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It was the beginning of the second year of college and I decided to move off campus and get an apartment. To save on costs, I opted for a two bedroom unit with the intention of taking in a roommate. My girlfriend at the time had her own apartment with a couple of friend roommates. So having her move in with me was pretty much out of the question.

I had put out an ad in the campus classifieds as well as on the housing boards. Being that I was looking for nothing more than a roommate to split the bills with me, gender was not an issue with me. I was basically a latch key kid growing up alongside my older sister and divorced mother, so I was accustomed to having feminine items, i.e. bras, panties, make up, around the house. So those types of things were nothing new to me.

After interviewing several applicants, most of which didn’t fit into my gel factor, I was left with a Scott and a Heather. Knowing that I was open to ether gender as possible roommates, I humored my girlfriend by letting her help with the selection as to not give her a reason to think that I would choose a girl just because she was a girl.

Now, being that Heather had her own boyfriend and was not in the “my type of woman” category, my girlfriend felt unthreatened by her. On the flip side, she didn’t really care for the way Scott looked at her with hungry eyes. So my girlfriend humored me in return and gave her opinion that she thought that Heather would be the better of the two.

In the way of physical attributes, my girlfriend was 5’7″, 110lb’s, Blonde hair, 36d and dark tanned skin. She also knew a few of my former girlfriends which just so happened to somewhat fit into that same mold. Heather on the other hand was quite different, she was 5’5″, 120lb’s, auburn red hair, 32c and fair skin, hence the feeling that she wasn’t my type by my girl.

The only thing that she was right about was that I wouldn’t be interested in Heather. What she was mistaken about though, was the reason. In fact Heather was very attractive but I was involved with my girlfriend and being from a broken home due to infidelity, I took that matter very seriously. Basically, if we were to ever split, it would not be due to another woman.

So we agreed and the next week Heather moved in. I already had all the household accessories so all that Heather had to provide was the contents of her bedroom and other personal belongings. I allowed her to decorate and rearrange as she felt comfortable, which she did in a very neutral way that made the apartment homey but not necessarily girlie.

We could both have friends over as long as we respected each other’s space and schedule. casino oyna No wild parties and if one had a busy next day or studying for a test, no disruptive behavior. Boyfriends and girlfriends were ok to stay over for a weekend or occasional weeknight, but if it appeared that ether was setting up camp; different arrangements would have to be made as the lease only allowed for the two of us to reside there.

It turned out to be a very good arrangement and despite trying lead separate lives as much as possible, I became pretty good friends with Heather and got along ok with her boyfriend as did mine to Heather.

After a couple of months of living together, things started to relax and what was once normal and natural habits started to reappear. Heather would go to do laundry and ask if I would like her to do a load for me also or I would find an occasional bra hanging in the bathroom, nothing that I would consider as abnormal.

Around the end of our first semester, I had found out that my girlfriend had been getting way to friendly with one of her roommates boyfriends friends that would hang out at their apartment. Due to my strong fidelity beliefs, I had to break it off with her. As good as I thought our sex life was, apparently she wanted more than what she was getting from me and found it elsewhere.

Now that my sex life had been severed and my lack of desire to find a new girlfriend, I found myself resorting to frequent masturbation sessions. Even though I would never kick Heather out of bed if the circumstances were right, I respected her relationship with her boyfriend and put her out of my head as someone to have sex with.

It all changed one day after getting home from class. Heather, who was in the shower, was unaware that I had come home. I was in the kitchen fixing a sandwich when I heard the shower turn off. Thinking nothing about it as it had become a normal thing to see her, or myself, come out of the shower with nothing but a towel wrapped around our bodies, I didn’t announce that I was home and went about reading the mail.

Not realizing that I was there, she opened the bathroom door and walked out wearing the same lonely towel. Only this time, it was wrapped around her hair and not around her still moist naked body. She walked out and turned towards her bedroom oblivious to the fact that I was there. Not wanting to startle her I remained quiet as she made her way to her room. Naturally, my soft penis jumped a bit as I looked at the small triangle of dark hair covering her pubic bone and her wonderful nipples that were tight and erect from the cold air that hit her naked flesh. As she turned and canlı casino walked away, she presented me with a view of an ass that made my ex’s ass look like plank of wood. It had to be one of the nicest, most squeezable asses that I have laid eyes on. Woe is me, I thought as I stood up and headed to the front door.

