Karen Visits The Toy Box

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Karen was driving down the highway into the city, even if her small town had an adult store, she could not have gone inside it. Everybody in town knew what everybody else was doing, hell, it seemed half the town knew she had dumped her boyfriend before she did. Although there was certainly nothing wrong with sex toys and XXX videos, just the presence of her car in the parking lot would have been reason enough for the gossip and rumor mill to go into overdrive. Being employed by the town made so much of her life public any way, she didn’t need her sex life or lack of one advertised. So Karen was heading to the far side of the city to a store she had heard advertised on the radio.

Pulling into the parking lot, Karen was relieved to see few cars in the parking lot. She guessed fewer customers would make for easier browsing. As she walked in the door, Karen was surprised to find the store brightly lit and nicely arranged. There were a couple of men and a woman walking through the aisles, a woman behind the counter greeted Karen.

Karen started up the first row of displays, small groups of videos alternated with various sex toys on the shelves. Each aisle had a wide range of products. Lists of the most popular videos were placed on each endcap. Karen made note of the women’s and couple’s favorites. As she passed the rows of slickly packaged toys, Karen came across a dildo the size of her arm, who the hell could use that, she wondered. Vibrators, lotions, cock rings, handcuffs and games all promised the greatest experience.

“Is there anything I could help you with?” asked a salesgirl. She was dressed in a torn white T-shirt that said “I get mine at Brandy’s Toy Box.” The T-shirt did nothing to hide her black lace bustier that almost contained her full breasts. Black fishnet stockings held in place by a red lace garter belt clad the salesgirl’s long legs. Five inch spike heels completed her attire. With her long blonde hair cascading down her back, the girl looked more like she belonged in a magazine than an adult store.

“I’m just looking around at the moment.” replied Karen.

“My name is Crystal. If I can help you with anything or if you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to assist you in any way I can.”

“Thank you.” said Karen. “I’ll be sure to find you if I need anything.”

Karen browsed the entire store before making her selections. Choosing the top two videos each from women’s and couple’s favorites lists, casino siteleri the best plot award winner video and a video about adult toys. Karen’s toys included a slim dildo a realistic medium sized vibrator, a pack of elastic cock rings and some flavored oil. She also selected the same garter belt and stockings the salesgirl wore, a nice push up bra and a pair of black four inch spike heels.

As Karen headed for the checkout, Crystal approached her. “Could I help you with your selections?” Crystal asked.

“Please.” said Karen since she was struggling to not drop her arm load of items.

“If I may,” began Crystal, “I’d like to make an additional suggestion.” They were beside a huge display of eggs. “This is not only the most popular item in the store, it is my favorite. Handing Karen a package from the display, Crystal continued, “This egg has a wireless remote control. It makes passing time waiting for something fly by. If you give the control to your lover, it makes for a very exciting evening on the town.”

“I don’t know about something like that.” said Karen.

Crystal looked around, “There are too many people right here. If you would come with me for a moment I’d like to show you something.”

They placed Karen’s merchandise behind a counter and Crystal led her to a dressing room. They both entered the room and Crystal closed the door. She handed Karen a small remote control. “This is the remote control for that unit, note the simple controls.” Karen flipped the on/off switch to on, then slid the speed control from zero to ten. Crystal’s mouth dropped open as she grabbed the edge of a small table to steady herself.

“Are you ok?” asked Karen.

“Down, turn it down.” gasped Crystal.

Karen looked at the control for a second before she realized that the remote in her hands controlled an egg inside Crystal. Quickly sliding the control back to zero, Karen said, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize you handed me your own personal control.”

Crystal began to regain her composure. “That’s quite alright.” she said. “It felt great. You will have to try it to believe how that little thing thunders inside you.” Pulling her thong to one side, Crystal removed the egg from her pussy. “Ease the speed control up again.”

Karen pushed the control to two and the egg began to vibrate silently in Crystal’s hand. Increasing the speed to ten, Karen watched the egg jump around in Crystal’s hand still making no canlı casino noise.

“That is interesting.” said Karen as she turned the control off. “But I don’t know if it is for me.”

