Innocent Curiosity Ch. 01

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“Laura are you still coming round on Friday? I really need a study partner right now,” Amy asked down the phone.

“Yeah I am but do you mind if I stay the night?” Laura answered

“No you can stay. My mom and dad are out at some party all night so I could do with a friend” Amy laughed down the phone. She twirled a coil of strawberry blonde hair round her finger. Amy was small with large doe-like blue eyes and creamy white skin. Her small frame hid the fact that she was 18.

“Ok I’ll walk home from uni with you and then I’ll stay over” Laura chirped before putting down the phone. Laura was also small but with dark ebony skin and dark curly hair in neat plaited cornrows and large brown eyes. When people looked at her they thought she must be young but in fact she was 19.

” So let’s go up to your room and watch a film then” Laura suggested, ” I brought Ocean’s Eleven”

” Great! You know I love Brad Pitt!” Amy smiled as she began making her way up the stairs to her room.

As they settled on the bed and the opening credits began rolling Laura edged nearer to Amy so their shoulders were touching. She could feel the warmth from Amy’s body radiating out to her own. Laura cautiously entwined her feet with Amy’s and when she found no resistance moved closer casino oyna still. Laura ran her fingers down Amy’s smooth arm until she reached her hand whereupon she slid her fingers in between Amy’s. As Amy still carried on watching the film, Laura brought up her foot and stroked Amy’s thigh all the way back down to her feet. Laura’s heart was racing at being able to so closely contact the one woman she knew she desired so badly.

When the film finished, they changed into their pj’s and lay on Amy’s small double bed discussing usual teenage topics-boys, spots.etc “So you fancy Aaron at the moment then?” Laura quizzed her friend.

” Mmm yeah I guess” Amy mused as Laura studied her face.

“Only guess?” Laura smiled as her fingers dug into Amy’s stomach and began tickling her.

” Stop…Laura…Stop” Amy hysterically giggled as she wrestled with Laura to stop the tickling. They rolled, still laughing, until Laura’s body was pressing onto Amy’s slight one. Laura leaned down and softly kissed Amy’s sweet rosebud lips. “What.. What are you doing?” Amy confusedly asked.

“Oh c’mon you know I want you.” Laura whispered before planting another kiss upon Amy’s mouth. Amy wriggled and twisted away from Laura’s tongue which had worked it’s way into her mouth.

“Laura I’m straight!”

canlı casino Then what was all that in the film then? I was touching you and you never stopped me” Laura exclaimed,” how can you know your straight if you haven’t even experimented?”

” What do you mean experiment?” Amy asked her eyes wide with confusion.

“I mean like this” Laura silenced Amy before she could speak by planting a fierce passionate kiss upon her. Laura’s tongue snaked it’s way into Amy’s mouth and danced with Amy’s, she felt Amy’s body relax underneath hers.

Amy let her hands roam along Laura’s back down to her ass and then her hands found their way to the waistband of Laura’s pj’s. She pulled them down without a second’s thought and then opened her eyes to find herself looking into Laura’s deep brown ones.

“Strip yourself down honey” Laura whispered in her ear.

Amy wriggled out from underneath Laura and quickly pulled off her top and trousers. Laura ran her eyes over Amy’s creamy white body, the small but still perfect breasts, the neatly trimmed pussy, Oh! How she wanted her.

Laura ripped off her top and pulled Amy towards her so their naked bodies were entwined. She lay behind Amy and planted kisses down Amy’s neck and shoulder and whispered, “Give me your hand” kaçak casino Amy held out her hand and Laura placed her own over it and guided it to Amy’s swollen pussy lips.

Laura pressed down on Amy’s hand and made a rubbing motion as Amy began to rub her clit and lips. Laura’s hands travelled up to Amy’s breasts and pulled and kneaded at the nipples. “Uhhh…Uhhh…Yeah…Ohhh” Amy began to moan she tipped back her head as her body filled with sexual pleasure from her own hand and Laura’s hands caressing her tits.

Laura’s needy pussy began to ache from lack of attention and she began to grind it against Amy’s hips. Amy responded by grabbing Laura’s ass and pushing back her hips against Laura’s pussy. Laura felt her orgasm building and moaned “Amy I’m cumming Uhhh…Ohhhh! Yes! Fuck!” as her juice streamed out against Amy’s back.

Amy turned to face Laura and watched the glazed expression of sexual pleasure die down from her face. Amy smiled as she felt Laura’s fingers travel down her velvet skin and plunge into her pussy. She let out a small gasp as Laura’s thumb rubbed against her clit. “Mmmm” She sighed as she held onto Laura’s shoulders as Laura’s fingers curled inside her pussy building up her orgasm. She gripped tightly as Laura hit her g-spot and the orgasm took hold of her “Fuck baby! Yeah! You slutty bitch!” She screamed at the peak of her climax.

Laura’s lips met Amy’s, as they lay held in their embrace for now they knew they were more than friends.

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