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Angela White

This is a Deirdre tribute story I originally posted to ASSTR back in the late 1990s. Enjoy!

“Oh, Simone, I know just the thing!”

I was talking with Moira about my anniversary and what I might get for Kyle. Suddenly she dashed off to her bedroom to fetch something, leaving me to wonder what it might be. She returned with a framed picture and triumphantly presented it to me. It was a picture of her wearing some scandalously revealing lingerie!

I just sat there and stared. The picture appeared to be very professionally done, and her pose didn’t quite reveal anything, but still… I blushed, imagining myself in Moira’s place — it didn’t take much effort, we look so much alike people are always mistaking us for sisters.

“You’d look so good, Simone! You know Kyle would love a picture of you like this!” I did take good care of myself, and Kyle would like it, but I couldn’t imagine posing for some stranger dressed like that. Somehow Moira talked me into it anyway, and even had me call that very day for a sitting time — the next day at 2. I was surprised when she too made an appointment for herself the following Thursday at 4; she just smiled at my inquiry.

Well, I was really nervous when I arrived at the studio for my sitting. The receptionist showed me into one of the sitting rooms and told me the photographer would be with me shortly. I had barely started looking around when this girl breezed into the room. “Hi, Simone. My name is Naomi and I’m your photographer. Do you see anything you like?”

For some reason I had assumed the photographer would be a man. Moira hadn’t said anything about it. I suppose I should have been relieved that I wouldn’t have to pose in front of a man, but instead I felt embarrassment. Naomi was so young and good-looking, I was sure to look old and dumpy next to her.

Naomi gave me an appraising look and a brilliant smile. “Your first time?” I managed a small nod. “Don’t worry, you be great! Now let’s find something for you to wear, shall we?” Hesitantly, I fingered one of the filmy gowns hanging on the rack. “Oh no, Simone,” she objected, “I don’t think that would suit you at all. Here, let me show you why.” She took off her top and cutoffs right in front of me! All she was wearing was this tiny thong underneath!

I was gasping in surprise, but Naomi just took the gown and slid it over her head. “See?” she said. “Even with your bust, the fall would be all wrong.” We were about the same height, casino oyna but her breasts were smaller than mine. She pinched the material over her nipples and pulled it away from her body to show the basic effect; it did look rather dumpy. “Eeech! We can definitely do better, don’t you think?”

She slipped out of the gown as quickly as she’d donned it, then guided me to some more promising selections. Naomi’s nearly naked body right next to me was very distracting, and she seemed to have a good idea of what she wanted, so I found myself deferring to her suggestions. Finally she picked out a baby-doll outfit and a bra and panty set for me.

“Come on, Simone, let’s get you ready!” I was surprised to see her walk out the door in only her panties, but maybe nobody else was in the back of the studio. I hurriedly grabbed my things and followed. Instead of the dressing room I was expecting, she led me into a small salon.

“Just put your clothes over there and have a seat,” she said. I deposited the lingerie as directed, but hadn’t taken a second step towards the chair before she stopped me. “All your clothes, Simone. There’ll be a lot more of you showing than there is now, and we want all of it to look scrumptious, don’t we?” I was embarrassed, but she seemed so matter-of-fact about it… Soon I was seated in front of the mirrors, covered only by a plastic bib, as Naomi worked on my hair.

She chattered on about how great I’d look, but all I could concentrate on was the sight of her trim breasts, capped by hard little nipples, passing right in front of my face and the cool air wafting across my legs and bare belly. I’m sure that was the only reason my nipples got hard. After a trim, shampoo, drying and styling Naomi removed the bib and I thought she was done, but she said she was only getting started!

Before I could say anything, she started rubbing creme on my arms and picked up a razor. She proceeded to shave every inch of my arms, and then my armpits too. Then she started on my legs! She was so methodical, checking closely as she worked up their length, that I could feel her breath on my smooth skin. I know it was totally inappropriate, but I couldn’t help thinking of Kyle and getting a little excited. Then Naomi said she need to trim my pubes too! She made me spread my legs, and I was worried she would see my wetness and think I was attracted to women! But she didn’t say a word as she trimmed me until only a narrow, close-cropped patch remained.

