Mr. Basketball Ch. 15


We had just finished lunch and were sitting on the deck in the backyard. It was beautiful out today. There was a cool breeze softly blowing giving the air a little chill to it but the clear skies and the beating sun made it perfect for sitting outside. I took a deep breath of clean air and smiled to myself at how good it felt going into my lungs.

Teagan smiled as she walked back outside from the house. She had just cleared the table and was bringing me a refill. She set the glass down in front of me and went to pull away. I grabbed her arm and pulled her to me. She giggled as I caught her neck and pulled her to my mouth. We kissed a few soft kisses before I let her go. She smiled her loving smile at me before she walked away. It was like she was floating across the deck now. She was so happy that I was home and changing my life for her and for the better.

I watched her squat down and look at her little garden box I had built for her on the deck. It was a big box with all sorts of herbs and flowers that she had picked out and planted for the box. It was growing late in the year now and it wouldn’t be there for much longer. The first real cold snap was predicted to sweep through the area in a couple of days.

She picked up the paint brush and dipped it into the paint can. I watched as the breeze softly tossed her hair around as she wiped the brush against the rim of the can to get off the access paint. She turned slightly and started painting the faded box with a fresh coat. I admired her long legs as they stretched from her body. They were tanned and toned and shined in the sunlight as she moved the brush across the wood slowly.

She could feel me watching her as she painted. She glanced over her shoulder at me and smiled. I smiled back as she giggled a little bringing her white teeth out from behind those big cherry lips I loved to kiss so much. She dipped the brush back into the can again and stretched around the side to get a spot she missed.

I looked away from her now and took a look around our big backyard. I was thankful for all I had as I looked at the leaves on the trees in their bright fall colors. In another couple of weeks they would be bare and most likely white would be covering everything.

I turned back to Teagan now and took another long look at her. Her shirt was pulled tight over her body as she stretched around the side still and painted. Her nipples pressing the fabric from her chest gave away the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra today. Something about that and the teasing upskirt shot always got me.

I pushed myself from my chair and stood. I silently walked over to her as she continued putting paint on the wood. She saw my shadow over her as I squatted down behind her. I spread my legs around her body and wrapped my arms around her. She gave a soft giggle as my arms pulled her into my body.

My lips found her neck as she tossed her head off to the side and cleared her hair out of the way. She giggled again as I kissed her tender skin. My hands traced the warm skin of her arms as she leaned into me a little and let me love on her. She turned her head into me and found my lips. They were playful kisses that brought out her smile. I loved how much she had been smiling lately.

My fingers left her arms and traced her legs now. I started at her knees and worked my way up her smooth skin all the way to her short little shorts. She turned away from me but left her neck exposed as she continued painting.

“I love you,” I whispered.

She growled her little growl as I found her neck again and kissed it tenderly again. My hands kept scratching her legs lightly as I went back to her knees then up them again. My lips moved from her neck down to her shoulder. I kissed the skin right where her shirt was resting on it. My hands curled around her legs and went further back until I was touching her butt now.

I gave it a gentle squeeze and felt the firm flesh in my hands. She moved over just a little to continue painting like nothing was going on. I moved with her but slipped my hand between her legs and touched her cunny from the back. She didn’t react as I traced her slit. I could feel the soft details of her middle as my finger went up and down it.

I moved her hair off the back of her neck and let it hang around her shoulder. My lips kissed her neck as my hand continued softly on her puss. She leaned into me just a little more as I touched and kissed her. I brought my hands up and cupped her butt again. She giggled when I felt the back of her legs where her shorts hugged them. I knew she liked to be touched there. I scratched her lightly before running my hand down her legs again.

I stopped at her knees before moving them back down her legs and finding my way between her legs. I touched her cunny again before I moved them to her hips. She turned back my way again and found my lips in another playful kiss. I continued up her hips and slipped my hands under her shirt this time. I touched the soft skin of her şerifali escort sides as I continued up.

She giggled as I tickled her a little. I was all the way up inside her shirt and at her breasts. She was bra free today as my hands curled around the soft mounds of flesh. Her nipples were between my pointer and middle finger as I pinched them a little. She moaned for the first time as I held her nipples and continued kissing her.

