Mistaken Identity


The overhead speaker announced the arrival of the flight. Because of the post 9/11 security measures, Linda had to wait at the baggage claim area to meet her online buddy. She had been waiting for this day for three months now. Linda and Tom had met each other through the games they liked to play online. After pairing up in the game rooms several times by accident, they started to chat. Their chats became friendly, and before long, they were seeking each other out whenever they logged on. Because of the distance between them, and the constraints of both Tom and Linda being married, they had to keep a certain appearance of “innocence” to their friendship. Neither dared post a picture of themselves, so only a general description of themselves sufficed. As happens sometimes in online relationships, things sometimes get very spicy, and it was during one of these conversations that Linda and Tom decided to finally meet in real life. Linda was desperately unhappy in her relationship with her husband, having grown so far apart they barely acknowledged each other’s presence anymore. Tom, likewise, was in a difficult marriage, which seemed to be headed for the courtroom. So it was no surprise when the subject of meeting came up, that they both were so eager for it to happen. With the arrangements made, Linda agreed to meet Tom at the airport, pick him up, and they would spend a weekend together getting to know each other.

Linda waited nervously at the bottom of the escalator that would bring the passengers to the baggage area. “Would he like me…would he think I’m pretty enough?” These thoughts ran through Linda’s mind over and over. “What if he doesn’t come? What if I’m standing here like a fool, and he never had any intention of following through?” Linda practically had herself convinced he wasn’t going to show, when all of a sudden she saw him. She just knew it was him. Linda flashed Tom her biggest, brightest smile when she caught his eye. It was returned with an equally broad smile, and a puzzled, yet very pleased expression in his eyes.

Linda walked up to him and said, “Tom, I presume?”

He answered, “Uh, yes.”

“Oh god, it’s sooo good to finally meet you. Come, let’s get your luggage and we’ll get out of here as fast as we can,” Linda instructed. She grabbed his hand and led him over to where the luggage would come out and turned to look at Tom again. He stood there staring at her.

“Ohhhhh, he has the most beautiful eyes,” Linda thought. “I never knew that eyes could be so dark.” Linda’s heart melted on the spot. She reached up boldly, wrapped her arms around his neck, and drew him into a long and passionate kiss. Tom stood there soaking this up like a man in a desert who was just given a long drink of water.

Shortly thereafter the luggage began to pour out onto the ramp and they were on their way. Linda was still too nervous to do a lot of talking, so she just concentrated on driving. Tom was being very quiet also, and she asked him if he was as nervous as she was.

“Quite frankly,” he said, “I’m just in awe of this whole situation. I never dreamed I would meet someone as beautiful and assertive as you. I’m just enjoying the view.”

Linda blushed deeply at the compliment. At 42 years of age, she still considered herself to be above average in the looks department, but it still felt deliciously good to hear a gorgeous hunk of man telling her that. Linda smiled and tossed her silky red hair back out of her eyes. She was glad she decided to wear her hair loose that morning. Her glorious mane of long, flowing red hair was usually restrained back in a pony tail or bun of sorts. Her husband had not cared or noticed anything about her in many, many months. She stood 5 feet 4 inches, weighing 120 pounds, and was very proud of keeping her body in fine shape. Her red hair complimented her green eyes and light freckled tuzla escort complexion, but after the hair, it was her breasts that people usually noticed next. Linda had a very nice set of 36D breasts. On this occasion, Linda went all out and dressed in such as way that every line of view lead the eye to that V between her lapels. She noticed Tom looking that way frequently too.

Linda decided to start getting a little bolder, and reached over and took Tom’s hand in hers. She pulled it over to her mouth and kissed it and gave it a squeeze. Then she looked over at him, grinned, and placed his hand on her leg. He wasted no time and seized the invitation to start exploring. He slid his hand under her skirt and pushed it up a little, exposing the tops of her thigh-high nylons. Tom was very pleasantly surprised and decided to see what other little treasures he could discover. Linda was getting so hot from just his touch, it felt like the skin of her thigh was burning. She spread her legs slightly farther apart, allowing him better access. Tom continued upward touching, tickling, and rubbing the skin between her thighs, teasing her, making her anticipate his next move.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, this guy knows how to turn on a woman,” Linda thought to herself. “Just one touch and I’ve almost creamed my panties.” Tom slid his hand up, touching everything but the one spot she desired most. He pushed aside her lacy thong panties and played with her silken pussy lips, her inner folds, everywhere but her love button. He could feel her getting wetter and wetter by the second, but he wanted to prolong this as long as he could.

