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Thursday 10:30PM

Kerry watched beads of sweat forming on Rob’s brow as he thrust on top of her. There was a raging fire inside her and she was very aware of the wet sounds coming from her. Then quickly Rob’s nails dug into her shoulder as he groaned, she could feel his cock twitching inside her and she cried out part in pain from her shoulder and part in pleasure.

Rob rolled off her and collapsed. Kerry lay still for a moment, legs still open the cool air flowing towards her pussy doing nothing to cool it. She looked down and saw his now softening cock slick with both her juice and his. Although a solid and thick thing the 5″ length often left her needing more. The empty space inside as always left her with a need to pee Kerry jumped up and heading for the bathroom.

Inside Kerry stood naked in front of the mirror and looked at her body. Her skin still tender from the excitement of sex. After 42 years and 2 kids she was aware that her younger self would be horrified by what she saw but she felt sexy and had not let herself go like some of her friends. Her hands went to her thick heavy breasts. 36e without a bra they sagged but still her best asset. Her nipples exploded as her hands went over them the left was still slick from where Rob had sucked on it.

Her hands moved down her size 14 frame over her belly which although showed signs children was still trim. Her hands moved down further her thick pubic hair slightly matted from the sex with Rob. The need for an orgasm was still strong and immediately Kerry squatted down and started to feel her lips. Rob’s cum started to ooze from her and drip on to the floor she rubbed it along her lips and over her clit. She slid her finger into her and her mind slipped back to Saturday night.

Previous Saturday 10:00PM

Kerry did not want to be here. She had been to a ladies night and seen male strippers before was not keen on repeating the experience, her friends were so raucous when drunk. After the standard drag comedian the lights dimmed and thumping music started. A man in a sailor’s uniform (why do they always look so cheesy?) he started to gyrate to the music removing his gloves. Kerry looked around at her friends and could see that they were howling drunkenly already.

The Stripper removed his G-string and despite Kerry’s dislike for this type of thing she could not help but look at his body. He was not what she liked in a man he was muscular but it looked more like he was breathing in to hide his fat, his cock was desirable about 7″ and looked heavy. Things took a turn when he jumped off the stage and started to move amongst the crowd. Some of the ladies started to reach out and touch him. Kerry casino siteleri looked shocked when someone opened their mouth and started to suck him.

Fortunately all his time was spent on the other side of the room and Kerry started to relaxing when the MC asked for a round of applause for the stripper.

The entertainment was not over as another stripper came on to the stage. This one was mixed race and very tall. His dark skin reflected in the spot light. This time there was no cheesy costume and he was dressed in a suit. Kerry’s friends roared approval as he started to dance and remove his clothes. He was very muscular and had clearly defined stomach. Despite her brain hating every second Kerry could feel a warmth developing deep in her stomach.

The stripper whipped off his g string and out bobbed the biggest cock Kerry had ever seen. It was almost erect and must have been 10″ long. Again the stripper jumped from the stage and started to move through the audience. Kerry’s friends got noisier as he strayed towards their table. Each time he came near though he stopped at another table. Eventually he came to their table. Immediately Debbie took hold of his cock and took it in her mouth. I looked intently at her features as her mouth stretched and eyes bulged as she tried to take him in.

He moved across the tables and each of her friends took hold of him and either rubbed or sucked him. He stood in front of Kerry and offered his cock. She covered her face with her hands embarrassed and scared by his size. He smiled a mischievous smile. Quickly he scooped his arms under her and started to carry her to the stage. She was aware that his arm had not scooped under her dress so that everyone was now looking up her skirt.

Once on the stage he laid Kerry down and started to gyrate above her. He sat astride her and started to move upwards. Eventually his cock was resting against her cheek. Kerry could not believe how big it looked and how hot it felt. He held it and pushed the tip against her lips. She could hear her friends egging her on. Slowly she pushed her tongue out and started to tease the tip. She could see some moisture forming at the eye and dipped her tongue in it. He smiled a wicked smile and asked her to suck it. Kerry almost without knowing began to open her mouth. He thrust it inside, it was so big her jaw hurt immediately as he thrust deeper. Kerry was worried that her gag reflex was going to make her throw up. She Could take Rob comfortably all the way in but just the tip of this man was uncomfortable.

Sensing this he withdrew and started to move back down her body. Before she could stop him he scooped her breast out of her dress and bra and started to suck her nipple. Kerry felt very exposed with nearly a 100 people watching and cheering this was a shocking canlı casino position to be in. He moved again and this time pulled her knees up and spread her legs. Aware that half the audience was seeing her most private areas Kerry burned red with shame.

