Steam and Sorcery Ch. 01

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Lisette awoke with a start. She was in an unfamiliar posture, surrounded by unfamiliar textures, in a room with unfamiliar echoes. She bolted upright and summoned a magelight with a gesture and a word. When it flashed into existence, her heart stopped racing and her throat unclenched: her surroundings explained themselves.

Her unfamiliar posture came from having fallen asleep sitting up in an overstuffed chair. The unfamiliar textures were her new party gown and a coverlet someone had thoughtfully draped over her. The echoes were natural to the large reception hall in this building, leased to the “Friends of the Society” by Lisette’s Order of sorcery.

The “Friends,” an upper crust Ladies’ Club, had held a wine tasting event that evening, and Lisette had attended – her first grown-up party. Her birthday was only a week past: April 23, 1870, the Age of Steam and Sorcery. Even though she’d followed advice and only taken a sip of each vintage, clearly she had underestimated how sleepy the wine would make her.

Lisette stood up and stretched limbs stiff from sleeping sitting up. She glanced out of the window at the suburban Paris street beyond. From the angle of the moon it seemed there was enough night left to make sensible walking across the estate to the girls dormitory for more sleep. The whole complex belonged to an Order of Sorcery, La Société des Sortilèges Modernes, of which Lisette was the newest Adept.

She reached out in thought and bound the magelight to follow her and light her steps. As Lisette walked through the building towards the back door that opened on the grounds, she peeped into the rooms along the corridor. The first was a card room. So that’s where it was! She smiled, for the common tale among the mages of the Order was some of the best and most cutthroat games of whist in all Paris were played in that room.

Other rooms she encountered were quite ordinary for a club, except the last one, hidden in a side passage. When Lisette entered the room, she froze instantly for a moment of panic. Someone was touching her intimately! She banished the light and retreated back to the corridor.

She reflexively tuned into her Othersenses which revealed the true nature of the universe as knots and connections of threads of etheric energy. In that mode, the physicality of objects was lost to her. But since darkness and walls were no barrier to Othersight, she should have the advantage in the unlit hall. She “looked” for her assailant.

And found nothing! There was a complicated spell knot in the room she’d entered, but no sign of the sort of knot that could comprise a human or faerie. She stepped silently forwards again. When she crossed the threshold, threads of etheric energy extended from the spell knot she could “see” in the center of the room, and linked with the incredibly complicated bundle of knots that comprised her personal self. The sensation of being touched between her thighs returned. When she stepped back again, the connection broke and retracted.

“This is a set spell,” Lisette thought to herself. “Placed by one of the Masters, probably.” The precise definition of where the set spell activated and deactivated implied a greater finesse than she herself had yet learned. She was curious about casino oyna the workings of this magick, and no longer afraid. Whatever this was, it wouldn’t have been placed in an open room of the Ladies’ Club if it was inimical.

She stepped into the room again, and the spell re-engaged with her person. Something was happening between her nether lips – a not unpleasant something. She recast the magelight. The room was a comfortable sitting room, with a number of soft, comfortable chairs and chaise lounges. In the middle of the room was a table with a large and ornate gaslamp which must be associated with the set spell.

Lisette took hold of the hem of her gown and lifted it as she sat down on one of the chaise lounges. She peaked inside her culottes. A little nubbin she’d known about but never dwelled on, half hidden by a fold at the top of her girl crease, was wiggling frantically in a side-to-side motion. The sensations from that action had changed over that short span of time: changed from “not unpleasant” to “definitely pleasant.” She adjusted her unders, let her hem drop and approached the gaslamp.

Quickly enough because she was looking for exactly that, Lisette found a catch hidden within the baroque brasswork of the lamp. The Lore of La Société had two magickal specialties, elemental forces and sympathetic magick. The sorcerers of that Order were also taught scientific subjects, and were considered the experts on the borderland where Science and Sorcery met. Hence Lisette was used to analyzing mechanisms. She paused before flipping the catch – although neither the amplitude nor the speed of the induced motion of her nubbin had changed, her subjective sensations were changing…steadily upwards.

She opened the exterior door released by the catch, and peered inside the hollow porcelain fixture. Inside was a exquisitely detailed carving in pink carnelian of a woman’s vulva, life sized. It was all one piece, except for its nubbin, which was pivotally mounted on tiny jeweled movements. A clockwork device kept the nubbin of the sculpture twitching quickly to and fro. Lisette was unsurprised that the motion she could feel was in exact rhythm with the motion of the mechanism.

And that motion was doing more and more to her by the second. The pleasure was more intense than it had been mere moments before, and on beyond that it seemed to create a sort of hunger or craving. More, even, a positive feedback loop was manifesting – each twitch down there was creating more craving, rather than satisfying it.

Clearly this was partly a sympathetic magick: the Law of Similarity, “like produces like,” was being employed here. Motion in the carnelian model was being reproduced by magick in the look-alike between her thighs. But was it more than just motion? Lisette tried to examine the workings of the set spell with Othersight; tried because concentration was becoming more difficult to find with every passing second.

The strangeness and novelty of what was happening to her caused Lisette to at least consider removing herself from the room, but that thought was smothered. The pleasure had become intense, insistent. She felt that if her lower lips could speak they would say, “Take me away from this now and I’ll hate you forever!”

