing here?” She was blushing but not trying to hide herself from her father.

“Looking for you, munchkin,” said Tom Evensen, also a little red. He sat cross-legged beside Helen, who watched him covertly. Phase one, Kirsty told herself, sneaking a look at Tom Evensen herself.

“My meeting finished early and I knew you were coming to Dover Point,” Tom said. He gave a rueful laugh. “I’d forgotten it was a nude beach now.”

“Kirsty and I were just going for a swim, Daddy,” said Jeannie. “Are you coming?”

“Not at the moment, sweetheart,” Tom said. “Maybe later.”

“Okay.” Jeannie grinned at her Dad. She took Kirsty’s hand and the two girls ran off towards the water.

“Hey, your dad is kinda hunky,” Kirsty said, giggling.

“Yeah, impressive.” Jeannie squinted at her friend. “Nice shlong, eh?”

“What I saw of it. I think Mom was sneaking a peek, too.”

“Maybe they’ll get together. We’ve done what we can. Come on, race you to the float and back!”

After their race to the diving-float and back, the two girls were breathing heavily as they walked back up the beach towards Tom and Helen.They were both pleased to see that their respective parents were going for a swim together as the girls returned.

“They look good together, Kirsty,” Jeannie said as they watched Tom and Helen run into the water together. The adults didn’t stay in the water long and were both smiling as they returned to the girls.

“Tom’s coming to dinner with us,” Helen said. Kirsty and Jeannie looked at each other, grinning.

“Have you a reservation?” Tom said.

“For three, at seven,” Helen said

“I only have my office clothes here. Are you going formal, or casual?”

“Casual, definitely. That’s what we brought.” Helen looked slightly apologetic.

Tom Evensen nodded. “If you ladies will excuse me, I’ll go home and change, then see you at Toni’s at seven. Okay?”

“Sounds good. Kirsty, have you brought your mobile?” Helen said.

“In my bag, Mom.”

“I’ll ring Toni’s and change the reservation. I doubt they’ll be full on a Monday, but this way we’ll be sure.”

Tom nodded and got to his feet again, grabbing his carryall. “I’ll see you ladies at seven. ‘Bye for now.”

“‘Bye daddy,” Jeannie kaçak casino said.

“See you later, Mr. Evensen.”

“Until seven, Tom.”

As Evensen moved away Helen’s eyes followed him and Kirsty smiled to herself. Good, Mom’s interested. Helen turned back to the girls and Kirsty gave her a smiling thumbs-up, before turning away to lie beside Jeannie as they watched their friends who had begun playing volleyball nearby again. Jimmy Perez waved to them to come and join in.

Kirsty stood and hauled Jeannnie to her feet. “You playing, Mom?”

“Not this time, sweetheart. I’ll just watch.”

When it came time to leave the three of them made their way back towards the car, cheerful and no longer self-conscious in their nudity. There was an open shower – communal – and they rinsed off the sand and salt, then stopped at the picnic area to don their clothes. Kirsty wriggled almost in distaste as she dressed and decided she would come again. She looked across at Helen, catching an expression on her face which she felt sure mirrored the one she had made herself.

“Enjoy yourself, Mom?” she said.

“Very much.”

“Coming again?” She grinned.

“Yes, I think so. With or without you.”

Kirsty laughed. “Both, most likely. I guess I’m the exhibitionist I thought I was.”

Helen looked thoughtful for a moment. “No more than I am,” she said slowly. “I think I enjoyed being ogled by those classmates of yours.”

“You know Jimmy Perez?”


“He said you were the tastiest older woman on the beach today.” Kirsty laughed.

Helen snorted. “I’m flattered, I think.”

“He meant it, Mom. Jimmy doesn’t know how to tell a lie.”

“In that case, I am flattered.”

“While you’re in a good mood, is it okay if I sleep over at Jeannie’s tonight?” Kirsty gave her mom an appealing look.

“No problem, sweetheart. Anyway, you’re legally an adult, so how do I stop you?”

“Yeah. But,” said Kirsty.

“I know. Of course it’s okay. When we leave Toni’s, take our car. Tom and I are going for a drink after the meal.”

“Great!” Stage two, maybe.

“You’re pleased?” There was surprise in Helen’s tone.

“Definitely, Mom. You’ve come back to life.”

“Was I so bad, sweetheart?”

“A little, Mom.”

“I’ll be better in future, I promise.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” Kirsty held her hand out. “Can I drive?”

The meal was good, the conversation light and it seemed no time at all until Tom and Helen were saying goodbye.

“See you, tomorrow, Mom,” Kirsty grinned. “Have fun.” She turned to Tom. “Look after my Mom, Mr. Evensen.”

“That, I promise, Kirsty.” He kissed her cheek and turned to Jeannie, hugging her. “See you later, munchkin.”

“Maybe tomorrow, Dad, we might be in bed. I’m tired.”

“Okay. See you whenever.” He turned to Kirsty’s mom. “Ready, Helen?”


“Let’s go, then. ‘Bye, girls.”

Kirsty and Jeannie watched them go, waving as they left in Tom Evensen’s Jaguar.

“Home?” said Jeannie.

“Yeah, I think so,” Kirsty said. “Dunno if it’s the sea air, but I’m bushed.”

“Me, too,” Jeannie said. “Let’s go.”

The girls were soon back at the Evensen house and found that they weren’t quite as tired as they thought. Neither of them wanted to watch TV so they played Scrabble for a while, winning a game each.

“Do you think Jimmy and Billy are seeing Mary and Julie?” Jeannie said as they packed the Scrabble away.

“You mean, like going steady?” Kirsty said.

Jeannie nodded.

Kirsty made a face and shook her head. “Dunno. Maybe Billy thinks he’s onto a sure thing with Mary.”

Jeannie shook her head. “I don’t think Mary’s reputation is quite what it’s made out to be. Look who talks about her. Trish de Vere, and Trish got dropped by Tony Jansen before he asked Mary out. Sally Gunn, Trish’s friend. And Jack Ellis, who might have said he got Mary’s cherry, but he was drunk at Trish’s party at the time. If anyone asked Mary, she refused to answer. Trish was the first to call her ‘Round-Heels’, and have you seen Mary’s face when Trish is around?”

Kirsty nodded thoughtfully. “I think you’re right. Anyway, I like Mary. She’s fun.”

“Me, too,” Jeannie said. She glanced over at the clock. “Just about bed time.” She frowned.

“Problem?” Kirsty said.

“We usually lock up at night, but Dad’s out with your mom, and I don’t know whether to lock up or not.”

Kirsty grinned. “You mean, like he might not come home at all?”

Jeannie flushed. “If he doesn’t …”

“It means he’s probably with my Mom. Maybe they’re in bed together.” Kirsty laughed. “I’ll ring home, see if they’re there.” She dialled, waiting a moment for an answer. “Hi, Mom, I didn’t know if you were home.” Kirsty listened, frowning. “Are you okay, Mom?” Whatever Helen said must have been reassuring, because Kirsty smiled. “Is Mr. Evensen there? … No, I just wanted to know. Jeannie was wondering what time he’d be home. She didn’t know whether to lock up or not, ‘cos we’re just off to bed.” A grin spread slowly across Kirsty’s face. “Mom, are you in bed together?”

Whatever Helen said made Kirsty laugh. “Have fun, Mom. See you in the morning.” Jeannie signalled frantically. “Wait. Hang on a sec.” She turned to Jeannie. “What?”

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