Seeking Heights

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Annie gasped and her muscles tensed as pleasure shot through her body. The wave had crested and she rode it down the other side, relishing the feeling. For just a moment, Annie soared.

Three short spams later she lay on her bed panting softly, her orgasm having spent itself. Annie closed the tabs on her phone and tossed it onto the bed next to her. Settling her head back onto her pillow, she bathed in the soft feeling of afterglow. It felt good. The warm contentment wrapped itself around her mind and she started to drift off.

At the same time, she felt something else, something that was becoming increasingly hard to ignore: disappointment.

Where had the thrill gone? Where was the excitement, the burning, consuming passion that had once made these little lewd acts feel so rewarding? Annie fell asleep feeling, for all her contented bliss, like she’d lost something.

The next morning Annie was getting ready for the day when her doorbell rang. She threw on a pair of shorts and a sweatshirt, and walked to the door peeking out. Nobody was outside, but a small brown box sat on her steps, a yellow shipping label staring up at her.

Picking up the box, Annie walked back inside, wondering if she’d ordered something and forgotten about it?

She tried reading the label, but besides her name and address, everything else appeared to be is some foreign language. Shrugging she grabbed a knife from the kitchen drawer and sliced the tape. Inside she found a small letter sitting on top of a glass vial wedged into foam packaging.

Picking up the letter she saw it was addressed to her. It read:


We at Western Provinces Wellness Company hope you will accept a free sample of our Bana Leaf herbal tea mixture. This blend is earthy and rich with a strong, natural aroma and heightening properties. If you enjoy your experience, we welcome you to check out the many quality products on our website listed below.”

Annie glanced at the url then tossed the letter onto the counter. Picking up the glass vial she saw it was full of dried and crushed leaves, though there wasn’t anything else identifying anywhere on the package. Rolling her eyes, Annie dropped the vial back into the box and continued getting ready for work.

8 hours later Annie wandered back in through her front door, exhausted, grumpy, and desperately in need of some relaxation. Tossing her bag on the couch she nearly collapsed down next to it, but work had left her thirsty so she walked to the kitchen instead.

While pouring herself a glass of water she noticed the box still sitting on the counter. “Some tea would actually be pretty nice right now,” she thought to herself.

After a quick search online to confirm that Western Provinces Wellness Company was a legitimate business and not some psycho mailing poison from their basement, Annie had a pot boiling and the rich scents casino oyna promised by the letter were soon filling her kitchen. The reviews of Western Provinces were actually all shockingly good. Apparently most folks learned about the brand from their free sample marketing and ended up really liking them.

The feeling of a hot drink in her hands began to raise Annie’s mood instantly, and her first sip actually had her starting to believe the reviews. The tea was quite good.

Annie decided that what she needed after today was just to relax. Take some time, veg out, and give her stresses time to fade away. So she walked over to the couch, plopped down and threw something mindless on TV. As Annie watched the nonsense she sipped her tea and felt herself decompressing more with each sip.

Annie half watched and half zoned as the show ended and slipped into the next one. A kind of fuzzy warmth was spreading through her as she relaxed. It just felt so good to be off her feet, finally at home, snuggled up on the couch with a warm drink and nothing to worry about again until tomorrow. Smiling she took another sip of her tea.

It really was good tea. It left an almost sweet aftertaste in her mouth and seemed to warm her from the inside as she drank driving away the early fall chill. Annie stretched on her couch, working her muscles a little and then sighing as she settled back into a more comfortable position. She almost felt a little buzzed. Looking down at her teacup suspiciously, she gave it a sniff, but couldn’t smell or taste any alcohol. She took another sip.

By the time she’d finished her cup Annie felt totally relaxed. In fact, she felt better than she had all day. Hell she felt better than she had all week. She did feel a bit warm though, so she stripped off the light sweater she’d been wearing and dropped it to the floor next to her.

“Wow,” she thought as she pulled the sleeves of the sweater over her arms, “that fabric feels amazing! How have I never noticed that before?”

Giggling at the strange though Annie let her arms fall back to her sides. She watched with detached amusement as her arms fell slowly through the air seeming to hang for too long before they thumped gently to the cushions next to her. Annie giggled again. How funny that was.

Annie lifted her arms and watched them slowly drop to her sides again, laughing this time as she watched them. She lifted her hand again but this time brought it toward her face, to see if she could tell what was wrong with it. Her hand seemed to move towards her from miles away and approached slowly like she was moving underwater. A moment later her hand was pressed against her face and she yelped in surprise not having realized it was so close.

Annie started laughing at how silly this all was, her hand pressed firmly against her face. As her laughter died down she realized something. Her face was really warm, like it was reeeeeally canlı casino warm. She didn’t know it could even get that warm. It wasn’t hot or anything, that would be silly, it was just like really really warm. Annie felt mildly concerned about this, but realized a moment later what to do.