Upon reaching the front door, I opened it and then closed it followed by, “Hello, I’m home”. The response I got in return was, “kewl, I’ll be out in a minute” followed by the sound of her bedroom door closing. Wow, she is totally oblivious to the fact that I just saw her in all her glory, I said to myself as my cock inadvertently started to stir deep in my boxers.

About 10 minutes had passed when she appeared from her bedroom. I was now sitting on the couch reading some posts that had been posted on my social network page when she came and sat down in the chair across from me. We chatted for a few minutes about our day at school and such. As much as I was trying to be attentive to what she was saying, my mind kept going back to the vision of her firm breasts that were now disguised by the loose fitting T that she was wearing.

Thankfully, she got up announcing that she was going to go out with some friends for a while. I was becoming nervous at the fact that my cock was starting to fill with blood and if she stayed there much longer that it may become noticeable.

A half hour went by when she appeared again. By this time, my semi erect penis had relaxed back to its normal flaccid state. On her way out, she had asked me if I had any plans for the evening. After telling her that I had planned on staying in for the night to watch a movie, she asked if I wanted her to pick anything up for me. I told her that I was good and to have a nice night. With that she left. Unbeknownst to her, the movie that I was going to watch was undoubtedly going to be a porno.

Finishing up my surfing, I felt the arousal in my mind and thought that it was as good a time as any. I looked up a porn site and watched for a few minutes as my cock started to swell in my pants. Feeling a cool sensation in my boxers, I undid my pants to discover a nice wet spot from precum that could have only been triggered by the events with Heather since I had only watched maybe 3 minutes of the porno.

As innocent as it may have been, thoughts of what I had saw had flooded my mind to the point that I couldn’t watch the porno without picturing Heather. By this time, my now free cock was standing at full attention. I stood to shed my clothes and decided to continue the movie in my room laying down on my bed.

As I walked down the hall way, Heathers kaçak casino bedroom door was cracked open and I just happen to notice a pair of Heathers panties sitting in her open hamper amongst some other clothes. I guess that it was my heightened state of arousal and the reason for the arousal, but I just couldn’t fight the curiosity. I reached in and pulled the thin silky fabric from the hamper. I pervertedly examined the cloth determining that she must have been wearing them that day due to the damp feel of the crotch.

I lifted them to my face and smelt the sweet and unmistakable scent of a women on them. Not that my cock wasn’t rock hard to begin with but now it jumped trying to force more blood into the already swollen head. I felt a large bead of precum jolt out of the tip and start rolling down my erect shaft. Quickly, without thinking, I covered my cock with the fabric and soaked up the clear fluid that was making its way up from my balls. Quickly, I made my way to my room while still holding her panties to my crotch.

By now, my cock was straining to be played with. I laid down on the end of my bed with my feet still on the floor and replace the damp panties with my hand. As I took hold of my thick 7″ tool and once again smothered my face with the panties. As my cock throbbed in the grip of my fist, the insatiable aroma in my face had me begging for more.

Slowly, my lips parted and my tongue reached for the damp spot. Not being enough to taste with just the tip of my tongue, I pulled the crotch into my mouth and started to suck on the fabric that just a couple hours before had cradled the same beautiful womanhood that I had only caught a glimpse of. At this point, my body and mind was shut off of all rational thinking as I savored the taste of her pussy mixed with her sweat and now my own precum.

My hand was sloshing over my ridged member as torrents of precum flooded out of my dick hole. It had been since I was a pubescent kid that I have felt this hot and nasty but I couldn’t stop. I sucked the material and pumped my cock as if it would bring me new life.

As I felt myself closing in on what I was sure going to be a massive orgasm, I pulled the material from my face and wrapped it around my throbbing hard on. Continuing to pump my member through the soft fabric, my ball tightened to almost painful proportions as my volatile sex exploded into her panties. Wave after wave was caught by the material as I held still, paralyzed by the intensity of my orgasm.

I laid there for a few minutes as I came down and regained my composure. After which I got up, returned to her room and buried her panties deep in the hamper, but before doing so, held them to my face for one final smell of her aroma which now included the salty smell of my semen.

It was getting late in the evening and I decided to knock off for the night.

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