Fulfilling Our Desires

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Author’s Note: This is my first attempt at submitting a story. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to my two beta readers who wish to remain anonymous, they have helped me greatly throughout the creative process. Any errors that remain are mine alone.

Comments are welcomed.


Veronica worked as a doctor, I an architect. She spent many hours at the small clinic that she ran, I did design work for large buildings structures and traveled a lot because of it. We were at home, together, maybe two days out of ten at any given time. It was hard being so busy and not having more time for each other, but we were committed. We took comfort in the fact that we wanted a child later on which was why we worked hard now.

I returned from my latest trip a few hours before Veronica would be home, so I decided to surprise her with a romantic dinner which would lead to wonderfully carnal things later. I loved her so much and she awakened a sexual beast in me I never knew existed.

I prepared everything; her favorite meal, wine, and candle light. I put on some soft music and even wore her favorite outfit, red boxers and a sports bra. This was going to be a special night.

Soon Veronica came in the door and smiled her sweet smile at me. She must have missed me as much as I missed her for she hugged and kissed me so deeply that I thought I would drown in her taste. When she pulled back to look at me, I saw her desire for me. I loved how she looked at me with that look of pure love, and lust.

“I’ve missed you so much.” I gushed haltingly, my own usual lust showing as I ran my hands up and down her sides anxiously.

“No more than I’ve missed you. God you look good, baby. Let me grab a shower casino oyna to get the clinic off of me,” she said huskily and kissed my lips quickly then rushed to the bathroom. I opened the wine and then went to the bathroom after her to find out if she would be ready to eat when she came out.

“Hay babe, do you —” My words were cut short at the sight before me. Veronica was still under the shower spray, her back to me with one hand bracing herself on the shower wall. The sight of her was mesmerizing to me. I watched as the water ran down the firm lines of her back and over those fabulous ass cheeks and down her extremely sexy legs and feet.

I stood there, dumbstruck for several moments, my true hunger reasserting itself. She turned and smiled sexily at me.

“What are you staring at?”

“Perfection,” was all I could say as my breathing quickened at her sight.

Her eyes suddenly flashed hotly with her desire. “Perfection is lonely; want to keep me company?” she asked with a sultry voice.

She didn’t have to say more. I practically ripped off my clothes, few as they were and joined her. My arms encircled her midsection as I pulled her to me, pressing my already hard nipples into her. Her hands went over mine. She loved how strong I was and loved to stroke my toned arms. I moved us so that the water was now pouring over her breasts as I kissed her neck. She moaned as the water stimulated her taut nipples and my lips, teeth and tongue teased her neck.

I was deliberately being gentle with her but she was having none of it.

“Do me good, baby,” she rasped, wanting me to ravage her. “Give it to me hard.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement. I turned her and pushed her back canlı casino up against the shower wall. My lips were on hers in a strong, crushing kiss. I forced my tongue into her mouth and tongue fucked her roughly. She moaned and grunted into my mouth as her hips started jogging, her pussy searching for my touch.

I pushed a thigh against her wet mound while I grabbed both breasts and squeezed the plump flesh in my hands, then pinning her nipples between my fingers and squeezing tightly. She let out a series of harsh breaths into my mouth as she rubbed her pussy furiously on my thigh. Her orgasm came fast and hard screaming into my mouth as her fingers dug into my shoulders.

I pulled back a bit and held her steady as she worked hard to catch her breath from the harsh suddenness of her orgasm.

She had barely recovered when I went to my knees. I lifted her right leg and rested it on my shoulder, opening her beautiful pussy to my hungry gaze. I buried my tongue in her delicious center and tasted her honey. She cried out, cooed and mewed as I sucked at her pussy lips and licked her clit. My tongue probed her perfect little rosebud which had her barking and grunting.

That slight licking of her rosebud was like a fantasy of hers, of being taken unawares, and feeling helpless to do anything but surrender to the marvelous feelings. Teasing her in her fantasy always made me hungrier for her. I loved feeling her pant as she lost control, and gave herself up to me completely. She didn’t have a lot of fantasies, but she did love this one. Perhaps it was her way of relieving the stress of her work. Whatever it was, my horny self was glad to be of service.

As she was getting close, I stood and spun her kaçak casino around, pressing my body to hers, forcing her breasts against the shower wall yet making sure her hips were out a bit. I pushed two fingers into her fast and hard. Her juices were flowing so I coated my thumb and pushed it slowly into her ass. When my thumb was in her as far as it could go, I introduced a third finger into her pussy and used my other hand to find her clit, glad that I had long fingers to do to her as she loved. I worked her fast and hard as I nibbled her neck and shoulder. She came screaming and almost deafened me, but I kept working her orgasmic self until she almost passed out.

Helping to keep her upright, I held her under the warm water and cleaned her. She kept giving me soft kisses as I washed her. I had to half carry her out of the shower stall. I sat her on the counter and dried her. She began to recover as I was drying her hair. I was standing between her legs so she wrapped them around my waist and pulled me to her.

She kissed me, soft and sweetly as her hands caressed my breasts. Then one hand worked its way between us and down to my pussy. She worked a finger between my lips and found my wetness. As she rolled that finger over my hard clit, I widened my stance to give her better access to me.

She never stopped kissing me as she played with my clit and stroked my pussy lips. I moaned at the wonderful sensations she was giving me. I was so aroused that it didn’t take much from her to bring me to orgasm. It was gentle and sweet and I loved it as I loved her, my soft and gentle lover who loved a bit of rough love from me—and I loved giving it to her too.

She kissed my lips, my cheeks and eyes. She held me close and I inhaled her heavenly scent. I was hungry for her again but that is a story for another time.


This is a copyrighted story. Please do not use without permission by the author Dru_Druthers.

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