“Here we are,” Linda announced, as they pulled into the entrance drive of the hotel. After putting the car in park, she turned to look at Tom. Her eyes were smouldering and he leaned over, pulling her to him by the back of her head, and took possession of her lips once again. His hand started exploring underneath her blouse and felt the beginning of a very hard nipple erection.

“Hmmm, I think maybe we should check in, don’t you?” he asked.

“Ahhh, yes. Exceedingly good idea,” Linda stammered.

Linda found it difficult to walk steadily, and leaned into Tom for balance and support. It might have been that she was too nervous to eat that was making her light-headed, or more likely, her much neglected love life had been jump started with a vengence, and she was veering on an out-of-control course with this man.

They checked in and almost ran to their room, touching, kissing, and groping all the way up in the elevator. Once inside the privacy of their room, Linda and Tom separated and stood there looking at each other. As if in silent agreement, Tom started undressing Linda. She stood there slightly trembling as he unbuttoned her satin blouse, one button at a time. Painstakingly slow, kissing leisurely circles around her face, neck, ears, and throat as he was doing it. Linda moaned deep in her throat, her belly and groin raging with desire. Tom slid the blouse from her shoulders and stood back to gaze at her, standing there in her green satin and lace bra and skirt. Next he moved forward and reached around to the button and zipper of her skirt, slowly sliding it down her legs. Linda stepped out of it and stood before Tom, dressed now only in her matching bra and thong panties, and her thigh-high nylons.

“Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous,” Tom growled. He reached over and tweaked one of her nipples, making it stand out again. He turned Linda around, placing her long red hair over one shoulder, and started nuzzling her neck and shoulder again. His tongue ran patterns over the back of her shoulders, giving her goose bumps and making her shiver with delight. He then unfastened her bra, slipped the straps off her shoulders, and reached around to remove it from ucuz escort her breasts. He let the bra fall, and stood there with one breast in each hand, softly squeezing the rubbery nubs, making them hard. He massaged her breasts and tweaked her nipples until Linda was moaning more and starting to breath heavily. Tom then moved his hands downward, kissing his way down until he was on his knees behind her, with his hands on her hips. He tugged the lacy material of her thongs and pulled them down, his tongue following in their track. He then turned Linda back around and drank in her full beauty. She stood there in all her splendor, her large, firm breasts ready to be sucked, and her beautiful shaved pussy, swollen in desire and anticipation. He stepped forward and took one nipple into his mouth, taking his time sucking and licking it. He then turned his attention to the other breast, licking, massaging, and sucking it, until both her nipples stood out proud and at attention.

Tom then guided her over to the bed and pushed her gently, indicating she should sit at the edge. He then fell to his knees in front of her and pushed her legs apart. “I want to see you. All of you. Let me in.”

Linda groaned and spread her legs even further, her honey pot steaming and wet, waiting for this moment. Tom leaned down and buried his nose deep in her pussy. His tongue wasted no time, lapping and licking at her hot, wet pussy. “Oh god, you taste so sweet,” he murmured. His tongue ran over and over, flicking her lips, probing her pussy, and then finally, sweet release as he tongued and sucked her clit. Linda could hardly stand it any more. Her pussy begged for release. She grabbed Tom by the hair and tried to get him to suck harder, lick faster, but he was having none of it.

“Shhhh, my impatient one. Let me do this my way and I guarantee you will never forget it.”

Linda calmed down as best she could, that is until Tom resumed his lapping and licking with his tongue. This was soon followed by him inserting a finger deep inside her wet, hot pussy. He licked and licked, and pumped his finger, then inserted a second and a third finger, pumping faster and harder now. He turned his hand over so his palm was upwards and his fingers found her hidden secret spot. As he licked furiously at her engorged clit, he finger fucked her, hitting her G spot on every down stroke. Linda gasped and arched her back fully as she fell backwards on the bed, moaning loudly, her whole body quivering as the release of a tremendous orgasm ripped through her body.