The stripper started to almost bounce up and down on the stage like a break dancer. Each time his head dived between her legs. After two times he was not even close to her so Kerry relaxed that it was just an act. On the third time though she felt his tongue hit her hole and move up rapidly past her clit. Each time after he found his range he licked her.

The stripper ceased the acrobatic oral and moved up between her legs Kerry gasped as she felt his cock rest against her pussy. He stayed still for a moment but then again started moving to the beat in an exaggerated way. Kerry covered her face in shame. Her brain was hating every moment but she was well aware of how wet she felt.

Each time he thrust down wards the tip of his cock pressed at her hole through her panties. She could feel herself opening more to him. With one big jump at the end of the song Kerry cried out as his cock seemed to have just pushed past her panties a little and enter her. With that it was over. He smiled and now all gentlemanly like helped her to her feet and led her back to the table. He whispered in her ear to come and see him after the show…

Thursday 10:40PM

The fingers on her left hand worked on Kerry’s pussy as she thought about that huge cock trying to violate her. She worked two fingers slowly inside and then gently she added a third. She let out a moan. It was the first time she had ever stretched herself like this and it felt good. She kept her hand steady and started to rock on her fingers. Her juice and Rob’s cum mixing to lubricate her nicely. She lifted her right hand to her breast and squeezed her nipple. Her pussy started to contract around her fingers as an orgasm gripped her. Rob’s cum squeezed from inside her and ran onto her hand as she moaned deeply.

Friday 11:00 AM

ROb and the kids were out shopping. Kerry sat mulling over the last week and the experience it had given her. She thought of the backstage invite the Stripper had given her and how she had ran away from the club the second the night was over.

Kerry opened her laptop and for the second time that week she browsed to the stripper website and looked at their photo. She bit her lip as she thought of him thrusting over her. In the years she had been with Rob she had never been unfaithful. Feeling guilty she began to close her laptop but then had another thought.

Kerry browsed to a site selling sex toys that had been advertising on tv. She started searching through what was offered and her eye was caught by a large dildo, it was 10″, thick kaçak casino and had a suction base. Even better it was the same skin tone as the stripper. Quickly Kerry loaded her details and purchased. 3 to 5 days till delivery!

Thursday 9:15 AM

After two disappointing days watching the post lady walk past Kerry was confident today was the day. She packed the kids off to school and sat down and waited for the post lady. Her heart sank as again she walked past.

Thursday 9:30 AM

The knock on the door made Kerry jump. Through the glass door she could see the post lady holding a parcel. Her heart rate quickened and she got a thrill from the secret parcel and embarrassed that maybe the post lady might know where it was from. Quickly she signed for it and said thank you.

Thursday 9:45 AM

Kerry looked at the monster that was lying on her bed. What was she thinking? There was no way that was going to be fun. Feeling that she should at least try Kerry peeled off her leggings and sweater. Standing in her regular underwear she started to touch her body all the time looking down at the monster. Kerry stripped naked and picked up the dildo and touched it to her pussy. It gave her a little thrill.

Putting the dildo down she lay on the bed and started to masturbate. She held a nipple to her mouth and stroked her clit. Feeling her juice flow she began to feel more confident this would work. She stood up and carried the dildo to the door and pushed the suction cup onto the wardrobe door. She stood back and watched drooping off the door still bobbing from where she let it go. Getting down on hands and knees she reached behind her and positioned the dildo at her entrance.

Kerry pushed back against it. And felt a painful resistance as it bent behind her. She rested it against her hole and started to play. She imagined herself in this position on the stage with the stripper behind her and everyone watching. She leaned lower and her nipples dragged on the carpet sending a little thrill. Slowly she started pushing herself on to the dildo. She felt herself opening for it and the pain became intense. Her breathing was like she was hyperventilating or in labour.

Kerry rested she had never felt so full. Any movement caused discomfort but as she focused and relaxed she began to get used to it. Very slowly Kerry started to moved back and forth while in the doggy position. Her pussy was making intense wet sucking noises and her nipples dragging on the carpet selt thrill bolts through her.

Suddenly she started to feel an orgasm building and she was aware of the pushing sensation low in her stomach and pressure on her bowel. Suddenly her bum hit the wardrobe door and the knowledge that the whole 10″ was inside her began to send her over the edge. She screamed as the largest orgasm she ever experienced ripped through her.

Kerry collapsed on the floor aware of an empty feeling in her pussy that she had not felt before. She smiled with contentment at what the monster had done for her.

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