She canlı casino took a few unsteady steps back to the chaise lounge and sat down heavily. Her vulva felt like it was in paradise, but the pleasure was bringing on a sort of tension, as if her nerves were being pulled taut. “How can I bear more?” she asked in the tumult of her mind, but somehow, as the seconds passed, she did bear more. The tension was not only in her nerves now, but also in her body – her muscles tightened, her toes started to point.

Her eyes opened wide! She was definitely bearing more, but had no ability to dwell on it. Her sensations ramped up to a peak and paused there for an eternity of a second. Then – blessed release in the form of spasms that shook her inside and out. In a half a dozen discrete steps she descended from the heights. Lisette drooped backwards onto the couch, bonelessly.

Her racing heart began to slow. “I’ll guess that’s what’s supposed to happen,” she murmured. In her mind’s eye, she imagined several upper class wives draped on the couches and chairs, their eyes closed, secret smiles on their faces. She suddenly broke into a smile of her own. “Talk about keeping your tenants satisfied,” she giggled.

Lisette rested briefly, but then it intruded on her consciousness that the set spell was still affecting her. Her nubbin was still in motion and it seemed she was beginning a second lap. And not from a standing start, she realized; it felt as if she was starting a quarter of the way around the track. “Can this happen over and over?” she wondered.

Curiosity and desire together impelled her to remain lying on her back. With somewhat less uncertainty about what was going to happen, Lisette was able to consider her experience esthetically. This was wondrous magick, but she didn’t completely know how it was done. The art of magick was balkanized among many Orders, each fiercely protective of their Lore. The Theosophic Daughters of Lemuria could probably bring these sensations by mental suggestions, the Freemasons by tactile illusion. But what aspect of the five elements could be invoked by the Société’s Lore to bring about this effect? Nothing in her training so far explained what was happening to her.

Soon enough, cogitation was forced into abeyance by the distraction of overloaded senses. For a second time her nerves were being wound up tight. She focused on her sensations, and that seemed to move her closer to the cliff edge she’d reached before. Tensing up a bit, before being compelled to do so, also appeared to help. Mercifully soon, the sweet torment gave way once again to an explosion of bliss.

And still the set spell remained connected to her lower lips, manipulating her nubbin. Lisette made the hasty decision to remove herself from its influence before temptation could reassert itself, and stood up. The spell released her the moment she stumbled through the doorway. She leaned against the wall, collecting herself. She felt happy… a bit depleted…but ready for a respite. Then her smiling face scrunched up a bit at the recognition of another odd sensation: trickling liquid on her inner thighs.

She tried to recall what had happened during those peaks. She’d been too wound up in everything to remember with perfect kaçak casino clarity, but she didn’t think she’d lost control of her bladder. She lifted her hem again and put her fingers to her thighs. The liquid she found there was more viscous than water, and felt quite slippery between her fingers and thumb. She followed the trickles upwards and found more and more. The trail led to le vagin; it was filled with the slippery stuff to the point of overflowing. She decided to wait on considering this new mystery until she could reach her own room.

More curious than ever, Lisette let herself out the back door and headed across the lawn towards the dormitory. It was a cool evening, and dew from the grass moistened her party slippers. When she got to her own room, she felt that warm feet would be conducive to sleep. She poured water from a pitcher into a porcelain basin. “Heat is an aspect of the element of Fire,” she thought, guiding her own mind along the path to casting a cantrip to warm the water. This was a simple charm, and her personal energies were sufficient for the purpose. “Voila!” she commanded, releasing the spell.

Wisps of vapor rose from the water in the bowl, warmed instantly to the perfect temperature to warm up cold, tired feet. Lisette sighed feelingly as she slid her toes into their bath. While she soaked up warmth, her thoughts returned to analyzing the set spell. While sympathetic magick was clearly part of the effect, was there something else in play to make the whole possible? “Magnetism as an aspect of Earth? Electricity as an aspect of Air?” She ticked off possibilities in her head, but none of them seemed probabilities. All that slippery liquid she’d found…did that mean an aspect of Water needed to be evoked?

When her feet were comfortable, Lisette dried them and climbed into her bed. She decided she’d do one more thing to learn something about the night’s adventure before succumbing to sleep. She put a hand to her crease and prodded that nubbin with a fingertip. Feeling through the hood that partially hid it, she now realized that it was the head of a shaft that lead upwards towards her mound. She explored with her finger, trying to determine its metes and bounds.

And was completely nonplussed! Her scientific probing was causing the same feelings the set spell had induced! But that implied that no Elemental Aspect was needed – that manipulation of the organ alone was responsible for what had happened. That in turn implied that the pleasurable principle was inherent to her. And since the sitting room had clearly been laid out for the use of other women, the end of this chain of logic was that the pleasurable principle was inherent in every woman!

Energized by this new revelation, Lisette explored her organ systematically and thoroughly. Different touches, different pressures, different motions – she assayed them all. They provided different nuances, but doing what she ultimately decided was most effective, she placed the first finger of her right hand on the hidden shaft, her middle finger right behind the head, and made a stroke aligned with her crease at a quick reciprocation. The motion efficiently took her to that sublime oblivion for a third time.

Once again she floated in a golden glow. After a bit, she realized that the bed under her bottom was moist. She moved her hand lower and realized the slippery wetness was back. “There’s a lot more I need to learn about this,” she whispered to herself in the dark.

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