She turned her body a little more and leaned into me as I kissed her. We both started to stand as she turned to face me now. My hands still held her tits and twisted her nipples in a teasing way as we both stood face to face and kissed. Her hands started to travel up my chest under my shirt. It tickled me a little as I giggled into her kiss. She pulled away and smiled at me as I went to work on her neck again.

She backed away and smiled as she skipped a few steps away from me. She was playful and wanted me to chase her. I willingly played her game and caught her quickly. She laughed as I took her into my arms again and gently pushed her to the slider. She continued her little girl giggles as I pressed her against it. I found her neck again as she leaned against the frame and let me kiss her again.

My fingers started working on the button of her shorts. It opened and unzipped quickly as she let me work her neck. I hooked my thumbs around her shorts at her hips and let them slide down her butt. Once they cleared her cheeks I stopped and let gravity do the rest. They dropped to her bare feet on the deck as my hands cupped her supple butt and felt the flesh in my fingers.

She stood there leaning against the door frame as I knelt down and looked at her cunny. I kissed the top of her slit and licked a trail up to her navel. I held the shirt up and out of the way as I kissed her pelvis and the tattoo. She moaned softly letting me know she was loving what I was doing to her.

I took my time and kissed her skin. Her fingers tangled in my hair as I worked my way back down to her cunny again. Her clit was excited and exposed from the hood as I found it. I kissed it several times making her gasp as my mouth touched it. Her one leg parted slightly as I licked it now. I traced the sensitive bud with my tongue as she gasped in pleasure.

I looked up at her as she smiled down at me. It made me smile as she looked at me with those loving eyes. I folded her lips away from her cunt and licked her again. Her fingers curled around in my hair again as I tasted her. Her taste was so perfect. I licked further down her slit until I dipped my tongue into her wetness.

She opened her legs further and slumped down against the frame. It opened her up further to me and let me taste her more. She was already wet as my tongue dug into her center. I tasted her perfect juice as she panted above me. I licked her, twisting my tongue around her opening as my fingers held her open still.

She was panting harder as she turned her hips against me. I had to hold her ass with my other hand to keep her tight against my mouth. I pulled her tighter to my mouth as I moved back to her clit. Her hands released my hair now as she caught the bottom of her shirt. It quickly climbed her body and joined her shorts on the deck.

I looked up at her naked body as the sun struck it. Her skin was still flawless and perfect on her body. Her nipples were swollen and pointing hard off her body as she ran her hands down her sides before finding my head again. She pulled me up just a little as I sucked her clit into my mouth. I rolled the bean in my lips as she gasped loudly. I knew this was her warning so I didn’t stop. I kept chewing and rolling it around in my lips as she gripped my hair harder.

I slowed my pace as she got off. She panted hard above me as she climaxed. I let her clit go and tasted her cream. I licked it and spread it around her lips as I looked up at her. Her nose was wrinkled the way it always had when she got off. Her eyes were tightly shut in pleasure as she enjoyed my soft licks now.

I left her cunny and started to kiss my way back up her body. I reached her breasts and took a nipple into my mouth. Her fingers were already at my hips and working my shorts off my body. They dropped to my ankles as my cock sprang free. Her fingers curled around it and felt the tip. I was leaking my desire as her thumb swirled the wetness around my skin.

I released her one nipple before switching over to the other one. I sucked it into my mouth as she moaned her approval. I bit it softly to tease her before I let it go. I found her mouth and kissed her heavily. My hands ran down her back as I held her. I reached her butt and gave it another squeeze as she lifted one of her legs. I caught it in my hand and held it.

I moved forward more and pressed her against the frame more. My other hand gripped my cock as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I pressed it against her lips and felt silivri escort her wetness. I started opening her up as she tipped her hips more to give me the angle. I slowly started to fill her. Her lips opened around my cock as I slipped into her wetness. I gasped at how wet she was as I slowly sank into her until our bodies met in the middle.