Grabbing with the hand not currently pressed against her face, she started yanking at the bottom of her shirt trying to pull it up over her head. If she was hot, it meant she was just wearing too many clothes. Annie struggled for a bit with her shirt before realizing that it would probably be easier to use both hands. Laughing at herself she tried pulling her hand away from her face, but found she couldn’t quite get the movement right. First she’d push against herself then she’d just kind of mush her hand around squishing her checks and nose, which made her laugh again. Finally, after she’d calmed down again, she tried concentrating really hard and was able to will her hand up away from her face. It felt like lifting a lead weight, but once she got it away from the gravitation pull of her head, it got a bit easier.

Now using two hands Annie could pull and work at her shirt more easily. She was feeling really warm now, so she wanted to get her shirt off quickly, but for some reason it resisted her. In a distant place she heard the sound of fabric ripping and wonder idly what that might be. She forgot about the sound as soon as she felt the cool air on the burning skin of her stomach. Annie sighed in relief, a shudder running down her spine. That had felt really good.

Unfortunately it was short lived. As soon as her shirt was out of the way, Annie’s bra became the focus of her attention. Grabbing at it with both hands she pulled frantically. Far away she heard the sound of ripping fabric again. Cool relief washed over her breasts and Annie cried out at the feeling her hips bucking once as a jolt of pleasure shot through her.

Annie flopped back down onto the couch panting and moaning softly from the experience. Her eyes danced around her ceiling focusing and unfocusing on nothing in particular. Searching for meaning in the white plaster swirls above her head. To her it resembled the most profound painting ever made by human hands.

Annie’s hands lazily reached up and grasped at her breasts. Big bags of flesh hanging from her chest. That was weird wasn’t it? She bounced them in her hands, feeling their weight and how they swayed and jiggled. Had she always had these?

Her fingers brushed across her nipples. They were hard and warm and she felt a strange jolt run through her at the touch. The feeling made her moan so she reached up and rubbed them again. A tingling sensation filled her at the touch. Her whole body seemed to respond to the tiny little patches of skin atop her breasts.

Moaning and panting Annie continued rubbing her nipples, enjoying the feeling of the rough skin against her fingers kaçak casino as the tingling in her body grew stronger. The sensation was heady and she felt the room slowly spinning around her. She wanted more. She wanted a stronger feeling. Moaning so deeply it was almost a growl Annie grabbed each nipple between thumb and forefinger and pinched.

The gentle tingling grew suddenly and sharply, washing over her with a sensation like shattering glass just under her skin. Annie cried out, arching her back and thrusting her hips into the air. The feeling coalesced into a thunderstorm between her legs. Rain pelted her jeans from the inside and lightning strikes sent convulsions shooting up her legs into the rest of her body.

Annie spasmed on her couch. Sweat dripping from her forehead and drool running down the side of her cheek. Her nipples felt like pinpricks of fire between her fingers and the muscles in her legs suddenly turned to jello. Collapsing back onto the cushions Annie’s cries cut off as she seemed to lose the ability to vocalize. Annie lay there twitching. Grunts and gasps were the only sounds she made and nothing but the whites of her eye showed as her pupils had long since disappeared into the back of her head.

Her muscles jerking and firing randomly, Annie swam in an ocean of pleasure so vast she couldn’t see the other side. Her whole body felt consumed by the sensation. Each breath was pleasure. Each drip of sweat carved a line of pleasure in her skin. Each beat of her heart sent pleasure pumping through her veins. The ocean threatened to swallow her, to wash her away into never ending bliss, and she struggled just to stay afloat.

In the end, unconsciousness took her. A blessed reprieve from the overpowering pleasure.

It was dark out. The clock on the TV read 3 am, so Annie had been asleep for at least 6 hours.

Now she sat on the armchair in her living room, holding a glass of water, staring at her couch, and trying to decide what to do.

She’d thought of calling the cops. She’d thought of going to the hospital. She knew both were probably the right thing to do. Whatever had been in that tea it had certainly been more than was advertised.

There was still a little left in the bottom of her cup, and still a couple leaves left in the glass vial. She could give it to the police and they could analyze it and tell her what had happened. Annie took another drink of water. It was her third glass. Sitting quietly in the dark she started at her couch.

When the clock read 3:30 she’d made up her mind. Annie stood up, the remnants of her shirt and bra still hanging from her shoulders. She took her teacup to the kitchen, and washed it before putting it back in the cupboard. She cleaned the kettle next, throwing out the spent leaves. Then she took the small letter off the counter where she’d left it that morning.

Annie’s heart was racing. She opened the browser on her phone and entered the url provided in the letter. The Western Provinces Wellness Company webpage loaded. She created an account and searched for the Bana Leaf Herbal blend tea.

She ordered 3 boxes.

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