Again canlı casino my hopes for a quick, graceful exit were dashed. Naomi began applying some scented lotion to help soothe my skin where she’d shaved. It turned out she wanted to rub it in even where she hadn’t shaved, too — “so you won’t look ‘uneven'” she explained. I had to stand up so she could do my back and behind, and she finished with my tummy and breasts! I was so confused, it felt better than with Kyle, but this was another woman! When she went to apply nail polish, Naomi had to start with my toes because I was shaking so much. I was so glad when she misinterpreted my tension and reassured me how beautiful I was and how well she knew the pictures would turn out, and that there was nothing to worry about.

The last stage of my ordeal was the worst. Naomi started applying my face, but stopped and apologized that she was afraid of getting it crooked. She asked if she could get closer, to be sure of doing a good job. I couldn’t imagine what she had in mind and just wanted to be out of the chair, so of course I agreed. She sat right down in my lap! She was straddling me and wriggled until she was comfortable, then resumed her work. I felt her breath on my face, and her breasts brushing mine, and thought of the times Kyle and I had made love like this — with me in Naomi’s position, of course. My mind went blank.

Finally I was free to don the baby-doll and we went back down the hall to the sitting room. After what I’d just gone through, posing wasn’t difficult at all. Even when we got to the G-string and half-bra set, which was much racier than I had originally planned on. I just followed Naomi’s instructions and listened to her complement me on how well I was doing. Then she asked me to do some nude poses! Well, things were going so well and she’d already seen every inch of my body, so I agreed. Naomi was also very considerate about posing me tastefully.

I thought Naomi had used several rolls of film by now, which was a lot more than I expected, but I decided she was just playing it safe and making sure I got at least a few really nice shots. She was reloading the camera when she asked me if I would pose with another woman! I suddenly realized Naomi was still wearing only her thong and I got nervous again. It was difficult to refuse and Naomi looked disappointed, but she said she understood. Just the same, it was a relief to climb into my regular clothes again.

Naomi said kaçak casino I could wait for the pictures to be developed, but I realized it was already much later than I’d planned and I’d need to rush to be home for dinner. We walked out to the waiting area and Naomi arranged with the receptionist for me to view the contact sheets the next day.

Kyle was really impressed when he saw me made up that way. When we made it to bed and he saw how I’d been shaved and all, he went wild. I was really wound up too, and it was a long time before either of us fell asleep! But afterwards I found myself comparing his hairy chest to Naomi’s smooth breasts. And I wanted to have a word with Moira for not warning me about the preparations for the pictures!

Things were very busy when I stopped by the studio. Apparently they did normal pictures here too, because a family with several small children was in the waiting area and the receptionist was at her wit’s end trying to keep them from getting into things. She showed me into a little cubby off the hall behind her counter, and a minute later brought me a loose-leaf binder and a blank order form. She said she’d be back in a few minutes, then dashed back to her desk.

I flipped open the binder and paused, trying to remember the unfamiliar pose I saw. I realized it was Moira! Looking closer, it was clear we did look very much alike, especially made-up, and I could understand how the receptionist could make a mistake. I almost got up to tell her, but curiosity got the better of me and I flipped open a random page about halfway in. It was a close-up of Moira’s face in profile — she was pushing it into a woman’s cunt! On the facing page, she was standing with legs spread and back arched, hands clasped behind her head. I could see a hand behind her — it looked like it was pushing something into her rear hole! Moira? I couldn’t believe it!

Right then the receptionist rushed up, spouting apologies, and confiscated the binder. She handed me a much thinner one and talked some more, but I didn’t hear a word she said. Finally I flipped through my album and selected some very nice shots, include a nude for myself. But I couldn’t get over Moira’s pictures. I squirmed in my seat; it was too easy to visualize myself in her place.

After I paid for the prints, I was surprised to find myself asking the receptionist when she could schedule another sitting with Naomi! She gave me a funny smile, but after a moment said they could fit me in on Thursday at 4. The time sounded familiar, but my calendar was clear then, so I agreed.

I could hardly wait to show my pictures to Kyle! And I really wanted to talk to Moira — who was that other woman?

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