I used just my hips as I thrust into her. Her cunt was gripping me so tightly as I pressed into her. Her mouth found mine again as we became one right there on the deck. I was slow and unhurried as I made love to her. Just a slow turn of my hips as I pressed into her.

We stopped kissing and looked into each other’s eyes. My forehead was pressed against hers as I pushed deep into her again. Her breath panted into my face with each press of my body into hers. I looked at her swollen lips and wanted to kiss them again. Her eyes said everything just then. They said how happy she was and how much she loved me. She was happy I was making this change in my life for her.

I found her mouth again and kissed her deeply. They were soul kisses of love and passion. It was me telling her how much she meant to me. How much I was sorry for the way I had been acting before everything happened. That I would never let it get that bad again.

My other hand reached down and gripped her other leg. She didn’t hesitate and let me take her into my grip. I lifted her from the deck and pinned her against the wall as I turned just a little. It opened her up more and let me sink into her further. Her arms wrapped around my neck as I pressed into her deeply.

I stood on my toes as I drove my cock up into her. Her legs curled around my ass as she pulled me tighter to her body. We were panting heavily now as we crashed together and continued kissing. I was barely moving an inch in either direction but it was intense. So intense that my calves started to cramp up.

I pulled her from the wall and held her away from it for a minute. Her hips turned against me as I held her on the deck and let her sink into me. I turned us towards the table on the deck and walked towards it. I set her right on the edge of the table and found her mouth again. Her legs still held my body tightly as we both used our hips to meet each other in the middle.

Her legs released from my hips as I pressed into her deeply one more time. I slipped from her and moved back to sit in the chair. I took in the sight of her cunny as she started to follow me. She was still parted and leaking her wetness as she got off the table now.

Her legs parted around me as she settled in my lap. The light weight of her body felt perfect against my skin. She moved forward on my body putting her breasts right next to my face. I couldn’t help but take one into my mouth and chew on her nipple a little. Her soft growl let me know she approved of the attention I was giving them.

Her soft fingers curled around my cock as she lifted just slightly and pointed me to her lips. I felt my cock start to open her again as she let go and started to sink down on me. Inch by inch I slipped into her wetness until she was resting her weight on my lap again. She rested with me deep inside of her as I continued to tease her nipple.

She gripped the chair around my neck as she started to undulated her hips. Her cunt was so slippery and wet as she turned her hips and brought us pleasure. I traced her hips as they turned and plunged me deep into her wetness. I let her nipple go as I moaned in pleasure. She looked down at me as her mouth hung open in pleasure.

I loved that look of lust on her face. I watched her for a moment as she turned her hips. I slipped so easily inside her wetness. I went back to her breasts now. I found the opposite nipple and sucked it into my mouth. I sucked it hard as she gasped in pleasure above me. My hands gripped her hips and helped her drive me deep inside of her. She gasped each time I touched her core. I felt her legs squeezing tighter around me as she started bouncing a little faster.

I sucked on her nipple for a minute before releasing it. I looked at her neck and chest and saw how flush and turned on she was. The sun kissed her skin and showed me how tan and flawless she was. My lips found her collarbone as I started kissing her there. I kissed all the way up to her neck and throat. I left soft, wet little kisses on her throat as she growled above me. I felt her hips turning harder against me as her pants grew more urgent.

My hands started to pull her hips a little harder with each push of hers. It was my way of telling her I was growing closer with her. Her cunny was squeezing me hard and leaking her desire as she moaned loudly above me. I left her neck and pulled her mouth towards mine. She pulled me into a hard kiss as she panted hard above me.

Her thrusts into my lap were fast and powerful. I felt my cock touching deep inside of her as she pushed me deep into her. My cock started şirinevler escort to swell against her squeezing cunt. My vision narrowed as I started filling her. My hands left her hips as I filled her deeply to pull her neck harder into my kiss. She gasped into my kiss as I gave her all I had.

Her warm body relaxed against mine as we kissed softly and recovered. Her hips were still moving in the afterglow as I looked at her eyes. Love, that’s what they said to me as she looked back at me. I closed mine and found her mouth in a long and slow kiss. Her tongue traced mine as she giggled a little and pulled my neck gently.