Tom stood up then and removed his clothes, never taking his eyes off Linda. She lay there, looking so beautiful, so flushed, so in need of fucking, and he was the one who would be giving it to her. When he removed his briefs, Linda’s eyes grew big and round. This was one bonus she had never had the courage to ask about, but knew now that she was in for a real treat. Tom had to be at least 9 inches long, with a very big head. She had never seen or experienced anything like that in her life, and was excited yet scared at the same time. Tom sensed her shock and uneasiness, and sought to assure her.

“I know what I’m doing, princess. Just relax and enjoy the ride.” Linda smiled at this and tentatively reached out for it. His cock seemed to jolt when she touched him and this encouraged her further. Tom slid on the bed next to her and she turned herself around so she could pay some special attention to his very manly assets. She took his penis in her small hand. It looked even bigger up close, but she opened her mouth wide, and slowly took it in. At first she had difficulty even getting the head inside, but eventually it popped in, and she was able to take more and more of it. She stroked the shaft and swirled her tongue around and started sucking. Tom groaned ümraniye escort and started bucking a little, encouraging her to take more. When he hit the back of her throat, Linda started to gag a bit, but Tom told her to breathe deeply through her nose and she would be okay. In and out his cock went, fucking her mouth. She made loud slurping noises as she greedily ate him up, every once in a while releasing him so she could get more air. At these times she would devote her talented tongue administerings to his large balls. She licked them until they were very wet and tried to suck them into her mouth. Unfortunately, she couldn’t do this gently, without her teeth getting in the way, so she just contented herself to lick them and suck on them as best she could. Finally, while sucking and stroking his cock, Linda inserted a slippery finger inside his ass. She could feel his muscles tightening up. He grabbed Linda by the hips at that point, and positioned her doggie style on the bed. He wanted to cum so badly, but he wanted to bury it deep inside her sweet tight cunt.

He teased her moist clit with his cock head, licked a finger and inserted it into her ass then. Linda jumped and squealed, and lost her balance, ending up with her head and shoulders down on the bed. This opened her hot pussy lips even wider for Tom, and he positioned his massive cock at her opening. Linda was so wet and so ready to cum again, she accepted him easily. He slid almost all the way in with just a few strokes. He continued to finger her ass, causing her to squirm, which tightened her pussy muscles even more. This was driving Tom wild, and he started to ram his cock harder and deeper. He was in her now fully, his hairy balls slamming against her smooth, shaved pussy lips.

“Yesssssssss, Yessssssssssss!!!! Fuck me, Tom. God I need you sooo much. Deeper. Harder! Fuck meeeeeeeeeee,” Linda screamed. She bucked and ground her hips as far back into his pelvis as she could. It wasn’t long before Tom felt the stirrings deep in his balls, getting ready to unload his hot cum in her tight, sucking pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee,” Linda screamed as she felt his hot jism coating the insides of her pussy walls. Tom collapsed on top of Linda, and it was several minutes before their breathing returned to normal.

Tom finally rolled off and his cock popped out of her well-used pussy with a plop. “I’ve got to go do something,” Tom said finally. When Linda asked what it was, he said it was a surprise, and she would just have to wait. He got up and dressed himself again, and left the room.

After several minutes, Linda decided to use her time to freshen up a bit. She walked into the bathroom and started the shower water. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror, noting the glow in her skin and the satisfied look of love in her eyes. She was happy again.

Just then she heard her cell phone ringing inside her purse. She ran to catch the call. When she looked at the caller ID, it showed Tom’s cell phone number. She laughed to herself thinking, he can’t be gone 2 minutes, and already he misses me.

She answered the phone and it was Tom, talking from a very loud-sounding room. “Where are you, my darling?” Tom asked.

Linda laughed and said, “You know darn well where I am. You just left me in our room.”

There was a long pause and then Tom spoke, “Linda, I’m at the airport. You never showed up, and I’m still waiting for you. I was getting worried.”

Now it was Linda’s turn to be stunned. How could this be? Who was this man I was just with? And how could he do that to me? She had no answers. All she could say was “I’m sorry, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” She quickly cleaned herself up, struggling to dress herself, but unable to find a few articles of clothing, and rushed out to the main desk.

“Did you see the man I came in with?” she asked the receptionist.

“Why yes, ma’am. He left a few minutes ago, but he left something here for you and said to say thanks, but I must be the wrong Tom,” the desk clerk replied, with a wicked knowing grin.

She handed Linda a manilla envelope. When she opened it, she saw her lacy underwear inside……

The End

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