“I’m so happy with mine, ” said Crystal as she return the egg to her pussy, “I can’t live without it. Let me make you two offers, you can accept one of them or decline both if you like.

“Ok.” replied Karen.

“First, we can open this new package and I’ll get you some batteries so you can road test it.” said Crystal. “Or, you can take it home for free, try it out, and mail the money to me if you like it. If you don’t like it just drop it back by the next time you are in or when you are close by.”

“I couldn’t try it here, that’s for sure.” said Karen. “But if you believe in it so much you’ll trust a complete stranger to mail you the money, I’ll go ahead and buy it now”

“Excellent.” Crystal said. “You will be very happy with it, I promise you that.”

They left the room heading for the check out collecting Karen’s merchandise as they passed the counter. Crystal helped the woman at the counter with Karen’s purchase.

“She deserves a shirt.” Crystal told the woman who nodded in agreement. Crystal picked up a pink T-shirt like the white one she had on. With a wink to Karen, Crystal laid three sets of batteries in the shirt and folded it into one of Karen’s bags.

“Thank you.” said Crystal. “We’ll see you again real soon.”

Karen walked to her car as the sun was setting. She pulled to the far side of the parking lot and stopped. Rummaging through her bags, she found the egg. Karen opened the package and examined it closely. Looking around to see if any one was nearby, she found her shirt and retrieved a set of batteries. After loading the batteries into the egg and control, Karen glanced around once more. With no one in sight, she unzipped her jeans and slid them down slightly. The egg slid easily between the moist lips of her pussy. Headlights flashed through the car as another vehicle pulled into the lot, Karen hurriedly tugged her jeans up and fastened them. The car pulled to the front of the store and a man walked inside.

Karen ran her fingers over the remote control, the egg felt comfortable inside her. She remembered Crystal’s reaction when she had pegged the speed on her remote. Karen thought she should wait until she got home to try the egg out, but her curiosity was overwhelming. As she sat in the darkness, Karen kaçak casino flipped the switch to on. After looking around one more time, she eased the speed control to one. Karen felt what seemed to be a fast tapping inside her. She soon felt the need for more and push the speed up to two.

The tapping became a hard vibration and Karen’s breath became labored. Another notch on the remote and her head fell back against the head rest. Karen started to pant as she pushed the control to four. When the control was edged up to five, Karen squirmed in her seat. She couldn’t stop now if she had to. Karen eased the remote up another notch, her whole body tensed as the egg felt like thunder between her legs. Her breath came in gasps, her free hand slipped under her shirt to fondle her breasts. Pushing the speed to seven caused Karen to drop the remote.

Her hand that had held the remote grabbed the crotch of her jeans, the hand under her shirt rolled a nipple between its thumb and forefinger. She was thrashing about in her seat as an earth shattering orgasm rolled though her body. It hit Karen in waves, each stronger than the last. The vibrations of the egg kept going, triggering a new wave as the previous one subsided. Karen was screaming at the crest of each wave.

Karen suddenly realized she almost couldn’t breathe, fumbling for the remote, her orgasm hit her two more times before she could turn the egg off. She sat there unable to move, her chest heaved a her lungs sucked in all the air they could hold. The crotch of Karen’s jeans was soaked with her juices. After she regained her composure somewhat, Karen started her car and turned on the defroster to unfog the windows. When she could see, she eased out of the parking lot and headed for the highway to go home.

“I told you that new security camera in the parking lot would come in handy.” said Crystal. “You all need to pay up now.” Five twenty dollar bills landed in front of her on the counter. “I wasn’t sure she would stop on her way out, but I knew if she did she would try out the egg before she left.”

“Did you see her car rocking?” asked Carrie. “We need to put a sign on that display that says ‘Do not use while driving’.”

“Any bets on if she comes back?” asked Crystal.

“No way.” said Tracy. “The only reason she didn’t come back in tonight is she probably looked like she pissed in her pants.”

Crystal laughed, “A better bet would probably be how many she is going to buy the next time we see her.”

Karen sped homeward, wanting to try a second round with the egg. “I think I’ll buy a few more of these for gifts.” she said out loud. “That way I’ll be sure to have a spare around.”

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