We must have spent a good ten minutes just resting there, holding and kissing each other. She finally pushed herself off of me and stood on shaky legs. She bent carefully to pick her clothes up off the deck before she disappeared for a minute. I remained right where I was and let the warmth of the sun soak into my skin.

“Jake?” she questioned. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah,” I smiled. “I’m just resting.”

“Ok,” she smiled in relief.

“I’m not as young as I used to be,” I joked.

“Come on old man,” she teased. “Get dressed before you scare the neighbors.”

“They probably got quite a show didn’t they?”

“I hope they enjoyed,” she joked. “I know I certainly did. I haven’t had shaky legs like that in a long time.”

“Why do you think I’m sitting here still?” I teased.

She leaned down and kissed me again before smiling. She returned to her project and started painting. I finally pushed myself out of the chair and grabbed my shorts from the deck. I slipped them back up my legs before heading inside to grab the guitar. I returned outside and started strumming to check the tune.

“If I could be the reason your hair’s a mess, the bass drum beatin way deep down in your chest…..”

She turned and smiled at me as I started singing to her again. She worked on her garden as I sang to her for a while. Eventually she sat in her chair and listened to me play. I went on and on for a long time singing everything I could think of and that I knew she liked.

“I wanna drink that shot of whiskey, I wanna smoke that cigarette…….”

She knew the words and sang her part perfectly. It brought a smile to my face as she hit her notes perfectly. I took a break after that and took a sip of my drink.

“Alright baby,” she smiled. “It’s time to get ready.”

“Is it that time already?” I asked.

“It’s almost four. Remember now, don’t push yourself too hard. You are just there to watch the girls shoot and give them some pointers. You can’t be running around with them like you normally do.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I sighed. “I’ll do my best to refrain from that.”

“Jake,” she sassed playfully. “Please.”

“Yes, boss,” I smiled. “Are tryouts still on Friday and Saturday?”

“Yes they are. Are you ready for it?”

“I should be,” I offered.

“If not, Rob and I can do it.”

“I’ll be ready. I haven’t forgotten what I’m doing out there.”

“Rob and I were ready just in case.”

“I got it baby.”

We pushed ourselves from the chairs and headed into the house. Teagan grabbed my shorts out of the drawer and tossed them to me. I looked over the old beat up shorts I had worn when I was at Duke. We had sure been through a lot together.

We were dressed and climbed into the car. She drove us towards the gym as my phone started ringing.

“Hey dad,” I answered.

“Jake,” he cheered.

“What can I help you with?”

“Well,” he started. “I have a golf match set up with those guys from the other dealership from across town. I was going to get Jason to golf with me but he can’t now. Something came up. Do you want to golf with me?”

“Tea?” I asked. “Can I go golfing with your dad tomorrow?”

“As long as you don’t stress yourself too much,” she smiled.

“It’s golf,” I chuckled. “Thom drives us around in a cart.”

“Have fun,” she giggled.

“What time?” I asked.

“845 in the morning,” he replied. “We can discuss it more at dinner. Are you guys still coming over?”

“I didn’t know we were,” I said.

“I asked your wife yesterday if you guys wanted to come over,” he chuckled.

“Did dad ask us to dinner tonight?” I questioned Teagan.

“Yeah, I forgot to mention that,” she sighed. “Is that ok?”

“Depends on what we are having,” I joked.

“Standing rib roast,” Thom said quickly.

“Well hell yeah then,” I laughed. “I wouldn’t miss that for nothing.”

“See you guys in a little while then.”

“Alright dad.”

I hung the phone up and looked at Teagan. “And you call me old. You are forgetting more and more all the time.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she giggled softly. “Now I’m starting to know what you feel like.”

“It’s hell isn’t it?” I joked.

She made the turn into the parking lot at the school and parked the car by the door. We both strolled in hand in hand. I took in the smell of the gym. This was my sanctuary, my home, my peaceful place where life was checked at the door. I glanced up at the rafters and saw the third place banner. It sure would be nice to put another state championship banner up there I thought.

“Coach,” Tracy cheered. She flew my way and wrapped me up in a big hug. “It’s so good to see you back in the gym.”

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